Student Attendance Management System

Biometric tracking, Minimise teachers workload, Accurate attendance recording

Daily manually maintaining attendance is a mandatory task for every teacher, but because of its tiresome and time killing process, it indirectly impacts the productivity of the teachers. But with Fedena attendance management system, teachers can quickly and accurately record the attendance without putting much effort and at the same time can generate reports in a single click.

Feature of Online Attendance System


track attendance daywise

Track Attendance Subject or Day wise

According to your institution preference, student attendance type can be set up either day-wise or subject-wise. Teachers can mark student attendance for a half day or full day with/without reason in just a click.

Track latecomers & Leave Request

Track Latecomer & Monitor Leave Request

Enable Custom Attendance to get a count on latecomers. Additionally, in case of emergency employees also apply for a leave from their Fedena account, and instantly their reporting manager gets notified, which they can approve or deny just in a click.

- Employee attendance

Employee Attendance & Leave Management

With this feature, easily keep a track on employee attendance and leave. The conjunction of payroll features with attendance makes the whole payroll process automated and reduces the possibility of human error.

attendance reports

Comprehensive Reports

Without putting much effort admin can generate student day-wise/ batch-wise attendance reports and manage leave reports in a single click. Within Fedena all data is stored in digital format, so this helps in minimizing the paper wastage.

biometric integration

Biometric Integration

With Biometric & RFID device integration, attendance data gets collected automatically, it eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance and on real time students movement can be monitored within the premises. To learn more about, visit here Biometric Attendance Management System

track attendance via app

Track Attendance via Mobile App

Student attendance tracking via Fedena Mobile App enables faculty to manage attendance from anywhere without being in front of a computer. Additionally, in a second students can also apply for a leave and their parents & faculty get instantly notified.

Benefits of Attendance Management System Software


Eliminate the mundane paperwork, data redundancy & incorrect data entry
Improve discipline & punctuality of students, teachers & other staff members
Parents get instantly notified about their wards whereabouts via SMS, push notification & more

"Say bye bye to pen and paper"

by digitizing the attendance process of your student and staff member via Fedena

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