Fedena OEM Partner Plan

Re-brand and re-sell Fedena in your geography under your pricing and terms.

What is Fedena OEM Partnership Program

Fedena Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partners are organizations that embed Fedena into their product offerings and then sell the combined package to the edtech market. Our OEM partners leverage Fedena’s beautiful user interface design, feature-rich modules and engineering excellence to give their clients compelling school management systems quickly and cost-effectively. We will guide you to successfully replicate the proven business model of Fedena in your geography.

Reach & sell to more customers by embedding Fedena in your solutions package

In today’s competitive environment, every school/college needs innovative solutions that easily integrate. They need flexible and efficient software that increases the institutions’ agility, optimizes productivity and can turn data into working information capital — all while lowering their total cost of ownership. With over 40,000 institutions already running Fedena, we ensure a world class experience for every institution. This opens up a world of opportunities for our OEM partners, from one time eGov projects to stable business models.

Our Engineering + Your Marketing & Sales = Magic!

We work with many OEMs around the globe to design, develop and deliver innovative school management software solutions with Fedena, that drives business value for your customers and gives you a competitive advantage. Be part of the Fedena OEM partner program today and forget about writing a single line of code or hiring someone for it. As an OEM partner, you have access to the latest updates of Fedena as we develop it, with your expertise in sales.

Proven benefits

Partner Dashboard
Access to exclusive Partner Dashboard. Create new instances & configure your solutions directly from the partner dashboard. No technical knowledge required.
You keep watch! (Our Code & Our Support, Your Terms & Your Pricing)
The OEM Plan puts you in control of the terms and price that you set for your product. Our involvement can be confidential if you wish. You stay in control while Fedena Student Information System powers your solution.
Market centric product engineering
With the modular architecture, powerful APIs and built for customization philosophy, Fedena is engineered to handle the complex requirements of edtech market.
24x7 support
With the OEM license, you are assured 24*7 support from the Fedena Pro team. When you have the right guidance and support from a team of experts, reaching the market for your products and services becomes all the more easy.
Auto upgrades
You will keep on getting the latest updates of Fedena as long as you are an active OEM partner
ROI guaranteed
Around 80% of our OEM partners achieved Return On Investment(ROI) during their first year of operation. Some of them generated million dollar incomes with assistance from Fedena.
Commercial open source license
The commercial open source license offered By Fedena Student Information System guarantees you the safety and protection that you require to launch your product in the market. As an OEM partner, you have the power to modify Fedena code as you retain your own IP

OEM partners are further categorized based on their commitment to the program and their ability to support the unique needs of OEM customers

Want to Become a Fedena OEM Partner?

Choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum or Signature OEM models
Sign the agreement & make the payment
Onboard with-in 24 hours to get Fedena Partner dashboard & get certified
Get Access to training webinars, marketing materials, sales presentations.
Our journey towards your success begins.