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Quick Overview of Fedena School Management App

Fedena School Management App is the best mobile app solution for schools and colleges. It consists of amazing features such as attendance tracking, conduct online examinations, visitor management, timetable monitoring, all can be managed just in a single click. School admin can easily collect fees and track fee defaulters from anywhere at any time. Additionally, institutes can customize the app pages and track various school-related activities on their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, Fedena School Management App is a one-stop solution that streamlines the institute day to day functionalities and reduces the communication gap among all the stakeholders. Try a free demo of the Fedena mobile app today! 

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Powerful School ERP App Features


Online Exam Management

Students can easily attend the online exam, test series & mock test from their mobile devices.


Once the examination is scheduled, students will receive an instant notification and at the scheduled time student can appear for the test from their mobile/tablet devices.

Also, view the exam results in the mobile app itself. 

Gate Management

Record the entry and exit of different users from various locations of the institution

Privileged employees can access the reports in graph and tabular format

There are three types of actions

  • User Entry - To create new student and employee entry records
  • Gate Pass - To create new student and employee exit records
  • Visitor Pass - Manage the entry of outside visitors or guardians of existing students

Attendance Management for Students & Teachers 

Track and mark students' attendance in no time.

Employees can request leave directly from their mobile.

Easily extract attendance report academic year wise

View Student profile & Batch details -

Student List, Batch Timetable,

Batch Attendance Overview

Online Assignment Management

Create the assignment and distribute it to the whole class or a group of particular students

Track the assignment publish date and user details via assignment log

Students can submit answers also view pending and submitted assignments, submission details, and marks obtained in each assignment.

View on assignments status via Graphical and Tabular Reports

Simplify Online Fees Management 

The fees section is the most important part in a School Management ERP. When you can do everything else through the app, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay the fees also through the app? Online fees payment would be a real icing on the cake when using the school’s very own app. So we have accommodated this use case too, by providing a payment option for the Parents in the app Itself.

Parents can view & pay fees online from anywhere at anytime

School Management can easily track the fees defaulters or check pending fees in a single click.

Check Current Timetable & Upcoming Classes on the Go

Parents can view their child's timetable schedule & subject teacher list on a single screen.

View your student’s timetable of the day

Teachers' can view their upcoming classes and plan their day effectively. 

Parents can switch among different profiles while being always logged in to the app.

Everything You Will Ever Need in Your School ERP App

Get notified about important announcements, upcoming events, and results (with push notifications).

View and get notified about upcoming events

Easily create push notifications & instant alerts

Gradebook Mark Entry

Users (employees) can enter marks/grades for the exams they have access to from the app

Check the mark submission status for the exam, also after entering the marks the employees can instantly view the result.

Based on the exam type, the pages are optimized to allow easy entry of marks as required.

Available for iOS & Android users

Teachers, Parents & Students can download the school management app from Google Play- store and iOS App-store.

Fedena Online School Management App is an ideal solution for your institution to grow to the next level. In today’s connected world, give the best digital tool to your teachers, students, and parents. Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated school mobile app in your institution’s name.

Why Fedena School Management Mobile App?


Mobile app available in multiple languages. 


Transform Fedena App into your app with your own branding 


Create customised page in Fedena  mobile app 


Single app for all type of users : Teachers, Students and Parents 

How Institutes can get their own branded Fedena Mobile App?

To sign up for a branded Fedena Mobile App, organizations must be the part of Fedena Web Application. Also, you need Google PlayStore & Apple Store account in your institute name. For more details, kindly connect with our Fedena Experts today!

If you are not part of Fedena and would like to try our app, then check our demo app i.e FedenaConnect- Demo.

How Students can download their institute-branded Fedena app?

If your institution has created a branded app, you will be able to download it directly from the Google Play or App store.

Download Fedena mobile app, search your institution, enter your login credentials, and finally, you are ready to use our app. If you don’t know your login credential, please get in touch with your administrator.


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