Fedena Institute ERP Integrations

Integrate various web-based services with Fedena to enable various benefits for your institute

Video Conference App Integration

Fedena-Video Conferencing Integration, institutes can easily conduct online classes, web meetings, and other events in real-time. It helps educators and students stay connected and let the learning continue without any disruption

Video Conference App Integration Options Available in Fedena

Payment Gateway Integration

Do payment collection without any break. Payment Gateway Integration with Fedena facilitates quicker and steadier cashflow for institutions. It enables parents to pay fees online from anywhere at any time. It eliminates manual reconciliation and provides detailed reports regarding all transactions. For more information, on avail options on Payment Gateways Integration, click the button below.

GPS Integration

GPS Integration with Fedena, offer a bird-eye view of the entire fleet management system, also let parents & staff members track the whereabouts of school buses in real-time. It ensures the safety and security of students while traveling to and from the institution.

Communication Integration

To simplify the communication among parents, teachers, and students Fedena offers an in-built bulk SMS service facility for institutions. With Fedena SMS integration, the institute can instantly send text messages & notification to users regarding upcoming events, and other activities.

Biometric Integration

Automate attendance data collection via Biometric Integration in Fedena. Reduce the possibility of proxy attendance and store attendance data with zero time lag. Using Fedena, admin can track attendance with minimum effort and track all data on a single platform.

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