School Bus

Tracking System

Start tracking school buses in real-time via Fedena Mobile App with GPS device integration 

Enhance Safety and security of students


Fedena Mobile App

School bus tracking system

Gain Parents' Trust & Offer Peace of Mind

Bring Automation and Control 

Bird-eye view on entire Fleet System

Integrate with GPS Tracking Device

Features of Bus Tracking System

Evade Multiple Application Usage

To track the bus locations, now parents don't have to use multiple apps. By signing up in their Fedena Mobile App they easily monitor and track the whereabouts of the buses.

Seamlessly sync with any GPS tracking system, and mitigate the possibility of the duplicated data entry into the Fedena System.

Fedena mobile app easily integrate with vehicle tracking system (GPS device) to provide a complete overview on pickup/drop off time, vehicle max speed and more.

School Bus Route & Stops Sync

Sync the bus stops with app and maintain the routing details on Fedena ERP system, easily add or delete  the new routes helps in efficiently manage the cost and time.

Real-time Notification & Vehicle Tracking

Parents get real-time notification about onboarding & deborading or in case of emergencies and more. Easily track the route in a single click.   

Avoid Data Duplication with Easy synchronization

Why Fedena School Bus Tracking System?

  1. Real-Time Bus Tracking
  2. Simplifies the communication with parents
  3. Track the bus routing and stops
  4. Prevent Unauthorised usage of School Vehicle
  5. Easily maintain the Bus records
  6. Bus Speed Monitoring
  1. Timely detail on the child's whereabouts
  2. Real-time notification on arrival/departure
  3. Instant alerts on route change
  4. Monitor time duration at each stops
  5. Check travel history of child
  6. Live bus tracking & update on traffic jam

Benefits For Schools:

Benefits For Parents:

How to Integrate School Bus Tracking Feature in Fedena Mobile App?

  • Contact your Fedena Account Manager for a demo from our integration partner.
  • Install the 3rd party bus tracking device in your school vehicles.

Step1: GPS Device Installation

Step 2: Data Sync

  • In the backend, synchronization occurs between Fedena instance & service provider.
  • Once sync gets completed, Setup the routes on Fedena App 
  • Lastly start tracking vehicles & receive notifications right in the Fedena Mobile App.
  • Voila! Now you are ready to start tracking bus in real-time.

Step 3: Go Live!

how to integrate school bus tracking

Understanding How A School Bus GPS Tracking System Can Help The School Administration. Using a GPS system to track the school busses offers a number of benefits to the school and offers.

With School Bus Transport Management System the whole transportation tracking process becomes easy. Along with school authorities, parents can also keep a track on the movement of buses, its locations, and routing.

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