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An integrated solution for e-learning & administration in your institution

An online learning platform for schools and colleges built into your favorite Fedena ERP. Digitize the entire operations from admissions to e-learning

Online Learning Modules in Fedena Learn

Transform your institute’s traditional academic experience into digital learning within a few clicks

Create Engaging Courses

Instructors can create end-to-end customized and engaging courses by adding teaching materials using their favorite mediums such as videos, audio, images, text, presentations, and documents.

Stream Recorded Lectures

Teachers can record the lectures and share them with the students. Students get notified about the updates and can watch the recorded lectures at their own convenience.

Single Sign-On

From the Fedena account, users can gain accessibility to Uzity platform seamlessly. It gives users secure, centralized, and one-click access to Fedena Learn and Uzity platform.

Mobile Learning

Access all essential features on the go. With the integrated solution, users don’t have to use a separate app to manage online learning & teaching. Using Fedena mobile app users can access online learning features, such as:

  • Students can download content within the app
  • Watch recorded lectures in offline mode.
  • Track the course progress.
  • Students can ask any question regarding any course and share it with instructors and classmates.
  • Add MCQ and descriptive quiz in the course and assess the student’s progress through the course.

Data Synchronization:

Data Sync mechanism transfers the data from Fedena to Uzity and vice-versa. Initial user data and basic configuration setup can be done in Fedena. Once the setup is done, users can sync the data to the linked Uzity account.


Fedena Learn auto-enroll functionality, allows institutes to automatically enroll a large number of students in the course using a set of available rules. As long as students meet the rules’ criteria, they get automatically enrolled into the new courses. This will reduce the burden to manually assign users to courses. Also, it’ll mitigate the errors associated with assigning the course.

Enhance Collaboration:

Instead of simply offering a one-way broadcast, Fedena Learn encourages collaboration by allowing instructors to communicate with learners in real-time and vice versa. Additionally, students can share their ideas, ask questions and interact with their classmates.

Simple, Fast Setup

Now take your institute courses online with Fedena Learn

Integrate Uzity with Fedena Platform

Add Uzity URL and API Key in Fedena configuration sync settings.
Data Sync

Once subjects and batches details sync is done. Details start reflecting in Uzity
Start Creating Topics & Content

Log-in to Uzity directly from Fedena to create topics and content
Access the course in a click

Access the course via Learn Module in Fedena Mobile App.

Quick Overview of Fedena Learn

We provide comprehensive online learning solutions for K-12, higher-eds, and groups of institution space, which digitizes your institute’s teaching material and offers effective learning experiences to students. Teachers can create engaging online courses and record the lectures at their own leisure. Students get instantly notified, and they can access the course, and watch the recorded lectures at their own convenience.

FAQ on Online Learning Platform for Schools and Colleges

What is an Online Learning Platform for Schools?

Online learning platforms for schools enhance the education delivery management system of the institute and allow them to deliver interactive online courses to students even beyond the classroom boundaries. This solution allows instructors to create education material based on class requirements, add quizzes inside the course, track students' learning progress, add various media formats inside the course, and also interact with students in real-time. Online Learning platform is a cost effective system for all types of institutes as it eliminates the need for costly printed course materials and onsite facilities.

Online learning platforms are usually charged according to the number of students in the institution. There are various online learning platforms available in the market and each platform pricing depends on the features and integration facilities available inside the solution.

There are some factors institutes should consider while selecting an online learning platform for their organisation. An online learning platform should provide course management, mobile learning, video hosting, real-time collaboration, and integration with a School ERP platform so that from a single platform online learning and school administration can be managed hassle free.

Fedena Learn offers all these features in one platform and its pricing model is based on the following pricing method i.e Per User, Per Month. To check the full pricing details connect with our experts today - Contact Us or visit us at Pricing & Plans

Benefits of having a integrated school ERP and online learning solutions in one platform are:
  • It eliminates the need of various applications, and eventually minimises the cost of implementing and maintaining multiple solutions.
  • Get 360 degree overview on daily administrative, academic and online learning activities from a single dashboard
  • Reduce learning cost for institutions. As they don’t have to spend money on printing hundreds of books or classroom renovation. All syllabus plan and study material can be provided digitally to students.
Fedena Learn offers the following online learning modules and school ERP modules so that institute can manage multiple operations from one place:

Online Learning Modules:

  • Course Management
  • Video Lectures
  • Quiz Creation
  • User management
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile Learning

School ERP Modules:

  • Admission & Fees
  • Student Data Management
  • Attendance System
  • Online Examination System
  • Finance Management
  • Payroll & Leave
And another 50+ school erp modules
Your Courses + Our Platform =
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