Features of Fedena Standard Modules

Instant Fees

Keep records of temporary fees like infrastructure fund, relief fund, teacher’s day collection, etc.
This kind of fee is not scheduled on any defined dates, yet is dealt with separately

Email Integration

Automatic emails can be setup for a particular set of recipients on specific events such as exam results, a new student admitted, fees pending, and more.
Send email to employees or students or guardians
Customise the email setting to communicate with parents, students, and employees efficiently.

Custom Import

Upload and edit data/ information in bulk using CSV format
Import student data, add bulk employees detail, parents detail, student examination scores, daily attendance information of students, library book details and inventory details
Administrators can save time by alleviating manual data entry tasks and reduce the chances of errors using this module
Upload log can be checked to verify the data rows which succeeded or failed, and take the appropriate actions


Teachers can use a blog to post information & resources for students for classroom tasks
Students can assess their performance by checking the comments and remarks by their teachers
Discussion on critical prevalent topics using this module confers a healthy learning environment


Poll helps to collect opinions on a particular subject from a group of selected members without revealing the identity of the person.
Take an informed decision with the involvement of students and employees.

Custom Report

Customise the report details to generate the specific type of report
Input criteria can be selected based on which the report should be filtered
Columns required in the report can be selected
The report automatically updates based on the changes in profile data of students or employees


The administrator can set a color theme and font style of their choice from the color picker option available in settings


Task module is used to assign tasks to staff or students by their managers /admin.
Employee/Students can upload documents and update the task assigned to them.
The managers/teachers can post comments for further follow-ups.


It helps the students and teachers to interact with each other and exchange info and ideas.
Share their views through posting comments or messages.
The members of the group get the privilege to see the posts and comment on them.
The admin can delete unwanted posts.


Users can file a complaint or issue against teachers or students
Assign Employees and students responsible for solving the problem
Upload proof/evidence information like attachments, photos, documents, etc
Mark actions based on discussions and solutions for the disciplinary complaint
Suitable for all types of institutes such as K12, Universities, Higher-Ed, Training Institutes and more.