Library Management

Automate cataloging, Trace Defaulters and Check books availability

It automates and organized the library operations also helps in maintaining the book details present in the library. With the library management system, the staff can track the books' status, collect the fines, generate insightful reports to identify gaps and future needs. This electronic module improves the structure of the library and enhances the efficiency of the librarian.
Features of Library Information Management System
With Barcode integration, easily organize and manage the book details.
Complete track on issued/renewed books with barcode scanning.
Manage all books details in a single place.
Students can search the book details from their dashboard and issue/renew it at the same time.
The librarian can tally records by generating the list of books issued or due for a duration.
Export the book details in the form of CSV file.
Create digital library fine receipt.
Generate customized reports for library inventory and a fine collection.
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