Features of Fedena Enterprise Modules

Form Builder

Create forms, share it with users and re-use it for different recipients
Use the form to collect feedback from students about classroom teaching
Head of departments can analyze the feedback to improve the performance of their staff
Admin can access the consolidated report on each of the feedback options along with all the categories under which the option is rated in the form


Monitor and track the user activities in different departments like finance activities, managing user accounts and scheduling or deleting activities related to the core data
Track fees to specific student profiles as well as teacher profiles.
Admin can clearly track all activities each user performs when it comes to fee transactions collect information on scheduling fee collection, collecting fees, and reverting the fee collected is listed in logs.


Keep the records of all pass out students with the vital pieces of information
Manage your alumni records by growing the network of professional contacts
Communicate with the alumni via SMS or email and engage them for career guidance and training activities for mutual knowledge exchanges

Doc Manager

Manage documents in one place, which can be downloaded by the users
Documents or folders can be shared to targeted users to distribute the planned classroom activities or lecture plan
User-specific docs can be created to add documents for a student/employee


Teachers can use a blog to post information & resources for students for classroom tasks
Students can assess their performance by checking the comments and remarks by their teachers
Discussion on critical prevalent topics using this module confers a healthy learning environment

Azure Integration

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO) allows Fedena users to log in to Fedena using their Microsoft account credentials, without using a Fedena username and password


Send alerts to the users about any upcoming institutional event via SMS or email
Admin can set a reminder as many times about any type of upcoming activities in your school/institution
Most powerful use of the reminder module is in scheduling fee collections in your institute
Reminders can be set as many times as needed with multiple options available in the settings

Automatic Timetable Generator

In a single click, generate thousands of timetable and save a tremendous amount of time.
Set the placement & preference for the subjects in the timetable
The generated timetable incorporates the scenarios that schools commonly face like where the subjects should get placed and avoiding teacher allocation clashes
It solves the problematic manual process of adjusting subject overlaps, and teacher subject limits came next, and this continues to be the most tedious task

Gate Management

Gate management is mobile app first feature to handle entry of visitors and staff and exit of users
This feature is divided into 3 parts : Visitor Management, User Entry Management and Gate Pass Management
Privileged employee can access the reports in graph and tabular format and view it on both web and mobile app
Configure form settings, general settings like notification, and prefix for the pass number in the web app.
The entry/actions in visitor management, user entry management, and gate pass management will be marked and handled in the mobile app.

Quickbooks Integration

Efficiently manage all your accounting operations with Quickbooks Integration
View the auto-syncing record status in Quickbooks sync available in the Fedena ERP

Paybooks Integration

Integrate Paybooks with Fedena to handle payroll and payslip related details.
It simplifies the payroll and payslip generation process, also easily syncs all employee's details such as employee type, designation, department, location, and more from Fedena to Paybooks in a single click.
Once enabled, employees can access their payslips with the salary structure, and deductions made through Paybooks.
Efficient and Effective School ERP Software
Suitable for all types of institutes such as K12, Universities, Higher-Ed, Training Institutes and more.