Courses and Batches

Add New Courses/Batches, Manage Subject Details and Access Student Info

With Fedena course and batches management system, admins can easily create/edit/delete the course, also access the student's details according to course/batch-wise. Add student category, manage the subject details corresponding to a different course. Quickly set some admission details. This unique feature helps schools, colleges, and universities to manage their multiple courses and batches easily.
Features of Courses and Batches Management System
Fedena supports all variations of course and batches in various level of institution.
Send SMS to targeted audience or group of people based on the requirement.
Store student documents, records, and display in the student profile.
Assign class teachers with specific privileges related to the allocated batch.
Assign roll nos to the students by sorting the students inside a batch.
Fedena can adapt to the institution’s system and process through the correct configuration of courses and batches and other general settings.
The academic year set up to manage the overall examination system.
Supports 23 different language options and various time zones based.
Enabling auto-logout allow users to log out from the application in case of inactivity automatically.
Enable Single Sign option for Microsoft and Google.
SMS settings can be done based on the criteria that the institute uses to send SMS to the users.
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