What is NEW in Fedena?

Fedena 3.9 is now live! 

Our Fedena 3.9 is named after Uranus moon i.e  "Ariel". This release comprised of 9 new features, 10 feature enhancements, and 70+ bug fixes.  New features such as - Online Exam in Mobile App, Floating Elective Subject, Paybooks Integrations, Gate Management, Assignment Revamp, BBPS Integration, Quickbooks Integration, Notification Management, Gradebook Mark Entry.

Key Features of Fedena 3.9 Release

Online Exam in Mobile App

Assignment Revamp

Gate Management

Students can attend the scheduled or live examination directly from their mobile devices. Also, view their results in the mobile app itself.

New features - Assignment logs, Graphical reports, Assignment submission through a mobile app, and many other additional settings.

Record the entry and exit of different users. This feature is divided into 3 parts: Visitor, User Entry, and Gate Pass Management.

Gradebook Mark Entry

Notification Management 

3 New Integration 

Easily enter the marks/grades from the mobile app for a specific exam, term, skill, and activity.

Notifications control in the web and mobile app are settings given to provide better control on the notifications sent from Fedena

Now supporting Paybooks, Quickbooks and BBPS integration in Fedena.

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Fedena 3.8: Prometheus

Enquiry with Analytic Dashboard

Advance Fees Payment



View all the applications regarding new admission, enquiries of parents/students about courses from a single analytic dashboard.

This feature allows to collect the fees' amount in advance and use it later for future fee payments such as transport fees, academic fees, and more.

Our Past Releases

Launched Enquiry Module to track all admission inquiries and many other features. 

Customized Report Card in your own way, easily add remarks on report card, get a count of latecomers & more.

Introduced ID card and Certificate generator and many more exciting features.

Fedena school ERP platform is expanding daily, to simplify and automating the school daily operations

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