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Add static text as well as dynamic content using field codes in templates.

Create templates such as Bonafide Certificate, employee experience certificate, student character certificate etc.

Add images, user photos, barcodes and other custom content to design ID cards that reflect the identity of your institution.

You can now design the customised ID Card, Badges and Certificate template as per your institute requirement using Rich Text Editor.

Fedena 3.6.4 : Create Customised ID Card and Certificate in a minute

Skill Based Evaluation in GradeBook

Multiple Fees Account & Customised Receipt in Finance

Some Other Features In Fedena 3.6.4

Connect various fees to Fee Accounts and design customised fee receipt headers.

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Fedena 3.6.3: Rhea

Hassle-free upload the marks in bulk for exams and import the planner for different academic year.

Import marks and planner


View all grade-book reports at one place such as Student reports, Subject reports & Consolidated reports.

Report Centre


Generate the leave balance report for a selected duration. 

Create Leave Balance Report


This allows institutions to enable variations of commonly used words in Fedena with their own variations.

Custom Words


Our Past Releases

All new Gallery plugin with a refreshed UI, Tax Module on Fees and many more exciting features.

Generate fees receipt number based on preferences & student's attendance transfer from one  batch to another.

Introduced the beta version of Gradebook to manage and create various types of exams and much more.

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