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Shares his views on:

Unni Krishnan Koroth

Co-Founder & CEO 

Foradian Technologies

Proven & Practical Digital Transformation Strategies for Schools & Colleges

What You Will Learn?

Opinions of various institution’s decision makers on the usage of technology in their school’s structure.

How can the BYOD(bring your own devices) & gamification concept in the classroom can help in reforming the students critical & creative thinking?


What are the steps government can take to improve the education system?

Why should technology be the part of child education at a very initial stage of their school journey? 




Over the traditional methodology why institutes choose online smart systems to manage their institution’s everyday operations.

What motivates institutes to introduce school ERP system in their institutional structure?

How an NSG commando got an inspiration to bring the change in the education system? 

What are the key challenges associated with the management of good school & strategies to make school better? 


Pranay Singh

Entrepreneur, author & educator

Director & Owner

The Ab's Rowland School

Varanasi, India

Chetan Bhagat

Alistair Sim

Information System Manager

TSiBA Education

Cape Town, South Africa

Efren Camacho Paz

Ferdinand Sambulo

Assistant Professor

Gandhi Institute for Education & Technology

Odisha, India


Quick Step School Limited

Lusaka, Zambia

Rajendra Nadella

Steven Twinomugisha

IT Manager

AL Manara Private School


Web & Content Master

Clarke International University

Kampala, Uganda

Keynote Speakers

Esther Etende


Zuwena International School

Nairobi, Kenya


American ways


Chandan Kumar Sethi

Khalid Pervez


Zaka Public School

Sialkot, Pakistan

Author, columnist, television personality and motivational speaker

Sandeep Dutt

Anjan K Basu

System Consultant

Raja Ram Mohan Roy High School

Asansol, India

Co-founder & CMD

iScholar Education Services Ltd


Youssef Hilal


04.00 PM

All sessions will be recorded and available on demand post event

10.15 AM

Sandeep Dutt

Social entrepreneur, bookseller, author and educator 

Live on Facebook: Opening remarks

Unni Krishnan Koroth

Co-Founder & CEO, Foradian Technologies

11.00 AM

05.00 PM

Chetan Bhagat

Author, columnist, television personality and motivational speaker

Agenda - Wednesday May 9, 2018

11.30 AM - Session Break

Live Q & A

Aprajita Kaur

Team Lead Training & Implementation

Sandeep Kumar Panda

Team lead - customer success

12.00 PM

Recorded Interviews of Keynote Speakers 

Future Plans of Fedena

Gary Thomas George

Product Manager

Ismatullah Aman

AVP of Engg

02.00 PM - Session Break


Masterclass to make you an expert of Fedena

Learn about admin login, courses and batches, subjects setting, students log in, fee collection, admissions using bulk upload,  and applicant registration.

Learn about how to create various types of exams based on grades, subject & marks, objective & descriptive types of examination & grade book management.

Gain in-depth understanding on each modules of school management software

Part 1

Part 3

Learn about employee data management, payroll setup and payslip generation, audit, archiving student & teachers, transfer certificate generation, reports.

Part 4

Part 2

Learn about timetable setup, batch summary, attendance- daily and subject wise, calendar and event creation, remarks, student records & documents.

AVP of Engineering

Future Plans Of Fedena

Recording is now LIVE

  • Discussion on upcoming features of the Fedena
  • Why we embraced the minimalistic approach to provide best for our customers?
  • What are the plans we have for this year?

Ismathullah Aman

Product Manager

Gary Thomas George 

Ask an experts  about anything you want to know regards Fedena. 

Live Q & A

Here is your chance to clear all your doubts related to Fedena & participate in a disscusion about what factors should be considered before the implementation of any school management software in your institutional structure.

Training & Implementation -Team Lead

Sandeep Panda

Customer Success - Team Lead

Aprajita Kaur

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