Fedena Multi-School Management Solution

Manage multiple institutes from single platform

Best suited for management of Group of Institutions who want to control more than one school or college from single platform. Get 360-degree view on the updates from the entire groups which can be access from super-admin dashboard.

Assign multiple plugins to group of institutes

The institutions can access various plugins assigned by admin. It simplifies the various operations and processes of the institutes such as Library plugin will handle your library operations and processes, the Hostel plugin manages your hostel fees, room allocations etc.

Setup SMS setting

Easily setup SMS settings as well as email settings for all the institutions in your group without the hassle of setting them up separately for every institution.

Analytics and Reports

Effortlessly can view the overall data and various reports in a single platform of individual institutes. This helps you to make better and faster decision to speed up your institution growth.

Multiple Admin profiles

Involve more admins by allocating accessibility to the Fedena accounts panel for smooth workflow in institutes.

Fedena Multischool ERP automates all your institutes processes and gives you actionable insights about your institute's important metrics.

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