School ERP APP Features

Customize App Pages

Single app for all user-types : Teachers, Students & Parents

Teachers can take attendance, students can view timetable, parents can view attendance, principal and admins can send messages & announcements etc. using the same app.

Though the traditional login mechanism with the username and password is preferred by the majority of users, the One Time Password (OTP) login via SMS and Emails is the favourite of all the app users. So we have incorporated both of them in the school mobile app to help you choose the one that suits you the best.

Powerful School ERP App features for Teachers

& Admins

View Student profile & Batch details - 

Student List, Batch Timetable, 

Batch Attendance Overview

Teacher timetable

Take attendance

Apply & approve leaves

Everything You Will Ever Need in Your School ERP App

Collaborate with parents via messages (Whatsapp for your institution)

Create announcements with push notifications

View and get notified about events

Custom pages (Institution branding)

Online Assignment Management

Distribute assignment to whole class or a group of particular students

Keep a track on deadline & monitor the progress of shared assignment

Attach any form of reference such as doc, video, image, pdf along with task

Instantly share the result with students, also add remarks to encourage them

Reduce the paper wastage and manage real time communication & group discussion

Magical features to stay connected with institutions

Institution’s notice board announcements delivered instantly

View & pay fees online

Attendance details

The fees section is the most important part in a School Management ERP. When you can do everything else through the app, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay the fees also through the app? Online fees payment would be a real icing on the cake when using the school’s very own app. So we have accommodated this use case too, by providing a payment option for the Parents in the app Itself.

Amazing School Management App for Parents & Students

Interact with teachers through messages

View your student’s timetable of the day

Get notified about exams, fee dues and other alerts instantly

Parents can switch among different profiles while being always logged in to the app.

Branded in your institution’s name, logo and colors

Every institution will get their own app with the logo of their institution as the app icon, name of the institution as the app name, and a preferred color theme for the app. Also institutions can create custom pages in the school mobile app for Chairman’s message, Founder’s vision, About us etc.

Imagine a scenario, where you would have an app for your school in the Android Play store/ iTunes store, that the user (parent, student, and teacher). Yes, we are talking about an individual app for each Fedena instance as soon as the Management decides to go with the mobile app. This would certainly speak volumes about the Schools commitment and attitude.

Available for iOS & Android users

Teachers, Parents & Students can download the school management app from Google Play- store and iOS App-store.

Exciting Opportunity to Transform Your Institution through Fedena School ERP Mobile App

Fedena School Management App is an ideal solution for your institution to grow to next level. In today’s connected world, give the best digital tool to your teachers, students and parents. Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated school mobile app in your institution’s name.

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