Sandra of Hampson English, China speaks about Fedena

Sandra from the HR department, Hampson English, Beijing and one of our happy clients, talks about what makes them use and like Fedena, the one stop solution for effortless school management:
Q: Tell us a little bit about your institution.

Sandra: We are an English training school which specialises in one to one teaching of English and our students are of all ages- from kids to young adults. Most of the courses are on how to use spoken English in daily life.

Q: What you liked about Fedena?
Sandra: The best part about Fedena is that it has a very specific platform for users. It is an effective school ERP and professional when it comes to solving problems as part of after-sale services.

Q: What are your favourite modules of Fedena?
Sandra: The most favorite module is the Discussion module.

Q: What is the biggest challenge faced by you?
Sandra: The biggest challenge we have faced so far is during designing online examination system, not just for students, but for employees as well.

Q: What you think the future of education is going to look like?
Sandra: The future of education is surely going to be bright with online education going more multi-cultural. This will make possible for one student to attend classes of teachers in some other country through online.

5 Tips for a Productive and Efficient Institution with Fedena’s Task Module

For a more efficient and effective management of your school, you can use the powerful Task Module offered by Fedena. But, before you go forward with it, its better you get acquainted yourself with what actually can you benefit from Task Module of Fedena.

1. Assign tasks:

You can easily create or assign task to your employees or students who will be able to see it when they login to their account. Students or employees update their file and you mark them as ‘completed’ after all checks. You can also assign one single task to multiple people.

2. Allow privileges to employees:

This unique feature of the Task Module of Fedena lets you offer privilege to any of your employee with the authority to create or assign tasks to other employees or students. The ‘privileged’ employee will also exercise the power of marking the task as ‘completed’ once it is checked.

3. One roof for entire team:

Bring your entire team of employees and students under one roof and get your tasks done!
4. Follow assigned projects:
Get notifications about any changes done to your assigned tasks. Stay updated on the proceedings of your task.

5. No meetings and e-mails:

The days of weekly meetings are over. You don’t have to organize any more meetings and check regular email status. Set your task or the message that you want to convey to your employees or students with Task management.
If a single module of Fedena like Task management can increase the efficiency of your institution many folds, think how productive will be your institution with a fully functional Fedena pro with 50+ modules. Check out a fully functional demo of Fedena at

Courses and Batches concept of Fedena explained in simple english
We already know that Fedena can be used in any kind of education institution offering multiple courses including schools, colleges and universities. Fedena can adapt to the institution’s system and process through correct configuration of courses and batches.
For this let us understand the concept of courses and batches in Fedena.
A course is what is taught in the institution. An institution can have multiple courses. For example MBA is a course, Electrical Engineering is a course, Standard nine is a course.
Each course will have different sections. The subjects taught in each section will be different from other sections. And usually there will be an examination or grading process specific to each section.
For example, a two year MBA has four sections namely 1st Semester, 2nd Semester, 3rd Semester and 4th Semester. The subjects and activities associated with 1st semester is different that of 2nd semester.
Likewise the electrical engineering course will have multiple sections. But a normal standard nine does not have any sections as it is usually one academic year long. Instead, at the end of standard nine, students take up the next course which is standard ten.
Batches are a group of students who learns a specific course over a period of time through different sections.
For example the MBA course can have: Batch 2010, 2011 and 2012 who studied 1st semester to 4th semester over a period of time.
A standard 9 is a course without any section. But it can have batches like 2012 A, 2012 B and 2012 C
This unique method of configuring courses and batches make Fedena adaptable to any kind of institutions ranging from small schools to universities which offers multiple courses in different locations.
You can configure courses and batches in Fedena by navigating to “manage course and batches” menu in “Settings”
Visit for more help 

Fedena now available in six color themes

Due to popular demand from the users and partners, we have developed a new “theme plugin” for Fedena Pro which allows you to switch the default color of Fedena to any color of your choice.
This theme includes six basic colors by default. But giving support to new color themes is very easy. It will be maximum a 10 minute work in Photoshop and notepad (CSS) to make Fedena switch to any color or pattern of your choice.

This is a pro plugin and can be purchased by paying a one-time fee. If you are interested, contact us or send a mail to

6 Reasons to be excited about Fedena in 2013

2012 was an amazing year for Fedena and Foradian Technologies. We won four awards in innovation- MIT TR35 by Technology Review Magazine, Edustars powered by Accel Partners and, Emerge 10 by NASSCOM and IndiraGandhi innovation award. We reached more and more new markets through our awesome partners, satisfied our customers and made good revenue. Have you read more on Fedena in this Quora answer? Click to read What is so great about Fedena

We are all set to make 2013, the most promising year, ever since we started Foradian. Following is the list of things to be excited about Fedena and Foradian in 2013.
1. Plugin Marketplace

If you are the owner of a school or college, you will be approached by hundreds of businessmen daily, who wants to sell their products and services. But, you don’t know whom to trust and what to buy. Most of these companies will disappear after selling their products and services. Is there a place where you can buy genuine things that will increase the efficiency of your institution?
We are introducing Fedena Marketplace, the one-stop shop for all tools needed to run your institution efficiently. Fedena Marketplace focus on plugins that enhance the features of Fedena. These plugins are built by certified technical companies who focus on innovating education technologies. You can choose the plugins you need and can add easily to Fedena without the help of a technical team.
Fedena Marketplace lists and reviews Fedena native plugins, Fedena integration plugins and other professional services and hardwares you will need. You can even develop plugins that will add value to Fedena and can list in the marketplace to generate revenue. Fedena Marketplace will bring more innovations in education technology. Following plugins are all ready for release once the plugin marketplace is live.

2. Consolidated and Analytical dashboard
Fedena provides an iconic dashboard to simplify the learning curve of first time users. To meet the popular request from our clients and partners, we are introducing consolidated and analytical dashboards which provides one-click intelligent reports from the data, stored in Fedena database. You don’t have to navigate to different plugins to know data, specific to those plugins. All data will be consolidated and shown in the dashboard to help you take quick actions. Analytical dashboard will provide the reports through different set of beautiful charts and graphs.
3. Improved UI/UX
Fedena now has 30+ Modules and it is expected to cross 50+ official plugins and 100+ third party plugins in another year. Our user experience and design team is working on improving the flow and design to make Fedena more closer to users.
4. SaaS Dashboard

After the fully SaaS version of Fedena gets ready in our labs, all the users and partners will login to the same Fedena. Partners will have dashboard to create and manage their clients. Group of institutions will have dashboard to connect with their schools and access data to create intelligent reports. This innovation will make the Fedena customers and partners, more efficient.
5. More languages

In 2012, we made Fedena available in German, Portuguese, French and Chinese. Expect more languages in 2013 as Fedena reaches to institutions in the developing nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
6. Uzity beta launch
We are launching Uzity, to complement Fedena. While Fedena focus on the administrative and management side of an education institution, Uzity will focus on the learning side. If you haven’t signed up for beta invitation yet, rush to for more info.
If you and your business want to join us as partners in our exciting journey of innovation and success, check out the official partner plans listed at and contact us at for more information. 

Fedena 2.3 is released to public on Teachers day of India

The latest version of Fedena – the opensource school management system is now available to public for free download.
Official Blog post –
Github –
Download instructions –

Fedena now powers more than 40,000 institutions around the world. It includes the most notable implementation in 15,000 Schools of Kerala – India, which is now a case study for successful implementation of big data e-gov projects across the world.
The same project is acclaimed by ruby on rails community and David Heinemeier Hansson – creator of Ruby on Rails.
Highlighted Features of Fedena 2.3

  • Support for CCE(CBSE), CWA & GPA grading standards
  • Supports 4 new languages – Japanese, Portuguese, German & Marathi. (Already supports Spanish, Arabic, Hindi & English)
  • Enhanced report centre for examinationSeperate dashboard for Parent (Previously parent & student view were same)
  • Enhanced timetable & attendance

Introduction of plugin marketplaceNow any company can develop plugins for fedena using the documentation and support available in projectfedena website. The developers can list their plugins in the marketplace for free or for a price. This is the first step towards building an ecosystem around Fedena.

Fedena MobileFedena Pro is now available as a mobile web app using HTML5 technology. It supports the most used features of fedena through a mobile interface.

Google App IntegrationFedena Pro is integrated with Google Apps and available in Google Apps marketplace.
Big Blue Button Integration is now freeThe Big Blue Button plugin of Fedena is available for free download from plugin marketplace. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education. The goal of the project is to enable universities, colleges, and K12 to delivery a high-quality learning experience to remote students. BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of slides (including whiteboard), audio, video, chat, and desktops. It also record lectures for later playback. More info:
UzityForadian Technologies is also all set to release their online university – Uzity in next two months. Uzity will complement Fedena and will offer a better e-learning experience. Prelaunch page
Read “What is the new learning product Foradian is building?”…
Recent achievements
1) MIT TR35 India 2012 award –
2) Edustars powered by Accel Partners and
Interesting articles about Fedena
1) A Tunisian professor writes how fedena is helping them reorganize and innovate after the Arab Spring revolution –
2) Foradian CEO interviewed in, sharing the importance of opensource in education –…
3) What problem does Fedena solve?
Notable recent press releases
1) The Economic Times – Small town education start-up offers ERP solution to schools across the globe
2) The Indian Express – Big Ideas, Small Towns –

Fedena now Supports CCE, CWA & GPA

Fedena 2.3 is coming with lot of enhancements and patches along with the bugs identified in the 2.2 version. The main enhancement in Fedena 2.3 is the complete restructuring of the Examination module and making Timetable and Attendance module independent of each other.
Examination module in Fedena is completely restructured and now includes GPA and CWA evaluation methods as per international standards along with the normal grading system that was available in Fedena 2.2. CCE evaluation method is included as per the guidelines of CBSE, India. With the restructured module, an institute can define both CWA and GPA systems for their institute. They can specifically define either CWA method is used or GPA method is used for a particular class (course/standard).

Class designation and Ranking levels are introduced in the application to cover different analyzing criteria’s of an institution. Raking level can be used to define the different ranking/pass/fail criteria used by the institute based on the percentage scored in each subject and based on the number of subjects. Class designation is used to define ranking/pass/fail criteria based on the overall percentage/grade secured.

New Fedena has come up with a comprehensive report center which includes different Student Rankings specific to batch/course/school/subject/attendance. reports, Exam wise and Subject wise reports. Transcript is added from which all the academic history of a student can be taken in a single report. Combined report is another new enhancement in which user can take student list belonging to each of the class designations/ranking levels/pass criteria/fail criteria. Archived batches report is also available so that report of students who retake (supplementary) the exams is generated.
CCE evaluation is added in Fedena 2.3. Institutes which follow CBSE, India syllabus use this evaluation method. This CCE is currently for Std V –  Std X. Both Scholastic and Co Scholastic areas are covered in detail. Also this is one of the few applications which goes to the deepest level of evaluation made method thus saving a lot of time for the instructors in calculating the grade average of the descriptive indicators.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation was formulated by Ministry of Human Resource Development, India.This is the new teaching method introduced recently to decrease the accumulated stress of board exams on the students and to introduce a more uniform and comprehensive pattern in education for the children all over the nation.
CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties and abilities at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

Fedena now available in Google® Apps Marketplace

Combine the powers of Fedena and Google® Apps for the ultimate school/college management experience. Now you can login to Fedena with your Google® Apps credentials. The document manager plugin of Fedena is integrated with Google® Drive. Upload and access your documents from Fedena dashboard and your Google® Drive account. More integrations are in progress.

About Google® Apps for Education
Google® Apps Education Edition is a broad IT solution that schools can use to bring communication and collaboration tools to the entire academic community for free. Google® manages all the technology details, so you can focus your time, energy and budgets on teaching your kids.
Students, teachers and staff can share ideas more quickly and get things done more effectively when they have access to the same powerful communication and sharing tools. Google® Apps Education Edition lets tech administrators provide email, sharable online calendars, instant messaging tools and even a dedicated website to faculty, students and staff for free. There’s no hardware or software to install or maintain, since everything is delivered through a standard web browser — anytime, from anyplace. More information :

How this works?
Fedena can’t be automatically added to your Google® Apps account as it is a non-installable app in the market place. You will have to install Fedena with Google® Apps plugin in a separate server. While entering student and employee data, use the official Google® App email id. Users with their email registered in Google® Apps can login using the Google® App signin form. The documents uploaded by the users in their Google® Drive will be available in Fedena and vice versa.
Get Fedena integrated with Google® Apps

Fedena now available in Google® Apps Marketplace

Combine the powers of Fedena and Google® Apps for the ultimate school/college management experience. Now you can login to Fedena with your Google® Apps credentials. The document manager plugin of Fedena is integrated with Google® Drive. Upload and access your documents from Fedena dashboard and your Google® Drive account. More integrations are in progress.

3 Successful Fedena Implementation Strategies for your Institution

Successful implementation of Fedena or any other ERP solution in your institution requires 5% technical skills and 95% social & political skills.
Strategy 1 – A Team
Make a team with maximum 5 employees of your institution and call this the A Team for fedena implementation. This team can include teachers and non-teaching staff. Link the successful implementation of Fedena to the performance appraisal of the A Team members. Always choose the best team possible. Give members the authority, the autonomy and the time to ensure that the implementation is done quickly and done well. 

Strategy 2 – One thing at a time
You don’t have to implement the entire features of Fedena all at once. We have noticed that a phased approach works well for Fedena implementation. This is a much safer and advisable way and has many benefits over the conventional “big bang” approach of implementing all at once. Start with login access of teachers and employees. Then go to timetable and attendance. Start some group discussions. Tell some of the parents to login and take part in discussions. Avoid external emails and use the inbuilt message system of Fedena. All depends on your leadership style and strategy.
Strategy 3 – Rewards & Punishments
A carrot and stick strategy works very well for increasing the usage and success rate of employees in your organization. The admin should demand the daily usage of the system and associate rewards with the successful usage of the school management system.
FAQ: How to make teachers and employees of my institution to use Fedena efficiently?
Fedena is an enterprise solution which demands commitments from Teachers and non-teaching staffs of your organization to achieve its full potential and increase the efficiency of your organization. 
General tips
  1. Understand that people fear to make mistakes. The employees of your institution may fear that a simple mistakes done while entering the data to the software will be ridiculed by the technical team or other staff. So train your employees well and assure that there is no problem in making mistakes.
  2. Don’t give the job of daily data entry to teachers initially. Let it be done by a technical employee who can update the data of the system as suggested by teachers offline.
  3. Carrot and Stick model. Let there be rewards associated with usage of the software and punishments for not using it.

Inventory and Registration Plugins now Available for Fedena Pro

We have released two new plugin for Fedena Pro. Inventory module to take care of the inventory of the institution and registration module to improvise the pre-admission process.
Inventory Module

Inventory module adds lot of functionality in managing indents and purchasing items for your institution. Entire process is tracked and can be analysed in future for verification.

The workflow of the inventory module is given below.


Registration Module (Pre-admission/Application)

Registration module allows you to create a public registration form available for anyone to submit their applications to join the institution. Registration module has customizable registration form with basic field and list views with filters.
This module helps you to create a paperless admission process that saves money and time.
Contact for more details.

Recent articles about Fedena and Foradian

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Foradian Tech targets Africa for school management software
The Mangalore-based Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is into the production of open source school management software called ‘Fedena’, is targeting the education sector in African countries for its growth.

Foradian Technologies’ open source software soon in 50-plus languages
After implementing open source school management software in 15,000 schools under the Kerala Government’s Sampoorna school management system project, the Mangalore-based Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd is looking at India and overseas for growth.