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Fedena Powers Wisdom Park International School, Tamil Nadu

Situated in Vaniyambadi in Tamil Nadu, Wisdom Park International School is the first step by a group of technocrats whose primary focus is to develop the the primary education sector. Read on to know more about Wisdom Park International School and their dreams:

1. Tell us more about your institution and its objectives. What does it stands for?

WP: Wisdom Park International School is promoted by a group of technocrats who have rich experience in the field of education. It was felt that enough importance is not being given to the primary education. The fast changing scenario in the field of primary education is gathering momentum around the world.

The old way of teaching which includes lot of books, reading and writing materials needs to be changed. And play way method of teaching has to be incorporated in our primary education system. We must try to identify and nourish the skills and talents hidden in a child. World renowned child education psychologists like Maria Montessori and Mike Gardner and our ‘3C’ philosophy emphasize these points. Edify group of companies are pioneers in this field. One of their branches is EDVISOR which imparts professional consultancy to Wisdom Park International School. This school is coming up in about 5.5 acres of land on the National Highway No 46 in Chenglikuppam village between Ambur and Vaniyambadi. All the modern facilities needed for a modern primary school like smart classes, educational toys, temperature controlled classrooms, natural ambience needed for the betterment of a child, swimming pool, playgrounds suitable for soccer, volleyball and other sports will be available in this campus. The teaching faculty will be trained by the people from EDVISOR, Hyderabad. Foreign teachers will also be appointed for language and other subjects. The services of Edu Sports —–etc will also be taken in their fields.
2. How did you come to know about Fedena?

WP: We came to know about Fedena from search engine. Till now, our experience of Fedena is going good and it has been a great assistance to our efforts and dream.

3.  Character, Competence and Content are the ‘3Cs’ of your institution. Please elaborate on the ‘3Cs’ and how it has helped in your goals?

WP: In today’s world where information is available at the click of a button, children have to    become knowledge assimilators and analyzers rather than just be a storehouse of information. The focus has to be on application of knowledge through experimentation, research and discovery.3C stands for Character, Competence, and Content. The 3C form the framework of the entire curriculum. The curriculum is learner centric and child- friendly ensuring that children learn for the love of learning. The objective of 3C is to encourage children to become contributing citizen and independent learners, thus enabling them to explore the world through their own ways. The basis of 3C is scientific, formulated with the belief that every child is a potential learner and that contemporary learning has to nurture and educate children to be lifelong learners. The 3C curriculum and its pedagogical practices, an amalgamation of best practices implemented in various national and international curricular. Beside academic achievements, sport and co-curricular activities form an integral part of the 3C curriculum. Assessment and evaluation are part of the process which makes the whole evaluation stress free for the students.

4. ‘Social responsibility’ is an integral part of the educational institutions now. What is your point of view in this context as an educator?

WP: Participating in extracurricular activities not only looks good to school but it’s also a great opportunity for meeting new people. School social activities can help enhance leadership skills as well. Participating in them throughout school level can help the child get into the college of his/her choice while enhancing his/her social skills. Our school social activities include cleaning up school area and nearby villages and creating health awareness among village people, our students helps traffic police in peak hours, provide time for the students to talk and eat as they help others. Our school also participates in The National Service Scheme (NSS).

5. What are your future aspirations?

WP: To foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change in the social, economic and cultural fabric, to impact the global community through knowledge, understanding and attitude and make learning an experience by nurturing individual talents, empower them to be independent, responsible and resourceful change agents of our nation and the world.

Interview with Indira Group of Institutes – New Customer of Fedena

Established in the year 1994, Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) is dedicated to ignite the entrepreneurial abilities in the youth of the country. They have come a long way, gave birth to Indira Group of Institutes(IGI) that fueled their dream to create big business leaders out of the young generation of India. IGI shares their story with Foradian, read on:

Q. Our readers may not know about Indira Group of Institutes. Can you please share some information that will introduce your organization to them?

IGI: Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) was established in February 1994, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Tarita Shankar, with the aim of providing top quality postgraduate education in the fields of Business Management, International Business and Information Technology. By consistently providing quality education over the past few decades, institutes at Indira Group are now considered as one of the best institutes in Pune. At a time when India was struggling to put its economy back on its feet, after the nation having pawned the “family jewels” just to keep afloat, Dr. Tarita Shankar sensed that education too would have to become more broad based and more vocational in nature if India was to stand up to the world competition in quality and price for its products, The then Finance Minister had prescribed for the economy and so, in 1994, began a saga of growth and quality in education; a story that is just reaching its zenith with 14 fully fledged institutes registering a strong presence on Pune’s educational horizon. Since inception, the institutes managed by SCES, have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the industrial and services sector of the country. These institutes are now listed amongst the top colleges not just in Pune, but also in Maharashtra and India. With a modest strength of 60 students pursuing a single course, SCES has grown steadily and today boasts of 14 Institutes, having more than 8000 students from all over India pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate & postgraduate programs. The objective of the institute is to provide ‘Management education in a corporate environment’, has been possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of SCES, who have invaluable experience in varied areas like academics, industry, service and social-world.

Q. It seems that you focus a lot on education that is ‘vocational in nature’. Why do you think such education is important for this new generation?

IGI: The post globalization era in India has resulted in fast pace development activities, shaping mighty economic developments. Infrastructure developments are meeting the industrial needs and making India a promising destination. This has created a need for professionals with expertise in multiple disciplines to spearhead the growth momentum. Engineering is an instrumental branch that will define the future course of these lofty development plans.

At Indira Group of Institutes, we are committed to nurture the required expertise under one roof by creating competent and motivated technocrats and managers of tomorrow, who will use their technical knowledge and managerial qualities to confidently and successfully lead the organization.

Q. How has the journey been for Indira Group of Institutes so far?

IGI: Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES), Pune, was established in 1994, with the explicit vision to provide sustainable impetus to the corporate and entrepreneurial abilities in the youth.

The realization that a robust framework of education is indispensable for the growth of global leaders, the visionary, Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson, Indira Group, integrated her pursuit of excellence and articulated educational institutions, known as Indira Group of Institutes (IGI), which imbibe human excellence and demonstrate strong social values, with a single minded pursuit of developing the youth to become business leaders.

Unrelenting initiatives by the management team at Indira led to adding of multi-disciplines such as Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Commerce, Science, Engineering and Mass Communication to the group. And growth has been as deep as it has been wide. With 14 institutions, IGI now offers education right from Kindergarten to Doctorate level studies.
Having traversed the journey of nineteen years we have ourselves made certain significant achievements which, we are aware, are but the building blocks for achieving further heights.

  • Indira is ranked amongst the top 2 B-schools in Pune, by the prestigious AIMA – IMJ.

  • The same journal gave us a top 30, all India ranking on the parameters of Industry interface.

  • Our students have shown good academic results and have been at the level of university ranking.

  • The achievements of our students have enabled them to attract some of the best corporate recruiters.

  • Indira Group of Institutes and our goodwill has enabled us to establish campus agreement with Microsoft for using different software.

  • Our goodwill with Microsoft was further accentuated with Microsoft conducting workshops at Indira, for train the trainer modules.

  • Business India has also ranked us amongst the top 3 in Pune for last 2 yrs.

  • Our Institutes have received accreditation from various certifying bodies.

Indira Institute of Management was the first management institute in Maharashtra to receive the accreditation from the NBA, New Delhi.

Q. What are your future endeavors?

IGI: Welcome to the 2nd decade of the 21st Century!!! The world’s emergence from recession, even though slow and fragmented, is accepted by all. Every economic crisis in history has brought about breakthroughs in industries, science and technology. The recent crisis has stimulated thoughts and inspired the international community to make new explorations regarding development models. Growth and integration of a global, increasingly free market economy has raised standard of competition in all sectors providing goods and services. On the other hand management professionals from India are in good demand in international market. Private sector today offers rapid advancement to result-oriented professionals. The daunting complexity of the challenges that confront us would be overwhelming if we were to depend only on existing knowledge, traditional resources and conventional approaches.

In order to win in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, they will have to excel at short-term execution of their business objectives, while pursuing long-term visions that create new paradigms. 

At the Indira Group of Institutes, we have picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the demands of the existing business environment. Our motto at Indira is the pursuit of excellence, a fact that is evident from our infrastructure and the quality of individual candidates – the Indraites. At the core of our philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is translated in to the knowledge provided to our students.

Like the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu says “Rules of war never change – only weapons change”, our tomorrow’s corporate warriors will fight for market share and market domination by converting previous knowledge and experience into today’s competencies required for best possible strategies. Here we are committed to supply a growing stream of well-grounded and ethically responsible professional practitioners and leaders in every field of public life and endeavor.

IGI believes in the economic independence of individuals. In this endeavor we aim to inspire our postgraduate students to create a niche for themselves in the Indian Economic order first, and then compete globally. We owe our gratitude to the Indian Industry for consistently collaborating with us in this endeavor. Renowned industrialists have visited us and tremendously enhanced the morale of our students by sharing their vast knowledge and experience about entrepreneurial opportunities and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students.

Q:What do you think the face of education in India will be in the coming years?

IGI: Over the past decade, companies across almost all industries in India have been changed by competition both within the country and outside. India is no longer isolated from the economic mainstream. The patterns that are emerging in business worldwide are bound to be repeated here. Our markets have shown signs of recovery and the mood has been upbeat. The Indian Economy, hitherto seen as a slow moving elephant has awakened to find its potential. But we cannot rest on our laurels. Our efforts will have to double up, particularly when there exists an increasing possibility of winnings from global competition. For Indian business, this involves a change of strategy, structure, culture, compensation and everything from sparking innovation to streamlining internal processes. The solution to the conundrum of organizational complexities will have to be provided by our future managers.

Private sector today offers rapid advancement to result-oriented professionals. The daunting complexity of the challenges that confront us would be overwhelming if we were to depend only on existing knowledge, traditional resources and conventional approaches. Chanakya, (famous Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC) says: “As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.” – This philosophy is enshrined in the soul of Indira Group and enlivened by our lifeblood i.e. faculty and students. We have identified this paradigm shift of managing today’s business and therefore always strive to instill the ability of speedy decision making in resources deployed, managing diversity, searching right direction of knowledge management for the people, and finally social responsibility awareness in our students.

Education must empower us to enhance human progress and we must vow that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom and peace. We need to vow that we shall not see space filled with weapons of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge and understanding. Only then the growth of our science and education will be enriched by new knowledge of our universe and environment, by new techniques of learning and mapping, by new tools and computers for industry, medicine, the home as well as the school. Technical institutions will be worth their while only if they inculcate new hopes for knowledge and peace. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and at the same time all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still an issue around the globe; the belief that the rights of man come from being truly liberalized from all forms of tyranny and the ability to set sail in a voyage that allows complete liberty for growth and prosperity for all humanity.

At Indira, we create a movement to convert the hopes and aspirations of the youth, into commitments for purpose and performance. Our confidence in the learning abilities of the youth has led to a judicious mix of knowledge sharing, for holistic developments of the students into good human beings.

Virtual Education: The new Face of Schooling

It’s always been a tough time for parents when they have to decide what education they should choose for their children; education that is both right and appealing to them as well. Each child has a different kind of educational needs and preferences and depending on that, education should be imparted to them. One of the most highly remarkable innovations of the age is the virtual education, the best alternative to the traditional educational module.This kind of education through the world of the internet is especially helpful to kids who find it difficult to cope with the concept of actual school. In fact, virtual school has been hailed as the next big solution in education that is surely going to change the way education is delivered to its recipients. Read this article to know why virtual education is such a great beginning in the world of education.Virtual education is not similar to the kind of education available in traditional classes. The best part about this kind of education is that it allows students and parents to go through proper counselling to know what will work best for each student, based on his strength and weaknesses. Customized education can bring out the best in each student as it helps to ignite the willingness to learn. Besides, the flexibility that is allowed to students in virtual schooling is what attracts more and more parents. The reason is the fact that it facilitates students to learn and not mere learning that is forced at a particular time. It has been proved through research that students tend to learn more when it is convenient for them, rather than making studies a mere everyday fixed routine.

Likewise, the rising cost of attending courses in colleges and other educational institutions have already forced many students to go for virtual education. The education costs involved in virtual schooling is pretty less as it does not include the immense course fees and resource expenses among a whole lot of others that just go unnoticed sometimes. But with virtual schools, the education delivered does not require such high investments and it is an advantage to students with fewer privileges who are unable to attend well-known campuses. The cost involved in this kind of education via the internet is way less than the face-to-face method.

Now, if we think beyond the student’s point of view, we can also find how virtual education is a great boon to the environment as well. Just think how many trees you are saving by reducing the use of paper. The amount of paper you need while attending a classroom lecture is huge and most of the paper used always end up in the dustbin. While virtual education does help you save the environment and keep your data safe on your computer.
The advantages of virtual education are great in number and these are just a few of them. We must always remember one thing that the benefits of virtual education vary from person to person depending on individual needs and requirements. The huge number of students enrolling for virtual schools itself stands as a witness to the ever increasing demand of virtual education.

Try the All New Email Alert Plugin & Never miss Another Alert from Fedena

We have already seen what great innovations have been introduced by the award winning school management software, Fedena. Now, we get a glimpse of what is all set to be launched by Fedena, called Email Alert Plugin. So far, we have seen that whenever we have any notifications in Fedena, we could only see them when we login to Fedena. But with the new Email Alert Plugin, you don’t have to login to Fedena every time to check notifications; you will be getting email alerts of the same. The best part about this plugin is that emails can be send automatically as well as manually. Besides, emailing to more than one person is also possible with this plugin.

Before you enjoy the advantages of this plugin, you better know the right way to use it. This article will describe in steps how the Email Alert plugin can be used to make the most of it.

Step 1: Being the admin, you have the power to send  emails to employees, guardians and students and can also give privilege to any of your employee who can do the same on your behalf. Firstly, login to Fedena with your id and go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Email’.

There are two types of features allotted to you as an admin and also the privileged user- Send Email to employees, guardians and students and Email Alert Settings.

Step 2: When you want to send emails to employees or students or guardians, you need to click to the respective link and fill in all information required and send. All you need to do is to select the particular batch and write the ‘Subject’ and the ‘Message’ to be sent in each of the link.

Step 3: When you click on ‘Settings’, it will take you to the page that allows you to create automatic emails for particular recipients on specific events present. You just need to click on the respective entrant.

So far, only 16 events have been added to the this plugin which are categorized under common event creation for all, event creation for employee and batches separately.

Step 4: When you login as a privileged employee, you have to go to Fedena and go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Email’.

Being a privileged employee, you can also access the Email Alert Settings along with Email, only if the admin assigns you that.

This plugin will surely be of great help to Fedena users as they don’t have to login to Fedena to get notifications. All notifications are just an email away!

Social Media in Education – The Bright Side

Social media is no more just about sharing or communicating with other people. It has spread its wings to various other fields and education is one of the new sectors where the concept of social media is making a great change. A recent study has shown that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has regular visitors that counts in millions. Estimation shows that more than 90% college-going students visit social networking sites on a regular basis. More and more students have started using social media, not just for communicating, but for gathering information, share ideas and creativity. In fact, when we talk about the benefits of using social media and networking sites in the educational institution, we can never look away from the fact that these social networking sites are helping introvert students come out of the closet and encounter with other students which is very important for a healthy student life.
A pretty new concept in the world of education, social media has become one of the most debated issue of late among teachers, students and professors. With more and more schools and educational institutions are slowly but steadily adopting social media in education as revealed in the research conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that shows some 100% of colleges have opened their gates to different kind of social platforms. This is indeed, a smart idea for it cultivates leadership skills among students, right from planning to organize an event that can bring about a change both in the social and democratic platform.
Talking about other possible benefits that social media engagement in schools and colleges can bring about, we must not miss out the fact that this kind of interaction can help students in their future prospects through sites like LinkedIn that helps people with employment. Besides, the wide variety of information available over the networking sites shapes up the ability of students to scan and extract information that is useful and relevant. The high amount of interest and concentration invested by students in social media can sharpen the ability of practical reasoning; but then, students must know the way to distinguish the useful from the distractions.

When you see one side of the coin, there is the other side too! When social media can bring some positive changes in the world of education, it has its black side as well. As many researchers and scholars do believe that too much time spent in Facebook, Google and other networking sites can lead to loss of patience as most social media users have a general tendency to shift from page to page too often. Another prime concern with people against the use of social media in schools is the way the use of language has been changing. Sites like Twitter allows you to post your ideas in just 140 characters which in turn bars the person to use words fully spelled. Instead, most users go for shorthand like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, ‘gr8’ in place of ‘great’ and so on. Prolonged usage of this kind of language has led to the development of separate messaging language which has made its way to mainstream written language as well.

In any case, the rising popularity of social media shows that the trend is going to stay and will influence every phase of life. So, it’s up to students and scholars to decide how social media can be used in a brighter way; how to avoid being distracted and wander aimlessly through sites and instead, promote actual learningin the virtual world.

How to Conduct an Online Examination using School Management System?


Online education is definitely one of the smartest innovation of the century and we have already seen the benefits this type of education has bought in the lives of students. Today, we bring to you another smart innovation that can definitely change the way exams are conducted in schools- online exam, a smart plugin in Fedena.
With the help of ‘Online Exam’ by Fedena, schools can conduct sudden exams, without spending their precious time in planning. This not only improves the entire examination management experience for the employees but also eliminate the paper wastage and unnecessary costs related to the examination.
Using this amazing feature in your school structure, institutes can automate the whole examination process, generate various type of reports, share results with students and parents in real time and more.

Learn how to conduct an online examination using Fedena:

    • Firstly, being the admin you need to log in with your id to Fedena and go to ‘More’, then ‘Examination’ and finally to ‘Online Exam’.
    • ‘Online Exam’ plugin offers you four options:
      1. New Online Exam: This option allows you to create new online exams for students. You need to fill up all necessary information required like ‘Name’ of the exam, the start date, the due date, the batches you want to select for the exam and also, the number of options you want to provide as answers.
      2. View Online Exams: When you want to view the ongoing online exams, you need to click it and select the particular batch you want to see the details off. To make the exam available to students, you need to make it ‘Published’.
      3. View Exam Results: Online exam results can also be viewed by selecting this option. You just need to select the batch and you get the list of the exams conducted for the particular batch. Then, click on the ‘View Result’ of the particular exam you want to see. Once you click on ‘View Result’, you get the report card for the particular exam. You can also get a PDF format of the report by clicking on ‘PDF Report’.
      4. Reset Exam: This feature is an advantage when in case, you have to reset an exam for a batch or a particular student. There may be circumstances when you need to reset an examination and in those times, nothing better than the ‘Reset Exam’ option. For this, you have to click ‘Reset Exam’  and select the batch and also the particular exam you want to reset. You can reset the exam for a particular student or the entire batch as well by selecting ‘All’.

How does online exam work in Fedena?

When an online exam is forwarded to a student, the student has to login to Fedena with his id and go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Online Exam’. Being a student who has to attend an online exam, you need to choose the exam you have to attend. The next screen that you get will let you start your exam. When you are done with your exam and ‘Submit’ it, you immediately get the result that will let you know if you have passed or not.
As the admin, if you want to check the result of the online exam you had allotted to a particular batch, you have to log in and go to ‘Online Exam’ and click ‘View Exam Results’. Select the batch and you get the details of all the examinations attended by the particular batch. Click on ‘View Result’ to see the mark sheet of the particular exam.
This is in fact, the best alternative to conducting exams in actual that takes a lot of time to conduct and check. The ‘Online Exam’ plugin of Fedena is perfect for some surprising test in class.

How to Use Fedena to Manage and Track the Expenses of Your Institution

Keeping a track of expenses has been a difficult task in running an educational institution and this is because expenses of managing any institution is never fixed and keeps on changing, month to month. Sometimes you don’t even know where the money is going to. Hence it is important for you being the administrator of any institution to keep a track on the expenses and manage it accordingly. Fedena provides you a simple tracking mechanism that can help you divide your expenses under categories and manage it.

We all know that there are some possible expenses that are common in every educational institution and they are somethings that cannot be done without. Typical institutional expenses includes the money spent on

  • buying lab utilities
  • purchasing library books, computers and other technical equipment
  • salaries of employees

Then, there are several others as well that are often not recorded or kept a track off. To keep a record of these minor expenses, you may often maintain small notes that goes unnoticed within huge pile of expense registers. But, when you have smarter ways to keep a track of your expenses, then why spend hours on filling up those expense registers? Read on to know how.

Tracking expenses of your institution using Fedena

Fedena has a better solution for you. It can help you track down your expenses easily with the help of its unique way of storing information about expenses. The following information will let you know how you can do it.

The very first thing that you need to do is to login with your id to Fedena and then go to ‘Finance’. Here you can create various categories under which, you can divide the expenses of your institutions. For this, go to ‘Category’ and create your own new categories.

You create new category in this page:

Once you click ‘Create Finance Category’, you get a pop-up where you need to fill up necessary information.

Since you are creating an expense category, you should not click ‘Is this under income?’. When you are done with storing in all expense categories, you can add the expenses under each category.

When you want to add expenses, go to ‘Transactions’. See the screenshot below:

Click ‘Transactions’ and it will take you to page where you have the options to take a report of a particular time to keep a track of the expenses that have been made within the time period. For this, you need to click on the ‘Report’.

You need to choose a particular time period off which you want the report.

The report will give you the details about all the expenses- both manually added and those automatically added as well. Expenses that automatically updated includes monthly salary, inventories and others. As soon as the payslip of an employee is approved by the HR, the expense is added in the report under the ‘Salary Account’. The report is presented in the following way:

You can also have a PDF Report of this for which you need click on ‘PDF Report’. For the manual entries for expenses, you need to go to ‘Add Expense’ under ‘Transactions’ to enter any expenses that is not incurred every month.

You can create new expenses and fill in all necessary details in the fields:

A very interesting fact of this feature of Fedena is that you can easily compare the expenses of any two months and get the results in graph as well. For this, you need to go to ‘Compare Transactions’ in ‘Transactions’ and select the months you want to compare.

You get the results in graphs:

When you have so many interesting ways to track down the expenses and keep it in records, forget all those papers to record expenses that are so much prone to mistakes and destruction. Click here to get Fedena for your institution

Fedena is now integrated with Paypal & Authorize.net to accept fee payments online for education institutions

Here is a good news for all of you. One of the most requested feature for Fedena is now available as a plugin for your use. Fedena has a fully functional payment gateway to enable the institutions accept online payment through credit cards. Fedena is integrated with Paypal & Authorize.net and the plugin is available for purchase at Fedena Pro website.

Admin can choose between the two gateways and can set one as default gateway. The plugin currently supports Application registration fee payment and Student fee payment. Other payment like Hostel fee and Library fine pay, instant fee etc.. will be supported later.
Payment Gateway Settings for Paypal in Fedena Pro
Once the plugin is enabled, parents or students can view their fee due and pay using their credit card or paypal account. Once the fee is paid, receipts will be generated and the fee status will be updated in Fedena.
If paypal is selected as payment gateway, you will have to give your Paypal ID(registered email with paypal) and if Authorize.net is selected, you will have to provide Merchant ID and Transaction password provided by Authroize.net
Payment Gateway Settings for Authorize.net
If you are already a paid customer of Fedena, you can contact your account manager or support@fedena.com to purchase the plugin. Or checkout the pricing given at Fedena Pro website.

Learn How Employee Leave Management System Works in Fedena?

Do you still use the same old register books to mark the attendance of your employees? If yes, then you are killing your precious time that can be used in other fruitful tasks. The best option to those old register books is the Employee Leave Management, a unique feature from the award-winning school ERP software solution, Fedena. This feature is not just about maintaining attendance of employees, it’s more than that. Learn, how the employee leave management system works.

The Employee Leave Management feature of Fedena has four parts- ‘Add Leave types’, ‘Attendance Report’, ‘Attendance Register’ and ‘Reset Leave’. If you login as an admin, then on arriving the dashboard, you can see these features by selecting ‘More’, then ‘Human Resource’ and finally ‘Employee Leave Management’.
The four main parts of the Employee Leave Management are:
Attendance Register

With the Attendance Register, you can actually see the entire attendance register of a particular subject with all the details of any month. All you need to do is to select the department for which you want to see the attendance register. You can mark any employee ‘absent’ in the register.

Add Leave Types

With the help of this one, you can add any kind of leave for employees like ‘casual leave’ or ‘sick leave’. Plus, you can also edit or delete any existing or active leave type from the list.

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report is a fast way to get the attendance report of all the employees of a particular department. This can be achieved when you select the particular department of which you want the attendance report.

Reset Leave

The ‘Reset Leave’ option allows the employees to renew their leaves with the help of two options- either using the ‘carry forward’ option or without it. If you want the ‘carry forward’ option, you need to go to ‘Add Leave Types’ where you get the ‘Enable carry forward option’. ‘Reset Leave’ offers you 4 categories- ‘Reset All’, ‘Individual Reset’, ‘Department Reset’ and the ‘Leave Reset Settings’.

How employees can apply for leave?
When you are an employee eager to apply for leave, you need to login with your id and go to ‘Leave’ in Dashboard. Then you need to apply for a leave with all the necessary details required for the application. Your leave is only valid only when your reporting manager approves it.

When you are using Fedena in your mobile, you can apply for leave by logging through your mobile and going to ‘Leave Application’ in Dashboard. You, then, need to fill up all details and submit it, for your manager to approve or deny.

How reporting managers can approve/deny leaves?
When an employee reporting you applies for leave, you get a notification under ‘New Leaves’ which you can either approve or deny. To do this, you need to login with your id and go to ‘Leaves’ in Dashboard and go to ‘New Leaves’ where you get the notification of any leaves applied by your reporting employee.

You can ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ your employees leave. Your decision will be delivered to your employee as a notification under ‘My Leaves’ and the leaves will be automatically updated in the ‘Attendance Register’ under the respected employee.

So, discard those pens and leave application forms and adopt this smarter and faster way to get your leaves approved.

How to Assign & Manage Assignments to Students using Fedena

Managing assignments has always been a tedious task, both for the teacher who assigns it as well as for the students who are assigned. The entire process of assignment becomes all the more hectic when any student fails to attend class on the said day. Plus, students might often get confused with the details of the assignment and the teacher in most of the cases, have to go through an ordeal of repeating and re-addressing the students again and again. So, instead of going through such activities, teachers can make it simpler with the help of Fedena’s Assignment plugin.

The Assignment plugin is easy to use the plugin of Fedena that helps teachers and students to save time when dealing with assignments. We bring to you, a detailed description of how this plugin can be used effectively, both by teachers and students.

Login as a teacher

When you log in as a teacher and want to issue assignments to your students, then these steps you have to follow:

  • First, you need to go to ‘More’ and then select ‘Assignment’ from it.
  • Create a new assignment with the help of the ‘Create new Assignment’ option.
  • Create new assignment and put in all the necessary information required to create it, like the ‘Title’, ‘Content’, ‘Due Date’ and select the ‘Subject’ that you want to create an assignment on.

It must be noted that as a teacher, you can only see the options of subjects that you teach when you click on ‘Subject’. If you want to provide some other detail to the students for their help, you can upload a file to the assignment also.

When you select the ‘Subject’, you may need to select students as well. If you want only particular students to receive the assignment, you need to select the students from the boxes, or else, you can select ‘All’.

Login as a student

When you login as a student

  • Click on ‘More’ and then go to ‘Assignment’, you will be taken directly to the ‘Assignment’ page.
  • Then you click on the particular ‘Assignments’ (for example, here, its ‘Homework’), you directly go to the page where you get the details about it and an option below saying, ‘Answer this assignment’.
  • Fill in all information required and attach necessary answer sheet. You are done with your assignment once you click on ‘Submit Answer’.Once the assignment is submitted by the student, the teacher receives it under the category ‘Answered’ in the particular subject assignment. On clicking it, the teacher gets an option to download and read it. Once read, the teacher can ‘Accept answer’ or ‘Reject answer’. The same information will be sent to the respective student as well.When there is an easy and fast way to issue and accept assignments, then why waste time in dealing with it in pen and paper. Fedena is here, make the most of it!

Foradian join Hands with Yuva Parivartan in their Efforts for a Better Society and a Nation

Fedena, the award winning school ERP software solution assists Yuva Parivartan, an inspired movement that has become an uproar to bring about a positive change in the society and create a better nation. As Yuva Parivartan believes, this change can only be done when the deprived youth population of the country is given a chance to create a bright future for themselves and thus, become an asset to the society and nation. Today, Yuva Parivartan shares their experiences of the journey so far, that had not been an easy part to cover for them.

Q: Tell us about Yuva Parivartan.
YP: Yuva Parivartan is an 85 year old NGO which works in the area of livelihoods focusing on school dropouts. Over 80% of the youth in India do not complete their schooling and we provide them training in vocational and other skills, and place them i.e jobs or connect them with other livelihood opportunities, so as to bring them into the economic mainstream. In this way, we bring about a transformation in the lives of these youth and their families. We are today the largest NGO in this space, having touched 1,00,000 lives last year.

Q: You must have for sure, faced a lot of difficulties to convince underprivileged children from poor families for take up training or further education. Can you talk a little on that?

YP: It is always a challenge to mobilize youth. They are frequently de-motivated, directionless and with aspirations that are not realistic. Since they come from difficult backgrounds, they often have problems which are further compounded by lack of good role models. This means that our staff members have to work extra hard to convince and motivate them to join the courses. All the staff members go into the community and engage with the youth and their parents to bring a change into their lives. I am grateful to Foradian, for helping us with offering their Fedena application which is internet based, where our staff would now devote less time in maintaining data manually, and can use this application anytime and wherever they are based. With this application, our limited staff can provide training to the underprivileged in the remotest areas through collaboration option, thereby reducing their travel time and allowing the underprivileged to get specialized within their areas.


Q:Since you are a non-profit organization, you must have faced issues with pricing and licensing when you wanted an erp software solution. How have Fedena helped you in this.

YP: As we are an NGO, we were looking for an application that would suit our needs and at the same time would be affordable to us. Thanks to Unni, who advised us that the Saas Model would be very expensive, and suggested that we go for on-premise model, without looking at maximizing his profit.  With his help and understanding, we now have the application hosted on our server which would help us in a long way, and the application would well be in our control. Unni also provided us with unlimited schools license as well as unlimited users license hence completely eliminating our growth cost impact.

Q:You offer vocational courses unlike other colleges. How difficult was it for you to look for the right erp software for your organization since most ERPs are ideal for regular courses.

YP: Our courses are short term which is for a duration of 3 months and for different trades. Thanks to Foradian who understood our need, helped in customization and designed an application that has suited our purpose. Also, we have undertaken some workarounds in our business operations to ensure a maximum usage of the system to cater to our needs. However, saying that the core operations of students admissions, course definition, fees collections, examinations and reports generation remains common across any form of formal education hence, Fedena fit our requirements.

Q: How has Fedena and Foradian been a help to you in your effort to work for the society.

YP: We are greatly thankful to Foradian for understanding us, supporting us throughout our journey and designing an application that is simple and easy to understand. Moreover, we needed an application that would cater to the needs of all our centers, an application that could be accessed anywhere in the world. Earlier our staff used to spend a lot of time and effort in maintaining the records manually. Now with this application we would be able to track and maintain the training records across all our centers, thereby giving us transparency and increasing efficiency of all our staff. This will in a long run help us to reduce manual work and track records on-time with timely reports delivered as and when required.  This also will help our field staff to focus more on their field activities rather than spending productive time in maintaining records for reporting purpose.

Foradian is proud to be associated with an organisation like Yuva Parivartan who is working hard for the upliftment of the society, for a better tomorrow for those who never had the chance to carve out a life worth living.