Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) – Imparting Interdisciplinary Education, Applied Knowledge and Entrepreneurship

A newly established institution located at Korangi Creek, Karachi, sprawling over an impressive 70, 000 sq feet of space, KITE or Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship offers all state-of-the-art facilities including interactive classrooms, lecture theaters and seminar rooms that help students to pursue the best of education. KITE aims to be ‘tech-centric’ and for this, they have one ‘E-library’ that has a great collection of online materials and books. A lot of focus is also put on sports and other curricular activities as well and they have the sports area that facilitates all kind of sport activities, both indoor and outdoor.
Importance has also been laid on the ecosystem of interdisciplinary education, applied knowledge and entrepreneurship for which KITE offers a Technology Incubation Center (KITE-TIC) and Professional Development Center (KITE-PDC). These are efforts to boost among students, practical work experience, academia-industry research and continued learning.

The Education Enrichment Foundation or EduEnrich is the sponsoring body for KITE and this non-profit organization is dedicated to meet the growing demand for quality science and technology, social sciences, entrepreneurship, arts and humanities education in the country. The need for this kind of boost is the fact that there is a lack of proper career guidance, good number of unemployment among graduates and the urgent need for an immediate reaction that is required to address these problems. In fact, EduEnrich is working hard to create proper educational opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

KITE has been dedicated for long to provide its students the chance for global competitiveness for which the institute is at present working on Transfer of Credits in collaboration with universities in other foreign countries like Canada, America and Malaysia that will allow their students to study in these universities for one semester or two. Then, there is the Career Office that works towards helping candidates gets the best work placement during summer with the partner companies. At KITE, education that is not just theoretical, but they work hard to offer their students full-time internships, live sessions with professionals and exciting ideas and start-up ventures.

You can visit KITE at: http://kite.edu.pk/

Presenting the “Appframe” Innovation for Loading Third Party apps within Fedena UI

Worried about switching to third party software from Fedena that will break the user experience of users? Here we present the Appframe concept to load the third party apps directly within Fedena without breaking the user experience flow.

The product engineering team of Fedena innovates continuously and consciously to make sure Fedena evolves as a user-friendly and effective school management system. There may be times when you want to include some additional data inside Fedena and that cannot be done under the current conditions. In order to make it favorable for clients, the yet to be released Fedena AppFrame has been designed to help clients to design and install their own applications and pages within Fedena.
A lot of attention has been employed in designing this feature as there might be security issues when third party applications are allowed. UI cluttering, asking the third party to produce user wise data and authentications were the major challenges of designing and these issues have been solved wisely.

Advantages of Appframe

                    No break in UI/UX flow. The users will feel the 3rd party software hosted somewhere else as part of Fedena.

                    No switching to 3rd party software. No need to open a new browser tab or window.

                    Save time and money by using the Fedena UI elements

                    Use the existing API of Fedena to reduce development time

How the AppFrame will work?

Every AppFrame will have a client-id associated with it and it will be created by the admin. The client should be registered much before the AppFrame is created. A unique client key will be provided to each client and he will be allowed to develop an application using his own resources. The clients will be given UI spec that will be present in the application or page that he intends to showcase.

If you are interested to develop a third party app using the appframe concept, contact us.

A step by step Guide on How to Create a Custom Report Using Fedena’s Magical Custom Report Plugin

Are you the head of your institute, and have to create reports on students which are not the typical reports showing the marks of exams? Instead, there might be situations when you have to create a report to know about students engaged in different activities in school. When you have a cultural event at your school and you have to find out students who are active in cultural activities and this becomes a difficult task if you have to find the information by personally asking each and every student. But with Fedena, your stress is reduced to just a custom report that can be made in the easiest possible way. Read on this article as we share with you how to create custom reports with the help of Fedena.
Here is a report requirement that is not available in Fedena by default :
Suppose, you are looking for students in different school houses (for instance Red House, Blue House, Green house and Yellow House) who can contribute to the upcoming Teacher’s Day celebration at your school with some cultural activities. Now, how you find it out using Fedena.
Steps to create the required custom report

Step 1: The very first thing that you need to do is to create an additional field, something called as ‘Interested in cultural events’ and for this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ in dashboard and then to ‘Add Admission additional detail’. You can create another additional field as ‘House’.

You can ask your students to fill this additional field during the time of their admission or can even edit the student profiles later.
Step 2: Once you have created the new additional field, you need to go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Custom Report’. Click on ‘New Student Report’ to create a new custom student report.
Step 3: You have to name the new report and select the fields of which you want the report. Like, in this case,  you are looking for students in different school houses who can take part in the cultural event. You might need the Admission number of the students along with the First Name, Batch, Gender, which House and if Interested in Cultural Events.
Step 4: After you save it, you have to get the report for which you have to select the respected report and click on ‘Show Report’.
You can see the report and can also get a ‘Print’ of it. Or ‘Export CSV’ of the same.
So, whatever custom report you want to make with student information, you can easily do it with Custom Report plugin of Fedena. You can do it yourself or you can also give this privilege to any employee of your institution to do the same.

Extend the Functionalities of Fedena with the all new API

Good news for everyone. We have released a new API system for Fedena which offers multiple methods of integrating and extending   functionality. Use the API to easily manage students & teachers, enhance their productivity and create seamless integration with other software. Moreover, the API comes up with an SSO (Single Sign On) for enhanced security.

What is an API? (For those who are new to this term)

API or Application Programming Interface is nothing but a set of standard and programming instructions released by a software company to help others to access a web application. This helps people outside the company to design products that are powered by the web application. Besides, API does allow easily development of programs by ensuring the programmers that all the protocols are met on time and hence, it becomes an easier task for the developers to develop the program. Read the Wikipedia article. 

If you want to offer your services with Fedena, you can do it easily now with the new API. We have complete documentation that will help you develop integration easily and make Fedena work the way you want. Fedena API is developer-friendly which uses OAuth2 protocol.

Example 1: Attendance

The Biometric attendance plugin of Fedena works through the attendance API.

Example 2: Reports & Analytics

You can collect the different data available in Fedena to a third party tool to generate business intelligence reports.

Example 3: Mobile app using API

You can build different mobile apps using the API to collect data from Fedena. And display the data in a user friendly interface.

Example 4: Examination Engine

If your present examination and grading system is not supported by Fedena, you can collect the details of subjects and students to generate the grading report in a third party software custom built for your needs.

Example 5: Integration with Google Apps Calendar

You can collect the data of events planned in Fedena and sync it with your Google calendar.

User Management & Privileges: How it Works

Being the admin of any institution, you have a lot to manage like; different employees, students and parents. But when your institution is powered by Fedena, your tough job gets a lot easier. With the help of this award-winning school management software, you can easily manage your employees and staffs. In Fedena, there are four types of users- the Admin, students, parents and employees. Employees can be further subdivided on the basis of the privileges assigned to them by the admin. In this article, you will get to know how you can manage and set privileges to your employees.

How to manage users

When you need to manage different users of your institution in Fedena, you just need to login with your id. Being the admin, you have the power to manage your employees, all you need to do is, go to the Dashboard and then to ‘Manage Users’ in Dashboard.

You can search the users you want to find, and can easily make all the necessary change or up-gradations. For students, you can view the entire profile of the student and change the password if needed.

For employees, you can see their profile, change password and even edit the privileges assigned to them.

For parents, you can change the password.

How to assign privileges to users
You can assign different privileges to your employees. For this, you need to search the respective employee and go to ‘Edit Privilege’.

Here, you can set privileges for your employees. The employees will henceforth be eligible to carry on the task assigned to them. Suppose, an employee is assigned the privilege of ‘Examination Control’, the employee will have the ‘Examination’ icon on his/her dashboard. A screenshot of the same is provided below:

Follow the link to know what each privilege refers to when assigned to an employee.
Note: As the admin, you can assign privileges to your employees at any time you want or can also do the same during the time of recruitment for the particular employee.

How to Get Started with Fedena – Basic Settings Explained in Detail

Fedena wants to know about your institution right when you start using this award-winning product. A lot of information has to be stored to let Fedena know your institution in detail like Name of the institution, address of the institution, what grading system you want to follow for examinations conducted at your school, which are all part of the General Settings. A whole lot of other information fields are there in the General Settings which you will get to know in detail in this article.

The Required Fields
  1. School/College Name: You need to enter the name of your school or college.
  2. School/College Address: The address of your institution.
  3. School/College Phone: The contact number for your institution.
  4. Student Attendance Type: You can set the attendance type as subject wise or a daily attendance both of which are provided in dropdown. In case of daily attendance, the attendance can be taken daily (forenoon and afternoon).
  5. Financial year start date: With the help of the dropdown calendar, you can set the date for the start of the financial year of your institution.
  6. Financial year end date: A dropdown calendar will help you set the end date for the financial year.
  7. Starting receipt number: You can set a starting receipt number for the receipts of transactions you received under the finance category. You can name it anything like Xaviers1 and it is auto incremented.
  8. Language: Set the language you want. Fedena offers a whole set of languages to choose from the dropdown.
  9. Time zone: Select the time zone you are in from the dropdown.
  10. Country: Mention the country you are in.
  11. Currency type: It’s important to set the currency using which all transactions will be carried on in your institution.
  12. Upload logo: You can easily upload the logo of your institution and this will allow you to have the logo of your school in the header of all generated reports. But keep in mind, the logo should have a maximum size of 500KB and resolution of 150×110.
  13. Network State: The network state will be Online in case the application is communication with an SMTP server via internet. If not, then select Offline.
  14. Include Grading Systems: You can select any of the grading formats for examinations conducted in your institution.
  15. Moodle URL: Integrate your Moodle data with Fedena with the help of this option.
  16. Select theme: Fedena offers you a list of themes to select from.
  17. Enable auto increment student admission number: This option can let you increment the student admission number in admission forms automatically.
  18. Enable auto increment employee number: Just like the option above, this option too lets you enable auto increment employee number during the time of their recruitment automatically.
  19. Enable News Comment moderation: Only when the admin or the privileged employee approves a comment then it will be visible to other users if this field is checked.
  20. Enable sibling: When this option is chosen, the system will automatically ask for siblings if any during the time of admission of any new student.
  21. Enable first time login change password: When this option is chosen, any user will be asked to change the password when he/she logins for the first time to the system.
  22. Enable Oauth: When you select this option, you will be allowed single sign on using your personal Gmail account. This will allow you to log into Fedena using your Google account.


The General Settings is the very first thing that you need to do when you use Fedena for your institution. This article will surely guide you right through the process.


7 Interesting Reports that you can Generate in Fedena

Are you looking forward to generating different kinds of reports using Fedena? You will be amazed to know that this award-winning school management software actually lets you do it with much ease. You can generate reports on some rare topics as ‘Female employees doing overtime who require transportation’ or ‘Students who have not submitted their assignments’ etc. So, when you need to generate such unique reports, all you need to do is to log in to Fedena and makes some interesting reports.

Today, we talk about 7 of the most amazing reports that you can actually generate for your use:

1. Employee Payslip Report

There might be times when you want to know where do all the money is spent in a particular department. Keeping a check on the expenses is always a good and intelligent idea to do. For this, you need to login to your Fedena and go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Human Resource’ and finally to ‘Employee payslip’. Enter the department and the month for which you want the expense list. The ‘View’ option, when selected will give you the list of employees for the department and you get details about the money actually spent on employees of the department.

2. New Student Report

Do you ever think of measuring the performance of the agents who help you with getting new students admitted to your school? Do it easily with Fedena and know the students who got admitted through a particular agent. How you do it? Go to the dashboard and to ‘Menu’ and then to ‘Custom report’. Here, you can create a ‘New Student Report’ and select the necessary fields you want to include in your report.

3. Attendance Report

When it comes to letting students sit for an exam, you need to be very strict. And students with a certain percentage of attendance should only be allowed to sit for the exam. How to find it? Go to Fedena dashboard and then to ‘Attendance Report’ in ‘Attendance’. Select the batch and the month and year of which you want the report. Finally, the attendance percentage that you want to make a benchmark of.

4. Employee Perk Report

If you have special plans and perks for employees who have joined after a particular time period that is also possible to generate with the help of Fedena. Go to the dashboard and to ‘More’, then ‘Human Resource’ and ‘Employee Search’. Go to ‘Advanced’ and type the time period for which you need the information. You need to enter the month and year and you get the result.

5. Placement Report

For your souvenirs and pamphlets of your institute, you definitely need the placement information of previous years, especially when there is something to boast off. Go for the ‘Archived placements’ in ‘Placements’ when you click on ‘More’. Select the placement event and get the report of the students who got placed during that event.

6. Assignment Report

Evaluate the performance of your students by checking on their assignments. But first, know who all submitted and who did not. From the dashboard, go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Assignment’ and select the assignment for which you want to see the performance of students for that assignment. You will get to know who all submitted and the assignments that are still pending.

7. Employee Overtime Report

Thinking of providing your female employees with transportation in case they do overtime and you don’t know who all stay back for overtime? Just use your Fedena and get the list easily. But the first thing you need to do is to create an additional field called ‘Overtime’ and select the field when an employee is going for it. Then you can create a custom report with the information you want to include in the report to find out the respected employees. A screenshot of the page which requires you to select the fields to be included in the report is shown below:


Now that you know about reports that you can generate in Fedena, one thing that you must be sure that there are infinite possibilities of creating many more reports like this in Fedena. These 7 reports are just a few of a huge collection.

Fedena 2.3.4 is now available for pro customers

It has been almost 4 years since the first beta release of Fedena 0.1 in our start up office at Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Today we have reached to the version 2.3.4. It was an exciting journey for us and we are sure that it was rewarding for all our early adopters and existing customers. If you have not read our story yet, check out the history page at fedena.com

What is new in Fedena 2.3.4? Release notes given below. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions

New features in Fedena Core modules

  1. Add sibling feature to fedena. Read more
  2. Add course and batch name in Fee receipt
  3. Subject wise and Assessment wise report for CCE
  4. Disable duplicate entries using double click in Fedena Core
  5. New Modifications in CCE
  6. Change in text for fee collection and fee submission
  7. Subject Name and Filters applied in the Attendance report PDF  Add Subject and Session field in Student attendance report
  8. Local time needs to be shown when SMS is sent
  9. Changes in Spanish Translation
  10. API to return user details if Biometric ID is provided.
  11. Introduce Biometric ID field for students and employees.Read more
  12. Student and Employee Additional details have to consider Text Area as Input Method
  13. UI Modification in student Fee Detail Page
  14. Mode of payment while collecting fees
  15. Introduction of Class Timing set. Read more

Issues solved in Fedena Core

  1. Style issue in the finance fee receipt if the payment note words are too large.
  2. Style issue in fee receipt if the fee collection name is too large.
  3. Add missing time zones
  4. Grading Level Minimum Score can be created above 100
  5. FA report generation before SA score entered
  6. Messages sent to employee’s manager by Privileged Employee is not being sent.
  7. Translation missing in attendance report page
  8. Translation missing for ‘less than’, greater than and equal to in employee advanced search.
  9. Transcript PDF break issue
  10. Forgot password reset words used
  11. Change Assign old batch subjects to Assign Previous batch subjects
  12. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in the event show page.
  13. Sort the employee department names in the alphabetical order.
  14. Should show all the parent users when batch is selected in user view all page.
  15. Should not show the delete button in the archived student guardian profile.
  16. State name is showing with country name in guardian profile.
  17. Style issue in teacher timetable page
  18. Style issue in the discussion group post page.
  19. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in the tutor assigning page.
  20. Discount showing not a number, if we delete the particulars of the particular category.
  21. Style issue in the employee payroll.
  22. Showing wrong flash message if there are no particulars included in the selected fee category while creating discount. Should not show the category if there are no particulars included.
  23. Should show the flash message while changing the immediate contact of a student.
  24. Style issue in flash message after saving the guardian
  25. Sort the student names in alphabetical order in the fee defaulters page and the pdf report.
  26. Top border and bottom border is missing in the employee profile pdf report.
  27. Style issue in employee attendance report pdf.
  28. Page break issue in pdf report   in employee attendance pdf
  29. Privileged employee have no option to change the immediate contact of a student like admin.
  30. Style issue in the change immediate contact page if the guardian name is too large.
  31. Style issue in the submit button while rejecting the payslip.
  32. Style issue in pdf of CCE report
  33. IF admission privilege is given to an employee he should able to delete that student permanently
  34. No need for  the option to add payroll category in normal employee login, only the admin and the privileged employee need the option.
  35. Going to dashboard while clicking the exam wise pdf report using employee login.
  36. Should not show the fee category if there are no particulars included while creating the fee discount using student wise.
  37. Change “Select a course” to “select a batch” in all user view page
  38. There should be the option to add the additional details of the admitted student if the step is skip in between the admission.
  39. The title is overlapping with the company logo in the pdf header.
  40. Should not show the category name while creating fee collection if particulars are blank in any of the selected batch.
  41. Exam status is not showing in parent login calender , but it is showing in student login.
  42. Should  not allow to mark the attendance if any of the option ‘Forenoon’ or ‘Afternoon’ is not selected while marking the attendance.
  43. Style issue in the guardian profile if the name is too large.
  44. Change the Arabic (ar.yml) translations in the below mentioned areas.
  45. Should not possible to create the deleted finance category again.
  46. Should not delete the elective subjects if any dependency is there,disable the delete button.
  47. Should not redirect to other pages while saving the previous data for already admitted student.
  48. Change the error message “Grade set not deleted, dependant data present” to “Unable to delete Grade Set due to dependent data”
  49. Deleted courses displayed while assigning scholastic or co-scholastic items
  50. Error message style issue in CCE weightages -Assigned courses page
  51. Style issue in student attendance
  52. SMS settings issue  (The system is not able to send the sms when the URL has “https”)
  53. Style issue in the electives index page if the elective group name is too large.
  54. Style issue in subject transfer show page if the subject code is large.
  55. Sort the course name in alphabetical order in the create exam page.
  56. Should not show student category name twice while editing student category.
  57. Sort the members name in alphabetical order and show the full name instead of first name in create reminder page.
  58. Delete Button style issue in calendar page
  59. Add new student and employee columns in student and employee structure and profile API
  60. Change the text in Spanish translation.
  61. Unable to edit student additional details
  62. Updated country list
  63. Style issue in additional details adding page if the additional detail name is large
  64. Add fine button style broken in Spanish language.
  65. Style issue in fee receipt number if many receipts are there.
  66. Alignment issue in timetable page
  67. IF an error occurred during saving parents details all the Entered data disappearing
  68. Style issue in fee defaulter’s submission form.
  69. Bracket is broken in fee submission form and fees receipt while language is in rtl.
  70. Disordered brackets in batch fees report while language is in rtl.
  71. RTL style issue in finance fees report.
  72. Incorrect experience years while editing a employee
  73. Add exception handling in student email sending
  74. Translation issue in student admission page
  75. User created from the user page only have the permission to show the delete button but other users created from the hr should not need the option to delete.
  76. Employee is created without user_id
  77. Should not allow to  pay the zero amount in finance fee pay.
  78. style issue in teacher timetable
  79. Deleted course name showing at the time of assigning weightages to course
  80. Align the check box to other fields in additional details page.
  81. 500 coming in user search
  82. No need to show the edit button and pdf report in the employee additional info page if there is no additional data added
  83. Page is redirecting to edit privilege page while clicking add additional details link if there is no additional detail fields present.
  84. Rtl style issue in archived student guardian profile.
  85. Style issue in student advanced search pdf of former students.
  86. In archived student profile the additional details order should be same as student additional details.
  87. Show country label name in archived student guardian profile.
  88. Style issue in search by name field in the remove subordinate employee page.
  89. Style issue in employee edit while getting an error.
  90. Student search is incomplete
  91. Theme color issue in the remove subordinate employee page.
  92. Theme color issue in the Co-Scholastic Scores page.
  93. Theme is not working in student timetable view page
  94. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in subject assignment page.

New features in Fedena Plugins

  • Applicant Registration
1. Include receipt number in Registration printout

2. Show course fee amount at the time of applying to a course
  • Custom Import
1. Enable custom import guardian upload to set immediate contact for the corresponding ward
  • Hostel
1. Fee Details in Student and Parent login

2. All fees reciept pdf can be same as normal fee reciept pdf

3. Show all fee details in student profile

  • Instant Fee
1. All fees receipt pdf can be same as normal fee receipt pdf
  • Fedena Transport
1. Fee Details in Student and Parent login

2. All fees receipt pdf can be same as normal fee receipt pdf

Issues solved in Fedena Plugins

  • Applicant Registration
1.  Style issue in the application form if more than 6 check boxes are added in the additional field section.

2.  Style issue in the view applicants page, check rtl style also.

3.  Going to dashboard if we make subject based registration is ‘active’ without select a course while adding course.

4.  Pin active field is checking while clicking ‘All’ and ‘none’ option from the course check box field in the pin group edit and create page..

5.  Remove the blank table if no data’s entered in the applicant registration,show flash messages instead of blank tables.

6.  Amount showing is not a number and all  the check box getting selected in the registration form while clicking ‘All’ option in the choose electives field.

7.  Should not showing additional fields mandatory field error message if any other mandatory field error is shown.

8.  Not showing the error message if we blank the mandatory field while editing the registered applicants.

9.  Values are updating if we get any validation error while editing the registered applicants.

10. None option is not working in registered applicants while editing the normal subjects.

11. Cant delete the attachments in application form

12. Should check the validation of maximum and minimum subjects in the application register while editing the registred applicants.

13. For the calculation of subject amount in the registration form the ‘all’ and ‘none’ select option is not working.

14. Should show error message if there is no subjects in the selected course while adding course in applicant registration.

15. Not showing the validation error messages of the additional details fields.

16. Wrong error message showing while allotting a student

17. Should not show the filtering option and the blank table in the view applicants page if there are no registered students in the batch.Show flash message.

18. In application(Register) form Show max and min number of elective subject

19. Align the check box to other fields in new pin group adding and editing page

20. Style issue in registration form and align the all the student additional fields in the same page

21. Delete all assets and corresponding record after an applicant delete

22. Try to add 3 attachments in application form now warning message showing as “Can’t add more than 4 additional attachments”

23. Style issue in applicant page

24. Change the style of Applicant Registration page

25. Style issue in the application registration form if the pin is enabled.

  • Library
1.  Style issue in library issue book page if the employee number is large.

2.  Should not show the filtering option and the table in the library index if no books added.show flash message.

3.  No need to show the returned books status in employees and students profile.

4.  Pagination is missing after filter in Library , manage book index page

  • Custom Import
1.  Delete Class Roll No column from Student Admission bulk import form of Custom Import Plugin

2.  Change header column phone2 to mobile in student csv import in custom import plugin

3.  Add biometric information support to custom import

4.  Repeat in custom import export new page model entries after reload

5.  Invalid email stops uploading employee and raises a 500 in delayed job

  • Discipline
1.  Style issue in discipline complaint page in spanish language.

2.  Should not show the blank table if there are no complaints registered in discipline.

  • Blog
1.  Style issue in blog

2.  Change flash “Fedena Administrator cannot participate in blogging” to “Administrator cannot participate in blogging”

3.  Blog list sorting order is not same in normal users and privileged employees view.

  • Hostel
1.  Student name showing more than one time in hostel fee submission page for a fee collection

2.  Should not accept characters while adding fine in hostel fee pay.

3.  Flash message showing wrong while trying to reallocate the students into  the same room.

4.  Should not assign the same employee many times in the same hostel as warden.

5.  At the time of Re allocation we can allocate Female students to gents hostel

  • Transport
1.  Blank page coming between page of the transport details pdf report.

2.  Style issue in transport defaulters view page using mozilla firefox.

  • Placement
1.  Style issue in the placement report pdf.

  • Inventory
1.  No need to set receipt no for inventory

2.  Style issue in the bread crumb while getting an error.

3.  Store item is not updating correctly if we edit the required item while accepting the indent.

  • Oauth
1.  Whitelabel and theme is not working for oauth list user page

  • Assignment
1.  Should not show  the assignment of the deleted subject in the student profile.

  • Fee Import
1.  Should not allow to assign the fees for other students in the batch if it is created based on the admission number.

  • Instant Fee
1.  Button style issue in instant fee if the language is in spanish.

  • Custom Reports
1.  Style issue in custom reports pdf page

  • Mobile
    1. 500 in timetable view mobile
  • Discussion
1.  Style issue in discussion show page.

2.  Style broken in discussion group show page.

3.  Style issue in discussion group edit page.

4.  The employee and student name should be in alphabetical order in the members list,show fullname instead of first name.

5.  All the selected members will redirect to the same page while getting a validation error in discussion create.

  •  Custom Report 1.  The additional details of students and employees don’t support letters like “Á, é, í, ó, ú ,ñ ,Ñ ”, etc.
That is all for Fedena 2.3.4. More innovation including consolidated dashboard, analytic dashboard, improvised menu are on its way. Contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions

Fedena Plugin – Student Tracking using Biometric/RFID Integration

 Fedena provides a powerful API to configure the attendance with external devices. If you are planning to integrate a biometric attendance system or RFID student tracking system with Fedena, here is good news. The Biometric/RFID integration plugin of Fedena is now ready for use. Read this blog post to understand how the integration works.
RFID / Biometric Hardware configuration in Institution

Components required


  • Biometric/RFID hardware
  • Power for Biometric/RFID hardware
  • A local PC with an internet connection to act as a server to process Biometric/RFID data
  • Cable connecting the local PC and Biometric/RFID hardware


  • Windows OS in local PC
  • Biometric/RFID software you got from the hardware manufacturer to be installed in local PC
  • Hardware integration app of Fedena to be installed in local PC
  • Fedena installed in the cloud or other servers of your choice

Things to know

  • You have to purchase the RFID / Biometric hardware with supporting software from the local provider. Fedena does not supply any hardware. Fedena support will not help with your hardware issues.
  • Make clear the support & service terms with the hardware provider. Make sure they can provide on-site support incase of hardware issues.
  • Show the hardware provider this article to make sure their software can support the integration explained here.

How does the integration work?

  • Each user(students/teachers) in your institution will get a unique hardware ID from the RFID/Biometric device.
  • You can enter this unique ID in the hardware ID field of student/teacher profile in Fedena.
  • Install a simple software provided by Fedena in the local PC where the RFID/Biometric device is connected.
  • Done. This software will communicate with Fedena through the internet using Fedena’s attendance API.

Step by step instructions

Step 1
Get the Fedena installation ready. Undergo Fedena training. Enter student and teacher data in Fedena.
Step 2
Get the RFID/Biometric device installed and connected to the local PC. Make sure the software that came along with the hardware is installed in the local PC.
Step 3
Install the hardware integration app provided by Fedena in the same local PC where RFID/Biometric device is connected and the software is running.
Step 4
Enroll the students/teachers in the RFID/Biometric device as per the instructions received from the hardware provider. RFID/Biometric device will assign a unique ID to each user.
Step 5
Store the unique ID of students and teachers in Fedena in the hardware ID field as given below.
Entering Hardware ID in the student profile
If you are interested to enable the RFID / Biometric integration of Fedena, contact us

Introducing the Improvised Class Timing, Week Days & Timetable Workflow in Fedena

We have introduced a new feature for grouping class timings(with weekdays) and assigning the grouped class timing to single and multiple batches of your institution. With this feature, you can save a lot of time in managing the institution and you will get optimized and error-free attendance report of past batch timings in Fedena. Class timings and weekdays for a batch can be changed now without affecting the existing timetable and older timetable. New settings will take effect after a new timetable is created.

Before explaining the benefits, let us find out the problems and challenges with the old method.

Challenge 1: 

Most of the institutions change the class timings more than one time during an academic year. Even though this is less likely for K-12 education, it is a frequent process in Higher Education.

For example, the 2013 batch of Mechanical Engineering in a college will start with class timings 9 am to 5 pm. But after some months there is a high probability that the class timings might be changed to 10 am to 6 pm. With the old method of class timing configuration, you have to manually set the class timing each and every time the change happens. There is no way to automate the process even if it is a standard in your institution to have multiple class timings in a single academic year. The first challenge is the time wasted in manually configuring class timing changes.

Challenge 2: 

Once a new class timing is applied to an existing batch in the old method of manual configuration, all past data of attendance will be lost if the option of subject wise attendance was active.

To solve these challenges our product team has innovated the way class timings & weekdays are configured in Fedena:

Instead of manually tweaking the class timings each and every time, we have introduced the following concepts.

  • You can create class timing sets(including weekday configuration) which are independent of batches. ex: Summer timings, Special day timings, Winter timings, etc..
  • These class timings with week days can be assigned to preferred batches any time of the academic year using a simple user interface
Assigning 3 batches to Summer Timings

Note: You will have to create a fresh timetable once the new class timings are assigned to a batch.

You can download the feature documentation here. Some screenshots are given below.

Screenshot 1: Access Class timing sets from the Timetable module

Class timing sets
Screenshot 2: Create new class timing sets or manage existing

Create & Edit new class timing sets

Screenshot 3: Create & manage class timings

Create & Edit class timings

Note 1: A class timing set once used in timetable or the class timings in that once used, both cannot be deleted

Note 2: Workflow of the weekday is not changed, but changing of weekday and class timing set in between a calendar year is possible for a batch, but it will not take effect until new timetable is created, all older timetable is kept as such in that case.

Note 3: After getting this new update, class timing sets will be created by default for each batch, however, you may find that a particular class timing set can be used for multiple batches, feel free to update those as per the need.

Download the feature documentation

Sibling management

How to use Fedena’s New Sibling Management Feature?

 Does your institution have more than one child of the same parents as students? Congrats. A sibling of an existing student joining your institution proves the trust and loyalty of the parents in the school’s vision and administration. Fedena is set to launch a new feature – Sibling Management that will minimize the effort of the admin to enter and store parents’ information once again when a sibling of an already existing student gets admitted to the school.
Being the admin of any educational institution, you had to go through the ordeal of filling up information related to parents during the time of admission of any new students. It can become even more painful if you have to store the same information once again in case any sibling of an existing student gets admitted to your school. But your work can be made easy with the help of this new feature of Fedena. If you are eager to know how your workload can be simplified, read through the article about this amazing feature.

The step-by-step manual:

Step 1:
Firstly, being the admin, you need to make some changes in the General Settings to enable the sibling feature. For this, go to ‘General Settings’ from ‘Settings’ in the Dashboard. In ‘General Settings’ click on ‘Enable Sibling’ option.

Step 2:
Go back to ‘Dashboard’ and click on to ‘Admission’ to fill in the details of the new sibling getting admitted to your school. Once you save the name and other details and click on ‘Save & Proceed’, you will be taken to the page which will help you add the sibling to the existing student.

You can find the required student to whom you need to add the sibling by using the ‘Search’ option and this would add the parent details of the existing student to the new sibling getting admitted.
Step 3:
In case, you want to change the sibling added to the existing students, you can do it using the ‘Configure sibling’ option that is available in the guardians’ page. The guardian’s page can be reached by clicking on the student’s profile and you have the ‘Guardians’ option on right-hand top bar.

Once you go to the guardians’ page, you will get the option of configuring sibling.

Step 4:

When any parent login, he or she can easily switch to any of the children and see the details and the present thread will showcase details of the particular child until it is changed or switched. 

This feature will surely help you save some useful time and invest the time in things that are more important and relevant. For a smarter way to do this, switch to Fedena.

Fedena now available in Google® Apps Marketplace

Combine the powers of Fedena and Google® Apps for the ultimate school/college management experience. Now you can login to Fedena with your Google® Apps credentials. The document manager plugin of Fedena is integrated with Google® Drive. Upload and access your documents from Fedena dashboard and your Google® Drive account. More integrations are in progress.