Mobile Apps for Online Teaching

5 Best Mobile Apps for Online Teaching

Mobile Apps for Online Teaching

Online education is the new buzzword in the world of education because of its flexibility of the concept of anywhere, anytime. Because of its diversified nature, online education has gained in much popularity among all kind of professionals and industries. If you are a contributor to online learning, then you must be knowing how important it is for you to connect with your students. Online teaching is not just mere sharing of assignments and checking of textbooks, it’s more about communicating with your students for all kind of assistance. When you are using your smartphone for online teaching, then make sure your phone is loaded with smart apps to make you a technologically advanced online teacher!

There are loads of apps available and its up to you to choose the right app that will make your smartphone a real smart device. So, in case, you are involved with teaching online, these five apps will surely be of great help to you.

Check out what apps you must be considering in your role as an online teacher:

1. Evernote

It is one app that you must consider in case, you don’t have the time to sit down and make notes for your students. This app is definitely the one that you should opt for when there is hardly any time to sit down and take down notes.

Evernote is a savior that helps you do a lot of things like saving webpages you like, taking notes, images, files and a whole lot of other things including saving photo and audio is made easy. All you need is your smartphone and this app which is available for free of cost.

2. Fedena with Zoom and Big Blue Integration 

With this feature, teachers can easily conduct online classes hassle-free. It is equipped with features like screen sharing, whiteboard for presenters, video recording and more, which make it an ideal companion to take your offline learning online. Teachers can set up a classroom across the batches with just a click and students can view the recorded lectures.

3. Google Hangout

google hangout

It is available for free to its users, is one of the best apps that is available for online teachers and helps them to conduct video-conference and recording the same in YouTube. Talking to your students via videos even during your working hours is all possible with Google Hangout on your smartphone.

4. Audioboom

Then there is Audio boom that eases communication with your students via three-minute podcasts that you can record using the app. The podcast can be easily shared to sites like Facebook and Twitter using your smartphone.

5. Tether


It allows you to connect to your computer with the help of your phone without the need for any additional data plans or WiFi-hot spot. Both Tether and FoxFi are the best apps to utilize for your teaching purposes online particularly when you are traveling and need to get connected to your students. Tether comes in at a cost of $29.95 a year and is allowed to be used in your Android, Blackberry or even iPhone devices.

Send SMS & Email to your Employees & Students with SMS and SMTP Settings

sms (1)

Getting in touch with your students and employees has become easier with the help of SMS and SMTP or email settings of Fedena. But before you avail this service, you have to set up the SMS and email in your account and then inherit it to each school. Read this article to know everything in detail about the SMS and email settings.

Login to your personal account or SaaS account ( and add your schools, whatever number you want. But before that, you need to go to your company’s profile page and add the SMS and email settings in order to set up the SMS and SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol settings for your schools that you will add later.

  • Go to your profile, click on it and go to ‘Company’.
  • Go to ‘Email’ to include your email settings and click on ‘SMS’ to register your number settings.
  • Click on ‘Add’ to add the information related to your account settings.
  • This is how your ‘Email’ settings page will look like once all information is filled up. Once you are done with this, the next step awaiting you is to create new schools. For this, you have to go your account and then to ‘Schools’ where you will add new schools.
  • Click on ‘New School’ to add any new school you want.
  • Click on ‘Inherit SMS settings’ and ‘Inherit email settings’ to activate SMS and email settings from the company respectively. This will allow schools to use company settings.
  • Unchecking this option would allow the schools to use the settings of their own.

For more:  or try 14 days free demo trial.

The Big Blue Button Plugin by Fedena for Video Conferencing in School


Being the top head of your school, you might at times have to conduct a video conference with your employees, in case you are out of the station. Fedena brings to you the Big Blue Button plugin with the help of which you can easily conduct video conferences from anywhere away from your school. But in order to use this plugin, the first thing you need to do is to install the Big Blue Button to your server. Only then you can use the plugin effortlessly. Read this article and you will get to know how you can use the plugin for your meeting with employees.

Log in as the admin

1. If you are the admin, login to your account and go to ‘Collaborate’ in ‘Collaboration’ found in the main menu. Once you click on ‘Collaborate’, you land on the page where you need to add your server details and also create a new meeting.

2. Click on ‘Servers’ as highlighted in the screenshot and add your server in it by clicking on ‘New server. Fill in all details that you have for your server and ‘Save Changes’.

3. The next task you need to do is to create a new meeting with the help of the ‘New’ option in the ‘Online Meetings’ page.

4. Click on ‘New’ and you land on the page where you can create a new meeting and share with all those with whom you want a meeting.

5. Once you are done, click on ‘Save’. After it is saved, your task is done as an admin. Being the admin, you can edit or delete any new meeting created. Plus, you can also ‘Join’ and ‘End’ any meeting you are participating in.

Login as an employee

If you are the employee who is scheduled for the meeting, then login to your account and go to ‘Collaborate’ in ‘Collaboration’ in the main menu.

Click on ‘Join’ to join the scheduled meeting.

For more, read:

How Important is Creativity in Classroom?

Creativity in Classroom

We live in a world that is creative; we live in a time where innovation is the key word; inventions by human have reached every sphere of life. We cannot deny the fact that much of the education that has been imparted until now has been memory-based. But proper learning should involve memory-based learning that triggers the cultivation of the use of analytics, proper evaluation of skills and above all, the presence of creativity, the urge to create something new that would bring about an evolution!

We have to stop and think- can we really teach our kids how to be creative within the boundaries of a classroom or is it something that is inborn?

Creativity is definitely different to different people and for some, inventing new ways to do the same things might be creative; while for others, discovering new things is all about creativity. But whatever is the concept, motivation should be given to children to be more inventive in education.

How teachers can help in cultivating creativity among students?

As a teacher, you can do a lot to cultivate creativity among your students and let them utilize their brain. Share with your class the attributes of being a creative person through the lives of great names in the creative field; sharing their life stories including how they used to generate ideas or how they dealt with all kind of reactions from everyone around will surely motivate them. Discussions on how important it is for everyone to be curious to learn new things and also how to deal with failure should also be included. For all these discussions and other motivational activities, being the teacher, you must develop a creativity-friendly classroom where great ideas and views can share freely.

Develop a classroom where the flow of invention is not disrupted by the regular class routines, textbooks, and assignments. A proper creativity driven classroom is characterized by encouragement to question-answer sessions, assessment of performance and feedback, a  class that promotes cooperation with others when it comes to sharing ideas as well as the rightful independence needed to let creativity flourish. In short, create a place where all these activities flourish and not discouraged.

In order to make a classroom creative, a teacher to has to be creative, to some extent. Creative teaching can only be a part of a classroom if the teacher presiding over is an ingenious individual. A teacher who is creative enough to be part of the innovative classroom can design exciting new lessons, motivate the right classroom environment required for students to showcase their innovative minds. Often, it has been seen that creative teaching hardly stimulates any kind of innovative ideas in students and thus, the entire idea of a creative classroom fails! So, it does depends on the teacher and the environment of the place of teaching to let those young brains start flying with bright colors.

How to Delete Obsolete Entries from your Institution’s Fedena Account


We at Fedena, have been getting feedback from our prestige customers how they had problems in deleting junk entries. There are at times, the need to delete entries which have become obsolete or no more in use. In that case, the entry should be deleted in order to avoid more clutter. Go through this article and find out how you can do it with Fedena.

1. Login to your account and go to ‘Students’ in ‘Academics’ in the main menu. Click on ‘Students’ and you land on the page where you need to search for the particular student you want to delete.

2. Type the student’s name whom you want to delete and click on the name.

3. Click on the ‘Delete’ option as shown in the figure. Once you click on ‘Delete’, you will land on the page where you will be asked how you want to delete the entry.

4. If the student is leaving the institution, then click on the option ‘Student leaving institution’ and you will also have to store the reason for which the student is leaving the institution and ‘Save’.

5. If you want to remove the entire record of the student, then click on ‘Remove student records’.

One point should be noted that if a student who is supposed to be deleted has already been assigned exams and other things, then you first need to delete the exams and then delete the student.

You will have to follow the same method in case you want to remove any junk entry from the employee list. To reach the employees, you have to go to ‘Human Resource’ in ‘Administration’. ‘Employee Search’ option can be found in ‘Human Resource’ and the rest, you have to follow the same process as with student deletion.

Try Fedena free trial today. For 14 days you can access and try all Fedena features and understand how it helps in simplifying your institution daily operations.


Blended Learning: Why The Use Of Technology Makes Sense In The Academy?



As one of the biggest trends in academy learning, Blended Learning (BL) is a new teaching method that leverages the power of technology to enhance and re-invent the traditional learning environment. In a standard education model, it refers to the use of computers, mobile devices, internet, and digital learning applications to strengthen class sessions and complement the theories taught through face-to-face lectures. But, is it the right approach? What are the benefits of using this new educational model to the students and the academia as a whole? Read on below as we further discuss the use of technology in education in the 21st century.

1. Young Learners Engaged Through A Variety Of Content Types

Blended Learning is like adding colorful illustrations to your plain class lectures. You can accompany your discussions with digital content (audio, video, games, and, augmented reality applications) to keep your students awake and engaged. This method assists your students in grasping the concept/s you are introducing in front of them.

This became easier since mobile devices nowadays are equipped with media creation tools that allow you to achieve these goals. Known to be one of the best tools for education, iPhone has the ability to create slide shows with the engaging music through iMovies. It was one of the main features of iOS 7 that was listed on O2 at its dedicated iPhone 5S page, wherein it states that the free movie making tool can help you create video presentations combining photograph, audio, and text element.

2. Globalizing The Classroom Experience

With the advent of video conferencing, you and your students can go beyond the four corners of your classroom in pursuit of learning. You can also arrange language, culture, or history lessons by connecting your students with a native speaker living in another country.

This also includes real-time virtual museum apps that enable your whole class to explore exhibits only available in their area.

3. More Efficient Feedback and Assessment

With the integration of social media into the Blended Learning environment, feedback loops between you and your students are infinite.

They can directly ask you once they encounter any difficulties with regard to your assigned homework. In the same way, you can utilize its private messaging feature to perform a one-on-one assessment with your students.

4. Gamification Can Increase Children’s Attention Span

As one of the Blended Learning techniques, you can incorporate gaming elements in your lectures to keep your students energized and eager to participate. Known as the process of “gamification,” play-based learning, according to the Australian Journal of Education and Developmental Psychology can significantly increase your students’ attention span. When children are allowed to play, there will be far less time that you will have to spend on behavior management.

5. Blended Learning Eliminates Student’s Pressure

With the physical class environment, time has always been an issue. As teachers, you are restricted by a one to two hour limit per class to deliver all the information to your students – pressuring both you and your students to absorb the lessons quickly. With BL, you can allow your students to take added information home, where they can review on their own time and question-and-answer later.

Unlike the “flipped classroom” model, where students are left with reviewers at home and tests in the classroom, BL promotes usage of devices in the classroom to beef up your lectures and increase classroom participation. How do you plan to implement blended learning in your class?

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Reese Jones is passionate about the latest trends and learning models used in the academe. As a regular contributor for various blogs, she covers stories ranging from educational technologies to innovative teaching practices employed by 21st century Educators. Interact with her at Reese+ or@r_am_jones.

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Online Payment Plugin

The all New Online Payment Plugin by Fedena


Say bye bye to hard cash and go digital with Online Payment plugin by Fedena

Fedena has come up with all new surprises for its customers and the Online Payment plugin is one such great attraction from the software. Online payment is something that cannot be done without and so, Fedena, too, is here with the all-new Online Payment plugin. Read on the article to know more about the new plugin.

When login as admin

1. You can find ‘Online Payment’ in the administration section and click on it. A screenshot of the same is given below:

2. To manage all the settings related to online payment, click on ‘Settings’.

3. The ‘Enable Online Payment’ lets you select the different fees that will be available for online payment to students. Next, you need to select the payment gateway- PayPal or Authorize.Net and also the ID according to the gateways you select and click on ‘Save’.

If you want to view all the online transactions that have taken place during a particular period of time, then click on ‘Transactions’ in ‘Online Payment’ page. Once you click, you land on a page, a screenshot of which is given below:

How a student pays online

1. If you are a student willing to pay your fees online, login to your account and go to ‘My Profile’ and from ‘More’, you will get the option to pay fees. Click on ‘Fees’ and you get details of all the fees that are required to be paid.

2. Click on the particular fee you want to pay. Click on ‘Pay Fee’ and proceed to the payment gateway page to pay the fees.

3. Pay and you are done!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media

Print Media
One of the most popular and growing industries is the print media and the reason being the fact that it is one of the easiest ways to reach targeted customers by advertisers and marketers. These advertisers and businessmen make the most of all forms of print media like magazines, newspaper, leaflets etc. If you want to know more about print media, then read this article as we bring to you the advantages and disadvantages of print media here. Read on to find out what are they.

Advantages of print media

  • Flashy magazines are always popular among consumers and are often read by them for a particular period of time in a month. The monthly magazines are the best way to bring attention to any advertisements.
  • Print media is an easy medium to spread awareness or advertise to any particular geographical area. Like, a local newspaper is the best way to spread the news about any local event of the place.
  • Some forms of the print media have huge and trusted followers. This is definitely a great boost to attract readership.
  • Print media allows you to choose your own space for advertisement, thus, you can manage your budget and expenses while planning for the advertisement.

Disadvantages of print media

  • If you are targeting the global audience, then this is not the medium you should go for. Instead, the internet has a much wider reach than print media in this.
  • Placing an advertisement in print media requires a lot of planning and time. In this case, you are faced with flexibility problem, particularly when you work in tight deadlines.
  • In fact, there are many limitations when it comes to targeting your audience as the particular newspaper may not be available to the audience all the time. On the other hand, a person can get access to the internet from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Besides, most of the time, your advertisement might get lost among all other ads and editorials. Plus, the lifespan of newspaper and magazines is very short as people have a tendency to throw them or keep them aside after one day of reading.

There are both advantages and disadvantages for print media. We have to keep all these in mind and make the right planning to make the optimum use of print media.

Precision Count in Fedena

Blog-graphics (1)

There are loads of various features added onto the brand new Fedena 3.0 and one among them is Decimal Point Precision.We all know that managing Decimal Point Precision is quite important in institutions, especially in areas like  Finance. Whenever the institutions are  keen with the precision, decimal precision is the feature with utmost importance. So Fedena 3.0 comes with the feature of adding the decimal precision in the Finance module.

Its as simple as it can get and you need not to go through a series of settings to do so. All you need to do is merely  mention the required Precision count in the Settings -> General settings.


So, Every time a user enters a field up in the Finance module, he is restricted to feed only 2 digits after after the decimal point with the settings above.Foradian_222.png

Thus, you can avoid any iota of confusion with the figures and adding more accuracy in your transactions.

New Reports that you can Generate with Fedena 3.0


The award-winning student Management Software, Fedena is in its latest outing and packs loads of new features. In its latest version 3.0, Fedena features the new Reports making and generating reports easy as pie. Read on to know more about Fedena’s revamped Reports feature.

Fedena in its 3.0 iteration has added a healthy number of Reports to help the users track some basic setups in the application. Here is the overview of Fedena Report module page:

Reports in Transport Module This informs the user about various vehicles, their corresponding routes and the availability of seats.

Reports in The hostel Module The reports shown here gives a basic idea regarding the status of all the hostels containing the hostel type, total rooms, available rooms and their respective wardens.

Reports in Inventory Module – Now you can search through all your Purchase Orders, GRNs and Indents for the desired time period along with the relevant data.

The Reports module – The major reports related to the users, courses and batches can be seen here. You can even click on any of the rows in the tables to go to a deeper level in these reports.

New Fedena 3.0 Dashboard: All That you Need to Know


The brand new version of Fedena 3.0 offers some exciting features and one such feature is the amazing Fedena dashboard that has undergone huge change. Read this article and know what is awaiting you in the dashboard of Fedena 3.0.

The New Dashboard in School Management Software

1. Fedena 3.0 comes with a new plugin called the Data Palette which if enabled will help you get the new dashboard.

2. Each of the slabs is called dashlets and you can manage the dashlets using the ‘Manage Dashlets’ option. Once you click it, you get all the options from where you can select your dashlets.

3. Select the options you want and click on ‘Save’ or else, click on ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to select anything.

A very important aspect about the dashlets is that they get updated in real time. You can also navigate the information in each of the dashlets according to the desired date.

Click on the signs as marked by the arrows to navigate the information according to dates.

Another amazing feature of the new Fedena dashboard is that all the features and plugins are arranged properly under group names.

All the marked fields are the one under which the plugins, features and all other options are stored. If you click on the fields, as one is done for you, you get all the options that are stored in the field. You can also manage the quick links using the ‘Manage Quick Links’ option. Click on the option and the page you land is shared below in a screenshot:

Choose the quick links that you want to have and click on ‘Submit’ and you are done!