Fedena Instant Fees Plugin – For Smarter Short term Fees Management


There are times when a school needs to collect fees for special events, Fedena’s ‘Instant fees’ plugin allows you to do that in just few simple steps. ‘Instant fees’ allows you to do all the management related to this type of temporary fees that might include donation for new school building, money for relief fund, teacher’s day collection, etc. This kind of fee is quite different from the one that is paid as monthly fee and needs to be dealt with separately. Use this plugin and your task of managing these fees becomes easier.
How to use Instant Fees

You can reach Instant Fees in the Dashboard through ‘More’, then to ‘Finance’ and finally to ‘Fees’. You will find the ‘Instant Fees’ option on the ‘Fees’ page. Once you click ‘Instant Fees’, it will take you to the respective page.


The options available for Instant Fee management
Manage Instant Fees:  This option allows you to manage the instant fees, right from creating category to adding particulars to the category. You can create new category using the ‘Add category’ option available. Click on ‘Add category’ and you get the page where you need to add all the details for the category.

When you need to add particular to the category, click on the particular category you have created and land on the page that offers you the option for adding particulars.


Pay Fees: When anyone pays the instant fees, you can mark that in the ‘Instant Fees’ section with the help of the ‘Pay Fees’ option. Select the payee and also the type of payee and click on the name.

Select the category for which the fee has been collected and click on ‘Pay Fees’ to mark the student among the ones who have paid. You can also print a receipt if you want with the ‘Print receipt’ option.
Transactions: The ‘Transactions’ option lets you know the details of all the transactions that have taken place in the particular category. Select the category and the details of all the transactions.
As you can see, you have to put a start and end date for the category to get the details of all the transactions. You can also revert back any particular transaction that has already taken place with the help of the cross sign available by each name.
To know more about Fedena student management software, Try the Free Demo today!

Fedena Student Information System

Use Fedena Student Information System to Manage and Assign Subjects to Students

Fedena Student Information System

Managing subjects and assigning them to students is made easy with Fedena student information system and its subject management feature. Create your own subjects, be it a normal subject or the ones that are available as electives using this amazing feature by the award-winning school management  software. Read through and you will know how you can create and assign subjects to students.

How to Create and Assign Subjects with Fedena Student Information System

Login to your Fedena student information system account and go to ‘Manage Subject’ in ‘Settings’ option in Dashboard and you land on a page that will ask you to select a batch. Once you select the batch, you get the details about what all normal subjects and elective groups that you can create for the particular batch. If you want to add normal subjects, then click on ‘Add Normal subject’. For creating new elective group, click on ‘New Elective Group’ under which you create new subjects as elective subjects.
Once you create the elective group, you have the option to create new subjects under the group for which you need to click on ‘Add’ on the right-hand side. For e.g- we have created an elective group named ‘Pass paper’ under which we need to add new subjects.
For subjects in elective group, you need to assign students to it. Whoever you want to assign, you need to go to the individual subject and assign students.
To assign everyone in the list, click on ‘Assign All’. To remove all the assigned student, click on ‘remove All’ and there options to remove or assign individual students that can be found by each of the name. Once you create subjects, you can move to your next step where you can create timetables for your students and conduct exams too.
Fedena is a complete student information system that lets you manage student data very easily. If you run a school and want to install Fedena, get in touch with us at: http://www.fedena.com/contact

Education is Fun with Comics!


Using comics in education has been seen as a tool to instigate motivation among children. Whether usage of comics in education is actually doing any good or not, has been a long standing point of discussion among many. Various studies and researches have been carried out to prove the fact that comics can indeed grab the attention of students. The academic potential of comics was a topic of research when W.W.D. Sones, a professor with the University of Pittsburgh in 1940’s carried on a series of researches with comic books in education. Continue reading “Education is Fun with Comics!”

Login your Favorite School Management Software Fedena using Google

Fedena School Management Software Google integration

What will happen in case you forget your Fedena login details? No need to worry as we bring to you a smart solution to it. We present Fedena’s Google app integration that saves you from the ordeal of losing your username and password. It lets you login your Fedena school management software account using your Google login details. If you have a Gmail account, use it to login your Fedena account. All these details are available as you go through the article.




Google  Integration in Fedena School Management Software


Being the admin of your Fedena school, you have to change the General Settings to let users (students and employees of your school) use the facilities of Google app integration. For this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ in Dashboard and then to ‘General Settings’ in it. In ‘General Settings’, you have to click on ‘Enable Oauth’ which will offer the users with the option of using their Gmail login details. (Admin can get access to the ‘Enable Oauth’ option only when the ‘Oauth’ plugin is enabled).


Once ‘Enable Oauth’ is opted, users like teachers, students and other employees will have the option to login with Google login. So, when they try to login to their Fedena account, they will get an option of logging with Google account.


On clicking the option, users will be able to login with Google account details.


Login and get a confirmation page.

Click on ‘Accept’ and being the user, you login to your account. You can access your Google Docs through your Fedena account for which you need to select the ‘Google Docs’ option in ‘Settings’. You can see your Google Docs as well as upload new ones too!

Google app integration is available for all- teachers, students, parents and other employees too in the school.

Find more information at: http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/141814-how-to-add-the-google-oauth-settings-in-your-saas-account

10 Interesting Educational Apps for iPad and Android Devices


Apps are no more just for fun; they have become important source of knowledge too! There are in fact, plenty of educational apps available that can help your learning, both for your iPad and your Android device. Check out some of the interesting apps available for Android devices and your iPad.

5 interesting apps for iPad

1. Best Books for Tweens: Ideal for parents, librarians and teachers of students from the fifth and sixth grades, Best Books for Tweens is the most useful app to get info about the best books available for these standards. Add any book to your list with tags like ‘I want this’ or ‘I’ve read this’. You can also email your list to show the books you have completed reading and which you want.

2. Evernote: Another great app for iPad is the Evernote, a free app that helps you store your ideas. Take down all notes, create your own to-do list, take photos and even create voice recorded reminders and use them at your ease, be it at home or at work!

3. Edmodo: Its now easy for teachers and students to get connected with each other with the help of Edmodo and share any information. Both participants can exchange notes, messages and post replies, submit assignments and share info about upcoming events, even when not in classroom.

4. Khan Academy: More than 3500 video materials are available at your use, free of cost. And it doesn’t matter who you are- a teacher, a student, a school head or even an individual who is returning to studies after long gap, this app is just perfect for you.

5. TeacherKit: Exclusively for teachers, this app acts as an organizer that allows proper organisation of classes and students as well. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, teachers are able to take attendance, record grades and even behavior of students.

5 interesting apps in Android

1. Duolingo: Learn languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English, all for free. No gimmicks, no ads and fun to learn, Duolingo was noted as ‘Far and away the best free language-learning app’ by The Wall Street Journal.

2. Chemistry Helper: For any quick reference to chemistry, check this app that includes periodic table linked to Wikipedia, a table of polyatomic ions, constants, solubility rules, a tool to calculate molecular masses of compounds (with the help of a button at the top to do simple grams/moles calculations, calculate mass percents and do stoichiometry with that compound), a table of reduction potentials, compound lookup that links to major chemical search engines (and wikipedia, of course), organic chemistry functional groups and a whole lot of others.

3. uVocab- Vocabulary Trainer: Ideal for competitive exams like SAT/GRE/GMAT, uVocab lets you improve your knowledge of vocabulary through realistic tests to keep a track of your progress. A customizable UI and a collection of some 5000 quality words, this app is surely the one to help you with learning new words.

4. Math Formulary: This app includes all necessary formulas that are in use in school and university. Some topics are well described with the help of graphics that makes it easy to learn. Math Formulary includes content covering areas of maths like geometry, basic arithmetic, algebra, logic, trigonometry and analytical geometry. It supports SD-Card installation and is also available in other languages like Spanish, German and French.

5. Anatomy 3D- Anatronica: A 3D description of the skeletal and muscular anatomy along with an interactive touch interface in 3D, this app offers Grays and Wikipedia anatomy information too!

What all you can do with Fedena Fees Management System?


Managing fees is now an easy task to accomplish and thanks to Fedena School Management Software for it. Being the head of the school, managing the fees of so many students with special fee structures for selected some and collecting the names of fee defaulters, is surely not an easy task to carry out alone. But with the Fedena fees manageemnt system, managing fees is not a tough job now. Read the article and know what are the ways available with Fedena to manage fees of your students.

You can reach to fees management through ‘More’ in the dashboard and then to ‘Finance’ which will take you to ‘Fees’. Click on ‘fees’ and you will get the page with all the options about fee management there.

The different categories in Fedena Fees Management System

Create Fees: Clicking on ‘Create Fees’ will take you to the page where you will get the options to create the different categories for fees.

The ‘Create Category’ section will let you create the Master Category for fees and select the batch you want to apply the fees.

Create Particulars’ will help you create the different particulars for the master fee and select the particular batch you chose for the master fee.

While ‘Create discount’ lets you create fee discount options for any particular student or a batch.

  • Schedule Fee collection:

You can create new fee collecting dates with the help of this option. Create your own fee collection dates for any of the fee category you have created. Plus, get all the fee collection dates for any particular batch you want to see.

  • Collect the Fees:

Whenever there is a fee submission, you can mark it in your Fedena school Management software, either by course or for each individual student. Select the batch and the fee collection date when you want to make fee submission by course and click ‘Pay Fees’ for the students of the batch. If required, you can print the receipt of the payment too.

  • Fees Structure:

Choose the student name and get the fee detail of the respective student.

  • Fees Defaulters:

Get the names of all the students who are fee defaulters. Click on ‘Fees Defaulters’ and select the course, batch and also the fee collection date to know about the students who are yet to pay the fees for the respective fee collection date.

  • Fee Imports:

Select a batch and any particular student and change any fee collection category for the student.

Fedena School Management Software is very easy and simple to use. Sign up for free demo now!

Send SMS to Teachers, Students or Parents with Fedena School Management System


Sending messages to students, teachers and parents is now an easy task to accomplish and thanks to award-winning student management system, Fedena which allows you send messages to all of the above mentioned recipients, individually or through automated mode. Read this article and know what the messaging system of Fedena has to offer you.


You find the ‘SMS module’ in ‘Settings’ and you need to click on ‘Application’ in ‘SMS settings’ page. Once it is selected, it will activate the ‘SMS Home’ page, the screenshot of which is shown below.



SMS Settings: On clicking this, you will be taken to the settings page where you need to click on application to update the details of the sms settings that you have purchased. The other ‘General SMS Settings’ options are also there which you need to select according to your needs. ‘Student Admission’, ‘Exam Schedule/Result’, ‘Attendance’ and ‘Events’ are the sections when selected, will generate messages to send to employees, students or parents, whoever is selected. Whoever you select to send the SMS, will appear in the SMS settings page.


Send SMS to Batches: If you want to send messages to a particular batch, you can use this.


SMS to Employee departments: Select any of the department employees that you want to send message to and write the message in the message box provided below.


SMS logs: If you want to see the details and history of the messages already sent, then click on SMS logs and you get all the details.


Send SMS to students: When you want to send messages to students, click on the batch and the particular students or select ‘All’.


Send SMS to employees: Just like students, you send messages to employees as well and the respective department.


Send SMS to all: Send messages to all- students, employees and parents with this option.


The SMS settings is not available with Fedena. You need to buy from SMS API providers and use it with Fedena school management system. Read more: http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/69728-how-to-do-an-sms-setting-

movies on education

10 Movies on Education that we all Loved


Education has always been a strong subject in movies, with most of the movies highlighting common issues in school and colleges like equality in education, teacher-student bonding and a whole lot of other issues that are tackled well. At times, these movies carry a strong message for everyone and today, we have selected 10 such movies that have celebrated education in the best possible way. Continue reading “10 Movies on Education that we all Loved”

Student Search made Easy with Fedena Student Information System


The award-winning student information system, Fedena is user-friendly and offers modules and features that are easy to deal with. Being the head of your school, you have to manage a lot of things, sometimes working out of the way to make things fall in place. Searching through the vast database of student information is indeed a tough task to do. But with Fedena, the task is a lot easy as it offers smarter and better ways to search for students. Read this article and know how the different ways available with Fedena facilitates your search for students.



Different ways to search a Student with Fedena Student Information System

With Fedena, you search for students very easily, with the help of the various ways that are available in the software.


1. Search students using their admission number: You can search about any particular student if you have his/her admission number with you. For this, you need to go to ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Students Details’, it will take you to the search page where you can type the admission number and search for the student.


2. Search students using the first name or the last name: If you have the first name or the last name of a particular student that you want to search for, you can use the ‘Search’ option to do so. Below are two screenshots for searching students with first name and last name respectively.



3. Search students using the action search option in top menu: The action search option is available in top right. Type the first name or the last name of the student and find the respective student. When you type the first or last name of the student, make sure you select the option ‘Search students’, when you are looking for student.


4. Advanced Search: This is a great option when you want to search for students on the basis of any particular information like blood group and country. You can go to ‘Advanced Search’ via ‘Students Details’ and clicking on ‘Advanced’ available on the top right.



5. Search Former Students: You can also search for former students using the ‘Student Details’ search option. ‘Advanced Search’ also offers you the chance to search for former students.



Fedena Student Information System now Allows you to Revert any Transaction


There may be times when you might want to revert any financial transaction that took place in your institution. Being a Fedena student information system user, you have already seen how easy it is to do financial transactions like Library fee, Tuition fee, Hostel fee, Transport fee etc. So far, Fedena didn’t allow you to revert any transaction that had taken place. But with the new Finance Transaction Revert feature by Fedena student information system, you can easily revert back finance transaction for modules like Transport fee, Finance fee, Hostel fee, Library fee and instant fee. Only if you are the admin or the privileged user that you can access this feature. Read this article to know how the feature can be used to revert transaction in the above-mentioned modules.

Finance fee

The tuition fee submitted by students in schools is referred as the Finance fee. When students submit Finance fee, the submission is done in three ways

  • by searching the particular student
  • by selecting the student from a batch
  • by fee defaulters

Each of these ways offer a fee submission form that includes ‘Payment history’. The list of all the transactions of the particular student along with the amount that can be revert back is seen in ‘Payment History’.



Instant fee

The Instant fee section has the list of all Instant fee transactions with the option to revert each of them. To carry on this option, you have to follow the link in Instant Fees that will take you to Instant Fee transactions.

Once Transactions is selected, you will find all the transactions in different categories and have the chance to filter them according to dates.


Hostel fee

Hostel fee is the rent that is paid by students and each of them has a fee submission page that includes Payment History. The Payment History also offers the option to revert any transaction.


Transport fee

Payment History in the submission form of Transport fee has the revert transaction option.


Library fee

Any kind of financial transaction taking place under the Library section is in the form of submission of fines. In order to revert the fines, you need to go to the page showing all library fines which also offers you the option to revert. You can access the revert option page through the link available in the Library index page.


All transactions in Library along with the revert option will be listed. You can also filter the transactions according to dates as well as payee name and admission number.


More about reverted transactions

In case you want to view the reverted transactions done in Instant fee, Hostel fee, Finance fee, Library fee or Transport fee, you can do so in the Reverted Transactions section in Finance transactions page. Once selected, it will show you the entire list of all reverted transactions done. See screenshot below. You can also filter the reverted transactions in the following categories:

Date, Admission number, Collection name.

Plus, you can also do an advanced search for Reverted Transactions for which you need to go to Advanced Search option in Reverted Transactions page.


Now, relax and don’t be bothered about any transaction mistakenly done in your institution for you have Fedena student information system’s new Finance transaction revert at your rescue.

Fedena 2.3.5 is now Available for Pro Customers


Within 3 months of release of Fedena 2.3.4 our product team has released further enhancements to Fedena Pro. What is new and great in Fedena 2.3.5? Release notes given below. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions.

New features and enhancements

  1. Prevent marking of attendance for employees before reset date.
  2. Already approved leave application can be denied later.
  3. Add employee id column in employee attendance report and its pdf.
  4. Revert finance transactions.
  5. Added Dominican Spanish translation.
  6. Prevent absent marking for future dates.
  7. id_partition for attachments.
  8. Revert hostel fee, instant fee, library fines, transport fee

Issues solved in Fedena Core

  1. Not possible to delete the student permanently if there is no existence of dependency.
  2. Deleted elective groups are also showing up while editing the normal subjects.
  3. No translation is added to the  grouped batches page.
  4. Suppose, the employee has no examination privileges, no subjects assigned, not a tutor of any batch, then there is no need to show the examination link in the More menu. Currently, it is showing up,going to dashboard while clicking it.
  5. In CCE, if the FA groups are changed after marks are assigned, then the report shows the previously assigned wrong entries.
  6. Error in student/employee admission (Student’s date_of_birth and admission_date is blank, it shows error).
  7. Gender shows as Male in case of Custom Imported Employee data.
  8. Fees Particulars showing paginated results with no paginate links in the page.
  9. CCE report showing elective subjects that are not assigned to the student.
  10. Suppose the employee has taken the half day leave, then show (half day) in the pdf report also.
  11. CCE report shows FA1 and FA2 scores reversed in PDF report.
  12. Should not accept the negative values while editing the leave count from the employee profile.
  13. Should not show the fee collection for all students in the batch if the  particulars are created only for one student.
  14. Deleted Elective Subject is shown in CCE student wise report.
  15. Should not allow deletion of the elective subject if any student is assigned into it.
  16. Maximum mark (0.0) showing in Grade wise exam.
  17. Remove the class_timings page from timetable, currently it is not in use  in Fedena.
  18. Style issues in Teachers timetable.
  19. Style issues in Student Category.
  20. No message displayed if no search output is displayed in Search News.
  21. Style issues in Browse button (upload logo) in Firefox with Ubuntu as platform.
  22. Same message displayed in News module for Admin, student or parent login.
  23. Stored item cannot be deleted if no indent is created using that stored item.
  24. Hide assign button from elective subject assign page once clicked.
  25. Employee can apply leave for the same date many times if the leave for that date is already approved by the manager.
  26. It should be possible to apply the leave 2 times for the same date.
  27. Count showing negative if we delete the marked attendance that is marked before the resetting of the leaves.
  28. Biometric Id is deleted if we change immediate contact of student or manager for employee.
  29. Inactive leave types are also showing in the employee profile attendance report.
  30. Show error message while approving leave by employee manager if the leave limit is exceeded.
  31. Show the employee leave management link only if the employee has the employee attendance privilege.
  32. Future and current marked attendance status showing in the report after resetting the leaves.
  33. Fees status showing wrong in the student profile, if the fees is assigned through the fee import plugin.
  34. If the batch end date is exceeded then the batch should not show up inside the timetable time period after the batch end date.
  35. Grade showing wrong if we enter marks out of 10 in the marks field.
  36. Batch is not visible for batch tutor in the attendance register.
  37. CCE report shows wrong grade (lowest grade) if exam marks is nil for SA type.
  38. Show elective group name instead of showing the elective subject name in the student timetable view.
  39. Student timetable view not taking the class timing as per the timetable class timing setting.
  40. Missing template error in student#del_guardian.
  41. Calculation error in monthly attendance report.
  42. If Fees is zero then those students should not show in the fee defaulters list.
  43. SMS message sending fails if the mobile number has a space in it.
  44. SMS message text is broken from where & sign appears in the text.
  45. Going to dashboard if we select month and click ‘OK’ button without selecting any month and year in both subject wise and daily wise attendance type.
  46. Style issue in employee advance search pdf parameters.
  47. Footer style is broken in course edit page.
  48. Date of Birth is shown in case of Date of Joining in Employee Advanced search pdf.
  49. Fees Paid student are showing in defaulters.
  50. Rtl style issue in calender.
  51. While assigning a new batch to a class timing set, 500 error showing up.
  52. If there is no employee assigned in the elective subject then in the timetable, the two subjects are shown as one subject.
  53. While assigning students in the elective subjects, if we click the assign button continuously, students are assigned more than once for the same subject.
  54. Suppose we mark the attendance in future dates, that marked attendance count is effecting in the attendance reports only in the case of all subjects.
  55. Teacher’s timetable style is broken in employee login if the language is in rtl.
  56. Taking previous months in the attendance register form getting 500 error in subject wise.
  57. Date is not translated in the timetable view.
  58. Theme issue in the attendance register form.
  59. Attendance register form is not showing while selecting elective subjects if the subjects contain students.
  60. For the batch transferred students, the previous batch’s absent marked subjects are also showing while clicking current year reports.
  61. Check subject wise leave entry before student is permanently deleted.
  62. Going to dashboard, if we uncheck all the weekdays for the selected batch and save.
  63. If no timetable is present, opening the subject wise error raises ajax 500 error in backend.
  64. Calender is not translated in all the languages.
  65. Style issue add fine button in the fee submission form if the language is Mongolian.
  66. Rtl style issue in the fee submission form only in Mozilla FireFox.
  67. Arabic translation yml (ar.yml) is modified in core.
  68. Add model validations in Student and Employee.
  69. Incomplete days in the calendar while the language is in rtl.
  70. Response time is too heavy in fee collection.
  71. Getting error in the ranking level report if we change the exam type after the report is generated.
  72. Attendance Register Bug (Fetch only those timetable entry which belong to those class timings, timetable actually uses).
  73. Student attendance cannot be marked for a batch transferred student who has been marked future absent in the old batch.
  74. Should not accept the negative values for weekly classes while adding and editing the subjects.
  75. Redirect to user profile after changing the password of the user (employee,admin,student,parent).
  76. Optimization needed in Class timing sets.
  77. Report Graph not showing if marks not entered for a subject.
  78. Create a discount for the particular student and create the collection and then archive that student. But clicking the category name in fee collection is showing 500 error.
  79. Incorrect rounding off in Payslip.
  80. No need to show the blank tables if  there is no students in the selected batch.
  81. Style issue in Assign Elective subject when student name is long.
  82. Should not allow space as text in instant fee fields while paying the fee.
  83. Header line is missing in the class time adding and editing box only when the theme is default.
  84. Translation issue in the timetable weekdays.
  85. Fields are not aligned in the employee additional details adding and edit page.
  86. Add smtp exception handling for user/forgot_password.
  87. No need to show the mandatory symbol for email while creating user. Here, the emails are not mandatory.
  88. Multiple Sms sending failing in Fedena.
  89. If letter ‘q’ is typed while changing the password using first time enable, it is not possible to type the letters. Instead, it is going to searching bar in saas.
  90. Assign one or more employees as a tutor for one batch and then delete the assigned employee, while clicking the assigned tutor going to dashboard.
  91. Style issue in the student transcript pdf report.
  92. No need to show the save button if there is no weightages ,observation groups and FA groups to select.
  93. Pdf report showing incomplete in the grouped exam report pdf and archived batches exam report pdf while language is in rtl.
  94. Style issue in the consolidated exam report pdf. Check rtl style also.
  95. No need to show the blank table and the pdf report link if there is no attendance report for the selected batch.
  96. Translation missing for weekdays in the teachers timetable, student and employee timetable view.
  97. Translation missing in the weekdays of the timetable view.
  98. Deleted finance category is showing while editing the incomes.
  99. Deleted finance category is showing while editing the expenses.
  100. If we inactivate all the available leave types, then all the leave types is getting hidden.
  101. Employee with event management privilege cant view the created events, only admin have the permission.
  102. No rtl style in new class timing set page.
  103. Sorting issue in timetable view page from student login.
  104. In rtl language, the class timings are not visible properly. Same page are looking different in both languages.
  105. Fields are disordered in the class timing add page in rtl language.
  106. Class timings sets name creation many times while clicking enter continuously.
  107. Show class timing sets in alphabetical order.

Issues solved in Fedena Plugins

Application Registration

  1. Date of birth cannot be a future date while registering the student.
  2. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.

Online Exam

  1. Online_student_exam#save_exam : mysql lock error
  2. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue
  3. White Label not added for Online Exam Result Page
  4. Should show the view online exam result option in the privileged employee login if the employee has the view result privilege.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue
  2. Suppose the student have issued any library books, then it is not possible to archive or permanently delete that student. But we can renew that issued book and then it is possible to delete the student.
  3. The fine amount must be positive numbers while returning library books with due.
  4. Open the pdf report in another tab in the library transaction page.

Custom Import

  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.
  2. Book details are not uploading through custom import, not showing any error.


  1. Other users can also get the permission to  view the task assigned user list by changing the id in the url, even if that employee have not assigned that task.

Email Alert

  1. Going to dashboard while changing the immediate contact and while assigning sibling.
  2. Spelling mistake in the email alert show page.


  1. Store cannot be deleted even after an item present in it earlier was deleted.


  1. Style issue in Online Payment Setting page.
  2. No need to show the online transaction id if the transaction is not done through online in the print application.
  3. Show the archived student name in the online payment transaction details page.
  4. Online payment for transport is saving as hostel pay category payment.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue.
  2. Not possible to delete the student permanently if there is no existence of dependency.
  3. Hostel fees amount displaying incorrectly in transaction report.
  4. No need to show the blank table if there is no room details, hostel fee collections and fee defaulters.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue.
  2. Suppose there is no vehicles to assign to the users, then also  the flash showing ‘Bus edited successfully’, not showing any validation errors.
  3. Not possible to delete the employee and student permanently if there is no existing dependency.
  4. Transport total fee amount mismatch in the transaction report.
  5. No need to show the blank table if there are no users found in the vehicle and no transport fee collection for the selected batch.


  1. Wrong error message showing in gallery photo upload.
  2. In the student or employee login, the user get the permission to view other user photos, and the count of photos showing is wrong in gallery.


  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.

Data Export

  1. Data Export Plugin generating blank csv.


  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.
  2. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url of the assignment in student login.
  3. Getting 500 error while clicking update in the assignment edit page.

Fee Import

  1. Fee collection is not showing for all students of the batch in fee import.

Instant Fee

  1. Style issue in the instant fee transcription report and the print receipt if the payment note and payment mode name is large.
  2. Serial number is coming in irregular manner in the new instant fee create form while adding new particular.
  3. Suppose we select the guest pay option in instant fee, then there is no need to show the select payee field.
  4. Receipt number showing incomplete in instant fee pdf.
  5. Guest payee payment is throwing 500 in instant fee module.

Custom Reports

  1. If the additional details contain question mark,then the text won’t be showing up in the custom report.
  2. Student names coming twice while searching with input criteria in custom report.
  3. Add Address field in Custom Report generation.
  4. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.


  1. 500 in employee_timetable mobile view.


  1. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url in online meeting rooms show page.
  2. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url in online meeting server while editing.