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Top reasons why Indian schools don’t go for School Management System?

And why you need a school management system anyway

What is school management system?

School management software is a type of organizational platform or tool that helps schools manage a multitude of their internal and external processes with the aid of technology. Simply put, school management system helps schools manage their processes more efficiently and in a less labor-intensive fashion by using a software application to take over these functions. The best kinds of processes that a school management software can master tend to be predictable, repetitive and have a clear set of functions to follow. This is why it may seem like school management system is a management aid only. But in reality, school management software is for everyone, including internal stakeholders like teachers, students, and non-education staff and external stakeholders like parents and management.

Why do schools need school management system?

The nostalgic idyll of a school being a simple set up where education is merely imparted from teacher to student with no organizational or institutional engagement is simply unrealistic. Schools, in reality, are large institutions with multiple moving parts that have to come together in complex fashions to ensure their smooth functioning. Relying on the aid of dedicated technology like school management system is therefore hardly an unnecessary indulgence – it helps every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem do their work more easily and efficiently with fewer errors. It also embraces technology which is now an inextricable part of our lived experience.

Despite this, many Indian schools are resistant to implement the use of school management software.

Their reasons are many but here are six that they give for not using school management system to make the day to day functioning of their institutions easier:

Reason One: “My school is fine, I don’t think I need school management system!”

Part of running a complex education institution like a school is to work towards continual improvement. While your school may currently managing their workload, embracing technology in order to ease the burden on staff, reduce the bottom-line cost to your school, and to embrace technology in order to prepare your staff and students for a tech-rich world is necessary. It is also unlikely your school will maintain the current status quo forever – student strength will increase, human resources changes will occur, the sheer work of running a school is unpredictable. A school ERP software is a key to being able to tackle the unpredictability and ever increasing work of running a school. Planning in advance to make optimal use of all resources – like school management software – ensures your school remains smoothly functioning consistently over long periods of time.

Reason Two: “School management system is too expensive!”

That dedicated educational technology is much too expensive for schools is a gross misconception that plagues the educational ecosystem to this date. It is a relic of the past where low-cost technology seemed like a dream. In the present day, however, thanks to advances in technology, the ubiquity of their use, and an increasingly tech-driven world, even dedicated technology is more accessible than ever before.

Online school management software is especially very accessible in terms of finance for a lot of schools. Open source school management system like Fedena allows schools to access low-cost tools and customize them to their exact needs ensure that schools are getting their money’s worth when it comes to educational technology.


Reason Three: “My school is not big enough/too small to use a school management system!”

There is no threshold to be hit by your school in terms of strength, size, or popularity to make the use of educational technology to improve its functioning. School ERP system software like Fedena is useful for everyone – no matter how small or big. For smaller schools with less funding, it helps reduce labor costs and improves time efficiency, a big perk for schools running on a lean budget. For bigger schools, it helps manage the many complexities that go into the running of a juggernaut institution, from dousing the little fires that spring up every day to effectively addressing ongoing endemic problems.

Reason Four: “My administrative staff doesn’t need an online school management system!”

While it is true that school management software system excels at handling processes, this does not mean that it is useless for other stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. School management software helps teachers be more accessible to students and better manage their classrooms, for parents to monitor their child’s progress more easily and work as a team with the school, for management to better implement their funding thanks to reduction in inefficiencies, and for administrators to reduce the impact of human error in quickly and efficiently managing a variety of administrative functions.

Reason Five: “Training people to use school management software is too difficult!”

When it comes to maximizing the use of school management software by people at school, it all depends on training. Choosing an easy to use, flexible but robust school management software is key to ensuring its use by your school. Good school management software like Fedena offers hands-on training that on-boards all stakeholders at your school. The learning curve is not hard even for the most ardent of luddites. It is important to realize that training is key to making the most of your school management software and must be a consideration when investing in one.

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Reason Six: “School management system won’t work with my other applications!”

Most schools already have some platforms and tools that they have been using effectively for years. It is not sensible to expect that schools discard technologies and tools that are comprehensively addressing their needs and that their stakeholders are used to. Again, this is where the choice is made in which school management software to invest in comes into play. Choose a school management software like Fedea is very friendly to other technologies thanks to the vast number of plugins and integrations that it allows to be on-boarded onto its platform.

right school management solution

Quick Guide: How to choose the right School Management Solution?

Know what does your institution need in a school management solution?

School ERP system not only bring complete automation in the structure but also yield transparency on the progress of school daily operations. But sometimes without doing research institution implement any school ERP solution in their school structure, which causes the disparity between the software and the needs and requirements of the institution. Results, failure of ERP software.

Hence, in order to help you to avoid such circumstances, we have brought for you this whitepaper which guides you towards the right selection process of an ERP software for your institution.

Download the guide to know how the selection of the right school management system impact the growth and productivity of your institution.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why do educational institutions need a school management solution?
  2. Factors to Consider when Selecting a School Management Solution
  3. Whom does a school management solution benefit and how?
  4. Why Fedena Is the Right School Management Solution For You

Download Free Whitepaper, quick guide to choose right school management solution.

automated student attendance management system

Why choose automated student attendance management system for your institute?

Before you choose an attendance management system for your school you would first need to know what it is. These are basically systems that use biometric technology such as access cards and the like. They keep track of the attendance of your students as well as staff members. They help you maintain accurate records in a quick manner and over the years they have become integral parts of school management as such.

The features of automated student attendance management system

There are several reasons why you should choose an automated student attendance management system for your school. The first important reason, in this case, is that they come loaded with features. These features make it really easy for you – the school administration – to run the affairs in this particular regard. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Leave management
  • Biometric or RFID integration
  • Managing half or full day attendance
  • Subject wise attendance
  • Managing daily attendance reports
  • Providing instant notifications to parents

It needs to be said in this particular context that technology is always evolving and the same thing can be said of these systems as well.

Why student attendance management system is useful?

There are several reasons why these automated student attendance management systems are being thought of as being so useful in the first place. Those reasons may be enumerated as below:

  • Assuring the safety of students
  • Increasing the productivity of teachers
  • Improving communication between parents and teachers
  • Developing discipline and punctuality
  • Helping with course management
  • Improving the results of students
  • Stimulating student behavior
  • Improving salary calculation
  • Saving time
  • Being environment-friendly

Speed and accuracy

This is one of the best reasons why you would need such a system in your school in the first place. If your school management software has a students’ attendance management module in it, it is always great. This is because then there is no need for you to maintain such data in a manual way as you were used to doing till date. In any case, such processes are cumbersome and long, which means that they are better absent than present. With such a system students can easily log on to an online system and mark their attendance.

This would help save the extra time and effort that are otherwise incurred in these processes by the teachers. These systems are infinitely faster and the same can be said of their accuracy as well. This is why they are so much better than the manual attendance systems in every sense of the word. They are created in such a way that you can avoid making any incorrect data entry as such and there would be no duplication as well. More than anything else, such a system would help reduce paperwork that is so mundane in any case!   

Generating reports in an automatic manner

Quite often teachers have to access the attendance reports of their students on an urgent basis. It could be for reasons related to discipline or for meetings with the parents. When you use a student attendance management system you basically make sure that reports can be created with just a click of your button. This way, you – the school management – are also able to get access to various summaries, and trend reports that are connected to the attendance ones.

Increases punctuality

These systems are simply great when it comes to enhancing punctuality among students.

In a manual system, the entire operation happens on a daily basis and the teacher enforces the attendance on a daily basis as well. However, with the cloud-based online student attendance management systems that we are talking about over here, you can actually record the time at which each student is attending the school in an accurate manner. This, in turn, allows you to monitor which students are being tardy in this regard and then pull up students to teach them why it is important to be punctual at school.

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Sending alerts to parents

When you use an online attendance management system for students it becomes easier for you to send automatic alerts to the parents if their wards are not attending the school. You can be sure that this is something that would be impossible if you were using a manual system. However, with a school management software that would store all necessary data related to your institute, this would be as easy as it gets. In fact, these systems can also store the contact details of the parents and this way it would be easier for you to send notifications to the parents as well.

The parents too would be benefited by this as they would be able to stay updated with the attendance related details of their kids. They would have a clear idea of the number of classes that their children are missing out on.

Managing the attendance of staff

With the help of the attendance management systems, you would be able to keep track of the attendance of your staff as well. This includes both your teaching and non-teaching staff. This way, you would find it easier to calculate the number of leaves that they have availed and keep track of the number of days and hours that they have worked as well.

This, in turn, would help you work with a lot of accuracy and ease than would otherwise have been possible.     


success in exams

Success in exams: 9 top tips for exam season

If you wish to meet success in exams the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have enough time to study. Create a schedule of study that would suit your needs and requirements the best. Make sure that you have not left anything for the absolute last minute. There are some of you who do well when they study at the 11th hour. But you can be sure that this is not the best way to get ready for the exams ahead. It is always better to plan well in this regard and organize yourself.

You need to chalk out the number of exams you have and the number of days at your disposal. Then you can form a plan keeping that in mind.

Organize your study space

If you wish to be successful in exams this is something you need to do as well. Your study space should have adequate space for you to be able to spread your books and notes around. It is also important to make sure that the room is well lit. Your chair should also be good enough to provide you with the kind of rest that you want. These are points that you need to consider in this particular context. Make sure that there is nothing that would distract you from your studies. It is better to always remove them beforehand. It is also important that you are comfortable in your study space.

You can be sure that this way you would be able to focus a lot better on preparing well for a successful exam. There are several ways in which you can do this. It could mean studying in total silence or while listening to music. You may be someone who likes to focus while studying. It could also be that you are someone who prefers to study in a cluttered manner. The bottom line is that your study space needs to be something that you like. It should be a pleasant and friendly one as that would allow you to concentrate in the first place.

Using diagrams and flow charts

When you are revising your study material it is very important that you use visual aids. This is because they can be helpful in this particular regard. When you are starting a topic you need to write down all that you know about the subject already. Even as you get closer to your exams start using revision notes in the shape of diagrams. You can be sure that these visual aids would help you remember your material. This would help you get ready for your exams in the right way as well. This would be of great benefit during the exams.

Practicing old exams

One of the best ways in which you can get ready for an exam is to practice writing your old exams. The old tests would help you get a proper idea of the kind of questions that you are likely to encounter in the exams. This is the biggest benefit of these old tests. You would also know what to expect in these cases and that can only be good for you in the end. You would also have some idea about the kind of time that you would need to write the actual test.

Explaining your answers to others

You can also take the help of your near and dear ones such as family and friends to do well in exams. You can always explain to them the reasons why you have answered a question a certain way. This way you would be able to clarify the concepts, revise them, and remember them as well. This, in turn, would help you during the exams as well.

Organize your study group with friends

When you form study groups you are able to get all the answers that you need. You can also complete all the tasks in a much shorter span of time as well. All you need to do in this regard is to make sure that your group is also focused on the subject that you are studying. It is also important that they do not get distracted.    

Take breaks on a regular basis

Your brain needs to take breaks on a regular basis to get back its focus. You may think that studying for long hours is the best way to get ready for exams but you could be wrong as well. This is because it is impossible for most to keep knowledge on a long term basis. The most important part of this process is to come up with a routine that would fit the style of your studying.

Snacking on healthy food

When you are studying you should refrain from eating any food that is not healthy. You need to make sure that your brain and body are fit at moments such as these. You need to eat food that is natural and fresh, and rich in vitamins. You can be sure that this food would be good for you. It would improve your memory and concentration by a significant margin.

Plan for your exam days

Before you appear at any exam review all the rules and regulations in a careful manner. Plan the best possible route for the examination spot. Find out how long it would take you to reach the destination. It is always better to have some extra time in hand in this regard. You would not want to get late for your exam and then have to deal with a lot more anxiety as well. That could scupper your chances of doing well in the exams.  

Drink lots of water

When you are studying for an exam or even during an exam as such it is always better to drink a lot of water. It is very important that you remain hydrated at the time of the exams. You can be sure that it would help you remain in a positive mood.  

Keep all these points in mind and prepare well so that you are able to do well in exams.  

School ERP Modules Differ From College ERP Modules

How Do School ERP Modules Differ From College ERP Modules?

Often interchangeable, school ERP modules are not necessarily for universal use

What are school ERP modules or college ERP modules?

School ERP modules or college ERP modules are both management software that helps your educational institution – whether a school or a college – run more efficiently. Both school ERP modules and college ERP modules are essentially tools or platforms that take over and automate certain processes that the educational institution functions on. Currently, these functions or tasks are being performed by humans and are thus error-prone, not to mention the massive labor cost and time commitment they incur. School ERP modules and college ERP modules help reduce this burden, thus boosting productivity and efficiency within the educational institution.

While both school ERP modules and college ERP modules are often used interchangeably, some differences do exist that must be kept in mind when purchasing or using either. These differences may seem minor or easily worked around using either school ERP modules or college ERP modules but it is important to be aware of these variations before using either of these two types of management software.

Below we discuss in greater detail how School ERP Modules differ from College ERP Modules:


When it comes to exams, schools and colleges run on different schedules and thus need different modules. For instance school ERP modules function on a semester wise or quarter wise system, with regular examinations and assessments taking place every six months or three months, depending on the school’s examination schedule. For a college ERP module, however, the examination usually takes place course wise, once a semester. Students sign up for courses, not semester, meaning that not all students will take the course exam in the same year, necessarily. This is especially the case in more senior years at college, once mandatory or required courses are completed and college students move to take elective courses entirely. At a school, however, the subjects and administration of their exams are more standardized.


Assessment is also an area in which there has to be some differentiation between school ERP modules and college ERP modules. In school, one cannot progress from one year to the next without passing all the subjects that are being taught that year. This means that one cannot just repeat a subject while moving on to the next year with other subjects. The school ERP module is set up to assess students accordingly, using this pass and fail the assessment system. In a college, however, students can have a backlog while still progressing from year to year. This means that they can write makeup exams or retake a previous years exam without a time delay in terms of their progression from year to year. A college ERP module’s assessment rules are thus set up accordingly.


At a school, attendance is assessed in various fashions – it is unlikely that a student who has marked their attendance for a day is going to be missing attendance for individual subjects unless sanctioned to do so. Attendance is thus a disciplinary issue. School ERP modules may thus mark attendance by day or throw up a red flag if there is an unsanctioned absence. In college, however, attendance is assessed subject wise at the end of the year and being able to sit for an exam is predicated on meeting those attendance requirements. Attendance thus becomes a prerequisite to be met for assessment. College ERP modules thus measure the attendance rate of students subject wise, rather than an overall attendance record.

Recap: What to expect from Fedena in 2019?

Batch & Course

In both schools and colleges, attendance, assessment, and examinations are highly dependent on how time is broken down in each of these institutions. For schools, the yearly batch seems to be of the most significance – students progress from year to year, and all their attendance, assessment and examination rules are thus based on their batch year. School ERP modules reflect this system automatically. For colleges, however, progress is determined by course, rather than the year in which attendance, assessment, and examinations are measures. This difference is reflected in dedicated college ERP modules.

What You Can Expect from Fedena in 2019?

Fedena is evolving consistently, every year making significant improvements in functionalities and constantly redefining its goals to impart a wonderful user experience and to make to product more modern, automated and futuristic so that it helps the institute in running their daily operations in a much more better way.

In 2018, we have seen from the Tax module to ID Card/Certificate generation module and for this year there are various innovative feature is in-line which will totally upgrade the Fedena.

Here are some key features which are going to be the part of Fedena in 2019, and will make it more sophisticated school management system :

  • Transport Vehicle Tracking in Mobile App

The vehicle tracking system in the transport module will allow integration of GPS devices on school vehicles. Parents can track the location of their wards vehicle during a trip and also be notified during various points of the trip like bus starting from school, bus reaching near the defined stop etc.

  • Lesson Plan

Syllabus plans can be created by the school at the start of the academic year. The structure can be defined by the school to capture the required details. Lesson plans can be created by the teachers for a specific duration like a week or a month. Teachers can record notes and comments against the lesson plan and send notifications to students and parents.

  • Custom Report Card Templates in Gradebook

The biggest update to Gradebook in 2019, Report Card Templates will allow users to select from a list of report card designs as per the need of the school. These templates will allow different types of details like attendance, performance analysis graphs, student photo etc. to be shown in the report card in different color and designs. 

  • Customizable SMS Templates

With this new feature, schools can customize SMS messages sent from Fedena with their own content. All automated SMS sent can be configured by the school. SMS messages that are sent often can also be saved as templates and sent quickly.

  • Mobile App – Arabic & French

The Fedena Connect mobile app brings the same multi-language support you have enjoyed in the Fedena web app. Starting next year, the mobile app will be available in 2 new languages – Arabic and French.

School ERP App

How School ERP App bridges the gap among Parents, Teachers & Students?

The educational industry is evolving as, like all other industries in the world, it is also embracing technology in order to become better. It is looking to establish itself in a more efficient and effective manner. All around the world educational institutions are looking to becoming as productive as they can be with the help of the resources that they have access to. The main aim, in this case, is to bridge the gaps that are there in the educational system as of now. This is where the software solutions, which happen to be Cloud-based in nature, are playing such an important role.

They can be called a game changer in the context of the educational industry and have made the process of administering educational entities such as schools a lot easier than what it was before. The enrollment procedures have become quicker than earlier, it is easier to manage data, and other operations are also now being done with a greater degree of efficiency. It can be said for sure that with the progress in the technological domain schools are becoming more skilled in that particular respect as well. They are a lot more prepared when it comes to taking on the world, as it were.

A significant part of this development has been improving the communication between the most important stakeholders of a school from an academic point of view – parents, teachers, and students.

How have the parents realized this?

There are plenty of parents in the system who are now able to understand the true benefits of a school management app from the point of view of communication. It must also be said that they have been rather quick to cash in on such opportunities. They know that these technological tools are capable of managing in an effective manner all the educational resources available in a school. This is the reason why schools are opting for school management app when it comes to managing the gaps in communication between them, their wards – the students – and the teachers.

They understand that these systems are capable of creating a new experience that can create the educational pathways for generations to come. These days, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are capable of dealing with a wide range of school-related functions such as the following:

  • admissions
  • fees management
  • results management
  • attendance
  • library management
  • timetable
  • staff
  • payroll
  • instant notifications
  • alumni
  • documents
  • transport
  • online examination
  • hostel
  • school calendar
  • registration of students

This is the reason why these systems are being hailed as state of the art ones. It also helps that educational institutions these days have become a lot more open when it comes to embracing such change. These systems have been created in such a way that they are able to manage various requirements of a school.  

Thinking in the future

One of the greatest features of a School ERP App is that they are a lot ahead of the time that they are being used in. They have been created keeping the future in mind. They have been developed in an extensive manner so that they are able to deliver some really unique features such as online dashboards.

These dashboards come in extremely handy in the sense that you get all the information that you need on various aspects of a school at a single place. They also have calendars that contain all the important events that are to be organized by the school within a certain period of time.

The best part of these calendars is that they may be accessed from a wide range of perspectives such as the following:

  • academics
  • exams
  • festivals
  • religious holidays
  • cultural holidays

They come with attendance management features as well which enables all the users to keep track of attendance of the students. This means that in case a student is absent for some reason or the other the parents can come to know of it straight away, provided they did not have that knowledge already.

Recap: How teachers can help students during their pre-board examination preparation?

They have sections on homework where all the users can get complete information on homework being assigned by the schools regularly. There are sections on fees as well that enables the users to get information related to fees payment and other relevant matters on their registered cell phones.

This allows parents and students to keep track of the schedule of fees, the fees that have already been paid, the installments that would be due in short time, and all the installments that they are yet to pay.

There are sections on results as well where the users can get complete information on results and the like in a timeline sort of view. Schools can send such information on parents on a regular basis through these apps and parents can also receive them without any problem whatsoever.


Thus, as you can see, a school management mobile app provides all users all the information that they need on their fingertips and thus does away with any chance of any miscommunication or other such issues. This is perhaps the reason why these technological tools have become so indispensable for the schools today. This is applicable for the parents and the students as well as they now no longer need to worry about getting proper information. It is expected that in the days to come the companies that are developing such products and services would train their energies and resources on a quicker delivery.

The aim, in this case, needs to be on providing the very best possible product for the users and being as unique as they can be so that the different needs of the users can be met on a more than adequate manner. They are looking to make a major impact – albeit a positive one – on the entire education sector as such. They are always making their best efforts in order to make sure that they can make their own fair contribution to the development of the education sector.    

How Teachers Can Help Students During Their Pre-Board Examination Preparation?

Boards exams are one of the most important exams in the life of a student and are often considered the stepping stone for one’s glorious future. Board exams results are considered to be a key factor in for getting admission in higher secondary schools and colleges of their choice. They are the foremost parameter that guides the paramount decision of whether the student will be able to get the preferred stream of education in higher classes. They are also considered to be an important part of a student’s professional resume, indicating their academic performance and achievements.

These are some of the reasons that closer to the board exams, the atmosphere in classrooms becomes serious with students and teachers putting in the best of their efforts.

Smart schools and teachers are also opting for student management software to help the students during their pre-board examination.

Student and Parents communications

While the board exams are given by the students, it is a well-accepted fact that the students who perform well are the ones who have ample support from their parents at home. The online student management module allows teachers to stay in touch with the parents, keeping them updated about all the happenings in school and the student performance in the classroom.

This module of a school management software also helps the parents to keep a track of student’s attendance and check the exam related reports of their children, thus by helping the parents stay updated about the students, they enable and empower the parents to be able to support and guide the students even at home.

Blog posts

Using the blog post module of the school management software, the teachers can post blogs as a learning tool for the students. Additionally, these blog posts can also contain tips for exams, learning guidelines, discussions on relevant topics, resources for assignments and lots more These blogs can be a source guide for students as they prepare for their board and pre-board exams.

Online discussions

For students preparing for their pre-board and board exams, online discussions held over the school management software are an important tool that will help them to stay connected with their peers and teachers during after-school hours. Discussion module helps the students and teachers to interact with each other, resolve doubts, get their queries answered and share their views through posting comments in the discussion board.

As administrators of these boards, the teachers can moderate these discussions, participate in them and delete comments that may confuse the students.

Online Assignment Management

For students preparing to sit for their pre-board and board exams, regular practice through tests and assignments is an essential part of the preparation as the constant practice not only improves their understanding of the subject, but it also improves their self-confidence and is a perfect way to prep for essential exams.

The Assignment plugin in the school management software is designed to help teachers distribute homework, tests, and assignments to students on a regular basis. The online system makes it easy for the class teachers to distribute the tests, collect completed work, review it and provide essential feedback to students that will help them learn better and perform better in their exams.

Custom student remarks

Once the students have participated in the online tests and exams given by the teachers to prepare them. The custom student remarks module helps the teachers to provide comments for each of the student on the basis of performance in different subjects. The teachers can either give common remarks to the entire class correcting or guiding them or the teacher ha the option to give individual remarks to a student on any particular exam conducted. Besides the teachers and the students, the parents can see the remarks in their profiles for daily updates and can accordingly keep track of their child’s academic progress.

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Event Calendar

Closer to the date of the exams, as the schools share their event calendar with the dates for exams, vivas, practicals and other important dates related to the board exams. Using the event calendar feature of the school management software makes it easier for the students and the parents to stay updated about the exam schedule and any changes related to the same.


Another essential feature of the school management software that can help the teachers prepare the students better is the collaboration feature.

This feature allows students and teachers to collaborate with each other via text, audio and/or video at any time. They can create group sessions to provide extra online coaching to students and these sessions can be recorded and shared for future use. Additionally, the group chat session helps students to clear doubts and get a better understanding of the subject.

Today, education is highly cut-throat, and students can lose out of getting admissions in colleges of their choice due to a few marks. In this hyper-competitive world, where every single mark counts, it is important for teachers to do all they can to help give their students the extra edge.

The use of a school management software with its various tool and modules enables the teachers to reach out to their students at all times and offer them the best possible learning experience. It allows the teachers to help the students improve their learning skills and keep practicing until they are ready for their big exams. After all, practice makes perfect!

leave management with school ERP software

Revolutionize Leave Management with School ERP Software

Discover the difference Leave Management with School ERP software makes

What is Leave Management?

Very simply put, leave management is the tracking of employees who are applying for leave, the granting of said leave by the employer, and the ongoing tracking of leaves and holidays have taken over a given period of time. Leave management can be tracked on a predefined timeframe set by the employer themselves – so leaves can be applied for, granted, and tracked on a half-yearly, yearly, quarterly, monthly, or semester wise bases.

Leave management helps streamline the entire attendance management process in a way like never before. With leave management, employers or institutions have a better sense of when and how their employees show up for work and when they do not.

Leave management is also useful in terms of gaining data about an institution’s functioning, especially with regards to its employees. For instance, leave management helps identify patterns that may be indicating issues that could easily be resolved or provide some data about employee productivity or even just simple information about attendance patterns for various groups of employees. This information can then influence various administrative and human resources management decisions that the institution may make.

What is School ERP Software?

School ERP software is a tool or platform that helps schools manage their daily and ongoing processing that is a part of running an educational institution. This means it is a tool that allows certain repetitive or common processes that are usually performed by human personnel to be taken over by technology. In these modern times, most schools are using some sort of school ERP software to help manage their running of the school. School ERP software can handle a multitude of tasks – from admissions to accounting to alumni management. It is thus useful for a variety of stakeholders in the educational ecosystem, from parents to teachers to students to management to non-education staff like administrators or the finance team.

Why does institute needs Leave Management feature in School ERP Software?

Leave management with school ERP software can really enhance your educational institution’s usage of this piece of technology. Combining leave management with school ERP software integrates the system of leave application, granting, and tracking in the same tool that is being used to manage all other internal and external school processes. Instead of using traditional methods like an attendance register, leave management with school ERP software makes the whole process easy and free of fuss.

What are the benefits of Leave Management with School ERP Software?

The advantages of leave management with school ERP software are many and affect every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem. Broadly speaking, the automation of leave management with school ERP software takes a process that was originally driven by humans and uses technology to resolve it instead. This signals to the world that the school using leave management with school ERP software is technologically proficient, forward-thinking, and preparing students to be ready for a globalized and highly high tech world.

But how does leave management with school ERP software benefit various people at an educational institution specifically? Below we discuss the many ways leave management with school ERP software works for all of these different stakeholders – from management to administrators to teachers and students:

The Benefits of Leave management with School ERP Software for Management:
  • Reduction in labor costs

Leave management with school ERP software helps management reduce labor costs by a significant amount. Ordinarily, the processing of leave applications and granting or denial of leaves would be managed by some human resource in the administrative team of a school. With leave management with school ERP software, this entire process is automated. Once the school-specific rules and guidelines are programmed in, teachers and students merely apply for leave within the software and are notified of their status within it too. The school ERP software maintains records automatically, eliminating that task for a human resource also.

  • Reduction in overhead costs

As explained above, leave management with school ERP software results in a significant reduction in labor costs, thanks to the elimination of the need for human intervention in the entire leave application and leave granting process. This also means a reduction in overhead costs for management. How? First, the reduction in labor costs means that management is saving allied costs of having to employ and train another human resource. Further, the peripheral costs from the leave application — from the production costs of application forms to the time spent by multiple humans processing it — are also reduced. These small reductions may seem insignificant at first glance, but truly add up to positively impact the school’s bottom lines. It is a win-win for management on the whole.

The Benefits of Leave Management with school ERP Software for Administrators:

Leave management with school ERP software is primarily an administrative function, making this a tool that is especially helpful to school administrators. Here is how leave management with school ERP software helps them:

  • Employee leaves maintenance

The key function of leave management with school ERP software is to maintain a record of application and granting of leaves for employees like teachers or non-education staff and even students. This tracking of attendance and leave-taking is important not just on the practical level of knowing who is available at any given point of time but also in terms of understanding the functioning of the school better. Leave management with school ERP software enables schools to better manage their facilities and create policies and rules that are responsive to reality rather than perception.

  • Leave Notifications and Reminders

When you deploy leave management with school ERP software, the questions “Is such and such on leave?” becomes obsolete. This is because leave management with school ERP software allows for leave notifications or reminders to be sent out to all relevant parties that need to be kept in the loop. For instance, you can set up a notification or reminder system for all leaves taken by teachers to be sent automatically to the finance department to ensure efficient payroll processing.

  • Manage leave classifications

Leave management with school ERP software allows administrators to add and edit the various types of leave that are offered by the school. In general, educational institutions offer different types of leaves – from sick leave to personal days, to leaves with loss of pay, to annual leave. Obviously, these types of leaves are static. When you integrate leave management with school ERP software it is possible to change these classifications easily and quickly.

  • Create leave reports

In the end, leave management with school ERP software is the first step to creating a comprehensive understanding of the attendance and leave-taking habits of both students and staff at your school. Deploying leave management with school ERP software enables you to generate informative robots that capture this data in a useful way.

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The Benefits of Leave Management with school ERP Software for teachers and students:

The usefulness of leave management with school ERP software is universal. This means that leave management with school ERP software can be helpful to not just administrators, but also teachers and students. Here is how leave management with school ERP software also helps teachers and students:

  • Apply for leaves

Integrating leave management with school ERP software will make applying for leaves a complete breeze. Teachers and students will just be able to use the existing school ERP software they are familiar with to apply for leave from within their app. When using leave management with school ERP software like Fedena, it is possible to apply for leave at any time from any platform or device. Being able to swiftly and easily apply for leave reduces an immense burden on not just the teachers and students of a school, but also its staff that would other be burdened with the task of having to keep track of these applications, have them processed, and then communicate that to the applicant. Instead with leave management with school ERP software, labor, and overhead costs are reduced and time is utilized more efficiently thanks to automation of leave management in itself.

  • Track remaining leaves

Leave management with school ERP software helps teachers and students know at a glance how many leaves they have remaining. This is because using leave management with school ERP software helps tracks days attended and leaves taken against the school’s holiday calendar and attendance requirements easily within one tool. It is important for teachers and students to be able to track their status using leave management with school ERP software because it helps them better plan their days and adjust the pace of their teaching and learning accordingly.

  • Instant notification on application status

Okay, you have applied for leave in the leave management with school ERP software. Now what? Integrating leave management with school ERP software allows teachers and students to get notified in real time about the status of their leave application. This is because the school ERP software is available across multiple devices and at any time for students and teachers. Integrating leave management with school ERP software only extends the omniscience of this piece of technology.

Fedena Rewind

Fedena Rewind 2018

The year is about to end and it is a time to say goodbye to 2018. During 2018, we have released various new features of the product —along with this, first-time Fedena organized Virtual Summit focused on School Operations Development. As the end of a year is approaching we’d like to take a moment to look back on all the improvements we have brought to Fedena in last 12 months. So sit back and enjoy the trip down the memory lane.


With this, we bid adieu to 2018 and welcome 2019, a year with unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and growth. Here’s wishing everybody a very happy new year! Stay tuned for what’s to come in 2019!

Why schools should have dress code?

One of the first benefits of having a dress code for a school is that it takes away the matter of competition for dresses. In the last 10 years as it is we have seen a lot of fashion and flamboyance being introduced to the regular dresses worn by kids to their schools. People are also comfortable with price tags. In some of the neighborhoods these days it is perfectly okay to wear price tags on clothes. This is where peer pressure to get to a student even as he faces stiff competition in dressing right in the absence of uniforms.

In fact, it can be so tough that they have to find work after school in order to get money so that they can maintain a certain lifestyle in school.

They keep the focus on learning rather than clothing

As far as a school environment is concerned uniforms have a leveling effect in the sense that they keep a greater focus on learning rather than showing off one’s status through clothing. This is especially true in schools where you have a fair amount of economic difference among the students in the sense that some are better off than others. This establishes a sort of equality between people who cannot afford expensive dresses throughout a year in keeping with changing weather and style statements, and ones who are able to do so.

It accommodates everyone in the school

When schools have uniforms it encourages students to develop their methods in areas other than dressing. This has especially been seen in schools where the administration has changed from casual dresses to uniforms. The parents and teachers in these schools are the best people from whom you can ask how fruitful these changes have been. Human nature is such that it compels people to express the creative talents that they have as well as their personalities. However, in the case of many students, it has been seen that clothing is their only creative expression. This is where a system of uniforms can prove to be so very helpful.

Uniforms encourage individuality rather than suppressing it

When you have uniforms in schools it adds a great sense of safety since everyone is wearing the same dress. This also means that students cannot be identified and classed into gangs on the basis of their clothing. This also dissipates threats such as theft and group violence. In fact, in some parts of the world authorities are now introducing uniforms in order to quell such threats. They are trying to do away with these issues and make the school less violent and dangerous, and, thus, safer to attend.

Uniforms make school halls a lot safer

These days, schools have become rather unsafe with students killing each other as well! This is happening because they want to own sneakers that are expensive and designer jackets that are worn by others. However, when you have uniforms in a school such incidents of assault and theft can be kept to the minimum possible level. Violent acts of crime can be eliminated by uniforms.        

They can increase attendance

A great effect of uniforms in schools is that they can increase attendance records. One of the major reasons for this is the fact when you wear a uniform there is a lesser chance of you being ridiculed by other students because they feel you look bad or funny. You would feel a lot more at ease. With uniforms children who are from the lower strata of the economic ladder no longer feel bad because of the quality of their dresses. This makes them a lot more eager to attend school as well.

They encourage the students to attend their school a lot more

As has been said already, when you have uniforms in school it takes away a lot of the pressurizing elements that would otherwise make a student want to miss school. In a number of research-based studies it has been seen that there is a direct relation between what is thought and said about a student and what he wears to school. It is said that teachers will always choose the more disciplined looking students than the disheveled ones. They would expect them to perform better. However, with uniforms, the chances of this happening are lesser.

School Management Software to ease admission process

How Fedena School Management Software Ease The Admission Process?

All across India, the December heralds the month of school admissions. During this season, one often sees long serpentine queues near schools and educational institutes and parents wake up in the wee hours of the day and stand in line the entire day to secure admissions forms for their kids.

For schools too, this time of the year can a chaotic time as schools need to focus of issuing admission forms, collating the fees for the same, collecting data, saving and managing the data, sorting admissions… the list can be endless.

However, an easy solution to opt for school management software modules with a feature for admission module in school management. Today, schools and educational institutes all over the world are comprehending the need for a school enrolment software that can help the administration team take care of the school admissions in a seamless manner.

Here are the top 8 ways shows that how school management software simplifies the admission process:

Simpler Distribution of Admission Forms

With the help of a school enrolment software, the schools can distribute the admission forms to a wider audience as it offers them the option to make a payment online and simply download the admission forms at the click of a mouse.

This admission form can be downloaded from the website or social media channels and hence is accessible to a wider range of audience.

Easy Form Submission

The digitally savvy students and their parents can not only download the form at the click of the mouse, but they can also use various mobile and cloud-based applications of the school management software modules to allow the parents to submit the forms and upload the various admission documents as needed. All the submissions and the documents related to the admission on a student can easily be done online using the various features and the functionalities of the admission module in school management.

Simple And Seamless Admission Tracking

Traditional paper-driven admission systems are also characterized by endless phone calls by hassled parents and students looking for information on the admission process, updates on the application status and other admissions-related information. However, school management software modules, schools can send parents and students timely updates about the admission process.

This involves updating parents automatically on admission test dates, locations, results, interview date, reminders as well as final admission status. Automation of this process saves parents the hassle of endless calls to the school team. With the help of technology, the administration can send parents automatic emails and mobile messages – as and when needed.

An Effective Admission Marketing Tools For Schools

This paperless admission process is not only easier for the parents and the administration team, but it also helps to create a savvy and modern image of the school in the minds of the parents.

Additionally, this digital system helps the schools to maintain a database of all the applicants across the years. The schools can then reach out to these students and use the software to send out automatic updates and emails about events in the schools, new course and special guest lectures as and when needed.

Creates A Uniformed Admission Experience Across Multiple School Campuses

Today, schools’ no longer function as standalone units and many schools have multiple campuses across various locations. The use of an admission module in school management will ensure that parents and students have a similarly seamless experience irrespective of the location. It also ensures that the admission process can be managed in a multilingual manner for parents or guardians who are more comfortable in local languages.

Secures Post-Admission Data Of All The Students

Using a school management software module with a feature for admission module in school management enables schools to securely store all the student-related data such as financial fees information, addresses, medical history in a safe digital platform. This only not ensures the information can be accessed by unauthorized personnel, but it saves schools the hassle of keeping all the admission forms and other data in a safe vault or storehouse.

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Creates An Error Free Admission Process

The admission season is a stressful season with plenty of opportunity for human error. The pressure of meeting the admission targets, the constant deadline and the tension of procession thousands of applications, can often be a cause of errors in the admission process. This is embracing for the school and can even cost the school its reputation. The use of a school management software module helps eliminate reasons potential for such careless errors.

Creates Simpler Fee Management And Timetable Management Process

The admission season is also characterized by the collection of multiple fees such as admission fees, transport fees, books, library fees and the creation of a timetable. Both these tasks are stressful for school teams. The use of a school management software module with a feature for admission module in school management enables schools to simpler ways to for the schools to manage fee payment and automatic invoice generation. The online system also generates a fee summary at the start of every academic year to ensure that students and parents are aware of the financial obligations and automatic updates to parents ensure that they get timely reminders for the payment.

The online system also helps the class teachers during the admission season to schedule the timetable for the years, including details such as the number of students per class, teachers and substitute teachers assigned.

When selecting a school for their children, ease of admission is an essential feature that many schools tend to overlook. With the help of school management software modules with a feature for admission module in school management schools can make the admission season an easier experience for the parents as well as for their staff.

Today, we live in an era where time is an essential and scarce resource. Using a school management software module can help schools ease out the admission process for schools.