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What is Leave Management?

Very simply put, leave management is the tracking of employees who are applying for leave, the granting of said leave by the employer, and the ongoing tracking of leaves and holidays have taken over a given period of time. Leave management can be tracked on a predefined timeframe set by the employer themselves – so leaves can be applied for, granted, and tracked on a half-yearly, yearly, quarterly, monthly, or semester wise bases.

Leave management helps streamline the entire attendance management process in a way like never before. With leave management, employers or institutions have a better sense of when and how their employees show up for work and when they do not.

Leave management is also useful in terms of gaining data about an institution’s functioning, especially with regards to its employees. For instance, leave management helps identify patterns that may be indicating issues that could easily be resolved or provide some data about employee productivity or even just simple information about attendance patterns for various groups of employees. This information can then influence various administrative and human resources management decisions that the institution may make.

What is School ERP Software?

School ERP software is a tool or platform that helps schools manage their daily and ongoing processing that is a part of running an educational institution. This means it is a tool that allows certain repetitive or common processes that are usually performed by human personnel to be taken over by technology. In these modern times, most schools are using some sort of school ERP software to help manage their running of the school. School ERP software can handle a multitude of tasks – from admissions to accounting to alumni management. It is thus useful for a variety of stakeholders in the educational ecosystem, from parents to teachers to students to management to non-education staff like administrators or the finance team.

Why does institute needs Leave Management feature in School ERP Software?

Leave management with school ERP software can really enhance your educational institution’s usage of this piece of technology. Combining leave management with school ERP software integrates the system of leave application, granting, and tracking in the same tool that is being used to manage all other internal and external school processes. Instead of using traditional methods like an attendance register, leave management with school ERP software makes the whole process easy and free of fuss.

What are the benefits of Leave Management with School ERP Software?

The advantages of leave management with school ERP software are many and affect every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem. Broadly speaking, the automation of leave management with school ERP software takes a process that was originally driven by humans and uses technology to resolve it instead. This signals to the world that the school using leave management with school ERP software is technologically proficient, forward-thinking, and preparing students to be ready for a globalized and highly high tech world.

But how does leave management with school ERP software benefit various people at an educational institution specifically? Below we discuss the many ways leave management with school ERP software works for all of these different stakeholders – from management to administrators to teachers and students:

The Benefits of Leave management with School ERP Software for Management:
  • Reduction in labor costs

Leave management with school ERP software helps management reduce labor costs by a significant amount. Ordinarily, the processing of leave applications and granting or denial of leaves would be managed by some human resource in the administrative team of a school. With leave management with school ERP software, this entire process is automated. Once the school-specific rules and guidelines are programmed in, teachers and students merely apply for leave within the software and are notified of their status within it too. The school ERP software maintains records automatically, eliminating that task for a human resource also.

  • Reduction in overhead costs

As explained above, leave management with school ERP software results in a significant reduction in labor costs, thanks to the elimination of the need for human intervention in the entire leave application and leave granting process. This also means a reduction in overhead costs for management. How? First, the reduction in labor costs means that management is saving allied costs of having to employ and train another human resource. Further, the peripheral costs from the leave application — from the production costs of application forms to the time spent by multiple humans processing it — are also reduced. These small reductions may seem insignificant at first glance, but truly add up to positively impact the school’s bottom lines. It is a win-win for management on the whole.

The Benefits of Leave Management with school ERP Software for Administrators:

Leave management with school ERP software is primarily an administrative function, making this a tool that is especially helpful to school administrators. Here is how leave management with school ERP software helps them:

  • Employee leaves maintenance

The key function of leave management with school ERP software is to maintain a record of application and granting of leaves for employees like teachers or non-education staff and even students. This tracking of attendance and leave-taking is important not just on the practical level of knowing who is available at any given point of time but also in terms of understanding the functioning of the school better. Leave management with school ERP software enables schools to better manage their facilities and create policies and rules that are responsive to reality rather than perception.

  • Leave Notifications and Reminders

When you deploy leave management with school ERP software, the questions “Is such and such on leave?” becomes obsolete. This is because leave management with school ERP software allows for leave notifications or reminders to be sent out to all relevant parties that need to be kept in the loop. For instance, you can set up a notification or reminder system for all leaves taken by teachers to be sent automatically to the finance department to ensure efficient payroll processing.

  • Manage leave classifications

Leave management with school ERP software allows administrators to add and edit the various types of leave that are offered by the school. In general, educational institutions offer different types of leaves – from sick leave to personal days, to leaves with loss of pay, to annual leave. Obviously, these types of leaves are static. When you integrate leave management with school ERP software it is possible to change these classifications easily and quickly.

  • Create leave reports

In the end, leave management with school ERP software is the first step to creating a comprehensive understanding of the attendance and leave-taking habits of both students and staff at your school. Deploying leave management with school ERP software enables you to generate informative robots that capture this data in a useful way.

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The Benefits of Leave Management with school ERP Software for teachers and students:

The usefulness of leave management with school ERP software is universal. This means that leave management with school ERP software can be helpful to not just administrators, but also teachers and students. Here is how leave management with school ERP software also helps teachers and students:

  • Apply for leaves

Integrating leave management with school ERP software will make applying for leaves a complete breeze. Teachers and students will just be able to use the existing school ERP software they are familiar with to apply for leave from within their app. When using leave management with school ERP software like Fedena, it is possible to apply for leave at any time from any platform or device. Being able to swiftly and easily apply for leave reduces an immense burden on not just the teachers and students of a school, but also its staff that would other be burdened with the task of having to keep track of these applications, have them processed, and then communicate that to the applicant. Instead with leave management with school ERP software, labor, and overhead costs are reduced and time is utilized more efficiently thanks to automation of leave management in itself.

  • Track remaining leaves

Leave management with school ERP software helps teachers and students know at a glance how many leaves they have remaining. This is because using leave management with school ERP software helps tracks days attended and leaves taken against the school’s holiday calendar and attendance requirements easily within one tool. It is important for teachers and students to be able to track their status using leave management with school ERP software because it helps them better plan their days and adjust the pace of their teaching and learning accordingly.

  • Instant notification on application status

Okay, you have applied for leave in the leave management with school ERP software. Now what? Integrating leave management with school ERP software allows teachers and students to get notified in real time about the status of their leave application. This is because the school ERP software is available across multiple devices and at any time for students and teachers. Integrating leave management with school ERP software only extends the omniscience of this piece of technology.

School Management Software to ease admission process

How Fedena School Management Software Ease The Admission Process?

All across India, the December heralds the month of school admissions. During this season, one often sees long serpentine queues near schools and educational institutes and parents wake up in the wee hours of the day and stand in line the entire day to secure admissions forms for their kids.

For schools too, this time of the year can a chaotic time as schools need to focus of issuing admission forms, collating the fees for the same, collecting data, saving and managing the data, sorting admissions… the list can be endless.

However, an easy solution to opt for school management software modules with a feature for admission module in school management. Today, schools and educational institutes all over the world are comprehending the need for a school enrolment software that can help the administration team take care of the school admissions in a seamless manner.

Here are the top 8 ways shows that how school management software simplifies the admission process:

Simpler Distribution of Admission Forms

With the help of a school enrolment software, the schools can distribute the admission forms to a wider audience as it offers them the option to make a payment online and simply download the admission forms at the click of a mouse.

This admission form can be downloaded from the website or social media channels and hence is accessible to a wider range of audience.

Easy Form Submission

The digitally savvy students and their parents can not only download the form at the click of the mouse, but they can also use various mobile and cloud-based applications of the school management software modules to allow the parents to submit the forms and upload the various admission documents as needed. All the submissions and the documents related to the admission on a student can easily be done online using the various features and the functionalities of the admission module in school management.

Simple And Seamless Admission Tracking

Traditional paper-driven admission systems are also characterized by endless phone calls by hassled parents and students looking for information on the admission process, updates on the application status and other admissions-related information. However, school management software modules, schools can send parents and students timely updates about the admission process.

This involves updating parents automatically on admission test dates, locations, results, interview date, reminders as well as final admission status. Automation of this process saves parents the hassle of endless calls to the school team. With the help of technology, the administration can send parents automatic emails and mobile messages – as and when needed.

An Effective Admission Marketing Tools For Schools

This paperless admission process is not only easier for the parents and the administration team, but it also helps to create a savvy and modern image of the school in the minds of the parents.

Additionally, this digital system helps the schools to maintain a database of all the applicants across the years. The schools can then reach out to these students and use the software to send out automatic updates and emails about events in the schools, new course and special guest lectures as and when needed.

Creates A Uniformed Admission Experience Across Multiple School Campuses

Today, schools’ no longer function as standalone units and many schools have multiple campuses across various locations. The use of an admission module in school management will ensure that parents and students have a similarly seamless experience irrespective of the location. It also ensures that the admission process can be managed in a multilingual manner for parents or guardians who are more comfortable in local languages.

Secures Post-Admission Data Of All The Students

Using a school management software module with a feature for admission module in school management enables schools to securely store all the student-related data such as financial fees information, addresses, medical history in a safe digital platform. This only not ensures the information can be accessed by unauthorized personnel, but it saves schools the hassle of keeping all the admission forms and other data in a safe vault or storehouse.

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Creates An Error Free Admission Process

The admission season is a stressful season with plenty of opportunity for human error. The pressure of meeting the admission targets, the constant deadline and the tension of procession thousands of applications, can often be a cause of errors in the admission process. This is embracing for the school and can even cost the school its reputation. The use of a school management software module helps eliminate reasons potential for such careless errors.

Creates Simpler Fee Management And Timetable Management Process

The admission season is also characterized by the collection of multiple fees such as admission fees, transport fees, books, library fees and the creation of a timetable. Both these tasks are stressful for school teams. The use of a school management software module with a feature for admission module in school management enables schools to simpler ways to for the schools to manage fee payment and automatic invoice generation. The online system also generates a fee summary at the start of every academic year to ensure that students and parents are aware of the financial obligations and automatic updates to parents ensure that they get timely reminders for the payment.

The online system also helps the class teachers during the admission season to schedule the timetable for the years, including details such as the number of students per class, teachers and substitute teachers assigned.

When selecting a school for their children, ease of admission is an essential feature that many schools tend to overlook. With the help of school management software modules with a feature for admission module in school management schools can make the admission season an easier experience for the parents as well as for their staff.

Today, we live in an era where time is an essential and scarce resource. Using a school management software module can help schools ease out the admission process for schools.

how School ERP Software benefits school, students and others?

Go Paperless: How School ERP Software Can Benefits School, Students & Others?

Save Paper, Go Green is a very popular mantra among conservationists working to save the environment. Every year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper and over 60% of the timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and its products. However, by going paperless, there are numerous benefits to the environment 

Besides these benefits, going paperless by adopting a school ERP software also offers multiple benefits to schools, students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

But what does going paperless entail?

Going paperless essentially meaning adopting a digital system such as a school ERP software that allows for the electronic creation and storage of documents and files to manage school data instead of the traditional format of the paper.

Benefits of School ERP To Schools:

Traditionally schools generate a lot of data from the academic records of students, to financial details, medical data, administration related information and this often mounts to reams and reams of paper that need to be collated, sorted and stored.

By going paperless with a school ERP system, it becomes easy to manage and store this data in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, the school ERP system adds an element of security to this data so that is cannot be accessed by unauthorised individuals.

For the authorized individuals looking for data, it ensures that there is real time access and any change made in the system can immediately be seen and approved.

Benefits of School ERP SoftwareTo Students:

Today, students are digitally savvy, and many learners prefer learning online through games, tablets, websites than traditional textbooks. For these students online learning options that are available at the click of a mouse help improve their classroom experience as well as appeals to their learning style. Using an ERP school system with a learning management module will help schools to create a paperless interactive learning environment which appeals to the children of the digital age.

Benefits of School ERP To Teachers:

Going paperless with the help of a school ERP software provides multiple benefits to the teachers. It ensures that routine tasks such as attendance management, test grading, report card management gets taken care of in a seamless and effective manner without any involvement of the teachers. Automation of these tasks frees up time so that the teachers can utilise the classroom time in an effective manner.

Additionally, by going paperless and elimination text books, teachers get an opportunity to provide course materials for students electronically, It also facilitates electronic homework and assignment submission where teachers can access, verify and provide feedback on the same with grades.

Another benefit of going paperless and eliminating the need for a school diary as the school ERP system sends automatic updates to the parents when needed. This way the parents stay updated about the child’s experience in schools and the teachers do not have to spend hours writing notes in the school diary.

Benefits of School ERP Software to Parents:

Going paperless involves the adoption of a school ERP system which then collates and manages all the data for the school. For the parents, this ensures that the automatic system keeps them constantly updated on the happenings in schools, they can track their children in school, stay updated on the whereabouts of the school bus and know that their child is safe in school.

It also makes other processes such payment of fees, admissions, miscellaneous formal procedures easier as the online system allows the parents to complete these procedures from the comfort of their home rather than spend time standing in long serpentine queues.

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Benefits of ERP System to Administrators:

Going paperless offers multiple benefits to the school administration team as the collation of data and managing the data becomes a lot easier on an online system. School admission data, as well as student-related data, can easily be managed without struggling through reams of data. Additionally, this data can be accessed easily and changes to the same can be managed without any stress.

While there is no denying that going paperless helps to save the environment and reduce waste, there are numerous benefits for a school from going paperless. Today, digital tools for schools and in education are slowly gaining momentum in school and educational institutes around the world.  

Biometric School Attendance Management Software

How Does Biometric School Attendance Management Software Simplify Payroll?

Biometric School Attendance Management Software Your Finance Team Will Love

What is Biometric School Attendance Management Software?

Biometric school attendance software is software that collects biometric information in order to collate attendance data. Think of a fingerprint scanner or an iris reader that you might have seen in your school or office at ports of entry and exit. These are simply a type of biometric school attendance software that is already in your school. Increasingly, thanks to more easily accessible technology and growing student security needs, biometric student attendance software are really gaining a foothold and becoming more prevalent in our educational institutions like schools and colleges. Biometric school attendance management software might seem like futuristic technologies for fancy school, but they are actually cost-effective and highly useful for all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

Biometric school attendance software relies on biometrics – measurable information based on human characteristics – to track the attendance of everyone from teachers to staff to students. The biometric school attendance software essentially tracks in real time every entry and exit of every person entering and leaving a building. It is arguably the most effective school attendance software on the market.

Why do Schools Need Biometric School Attendance Software?

It could be argued that school essentially functions as a job for students. It certainly does for teachers. It is thus necessary that the very concept of attendance be treated seriously by all parties. Previously, we have used devices like signing in at attendance registers or asking security or administrative personnel to confirm the attendance of teachers, or just using an honor system. These systems are unfeasible for a variety of reasons, ranging from being impossible to scale up in the case of the honor system or self sign in to incredibly expensive and unreliable in case of having a human resource keep track of comings and goings. They have been in use for so long because of the inaccessibility of expensive technology. However, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, biometric school attendance software is widely available, financially viable, and easily installed at your school.

Schools and other educational institutions are where students and teachers spend most of their days. It is necessary that their whereabouts are known and accounted for, in order to maintain a secure facility. Relying on traditional methods like eyewitness accounts and self-sign ins is not feasible, especially when technology like biometric school attendance software is so highly accessible.

Whom Biometric School Attendance Management Software Help?

It might seem like biometric school attendance software is only useful for truant students. But as has already been discussed above, biometric school attendance does not just track student attendance but also tracks the attendance and leaves of teachers and other non-education or administrative staff. This helps management keep track of the daily functioning of the school easily and cost-effectively, helping them manage their bottom line. This is vital for management considering the financial setbacks and funding cuts that most schools and colleges face these days. Biometric school attendance software is thus useful to every single stakeholder in the educational ecosystem.

How is Payroll Processing Impacted by Biometric School Attendance Software?

Payroll processing is one of the most important, yet time-consuming and taxing functions in a school. So how can your biometric school attendance software help? Below we discuss how payroll processing is made easier thanks to the impact the right biometric school attendance software can make. Overall, these advantages help feel payroll processing software accurate information automatically.

  • Real-Time Tracking of Attendance

With biometric school attendance software, the need to review archived tapes or attendance logs is eliminated. Instead, know when teachers or non-education or administrative staff is entering and exiting the school in real time. This is because the biometric school attendance software reads, stores, and shares entry and exit data in a matter of seconds. No lag time in the storage of attendance means that you know exactly where teachers or staff are at any given point of time.

  • No Fraudulent Attendance

Attendance can often be faked or manipulated by malicious elements in the school ecosystem. Much like their students, sometimes teachers and staff can attempt to have someone sign in on their behalf in the traditional paper and pencil attendance register. This is practically impossible with biometric school attendance software. This is because the biometric school attendance software reads biometric information that is unique to each human. Proxy attendance – a very huge student problem in Indian schools and colleges – is entirely eliminated by biometric school attendance software. This reduction of fraudulent attendance reports is necessary for school, especially, who are constantly dealing with budget cuts and must pinch pennies where they can.

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  • Automated Payroll Processing

No employee likes to wait to be paid and this is no different for teachers and staff in a school. Since payroll is such a sensitive function, it usually is a huge undertaking for a school’s finance team in terms of time and labor. But no more! Now, Your payroll processing software can be plugged into your biometric school attendance software to streamline and automate payroll processing. This is because the biometric school attendance software is reliably tracking attendance and leaves of teachers and staff throughout the day. It is also able to share this information with the payroll processing software and then make the required deductions or additions to the payroll, on a person by person basis. Using biometric school attendance software in conjunction with your payroll processing software pretty much automates the payroll processing entirely.

  • Reduction in Payroll Errors

Thanks to the accuracy of information that the biometric school attendance software receives and shares, the data it shares regarding school attendance and leaves records can be relied on. This means that when a payroll processing software is plugged into it, people’s pay is being processed based on reliable information – instead of self-reported information or information that is prone to error thanks to a human recording it through observation. A biometric school attendance software is thus less susceptible to errors than a fallible human, making it the better option for payroll processing.

integration in school erp software

Top Seven Integrations In Any School ERP Software

Your school ERP software is highly capable

What are integrations in school ERP software?

School ERP software is any tool or platform used to manage a variety of processes and functions in an educational institution. While most school ERP software has inbuilt functionalities that address all the needs of various stakeholders in the educational institution, oftentimes users want their school ERP software to do more. This is where integrations come in. Integrations refer to the capability of your school ERP software to work with or collaborate with an external functionality and have it smoothly work like it would normally. For instance, an email integration allows you to basically connect your school ERP software to your email client so that you can easily integrate or shift between these two applications as needed.

Why do we need integrations in school ERP software?

School ERP software tends to be quite comprehensive in nature. It makes sense why – the very purpose of a school ERP software is to be a robust and reliable tool that handles every function and process an educational institution could need. Why then would we need integrations for our school ERP software?

To answer this question it is important to understand that educational institutions do not function in silos. They often have to interact with stakeholders that might not be within this field. They might be using software and hardware that was not necessarily built for educational institutions. Their capabilities are affected by these factors and the fact that dedicated educational technology is still a nascent trend. For a while now educational institutions have relied on using technology or tools or platforms for various functionalities that may have not been built for them, but have become the de facto tool, software, or platform to use in a given industry or by a given stakeholder.

Often times, these types of preferences are deeply ingrained and difficult to change, especially when it comes to external entities. This is where integrations come in to save the day. With integrations, educational institutions bridge the gap between their school ERP software and whatever tool, software, or platform that is already in use by stakeholders they have to work with.

Who benefits from integrations in school ERP software?

A common misconception about school ERP software is that it is only useful for administrative staff in educational institutions. This is because school ERP software is so adept at taking over processes or non-education functions that administrative staff is primarily responsible for in most educational institutions. But nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, school ERP software is for all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. These stakeholders include teachers, students, parents, non-educational staff like an administrative staff and even the management or controlling board of a school.

The same applies to integrations in school ERP software, since through the use of the school ERP software these numerous stakeholders will inevitably be making use of the integrations also in the course of their professional interactions.

What type of integrations is possible in school ERP software?

It is obvious that multiple integrations are possible with your school ERP software. Everything from email to financial software can be integrated with school ERP software. It might be to increase the functionality of your school ERP software as much as possible by integrating everything possible. But the sheer range of possible integrations might be overwhelming for some school ERP software users. So where would be the right place to begin?

Below, we discuss in great detail, the top seven integrations we advise to start using your school ERP software to its full potential. Read on to find out what you should be looking at as for as integrations for your school ERP software go:

  • Biometric or RFID Integration

One of the biggest integrations possible with your school ERP software is biometric ID or RFID integration. But what is biometric or RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Biometric IDs are any form of identification relying on biometric information – like an Aadhaar. Your school ERP software is capable of integrating with ID cards enabled with biometric info or RFID to automatically convey information every time the ID card is used. An example of the kind of information this integration would collect would be something as simple as entry and exit times for students using their ID to swipe in and out of classrooms and even school itself.

  • SMS Integration

Your school ERP software is capable of integrating with a bulk SMS provider of your choice, enabling management, teachers, and administrative staff to connect with parents and students easily and in one go. Parents and students can also set up SMS alert notifications that are reliable and delivered at scale thanks to this type of integration in the school ERP system. Finally, SMS notifications can be set up to be sent out in bulk automatically every time certain events occur in your school ERP software, eliminating the need for human intervention in case of routine alerts.

  • Email Integration

School ERP software can be integrated with your preferred email client in order to set up email notifications for a variety of stakeholders – such as parents and students. But this does not mean spam email from your school ERP software. In reality, the integration empowers the administrator to send emails to select stakeholders. They can also give permission to key employees to be able to the same through the school ERP software integration itself. Finally, automated emails can be set up for specified groups of recipients for specific events taking place in the school ERP software.

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  • Tally Integration

This is a good example of an integration made necessary by the existing status quo in an industry. While your school ERP software has its own financial and accounts management capabilities, externally Tally software is the one most used by accountants and other financial personnel. Schools would be hard pressed to find professionals who will be willing to work with their custom school ERP software when a perfectly functional alternative works just fine and is used widely across their industry. This is where Tally integration in your school ERP software comes in handy, making it possible to bridge the gap between two different software.

  • Barcode Integration

Why would a school need barcode integration? This might seem like a pointless integration but is actually extremely useful for library services your school offers. Integrating the barcode with the library module of your school ERP software ensures that barcoded library books and materials borrowed by students and teachers are tracked. Your school ERP software thus also ends up helping with inventory management for your library electronically.

  • Mobile App Integration

Integrating the mobile app with your school ERP software is almost a necessity. These two arms of the same tool must work seamlessly, and this is made possible thanks to easy integration within the same school ERP software.

  • Online Payment Integration

While some school ERP software has their own payment gateways, many schools already use their own custom payment gateways that they may not want to abandon. This is where custom online payment integration comes into play – a robust school ERP software will allow for such an integration that delivers smooth and easy payment.

Web based college ERP system

Web-based College ERP System – Why is an effective solution for higher education institutions?

There are so many reasons to say that why a web-based college ERP system is beneficial for a higher education institution. At the very basic level, colleges have to maintain a lot more data compared to the K-12 institutions. Maintaining it manually in a more efficient way sometimes take up a lot of time and when admins do it on a regular basis it turns out to be quite a daunting task in every sense of the word.

How college ERP system can help?

With the help of online college management software, it becomes easier for administrators and other stakeholders to keep track of the huge amount of data from a single platform with virtually no effort at all. From the college ERP software dashboard institute’s decision makers can keep a track on the performance and progress of each department. This software also makes it possible for you to automate various functions such as student and employees attendance, payroll management, course and batches management, inventory, placement management and much more, which further reduces the load off your shoulders.

Let’s see how the college management dashboard feature help universities:

The web-based college ERP system products that we are talking about over here have been designed in a simple way so that stakeholders would have no problem at all in using them and understanding the information that they reveal. A magnificent example of such design is the Dashboard Feature. At a single location, users would be able to gather all the important information related to an institution such as the quantity of inventory, Fees collected, Students or Employees absent, birthdays, gallery photos, resources and much more.  You can see for yourself how well the staff in your institution is doing or not. As far as maintenance of data goes the possibilities that these systems present to you are endless, to put it succinctly.

What functions can an ERP play in the context of your educational institution?

There are multiple functions that college management system software can perform in the context of your higher educational institute that you might not be able to count on both of your fingers. It can manage your desk job effectively and automate various functions, reduce the paperwork which makes it easier for your staff. Apart from all this,  it also imparts various reports so that the key-holders can make better and faster decisions to improve the productivity of their institution.

With the use of college management software, an institution can keep a track on students progress especially the outstation students.  In multiple ways, such system benefits them and provide them an opportunity to get educated under the guidance of best educators.

With the help of ERP software, it is possible to keep track of various daily activities of your college such as finances, transportation, and ordering materials to be used in the institute with ease. You can also schedule them as per your convenience. More important than anything else, when you have such a system in your organization it is easier for you to communicate with your staff in a transparent and fluent manner. This way, you are also able to plan and manage all the departments in your institutions in a long-term manner.

When you have a proper ERP system in your college or university you do not need various management software products for each and every department. Since these systems are automatic in nature and there is no need for entering and typing data in a manual way. This, in turn, reduces the possibilities of a mistake as well.       

  • Cloud-based

In most cases, it is seen that these products are Cloud-based platforms. This means that the users of these systems can automate, monitor, and manage all their work from wherever they want and whenever they want to. This, in turn, makes sure that they are able to make the most of their workflow. Once the basic data gets uploaded on such a system your staff and faculty members are able to do a lot of work with comfort and ease that they would have otherwise found tedious and boring. This eventually reduces the chances of mistakes as well. Obviously, it gets better when you choose the high-end systems.

  • The answer to all the ills

It could be said with a degree of certainty that this is the kind of software that colleges and universities had been looking for all this while. In fact, from a bigger perspective too, it can be said that these systems are answers to all the issues that had been plaguing the educational community till date.

  • Advanced educational systems

There are certain systems in this regard that happen to have been developed specifically keeping in mind the needs of educational institutions. Normally an ERP solution may not always be able to provide the kind of institutional components and insight that an organization of your nature needs. This is where these systems can prove to be so very effective.

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Why are the ERP solutions popular then?

In spite of this, you would see that there are plenty of web-based college ERP solutions that are being used by colleges and universities all around. Now the question that needs to be asked is why this does happen? The main reason for that is the fact that an ERP comes with functionalities that enable these higher educational institutions to perform effectively and automate all the activities such as accounting, inventory management, and fee collection, and many. This is something that if directing manually by an academic and administrative team it becomes a cumbersome task for them. With such a system all they need to do is one entry and the rest takes care of itself.

However, if your academic system is a proper one it would provide you APIs (application program interfaces) that would allow you to perform such functions just as easily. This means rather than having separate systems for your academic activities and your accounting work you get a single consolidated system that would attend to all the requirements that you may have in this regard.


No matter which system you choose you would need to make sure that it is implemented in the proper way as it is only then that you would be able to maximize it to its fullest.   


school erp system

School ERP System to Manage the Time-Eating Tasks in Institution

Why School ERP Systems?

As an educational institution, there are several complex issues that you tend to face and the best way to tackle them is surely a school ERP system. This is the day and age of technology and it is only going to be even more applicable in the days ahead. In such a context it can be said that educational institutes all around the world are now starting to understand the role that technology can play in their field of work. They know that it can be really beneficial for them to carrying out their tedious processes in a smooth manner.

  • The best parts of these systems

The best part of a school ERP system is that you would be able to do the work in a manner that is engaging and effective at the same time. On a daily basis admins have to manage the multiple tasks. In order to make sure that they are able to manage such huge amounts of cumbersome work in a more effective manner it is very important that they adopt technology to the highest possible extent.

  • Not just any technology

It needs to be kept in mind in this context that just any technology would not solve the problems that they face. The technology that schools should use for such purposes has to be the latest and the best as well. So that institutes stakeholders such as teachers, admins and other employees would be able to do their work in a more effective and efficient manner.

Types of Problems Educational Institutes Face

There are so many issues that a school faces and it can be  easily solve with the implementation of  school ERP software in their school structure. For instance, the paperwork which admins manage manually eats lot of their productive time. Managing a real time communication is also a major issue for them. The same can also be said of the registration process, during the new admission season  manually managing the whole process become tedious task for admins. As there is a lot of data related to students that admins have to take care of and later maintain it on regularly basis, so that the information can easily be track-able and viewed in a single click.

Some other issues that school faces

Sometime schools also faces trouble in managing and keeping a track on the fees payments. In much, the same way evaluation and course management are major issues for them as well. The last, but definitely not the least, name in this regard would be that of decision making on a real-time basis.

How can these issues be tackled with a School ERP System?

In most cases, in an educational institute the administrative staff spends most of its time in doing paperwork and that too, on a manual basis. This is where a school management system can prove its worth in the proper sense of the term. With such software, you can easily make sure that such time consuming and repetitive processes get automated so that the staff would devote their precious time on some productive work. With a school ERP,  institutes can easily automate the registration process. This means that no longer do your prospective students need to stand in queues on the day when the registration is being done. Students can easily perform the entire process online.

  • Paying the fees and such other important work

With school ERP, students can pay their fees, enroll themselves in your school, and submit the assignments  at their convenience.

One of the major challenges that a school faces is that of creating curricula for various classes and then evaluating them to make sure that they are being beneficial for the students. There is a lot of work that goes into the same such as homework assignments, evaluations, and examinations. When your ERP system is a robust one you can complete such work with very few resources.

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  • Managing the admission campaigns

As far as admissions are concerned there is a lot that schools have to do. They have to take care of the inquiries and then get going with the follow-ups as well. One thing is for sure – this is never really an easy task to accomplish. In fact, this is the reason why there is always such a high possibility that schools may miss out on their admission related targets. However, if you have an automated ERP system that is meant for schools your job would automatically become a lot easier.

This way, you would have no problem whatsoever in managing admission campaigns as well as the inquiries. You would be able to take care of the follow-up process as well and your targets of admission would be met a lot smoother as well.

  • Great communication with all the stakeholders

By using a school ERP system you would also be able to communicate really well with all the stakeholders in a school such as the students, their parents, and your own staff. You can accomplish this through means such as internal notifications within the system itself as well as SMS (short message service), and emails, to name a few. This also brings down any gap that you may have with others in terms of communication. In fact, this can also prove to be effective when it comes to communication gaps that the other important stakeholders may have between themselves. As far as student data is concerned there is indeed a lot of data that a school has to take care of.


There are leaves and attendance galore. This also means that the schools have to do plenty of research in order to make sure that the work is done in a proper way. Since the school ERP systems work in an automated way it becomes easier to create profiles of students and manage them as well.        

So, as you can see, there is basically nothing that a school ERP system would not help you do.


Multi-School ERP System

How to Manage School Branches Using Multi-School ERP System?

Multi-School ERP Systems help create cohesive experiences

What is a multi-school ERP System?

School ERP systems that can be used across multiple school branches or outposts are called multi-school ERP systems. These multi-school ERP systems ensure that multiple branches of a single school work efficiently and uniformly, no matter how far flung these branches are compared to each other. Multi-school ERP systems are built for schools with multiple branches who are seeking to recreate a similar, cohesive experience for all students across branches of their school. Multi-school ERP systems also help systemise some processes and rules across branches to ensure that students have a uniform learning experience across branches. The quality of education a school imparts is thus managed well across branches when a multi-school ERP system is in place.

What is the purpose of multiple school branches?

It is not uncommon for successful schools to open up multiple branches or commonwealth universities of the original school. There are multiple reasons for this.

First, good schools are often in high demand, which means that opening a branch of the school can help meet the needs of a growing student body.

Second, in times of cities exploding in size and population, good schools can often seem physically inaccessible to students living in far flung localities. This means that students in these localities are missing out on a good education or have to be content with local schools that might not meet their needs. With schools that have multiple branches, students get access to some choice in education, instead of having to settle for what is available.

What use is a multi-school ERP System?

A multi-school ERP can be used to manage multiple school branches across geographies and timezones efficiently and systemically. 

Can’t I just use separate School ERP systems?

Detractors would question the use of a multi-school ERP system when individual school ERP systems could be implemented at each branch of the school instead. While this seems like a far easier decision to make, since it does not require buy in from multiple branches of the school in question, it would actually result in a lot of inefficiencies in the long run.

While branches exist in an individual capacity and run independently, it is important to remember that these are not different schools or different branches. Branches of a school function under the same mandate and are committing to providing their students the same learning experiences across branches. To be able to ensure this, schools have to be able to ensure that processes, rules, regulations, and facilities provided across schools to teachers, administrators, non-education staff, and branch management are uniform – this begins with ensuring that the school ERP system in place at each of these branches is a multi-school ERP system.

Using a multi-school ERP system ensures that processes remain the same across branches, which trickles down to systems, rules, regulations, and ultimately teaching. A greater sense of unity is also the overall result when a multi-school ERP system is put in place.

What features does a good multi-school ERP system offer?

  • Common plugins across branches

One key advantage of using a multi-school ERP system is that plugins chosen as add ons remain common across branches. This means that a Library plugin used by the main branch will function the same way across subsidiary branches, resulting in a library system that is robust and resourceful thanks to its collective strength. What is more is that the administrator of the multi-school ERP system can assign permissions for plugins per his discretion and what each branch in the school system actually means.

This means that customised usage of plugins across schools is also possible, since permission to use said plugins in the multi-school ERP system will be granted per the need and requirement of each of the subsidiary branches. This level of uniformity yet individuality strikes that tricky balance needed between multiple branches of a school system and can only be made possible by a multi-school ERP system.

  • Multiple payment gateway for smoother transactions

One of the biggest hassles for any school, college, or educational system is the entire process of fee payment. There are multiple reasons for this – from a process fraught with red tape and paperwork to addressing the minute, detailed individual needs of each students that a school is honour bound to address.

A multi-school ERP system resolves a lot of the issues that are related to the technical aspects of fee payment – from calculating deductions and extra fees levied on a student by student basis, to generation of fee reminder, to providing a simple payment gateway that is accessible from any device at any time from anywhere by parents, to even generation of fee receipts once the fees have been paid.

These are all tasks that a school ERP system would ordinarily handle, but when multiple branches come into play a multi-school ERP system should be deployed. This is because with a multi-school ERP system, multiple payment gateways are assigned to each branch school thus making fee collection get dispersed amongst branch schools (and be customised to their needs) but also all of it is funneled to the parent school since it is all happening on the same platform – the multi-school ERP system.

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  • Setting up SMS alerts in one go

SMS alerts are used in school to ensure swift, private, reliable communication between various stakeholders at the school. Since SMS alerts are often used to convey emergency information, it is vital that these function flawlessly.

With a multi-school ERP system, SMS alerts can be set up in one go for all branches in the school system – this ensures that in times of emergency, all students across branches in the school system receive the same information at the same time. With a multi-school ERP system in place, SMS notifications become a reliable source of information that parents can trust.

The same goes for all email notifications for all branches of the school. The multi-school ERP system can be set up in one go to function in exactly the same way for all branches of the schools ensuring that parents can rely on both SMS and email to inform them of happenings at school.

  • Multiple Admin Profiles

Just because a school system has many branches does not mean an overburdened staff at the parent school or a dysfunctional day to day working for subsidiary schools. A multi-school ERP system ensures that multiple admin profiles can be set up for each branch school to ensure smooth workflow that caters to individual needs of the schools.

How School ERP System can ensure the safety of the students?

Over the past few years, our newspapers have been filled with horrifying articles that point towards the lack of safety standards and security precautions in schools. Today, parents and educators across the world understand that the school ERP software is pivotal to creating a safe and a secure learning environment for students. As schools work towards this goal of ensuring the safety of their students, staff and all their data, schools and other educational institutes need to create strategies and make diligent efforts to ensure that their school and the school campus is safe and secure.

In this regard, a school ERP system is charged with the safety of all school and ensuring that they protect them from physical and virtual attacks and intrusions:

  • Protecting the data of the school

Educational institutions are privy to a lot of confidential information, especially, information related to their students – addresses, financial details, banking details, academic records and lots more. Unauthorised access to this confidential student information can be a major data security breach that can have far reaching repercussions on the students, the staff and even the reputation of the school.

Using the ERP software for school data management is a great way to protect the data related to the school by allowing access to only authorised personnel. Limiting access to sensitive information with permissions that can easily be granted and revoked in your school management software is one of the ways that a school ERP system keeps the information safe. Similarly, the school management software also allows to track who accessed what information and highlights any irregularities when they happen.

  • Visitor management for the school campus

A school ERP system allows for schools and colleges to have a visitor management system for their campus.  This essentially starts with providing a photo-biometric identification to all the registered parents, guardians and friends of the students. This ensures that when the respective parent or guardian comes to pick the kid, the biometric verification provides additional security.

Another security function of this feature is that it keeps the schools, parents and guardians updated about the various guests who visit their children updating the parents about their visiting hours and purpose. This is a great way to stay vigilant about the security of the visitors who visit their kids and keeps the school’s security team updated about the various visitors on the campus.

  • Transport security for schools

One of the biggest advantages of using a school ERP software is that it imparts the mobile application to connect the parents with the students accessing the transport module. It allows the parents to track their children when they are commuting to school and it helps to locate them in the school vehicle using the mobile application at any given moment during the journey.

The school ERP system provides the transport management feature to keep a track on the buses, their real-time location and then provide this essential data to the authorities and school management. This feature is important to allow for quick responses to breakdowns, accidents and other emergencies that may take place during the commute of the students. Additionally, this real-time visibility also helps the school monitor bus speed and help improve school bus safety and driver accountability at all times.

Thus, the school ERP system also keeps a tab on the transport system of the school and offers complete peace of mind to the parents.

  • Constant communication to the parents

Various advances in technology including a school ERP software has dramatically changed the communication takes places between the school, teachers and parents. A few years ago, the famed school diary was the only way of communication between parent and teacher. However today, the school ERP have features that allow schools to send or broadcast SMS alerts and automatic messages to registered parents.  This features then ensures that students and their families are immediately and automatically informed of emergency situations is a critical capability that is essential to the maintain a sense of safety in the school and giving parents the much needed peace of mind.

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  • Offering Network security to the schools

Today, most schools and colleges have large campus that are spread across geographical locations. For such large educational institutes, the security system includes large and numerous networks that manage the various safety and security issues. From video monitoring, paging systems, backup systems, the security features of their schools often have a piecemeal approach that while intended to strengthen preventive methods, reduce responsiveness and spread the responsibility to far and thin. It is therefore essential that schools need to leverage their IT infrastructure to strengthen defence over time. This can be effectively and efficiently done by centralising management and monitoring, with the help of a school ERP software

A school ERP system offers an integrated approach can help improve collaboration throughout your various school campuses and build a single network infrastructure. This approach not only helps the schools enable adaptive threat defences when necessary, but it reduces costs improves communications and allows for faster responses when needed.

Thus, the use of a school ERP system is one of the most effective ways to maintain tighter controls on your physical and virtual environments and provide schools with a a solid foundation that will allow them to focus the students

Today, for schools it is important to create a learning environment for the teachers, students and the staff that is safe and secure. This not only creates the optimal learning and teaching environment, but it also enhances the reputation of the school and one that offers the students all a safe and secure learning environment.

school erp software

How school ERP software improves student’s results, teaching & course quality?

See better outcomes across the board with a school ERP system

What is a school ERP software?

A ERP software for school system is a kind of educational technology, i.e. software that is built to specifically meet the diverse needs of an educational institution. In School ERP system, ERP literally stands for enterprise resource planning – which implies that the school ERP system helps the school plan the usage of its resources more efficiently. School ERP systems are thus a tool or platform that helps the school manage its processes and actions in a way that is most efficient while also being effective.

School ERP systems help schools in many ways by just taking over this aspect of running a school – when the processes of a school run smoothly, the school itself runs smoothly. Thanks to the ERP system, a school can provide a consistent and dependable teaching and learning environment for all of its stakeholders.

Does your educational institutional need a school ERP system?

Whether your school needs a school ERP system can only be answered by a comprehensive and honest assessment of your schools needs. Without this broad assessment, a school ERP system would become an impulse purchase. Further, the effective use of a school ERP system cannot take place without first understanding the needs of a school in entirety. This is why a comprehensive and honest assessment is recommended before a school ERP system is purchased.

Why comprehensive? The school ERP system is a tool or software that needs to be useful for the school, as a whole. Schools are notoriously facing constant budget costs and financing issues, which means any financial outlay must be justified. Understanding the needs of the school at every level and for every stakeholder in the school is necessary to fully understand the needs of the school.

Why honest? It is quixotic to think that an organisation will operate perfectly and without error day after day for years on end. It is natural for any large organisation, like a school, to run into hitches or have niggling issues that need to be addressed. However, to begin addressing these issues, a needs assessment is needed that is a realistic representation of the actual gaps in functioning that the school needs to bridge.

Who benefits from a school ERP software and how?

After a comprehensive and honest needs assessment has been conducted, it is important to understand why and how a school ERP system could benefit each stakeholder in the educational ecosystem. Below we explore these stakeholders and specific institutional issues that are resolved by their use of a school ERP system:

  • Students

Students benefit greatly from a school ERP system because they get to learn in the most perfect learning environment – one that is consistent, predictable and well-organised. A well-structured and highly organised environment is necessary to facilitate learning for a student, and a school ERP system makes achieving this kind of environment easier.

How are Student Results affected by a school ERP system?

Thanks to how school ERP systems benefit both students and parents, student results are where schools will start seeing a real difference. When students are set up for success through the provision of an efficiently run school, it creates a learning environment that allows them to thrive. School ERP systems thus have a noticeable effect on student results – which in turn can be tracked more efficiently using the same school ERP system, resulting in a system of learning that has children performing their best.

  • Parents

Any parent will tell you that one of the most impactful stakeholders in a child’s learning is the parent. Making a parent a key part of a student’s learning plan is necessary to achieving success and nothing ensures seamless cooperation between school and parent like a school ERP system does. Parents are able to stay engaged with teachers and their student on an ongoing basis thanks to the tools that were built for them in a school ERP system – from one on one communication with teachers to real time tracking of their student’s transport to and from school, a school ERP system is a parent’s choice companion when it comes to educational success for their child.

  • Teachers

Teachers derive great benefit from a school ERP system because of how it so nimbly reduces the administrative burden placed on them as part of their teaching duties. From marking attendance to uploading report cards, a school ERP system just takes over a variety of administrative or ancillary duties that teachers are often saddled with. A school ERP system also ensures better connect between students and teachers through easy creation of study groups, highly accessible course materials and personalised one on one communication between teacher and student at any time.

How is teaching affected by a school ERP software?

Thanks to this reduction in burden on the teacher due to the implementation of a school ERP system, teachers are now able to focus on the most important part of their job – teaching. The school ERP system also makes teaching more modern – teachers can be more personalised in their teaching with the school ERP system enabling continous one on one learning, multimedia materials can be shared within the school ERP system, etc.

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  • Administrative Staff and Management

Administrative staff are no doubt the primary beneficiaries of a school ERP system. After all, the school ERP system was built to take over processes and execute them without any error, something human administrative staff may not be able to do as consistently. School ERP systems thus reduce the burden on administrative departments that are overwhelmed by repetitive processes.

Management benefits from the ERP system also, just because its use reduces the burden of day to day repetitive processes on overburdened administrative staff freeing them up to prioritise longer term projects. It might also demonstrate that some departments are redundant, eliminating labour costs and reducing overheads for management bottom lines.

How is course quality affected by a school ERP software?

Finishing a course has never been easier for students or more efficient for teachers – the school ERP system is a course management system all by itself, handling everything from course scheduling, sharing course requirements, timetables, materials, sending out course alerts, and sharing learning statistics at class, course, and batch levels.

The school ERP system makes it much easier to engage with the mechanics of taking a course and successfully adhering to the schedule and completing it, overall improving the course quality. The school ERP system is revolutionising the very experience of taking courses and learning.

Transport System Using School Management System

Benefits Of Managing The Transport System Using School Management System

How can a school management system can help a school function in a more effective and efficient way?

School today function in smart ways. The use of school management systems has enabled schools to function in ways that are efficient – saving time, money and other resources. Many schools across the world are also opting for a managing the transport system using school management system.

But What Is A Transport Management System?

A Transportation management system uses online software to manage transport operations for organisations including schools and educational institutes. They help in controlling the day to day processes involved in transportation and make real-time execution of the transportation system a lot easier.

  • Safety And Peace Of Mind To The Parents

One of the biggest advantages of using a transport management system is that it uses the school management software mobile application to connect the parents with the students using the transport system. This enables the parents to track their children and locate them using the mobile application at any given moment during the journey.

This assures parents about the safety of their children and managing the transport system using the school management system offers complete peace of mind to the parents.

  • Exact Scheduling

Managing the transport system using the school management system helps the schools to notify the parents about the exact pick-up of the students in the morning as well as the correct drop off time in the afternoon. This ensures that the parents or the caretaker is available at the gate at the right time.

In case of an emergency, if there is a change in the schedule then the parents get an automatic update via SMS and email, thus keeping the parents informed at all times

  • Improved Routing

Using the transport management system schools can allocate buses on various routes in the most efficient manner ensuring that they are no overload of students or shortage of busses on any school route.

Any changes in the schedule of the buses can be managed effectively using the school management system. This improved routing helps save fuel and costs for the school in the long run.

  • Improved tracking of the school bus

Using the transport management, schools can easily track the busses and accurately reporting bus locations and provide real-time data to the authorities and school management. This allows or quick responses to breakdowns, accidents and other emergencies that may take place. Additionally, this real-time visibility also helps the school monitor bus speed, and help improve school bus safety and driver accountability.

  • Consolidated reports

Managing the transport system using the school management system offers school management regular reports related to the functioning of the transport system. This report, that is available at the click of a button can include various details such as driver punctuality report, vehicle utilisation reports, Vehicle halt reports and lots more.

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  • Bus Fees Tracking

Using the school management software is also a great way to school authorities to track the payment of the school bus fees and issue receipts for the same at the click of a button.

With the help of a school management software and a transport management system, schools will not only function more effectively, but they can also work towards creating a safer transportation system for their students and their staff.


school ERP system with RFID

Unexpected Benefits of Integrating School ERP System with RFID

School ERP system with RFID takes processes to the next level

What is RFID?

RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a technology that uses radio waves to read information stored on a RFID tag attached to an object. The reader does not need to be in direct contact with the object, but instead can read it from several feet away.

In schools and educations, the RFID tag is usually attached to a student’s identity card, since that is an object that is on their person at all times. A school ERP software system with RFID integration can then track the use of this RFID enabled identity card to track student movements and actions.

Why integrate RFID with one’s school ERP System?

But why use a school ERP with RFID integrated at all? Simply put, using a school ERP software with RFID integrated helps better track the actions and movements of students since it is all automated. There is a reduction of reliance on human input or commands to initiate or move along processes in a school ERP system with RFID.

Below we discuss in detail three unexpected benefits of using a school ERP system with RFID:

Automated Attendance Reporting

The most obvious and impactful consequence of using a school ERP system with RFID integrated is that attendance habits of students are more easily tracked. Imagine a school or college where a student uses their RFID enabled identity card to enter and exit the school – the school ERP system with RFID integration is able to log every entry and exit by the time of each system automatically.

In fact, the same type of tracking by a school ERP system with RFID can even be done at a more granular level, if they are using classrooms with RFID entry and exit tracking, use of special equipment that has to be checked out using RFID identity cards, and even on transport, like schools and buses.

Attendance reporting is not limited to daily updates. School ERP system with RFID can also be used to track attendance on a monthly or yearly basis – sending out reports of trends and concerns the school may have.

Automatic integration with SMS

Parents, teachers and management can rest easy about the comings and goings of their ward when a school ERP system with RFID is in place. Automated alerts can be sent out via email or SMS (text message) to concerned parents, teachers and non-education staff through the school ERP system with RFID based on student movements that are tagged through their RFID enabled identity card. No more cutting class or missing child alerts – instead all updates are tagged by time and place, thanks to the school ERP system with RFID.

More Intricate Access Permissions

School ERP systems with RFID also make demarcation of access and permissions much easier than ever before. Instead of having to log in a request or having a human administrator define access and permissions for each user turn by turn the school ERP system with RFID reads the identity card of the student, teacher, administrative staff, or parent in question and allows or disallows certain actions accordingly. With a school ERP system with RFID this is not just within the platform itself, but also extends to physical locations where RFID readers are attached – a person who does not have permission to access a specific room containing sensitive material like payroll and student information files, for instance, will not be able to access the room since the reader will immediately identify the individual as someone without the requisite permissions after checking with the school ERP system with RFID.

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Automated HR and Payroll Processing

The wonders of school ERP system with RFID do not just limit themselves to permissions and access to physical locations. Your school ERP system with RFID integration can be set up to also automatically process updates to administrative departments or human resources about student and employee absenteeism and even process payroll based on the amount of absenteeism at the end of the month or year. This reduces the burden on human employees to track the leaves taken, absenteeism of students, etc – instead the school ERP system with RFID automatically tracks the presence of these individuals and sends out alerts, warnings, and payroll statements and processing automatically based on the information that has been collected over a given period of time.