Fedena 3.4.2 Release Notes

Fedena 3.4.2 - Release Notes (1)

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.2

Note: The feature names and parts of the feature descriptions are linked to articles in the Fedena support portal that contain more information about the features.


Description User Role


Course-wise Exam Schedule Previously, you were only able to schedule an exam for one batch of students at a time. In this release, you can schedule a common exam for all batches of a course at the same time. Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Custom Payment Gateway If you use the Online Payment plugin, you must be aware that Fedena supports the following payment gateways: PayPal, Interswitch, and Authorize.net. With this release, Fedena will also support:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayU
  • CCavenue

In addition to the payment gateways that Fedena will support, institutions can also integrate any custom payment gateway with Fedena. This will offer institutions greater control and flexibility for online payments.

Fedena Multischool Group Administrator, Fedena Account Administrator, Fedena Administrator, Privileged Employee Online Payment
Donation Transactions
  • Add custom fields to record additional information about a donor.
  • Donation transactions can now only be deleted.
  • Created donation transactions can now be printed as a CSV report.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.2


Description User Role


Associated employees list in Subjects Search API In this release, Subjects Search API will give you the employee numbers of the employees associated to each subject. NA NA
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Grading System Formative Assessment (FA) Calculation:The following changes have been made to Formative Assessment (FA) calculation:

  • The maximum marks must be assigned to each individual evaluation criteria of a FA group and not the FA group itself.
  • Previously, the FA criteria score was calculated by taking the average of the marks obtained for each indicator. In this release, the FA criteria score can also be calculated by summing up the marks obtained for each indicator.

Note: FA criteria calculation cannot be edited if descriptive indicator marks have already been entered for students.

  • Similar to how FA criteria is calculated, the FA group score can be calculated by taking the average of all FA criteria scores. In this release, the FA group score can also be calculated by applying a custom formula.


Co-Scholastic Settings:

  • When assigning a co-scholastic group to a course, the co-scholastic group description along with the group name is displayed for better clarity.
  • When scoring co-scholastic indicators, you now have to provide a grade point score instead of a grade.


Co-scholastic Descriptive Indicators:

You can now select the descriptive indicators that are to be displayed in the CCE Student-wise Report. In the report the indicators will be sorted from the highest to the lowest grade.


CCE Student-wise Report:

The Student-wise Report will now display the observation criteria as well as the descriptive indicators for each criteria.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
SMS Notifications
  • Users can now receive SMS notifications when a fee (Finance, Transport, Hostel, Instant Fee payment) is submitted and processed.
  • Previously, SMS notifications were sent to the users only when specific activities were performed in the Fedena interface. For example, when exam results are published, students and parents will receive a SMS notification. In this release, users will receive notifications even when specific activity is performed through Custom Import and using Fedena API.
Administrator, Employee, Student, Parent SMS
Finance – Collecting and processing all types of student fees from a single view To make student fee payment simple and convenient, all types of student fees, such as finance fee, transport fee, and hostel fee can be collected and processed right from the Finance module. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Finance – Recording deleted/reverted transactions Previously, only the following type of transactions when reverted were listed in the Reverted transactions page:

  • Finance fee
  • Transport fee
  • Hostel fee
  • Library fine
  • Instant fee

In this release, the following type of transactions when deleted/reverted will also be listed as a reverted transaction in the Reverted transactions page:

  • Income and Expenses (Salary, Inventory, Sales in Inventory, Custom finance category)
  • Donation
  • Inventory
  • Refund
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Student fee preferences A student’s fees preferences can be specified from the student’s profile (More > Fees):

  • Create fee collections for the student.
  • Do not create fee collections for the student in the current batch, however, fee collections can be created after the student is transferred to another batch.
  • Do not create fee collections from now on, even if the student is transferred to another batch, or registers for a new course.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Student Profile
Managing students who are absent for an exam or not applicable for an exam The following changes have been made to manage students who may be absent for an exam and students for whom an exam may not be applicable:

  • When entering marks, students can now be marked absent by selecting the Absent checkbox.
  • If a subject exam is not applicable for a student, do not enter marks for that student. The subject will not be displayed in the report.
  • For a ‘Previous Batch Exam’, the ‘Retake’ option will be available only for students who were marked absent.
  • When you are custom importing exam scores, if marks are not entered for a student, then the student will be marked absent. If an exam is not applicable to a student, the student must be omitted from the corresponding CSV file.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Filtered Employee Attendance Report You can now generate the employee attendance report for a specific date range. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resource
General Settings – Language Spanish and French translations have been enhanced. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, and Parent All modules

What’s removed from Fedena

Automatic Transactions – Setting up automatic deduction transactions for finance categories functionality has been removed.

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.4.2

Applicant Registration

  • Printed PDFs do not show the attachment information.
  • Applicant fee payment status is shown as ‘Not paid’ even though amount to be paid is zero.
  • Pay button must be disabled if the amount to be paid is zero.

Custom Reports

  • Error 500 displayed when attempted to generate a custom report with an additional field containing “.” as one of the input criteria.

Data Export

  • All recent jobs to be shown at the top in Data Exports page.

Doc Manager

  • Deleted privileged folder is shown for students, but hidden for administrators.


  • “No exam” type subject name is shown in Assessment-wise Report and Subject-wise Report.
  • In Internal Assessment Groups create and edit page, lowercase letters aren’t considered during calculation.
  • Subject teacher has no permission to enter the marks for a particular subject.
  • Class designation is shown for all batches in view and only once in PDF.
  • Unable to select the date from the calendar if we encounter any error during exam creation.
  • Employee is unable to view the Archived student report in Examination report center.
  • Through ‘Edit’, it’s possible to create duplicate exam for the same subject.
  • Combined score doesn’t show the grade in Grouped Exam Report.
  • Cannot enter 0% in ‘Marks’ field for a class designation.
  • Style issue in PDF of consolidated report.
  • Subject name not shown when editing a subject exam.
  • Grouped exam records are not deleted from the back-end when exam groups are deleted.


  • Fee Structure PDF doesn’t have fee collection, category and dates.

Human Resource

  • If an individual payslip category is approved by the administrator, a 500 error is displayed in View Payslip page.
  • Date isn’t shown in the Attendance Register.
  • Marital status of employee gets reset to ‘Single’ if employee profile is imported into Fedena through Custom Import.
  • Ability to assign the default administrator as a teacher for a subject.


  • No permission to export the CSV reports.

Online Exam

  • Unable to reset an exam.


  • Cannot create more than one elective group for a batch.
  • Disable exam management link from a tutor privileged employee.
  • Elective group name cannot be edited in the Manage Subject


  • Error 500 is displayed when attempted to view a PDF report for retrieved results when searched for a student from autosuggest menu.
  • Wrong authorization object is being passed to breadcrumb for batches/show page.


  • Only one employee has the permission to mark the subject-wise attendance for an elective subject.


  • Inconsistent page breaks in generated PDF documents.

Fedena 3.4.1 Release Notes


What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.1

Note: The feature names and parts of the feature descriptions are linked to articles in the Fedena support portal that contain more information about the features.

Feature Description User Role Module
Assigning student roll numbers Assign roll numbers to students. Roll numbers are unique identification numbers assigned to students at the time of admission or after admission. Roll numbers are unique only to students within a batch. This means no two students of a batch can be assigned the same roll number. Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings
Consistent date and time format throughout Fedena Date – Set the date format to determine how dates will be displayed throughout Fedena. The date formats available are:

  • DMY – Date/Month/Year
  • MDY – Month/Date/Year
  • YMD – Year/Month/Date

The available date separators are:

  • / (forward slash)
  • (hyphen)

Dates are displayed in either predefined long formats or short formats. An example for the long date format is March 10, 1986. An example for the short date format is 10/03/1986.

Time – Time is now consistently displayed in 12 hour format (HH:MM AM/PM) throughout Fedena. For example, 11:30 AM.

Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings
Institution type setting Specify the institution type in the General settings page when setting up your institution. The institution type can be set to:

  • K-12 – Refers to educational institutions that cover kindergarten all the way to class/grade 12 (primary and secondary education).

If the option K-12 is selected, the term ‘Class’ will be used throughout Fedena’s interface to indicate ‘a year of education’. ‘A year of education’ can be, Grade 7, Class 7, Standard 7, or Form 7; depending on your country’s educational system.

  • Higher Education – Refers to educational institutions such as universities and colleges that offer education beyond secondary education. For example, a two or three year degree of a chosen subject.

If the option Higher Education is selected, the term ‘Course’ will be used throughout Fedena’s interface to indicate ‘the study of a particular topic in an institution. Examples of courses are Zoology, Business Administration, and so on.

If the institution type is not specified, by default the term ‘Course’ will be used throughout Fedena.

Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings
Batch summary View the following information about an active batch on the Batch summary page:

  • List of students in the batch
  • Student attendance details for the day. This is available only if you mark attendance Daily.
  • Subject and employee allocation details for a timetable
  • Timetable for the day along with class room allocation details
  • Calendar event details
  • Examination status details
Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings
Activating and deactivating batches A batch becomes inactive when all students of a batch are transferred to a new batch, or when all students of a batch are graduated in Fedena. In this release, you can view the list of inactive batches, and also make a batch active or inactive right from the Manage Batch page (module access icon > Administration > Settings > Manage Course/Batch > Manage Batch). Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings


What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Creating a discount for a fee particular Previously you were only able to create a discount on a fee category. In this release, you will be able to create a discount on a fee particular as well. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Managing student fee collections Managing student fee collections has become easy. The new enhanced user interface will allow you to easily add and remove fee particulars and fee discounts from fee collections. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Creating instant fee particulars and instant fee discounts To help you speed up your student fee collection process, you now have the option to create instant fee particulars and instant fee discounts when collecting student fees. You do not have to go through the complete process of creating fee categories, fee particulars, fee discounts, and fines. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Collecting student fees – Cashier name When collecting student fees, the payment history will now also display the name of the employee (Cashier) who has collected the fee and created the payment transaction in Fedena. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Managing timetables The following enhancements have been made to the Timetable module:

    • You can now set any weekday as the first day of the week based on your institution’s academic calendar.
    • The workflow to create a timetable has been modified. You must first create class timing sets and then assign a class timing set to each weekday before creating the timetable.
    • You can now assign different class timing sets to each weekday from the Set weekdays & class timing sets page (module access icon > Academics > Timetable > Set weekdays & class timing sets).
    • Apart from a few cosmetic changes to the interface when creating class timing sets, the functionality to manage class timing sets (as see in the image below) for a batch has been removed.For Release Notes
  • When editing weekdays and class timing sets for a batch, you can now select the date from which you want the changes to be applied.
  • The user interface has been enhanced making it easy to assign employees to class timing records when creating a timetable.
  • You can now print a timetable (module access icon > Academics > Timetable > View Timetable) as a CSV file. In a printed timetable, breaks are indicated as a thick grey line between periods.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Timetable
Tutor privileges Previously, an employee assigned as a batch tutor could only mark student attendance for the batch. In this release, the tutor can also view (module assess icon > Academics > Batch summary) the batch summary details, as well as view student profiles who belong to the batch. Administrator, Privileged Employee (Tutor) Settings
Custom Reports
  • Previously, when generating a custom student report, you were only able to generate the immediate contact details of a student. In this release, you can generate the contact details of all guardians as well.
  • When generating a custom employee report, you can now include the Employee category field to be displayed in the report.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Reports
Top-level domain (TLD) size Previously, the top-level domain (TLD) size was restricted to three characters. In this release, the TLD size limit has been removed. NA NA

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.4.1


  • Common events are not listing in event API
  • Access issue in student profile view for parent login
  • Biometric information missing in API employee profile

Applicant Registration

  • Duplicate registrations are allowed
  • Unable to delete attachments
  • Rectify subject selection and amount to be paid
  • User is unable to complete the registration if the number of electives selected is zero
  • Unable to allot an applicant when auto increment logic is not followed


  • Attendance report of student profile shows incorrect data when swap is done
  • Filtered attendance report shows ‘total number of working days’ for subject-wise attendance


  • User is unable to unfavourite a blog post

Custom Import

  • Employee payroll data gets uploaded to the deleted category
  • Unclear error message shown after uploading student admission details with additional field
  • Unable to import employee “Fax”
  • Allows any data in case of additional details (check box / selection box)
  • Unable to import books when special characters are used in CSV
  • Error 500 thrown in book import with tags


  • CCE subject-wise report scores not rounded
  • Breadcrumbs in Examination result entry page to show batch full name
  • SA mark percentage not shown in Subject-wise report and Assessment-wise report
  • IA scores not visible in Subject-wise report and consolidated report


  • Fee collection not shown for batches that have no students in case of fee import
  • When a batch is inactive, Master Fee Categories created for that batch cannot be deleted or edited


  • Not possible to edit the weights of a used Feedback form template


  • Redirection to dashboard when clicked on category name
  • Can’t add files to gallery when no student is selected

Human Resource

  • Unable to mark/update attendance of employee in case of large names
  • Prevent double click in one click payslip generator
  • Change “Approving Manager Name” to “Approved by” in leave application page
  • Payslip structure repeating in case of multiple clicks for individual payslip creation


  • The text box to enter student name reads ‘Payee’ instead of ‘Payer’ in Library Fines page
  • Delete link for issued book is enabled


  • Error 500 in the mobile attendance view if the batch contains no subjects in subject-wise attendance
  • Subject swapped employee has the permission to mark the attendance for other dates also


  • User is able to view the poll results before he casts his vote


  • Show permitted resolution in student/employee admission page


  • Create/Send Reminder: Scripts should be disabled in the message


  • When the remarks are split across lines, the words are not wrapped properly


  • Student search using full name doesn’t work


  • Weekly classroom allocation throwing 500 in Portuguese locale

Release Note for Fedena 3.4

Fedena_Release_Note (1)

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.4
Note: Click on the feature name to view a more detailed description.

Feature Description User Role Module
Day-wise Attendance Report The Day-wise Attendance Report displays the number of students present in your institution for a specific date, as well as the number of students absent in each batch for a specific date. Administrator, Privileged Employee Attendance
Reverting an archived or graduated student In addition to searching and viewing a former student’s information, you can also make a former student active by reverting the archived or graduated student. By reverting the student, all settings and archived records of the student are restored, except the following settings:

  • Placement
  • Online exam
  • Hostel
  • Transport
Administrator, Privileged Employee User Management
Vehicle Additional Details Add custom additional fields to record any type of vehicle information based on your institution’s requirements. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transport
Vehicle Route Additional Details Add custom additional fields to record any type of vehicle route information based on your institution’s requirements. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transport
User-wise Transport Fee Collection In addition to creating a transport fee collection for each batch, you can also assign an existing transport fee collection to a student, or you can create a new transport fee collection for each student or employee. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transport
Hostel Additional Details Add custom additional fields to record any type of hostel information based on your institution’s requirements. Administrator, Privileged Employee Hostel
Hostel Room Additional Details Add custom additional fields to record any type of hostel room information based on your institution’s requirements. Administrator, Privileged Employee Hostel
User-wise Hostel Fee Collection In addition to creating a hostel fee collection for each batch, you can also assign an existing hostel fee collection to a student, or you can create a new hostel fee collection for each student. Administrator, Privileged Employee Hostel
General Settings – Language Fedena is now also available in Dutch. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, and Parent All modules

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.4

Feature Description User Role Module
Data Palette Optimization The Data Palette plugin has been significantly optimized by reducing the load time of the user’s dashboard and by loading and displaying dashlet information quicker, thereby improving performance and the user experience. Also, to provide a more interactive user experience, dashlets will no longer only display information, but will also contain links, so when a user clicks the link, the appropriate information is displayed allowing the user to act immediately. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, and Parent Dashboard
Finance Control Privileges With the Finance module comprising of a large number of features and plugins, as well as interdependencies with other modules, in this release, we have included various finance privileges that can be assigned to employees depending on the role played in the institution. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Custom Fee Payment Date Previously, you were allowed to create a fee payment transaction only for the current date. In this release, you will be able to select a past or future date and create a fee payment transaction. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Managing Fee Refund You can now create a fee refund for a specific amount, edit and delete a refund rule, as well as revert a fee refund. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Fee Defaulters Due Date Previously, all students were listed as a fee defaulter until the fees were paid. In this release, students are listed as a fee defaulter only if the fee collection Due Date has passed. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance, Transport, Hostel
Online Exam – Viewing correct answers in answer sheets After a student completes an Objective or Hybrid online exam and views the exam results, the student will now be able to see the right answer for all the incorrectly answered and skipped objective type questions. Students Examination
Calculating CGPA If your institution follows the Grade Point Average (GPA) grading system, you can now choose to calculate CGPA for students using either one of the following methods:

  • By GPA Average
    Formula 1
  • By Credit Hours
Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
ICSE Reports The following enhancements were made to ICSE reports:

  • The CSV output of the Subject-wise Report and the Consolidated Report will also include the filter criteria used to generate the report.
  • When viewing the report for a student, the grading levels set by the user is displayed as a reference at the bottom of the page.
  • Rounding off marks – Marks will be rounded off as explained in the example. Example: Marks between 85.50 and 85.99 will be rounded off to 86. Marks between 85.01 and 85.49 will be rounded off to 85.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Payroll Categories and Payslip Previously, payroll categories with zero entries were displayed in the employee’s payroll details and payslips. In this release, payroll categories with zero entries will not be displayed in the employee’s payroll details and payslips.Also, on an employee’s payroll page, the payroll categories have been categorized into Earnings and Deductions for better clarity when viewing or editing. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resource
Custom Reports – New Student Report When generating a custom student report, you can now include the Parent username field to be displayed in the report. Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Reports
Managing timetables The following enhancements were made to the Timetable module:

  • Setting up a class timing set for a batch – When you add a new batch in Fedena, a ‘Default’ class timing set is automatically assigned to the batch. The ‘Default’ class timing set must be edited to add class timing records. So the next time you add a new batch, the ‘Default’ class timing set is automatically assigned.
  • Editing a class timing set – If a class timing set is assigned to a batch that is assigned a timetable, you can then only edit the existing class timing records and not delete or add class timing records.
  • You can now use the Manage timetable button to assign or unassign a batch to or from an existing timetable.
  • Editing a timetable date range –When you extend a timetable date range and click the Update button, the timetable will split in to two timetables. Both timetables will continue to have all existing settings.
  • Editing a timetable’s subject entries – Previously when a user clicked the Edit Entries button, all attendance entries, swapped timetable entries, and class allocations were deleted for the complete timetable period. Now when you click the Edit entries button, you can select the batch and edit the subject entries. Any change made to a subject entry for which attendance has already been marked, all attendance entries, swapped timetable entries, and class allocations will be deleted for that particular subject entry, for the complete timetable period.
  • Editing Weekdays – If you change the weekdays for a current timetable, the change is reflected in the attendance register only from the date the changes were made.
  • Fedena Mobile version – Now swapped employees can also mark student attendance using Fedena’s mobile app.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Timetable
Managing applications When adding a secure application in Fedena, you can choose to open the application within Fedena’s frame or in a new tab. Insecure (HTTP) applications will open in a new tab by default. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, and Parent App Frame
Custom Imports – Data import error message If a custom data import failed, a clear error message is displayed on the Log Details page that will help the user act accordingly. Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Imports
SMS Alert Format The automatic SMS alert format has been updated to comply with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent SMS


Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.4


  • Can’t assign previous batch subjects


  • When a reply is sent without the subject, the message is not received

Data Palette

  • Book details are not shown in the dashlets under Book Return Due after the book is issued and renewed
  • Denied leave applications are shown in palette

Attendance Register

  • Tutor has no permission to mark daily-wise attendance and view the reports if he is not associated to any subject
  • Internal server error (500) in Attendance Register page for swapped subject

Human Resource

  • Employee Payslip PDF headers are not i18n compatible
  • Deleted subject is listed in Employee – Subject association page
  • Employee doesn’t receive e-mail if his leave is denied post approval by manager
  • Unable to select past date as reset date while creating employee leave category
  • Unable to recreate the payroll category with the deleted category name


  • Former student details report shows the date of archiving instead of the date of leaving
  • Archived student’s marks are not shown in the Subject-wise Report
  • Normal employee is able to view ICSE reports


  • It is possible to delete FA Criteria even though it contains Descriptive Indicators
  • Creating exam for “No Exam” subject is possible
  • It is possible to delete the exam after marks are entered in case of normal grading system
  • Can’t edit remarks in student-wise report
  • Remark entered in a new line doesn’t show up accordingly
  • Student’s CCE report in PDF shows subject for which exam wasn’t created


  • For a particular category, total percentage exceeds 100% in case of Automatic Transactions
  • View of Automatic Transactions page isn’t meaningful to the user
  • Incorrect data is shown in Fee Collection-wise Report
  • Permission issue in Finance Reports page for other Finance Categories


  • Not possible to delete the timetable entries if the subject isn’t associated to any teacher
  • All the batches are not removed from a class timing set in the first attempt
  • If the batch end date has elapsed, then no need to list that batch under the current and future timetable view
  • Timetable of a batch and its PDF report don’t match
  • Sorting of class timings in the increasing order of time while viewing/editing/creating a class timing set
  • After changing the weekdays attendance count of past dates also changes
  • Marked attendance entries are not removed after editing timetable


  • SMS is not sent to immediate contact after configuring sibling for a student
  • Parent gets incorrect SMS once added as emergency contact for his ward
  • Unable to add immediate contact if duplicate guardians exist

Online exam

  • Previous batch exam is shown for student post batch transfer
  • Student is unable to view online exam report after closing the window

Custom report

  • Unable to create custom report once an error is encountered
  • Error message is not shown if user forgets to enter name in custom report page

Applicant registration

  • Inactive subject is shown in applicant registration form

Data export

  • Exports with larger data fail without a proper status message


  • Finance transactions are not listed in library report page

Custom import

  • Bulk editing employee privilege without any values removes existing privileges also
  • Bulk Edit for Employee Admission (with optional additional detail fields) throws pseudo error, which confuses the user
  • Female students are shown in male hostel due to CSV upload with ‘F’ for ‘female’


  • Subject swapped employee has no permission to mark the attendance in mobile view
  • Attendance marking option is shown in mobile view even though timetable entry isn’t available


  • After archiving a placement admin can approve or reject registration
  • Can’t archive past placement

Online payment

  • Facility to set the preferred currency for PayPal payments
  • Interswitch payment gateway redirects to test URL


  • Not possible to pay the reverted fees in transport
  • Fees due isn’t updated in calendar post complete payment of transport fee


  • Cross-site Request Forgery prevention in Oauth login

Introducing Fedena 3.3

Fedena new release

As a part of our effort to provide our customers with the best of experiences of Fedena, we have come up with a new updated version of Fedena 3.3. This new version promises you a quality management software for schools and colleges with richer user features. Follow the release note below to know more about the latest version.

Write to us for your valuable feedback and any further information at info@fedena.com.

Core Features

Force deletion of student in case of data dependencies
Fee Headwise Report
Remarks Module
ICSE Grading System
Multiple Fee Payment and Particular-wise Fee Payment


Sales in Inventory
Interswitch Payment Gateway Enhancements
Color Themes

Language Updates

Added support for Gujarati and Turkish

Issues Fixed


  • Scheduled job fails for E-mail Alerts
  • Remove “Send Email” option for parent


  • Page load time is very high during reminder creation


  • Style issue in employee profile page


  • If no student is present in a batch then show flash message inside the elective subject assignment page
  • Selected date changes upon encountering an error in Student Admission page
  • Student Additional Details record does not get deleted when a student is deleted
  • Batch name is not shown in archived student profile page


  • ‘Administration’ tab is not shown for user with ‘Manage course/batch’ privilege

Online Exam

  • Online exam for which end date has elapsed could be published
  • Online Exam option should not be shown in parent login

Applicant Registration

  • Unclear flash message if the batch does not contain all the subjects as chosen in Applicant Registration page
  • Same student could be allotted a batch more than once with same admission number in Applicant Registration page
  • Change  the name ‘Download’ to ‘View attachment’ and open the attachment in a separate tab in View Applicants page


  • Marking attendance prior to admission date is allowed
  • No SMS is sent and reason is blank in the email in case of rapid attendance
  • Duplicate batch name is shown in Attendance Register page

Custom Import

  • Unable to import exam score in Custom Import
  • Guardian custom import has no validation


  • In Examwise report, ‘PDF report’ button to be renamed as ‘Consolidated PDF report’
  • Teacher has no permission to view CSV report for Grouped Exam report


  • During event creation for employees, “Select a Course” label is shown for department selection


  • Salary account details is not shown in Finance Compare Transaction page
  • Remove the title ‘Delete’ from the Master Fee Category listing table
  • In Finance Category page, sort order changes to ‘oldest-first’ after a category is created
  • ‘Payslip Date’ to be changed to ‘Payslip Period’ in Employee Payslip page, including PDF
  • Inactive payroll category is shown in View Payslip page
  • ‘Amount to pay’ is shown wrong for student fees
  • Discount is shown incorrectly while viewing fee collection
  • Discounts of former students is shown in the Discount list page
  • Total fees in the fee structure PDF is shown wrong
  • In ‘Finance reports’, transaction accounts from unassigned plugins are shown for new schools
  • Negative value is shown for ‘Amount to pay’ in the fee defaulters page after fees is paid
  • Reason is not shown in the PDF report of rejected payslip
  • Student category cannot be changed if unpaid fees exists for that student


  • Error 500 is thrown after allocating student to hostel
  • Even though room rent is more than 9999.9999, unpaid hostel fees in student profile is shown as ‘9999.9999’ only


  • Even though bus fare is more than 9999.9999, unpaid transport fees in student profile is shown as ‘9999.9999’ only


  • GRN PDF does not show ‘Grand Total’ value
  • Alignment issue in indent creation page
  • Items from deleted store are shown in search results


  • Mobile View Fee Status does not show any information


  • Alignment issue in book edit page

Online Payment

  • Unable to repay after a reversal


  • Parent can access all the pages that student can access
  • Should not allow to select elective subject from parent login


  • Unable to access apps in case of Hindi & RTL languages


  • Multiple exam score entries are shown for the same student and same exam

Previous Release notes:
Fedena 3.2
Fedena 3.1.1

Fedena 3.1
Fedena 3.0

Fedena 3.2 is Out and Running!


Fedena 3.2 is now out and available. The new version brings you the best of features with increased usability and power packed updates. Read the release note to learn more about Fedena’s latest version. You can also write to us at info@fedena.com for your valuable feedback and insights. We would love to hear from you.

Core Features

Dependencies are shown while deleting a student
Mark attendance for student without specifying the reason
Student’s Admission Number is displayed in Exam Marks Entry pages
Student’s Admission Number is displayed in Attendance Register
Class timing intervals are of 1 minute duration to allow different class timings
Classrooms allocation

Addon Module Features

Provision to reuse previous exam questions in Online Exam

Attachments uploaded during Applicant Registration are shown in student’s profile

Language Updates

  • Changes being done for Hindi, Deutsch, Portuguese and Arabic
  • Added Russian language support

Important Bug Fixes


  • Wrong discount is shown in finance fees page
  • Zero entries are shown for income in “Compare Transactions report”
  • There is no validation when the same periods are specified for comparison while comparing financial transactions
  • Zero entries for income are shown in finance report
  • Indication of mandatory fields in donation page
  • Indication of mandatory fields in fee particular page
  • Show the fee collection name in alphabetical order in refund page
  • Show the Category Name in alphabetical order in reverted transactions page
  • List of batches not shown when an employee with “Finance control” privilege attempts to create fee particulars
  • “Refund” prefix should apply only for receipts of fee refunds
  • After changing active/ inactive batch selected fee collection is not changing in fee collection page
  • Fine selection is not refreshing after selecting “Select category”


  • Gender of archived male student is shown as ‘Female’
  • Change style of advance search result page
  • Change ‘Language’ to ‘Mother Tongue’ in student profile
  • Year is not shown in the previous details of student


  • Active additional details are not shown in archived employee profile
  • Style issue in the subject association page if the employee’s name is too large
  • If employee has “HR Basics” privilege then he can’t search employee (Advanced search)
  • If employee has only “Attendance register” privilege then no need to show Attendance Report link for that employee
  • Redirection issue in payslip page
  • Employee Departments are not listed in alphabetical order
  • Newly created leave type isn’t shown for employee in the dropdown
  • Error 500 is thrown in Employee Attendance Edit page
  • Error 500 is thrown while denying the approved leave


  • Overlap of Edit and Delete buttons in the student category create page in some languages
  • Change ‘Graduation’ to ‘Batch transfer’ in batch transfer page


  • Show the students list in alphabetical order in elective assign page
  • If no student is present in a batch then show a flash message in elective subject page
  • Students could be assigned to deleted elective subjects by directly going to the link
  • Inactive elective subjects are shown in My Subjects page

App Frame

  • Getting 500 error in app frame if we add question mark in URL link
  • No styles added for the user token page


  • Invalid Request error in student admission through API
  • Throwing 500 error in the employee API
  • Throwing 500 error in the student fee dues API for some students and due fees is not showing for other students
  • Throwing 500 error in student API


  • Font size for ‘Code’ column entries is more while viewing Store Categories
  • Irrelevant error message is displayed when ‘Other charges’ field is skipped while creating a GRN
  • Admin with employee record should be able to raise indents
  • Indent can be raised for ‘Zero’ quantity
  • Unit Price more than 100000 is not accepted while raising indents
  • Translation issue in store_items page
  • Batch number is not shown in the store items list page

Applicant Registration

  • Edit/delete option should not show in case of Applicant registration and Refund
  • Multiple applications are possible with same pin number


  • “availability” text is displayed in breadcrumb in Hostel Report page
  • Irrelevant error message is shown when ‘Students per room’ field is skipped while adding hostel room
  • Change the label in the hostel fee defaulters and fee pay page from ‘Select a class’ to ‘Select a batch’
  • If an error occurred while adding a warden then selected hostel name changes
  • “nil error” in the individual room details page while clicking the rooms from breadcrumb
  • “Hostel admin” privileged employee does not have the permission to download the csv report of the room list


  • Transport edit page does not show the selected route
  • Change the prompt name ‘Select class’ to ‘Select a batch’ in transport fee defaulters page
  • “Transport admin” privileged employee does not have the permission to download the csv report of vehicle details

Fee import

  • There’s no user feedback upon assignment of fee collection to student during fee import


  • Employee with ‘Examination’ privilege can’t generate pdf report of exam wise report
  • Employee with ‘Examination’ privilege can’t generate csv report of grouped exam report
  • Empty table is shown if no exam exists
  • Wrong calculation is shown in the exam report if we remove the assigned students from the elective subjects
  • Not possible to update the grade to nil, showing error message


  • Large images aren’t rendered in compressed form while adding/viewing news
  • Not possible to approve the deleted user’s comments


  • Unable to mark student as ‘Absent’ for previous month in daily attendance type
  • The Close button of attendance marking form is not working if the student name is too large
  • Subjects are not refreshing while selecting the ‘select a batch ‘ prompt in the student attendance report

Manage Course

  • Show flash message while assigning and removing tutor
  • If there are no active courses or batches then show message instead of showing blank page
  • Change the privilege name ‘Add New Batch’ to ‘Manage Course/Batch’
  • Values in ‘Subject’ dropdown aren’t shown according to the batch selected


  • Returned books aren’t shown in Library Movement Log
  • Performance issue in tag list
  • In student and employee profile for reserved book, due date is shown instead of reserved date


  • Calendar shows “January 2014” month by default while creating a placement announcement


  • Throwing 500 error while viewing the created assignment


  • User can send Email without subject and message
  • Emails sent in Arabic do not have the ‘powered by’ footer


  • Show the batch name in New/Edit timetable page if class timing set (containing class timings) is assigned


  • If the batch has no students then show a message in sms page
  • Change the flash message and its position in sms page


  • Permission issue for tutor, subject associated employee and employee having  “Student view” privilege

Custom import

  • Associated data is not shown for some models in custom import
  • Unchecking one associated data unchecks all the selected details in custom import library model


  • If an error occurs while uploading a photo in gallery, all the selected users get removed


  • An attempt to delete without selecting document files  throws “Translation Missing” popup
  • An attempt to delete document throws “Translation Missing” popup


Previous Release notes:
Fedena 3.1.1
Fedena 3.1
Fedena 3.0

New Update: Fedena 3.1.1 with Additional Features and Usability


Fedena 3.1.1 with new features and improved functions. Read the release note below to find out more about the latest Fedena release. You can write to us at info@fedena.com with your feedback and suggestions.



User privilege changes in Reminder.

Edit/Delete for past timetable.

Revert Batch Transfer.

Changes in auto suggest menu.


Tags to have view edit, delete options in library.

Integration of Barcode Reader in Library.

Displaying Book Count in library based on filters



No need to list the inactive batch inside the time periods.

Increase size of the word Signature in Fee receipts.

Prevent changing the swapped subject through drag and drop in the timetable entries.

Count showing wrong in the attendance report.

If there is no elective subject in elective group then show a message in subject transfer page.

Increase date of birth start year for guardian.

Attendance filter option is not working.

Defaults weekdays are being set for new batch.

Exam control privileged employee does not have the permission to edit the exam group.

“Add New Batch” privileged employee can’t assign/remove students to/from electives.

Deleted elective group name showing in assign subject page after adding a subject.

Subjects with No Exam are not listed in reports (Grouped/Transcripts etc) even if subject was present when exam was created.

Student admission privileged employee have no permission to add the siblings, delete the previous data subjects, add guardian.

Not possible to add a guardian for a student, showing ‘ward id can’t be blank error’ message.

Add a space between No guardian added and Add guardian link.

Add a space between employee category and position name in HR settings.

Employee last name in small caps in edit privilege page.

Student edit page date of birth year limit is not same as Admission Page.

Inactive batches not being filtered in the CCE batch listing pages.

Unable to mark daily attendance.

Can’t mark attendance for swapped subject, since it is not present in timetable.

Should not allow to mark the student attendance for the disable dates through custom import.

Separate country name into name + regional name format.

Invalid Request error in attendance API for subject wise configuration.

Discount created for the students are also importing into the new batch while importing the fees of the previous batch.

Applicant Registration

Show the loader in correct position in register page.

Custom Import

Country full name issue in custom import.

Data palette

SMS Sent Palette does not show time according to set timezone.


Add one space before the admission number in complaints.

Wrong error message showing in complaints edit page at the time of deleting attachment.

Doc Manager

Style issue in doc manager – search label not aligned.


Alignment issue in error message showing in hostel page.


Add star for mandatory fields in store item page.


Style issue in book renewal page.

Only first name of the book is showing in capital letter in student_library_details page.

Going to dashboard while clicking the reserved employee name in the library book show page, here the employee is archived employee.

Online Exam

Add uniqueness in online exam.

Tally Export

Strike the delete option if any dependent data exists.

Error message is not showing at the time of deleting company name.


Selected batch getting refreshed while editing the transport fee collection.

Previous Release notes:
Fedena 3.1
Fedena 3.0

Fedena 3.1 Released with New Features and Improved Functions


Fedena 3.1 update is released today. The new update is a part of our constant effort to make Fedena a feature rich and bug free school management software. Fedena is present in 200+ countries and has powered more than 40,000 schools and institutes worldwide. See our plans and pricing page for various options available. You can also write to us at info@fedena.com for any further information.

Fedena 3.1 release note

New features:


  1. Edit option for archived student’s leaving date.

  2. Additional leaves for employees. Read more

  3. Add csv report option along with pdf report in all Fedena reports. Read more

  4. Display guardian name in student profile.

  5. Student to have ability to select electives while admission/batch transfer. Read more

  6. Bread Crumbs for enhanced navigation throughout Fedena. Read more

  7. ‘Manage users’ privilege for employee.


Custom import

  1. Adding grade through custom import in grade wise exam

  2. Edit in Custom Import. Read more



  1. CSV and PDF output for store items, store and suppliers in Inventory module.


Oauth2 Provider

  1. Add CORS headers to the API.



  1. Implement Interswitch payment gateway. Read more



  1. Transport API expansions. Read more

Issues Fixed


  • URL validation is needed in the app frame.
  • Give permission of Manage Apps for General settings privileged employees.

Applicant Registration

  • Chosen elective and normal subjects are not showing in the view applicants page.
  • Should not allow to add the course ,if the minimum elective is more than the maximum elective in the applicant registration.
  • Going to dashboard while entering the search by registration URL directly in applicant registration.
  • Show “Subject Based Collection” above the “Amount” field in registration_courses/new page.
  • Limitation of photo size in admission.


  • Showing other batch student while clicking assigned in assignments.


  • Blog privilege should not allow employees to edit the blog posts of other employees.
  • If the user created any blogs then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.
  • Throwing 500 error while clicking the delete user from the blog posts page.
  • Throwing 500 error in the data palette while deleting the employee permanently, if the employee is created any blogs.


  • Recently we can add user with user name Admin.
  • If the exam is not published then don’t show the exam result for student login.
  • Should not allow to add or edit an user with deleted username .
  • Attendance reports is not getting for elective subjects.
  • Calculation mistake in all subjects attendance report.
  • Going to dashboard while clicking the pdf report of the former student recent exams.
  • Employee search privileged employee have no permission to view the advanced search pdf report.
  • Student control privileged employee should have the permission to admit the students, edit additional details, and add previous data of students.
  • Student view privileged employee should have the permission to view the reports ,transport and hostel details of the students, view refunds etc.
  • Student control privileged employee should have the permission to view the transport and hostel details of the students, view refunds of the students etc.
  • Student control privileged employee have no permission to view the exam report and attendance report of the students if the employee is not associated with any subjects.
  • Batches not listing in view timetable with current timetable.
  • Cannot create Master Fee Category with name having quote (‘).
  • One click payslip generator creating the payslip of the employees who join after the payslip creation date.
  • Discount name validation issue when creating it student admission number wise.
  • Add is_deleted scope for Fee Discount.
  • Search fee refund using fee collection name and date, throwing 500 error while clicking the pagination and pdf report.
  • Throwing 500 error while entering the student transcript report URL directly.
  • Increase precision of assets and liabilities tables in finance.
  • Translation issue.
  • View all and advanced search link is not working for attendance privileged employee.
  • Deleted elective groups are showing while adding the normal subjects.
  • Same additional details are showing two times in archived employee profile.
  • Attendance register is not getting for elective subject.
  • 500 in elective subject attendance report page.
  • Correction in translation overrides between plugin and core.
  • Show Fees paid message in fee pay page.
  • Fee collection is creating without any particular.
  • Deleted batches are listing in fees collection,particular and fee discount creation.
  • “Publish exam result” link in Examination page of Employees with “Enter result”/”View result” privilege.
  • Remove “Publish exam result” link for Enter result/View result privileged employee in examination page.
  • Subject Master privileged employee cannot add elective subject to a elective group.
  • Normal students and employees should not allow to access user module.
  • After updating discount its showing wrongly.
  • Add uniqueness in category batches.
  • If Employee has student control privilege then he cant view all fees now.
  • If employee has only admission privilege then its not showing in upper menu link.
  • Student admission privileged employee can’t admit a student.
  • After paying a fee in fee defaulters there is no option to take pdf of that fee.
  • The employees are not listing while selecting the ‘All department’ in non English languages.
  • Show discount name in alphabetical order.
  • Leave approving manager name is missing in leave form.
  • Wrong error message showing in leave application page.
  • Generate the subject wise report and click the url directly, its going to dashboard.
  • All the students are listing in the subject wise attendance report while filtering the report using the above and equals to option for the elective subjects.
  • Change the style in Batch Transfer page.
  • Parameter list in the API doc does not work in actual.
  • Give permission to view Subject wise CCE report for subject teacher.
  • Transcript report is not getting in CCE.
  • Reduce the performance time for attendance report, while selecting all department the performance time is very high.
  • Validation is not checking at the time of changing password.
  • Give dependency to the leave type if any employee has created the leave application using that leave type.
  • Edit current timetable splits timetable into two even if end date is not modified.
  • Employee with Student View privilege can change immediate contact of student.
  • Amount showing zero in the refund page if we transfer the students to another batch.
  • Wrong pdf showing in generate TC.
  • Throwing 500 error while entering url directly in exam report page.
  • Employee should have the permission to view the all leaves if the employee is a manager of another employee.
  • 500 in user#show_quick_links.
  • Total percentage is not showing in pdf of Exam Wise Report.
  • The leave status is not showing if we update one leave type to another leave after the reset.
  • Serial number is same in news-all pages.
  • Style issue in the archived employee profile if the additional details is too big.
  • Can’t assign class timing set to batches.
  • Repetition of precision label translation.
  • XML output not displayed in Student Photo Upload with API.
  • Some roles missing in Administration menu link tab for privileged employees.
  • Getting 500 in routes#create.
  • Should not show the archived students dues in the additional report.
  • Throwing 500 error while uncheck and save the additional details of employee and student.
  • If there are unpaid fees in the inactive batches then that fees should list in the student wise fee submission.
  • Show rupees symbol (Currency Type) in heading line.
  • Fee defaulters students are not listing in the batch fee collections page.
  • Student transcripts are listed in batch creation order, should be in batch transfer order.
  • Disable the update button in fee collection edit.
  • Student category is not editable even if all fees is shown as paid.
  • Redirect to dashboard when finance fee category selected to view particulars.
  • Javascript issue for none (link) for additional details.
  • Decimal point count showing wrongly in create monthly payslip page.
  • Getting 500 after saving exam score with zero mark.
  • Should not list the batches those have no particulars while creating the discount and fee collection.
  • Fee collection names are not aligned in view refund page.
  • Align the save button to left side in the previous data adding form.
  • Add a space between the text in flash message.
  • Error message style in news/add page.
  • Employee additional details not updating in case of checkbox.
  • Edit additional admission details not updating in case of checkbox.
  • Brackets are broken in rtl language.
  • login_required function should be called first.
  • After changing the weekdays its effects the past attendance report.
  • Already created timetable attendance register form is updating while changing the weekdays in daily wise.
  • Style issue in the exam wise pdf report if the grade name is large.
  • If an error occurred during sending reminders then entered data and selected users removing.

Custom Import

  • Show quick link is not working in custom_reports/show.
  • Reports view privilege name selection showing many times at the time of creating a New Export.
  • Unnecessary columns are coming in export csv.
  • Showing the wrong text in the drop-down list of the custom import show page.
  • Style issue in custom reports show page with Spanish language.
  • Show only the active additional details in the new export creation page.
  • Additional details imported are not shown selected in the edit page, but showing in the view page.

Data Management

  • Page going to dashboard palettes page after clicking on save button in asset_entries page.

Data Palette

  • Throwing 500 error in the data palette while deleting the employee permanently, if the employee is a part of any discussion group.
  • If the employee is applied any leaves then archive that employee, throwing 500 error in the data palettes.
  • Timetable dashlet not displaying timetable according to class timings.
  • Timetable dashlet not displaying timetable.
  • Show-menu is not getting after selecting users.
  • Show flash message in the dashboard if  no dashlets are selected.


  • If the user is the part of discussion, then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.

Doc Manager

  • User document files are not getting after clicking on next button.

Email Alert

  • Can’t transfer a student to another batch.
  • Email going for the parent many times if discarded and allotted the same student again and again.
  • Email alert not sending auto mails for some providers.
  • Unable to send emails from Email alert plugin.
  • Student/Employee admission (With Email alert on creation enabled) not possible if user with name ‘admin’ is not present.

Fee Import

  • Fee selecting page is not coming while admitting a new student, the issue is only in SAAS.
  • Fee status showing paid even if fees not paid, for the fee imported collections.
  • No need to show the fee collection in the import page if the particulars is created for the student using admission number or category wise.


  • If the user is assigned to photo gallery  then should not allow to delete that user permanently,dependency check is needed.
  • Should not possible to add photos in gallery.


  • 500 in hostel delete.
  • Hostel should select by default after clicking on add room from selected hostel page.
  • Show the warden name in alphabetical order.
  • 500 in warden page

Instant Fee

  • Spelling mistake for receipt in the instant fee receipt.


  • Redirecting to dashboard when indents is selected as a normal admin user.
  • Show the voucher number in Inventory finance report page.
  • Purchase order number should be mandatory while creating and editing purchase order in inventory.


  • Library additional details not updating in case of check box.
  • Strike the edit button for borrowed books.


  • Moodle plugin not creating users when student admitted.

Oauth2 Provider

  • API Authorization rules not present for some methods in students controller.

Online Exam

  • Can’t create a question with letter “Q” in online exam.
  • Prevent double click in online exam answer pagination options.
  • Loader style issue in the menu tab while clicking the quick links.
  • Online exams are not showing in view online exam page.
  • Wrong error message showing in online exam view page.


  • If the payment is through online then fine amount is not taking.
  • Style issue in online payment pdf page.


  • If the user vote for one poll, then should not delete that user permanently,dependency check is needed.

Tally Export

  • Flash message is showing in improper places in tally export.
  • Same name is creating twice in voucher name create page while entering the enter button continuously.
  • Same name is creating twice while entering the enter button continuously in the tally export company name adding page and accounts page.


  • Suppose the user is a part of the task then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.


  • Getting 500 in Employee transport fee collection- direct link.
  • Page error in transport page.
  • Showing flash messages in a improper places.
  • Showing wrong flash message while updating the transport fee collection.
  • Pagination needed in transport fee collection detail page.

 Previous Release Note:
Fedena 3.0

And we Bring to you Fedena 3.0 with all New User Experience and Improved Functions

Award-winning student management software Fedena is all set with its big version- Fedena 3.0 for its pro customers. Fedena has come a long way, adding new feathers to its cap, right from Fedena 0.1 version release to the present version. A highly user-friendly software, Fedena 3.0 brings more new features and plugins for a better and smoother Fedena experience. Read on and find out more about the new version and its new features as well as the issues that have been met with.

New features in Fedena Core:

  1. Consolidated Dashboard. Click on the link to see how the new dashboard looks -> http://youtu.be/JUtj6gdrjKY
  2. Automatic Fine Generation – Fine slabs can be defined.
  3. Refund fee – Fee refund rules can be defined.
  4. Added Leaving date in the TC generated.
  5. Marks to be displayed along with Grade in assessment and subject wise report in CCE.
  6. Updated Country list.
  7. Introduced Timetable Tracker. Read more
  8. Additional Reports added.
  9. Finance reports under new link.
  10. Removed single access token (Applicable for API integration).
  11. Decimal precision added in finance (The decimal points needed can be defined).
  12. More user friendly UI for text area is introduced (News addition, Online Exam).

Issues fixed in Fedena Core:

  1. Style issue in student subject rank page.
  2. Theme issue in student batch rank page.
  3. Style issue in PDF of timetable page.
  4. Style issue in the fee submission form.
  5. Exam details are not showing up in the calendar for the newly admitted student.
  6. Going to dashboard while editing the FA groups.
  7. Going to dashboard while reverting the transaction from the defaulter’s page.
  8. Not showing any flash message while sending SMS to all.
  9. Not able to add fine in fees defaulters page.
  10. Style issue in fees particulars new page.
  11. Style issue in breadcrumb in rejected payslip edit page.
  12. Graduate a student who have pending fee then it getting 500.
  13. No need to show overall report without adding all the marks.
  14. Parent should not have the permission to view the calendar.
  15. Style issue in subject wise attendance report page.
  16. All elective subjects are showing in calendar page of students.
  17. Flash message style in Assign FA Groups page.
  18. Validation is not checking at the time of creating Class Designations.
  19. Should not allow the students to delete the events.
  20. Only show the selected subjects in the student attendance report page.
  21. Wrong exam showing in student calendar page.
  22. If currency type is not set then take default currency type.
  23. Loader is showing in the same place while selecting the different options in discount.
  24. In RTL error box image showing in left side.
  25. Theme issue in the previous data edit page.
  26. Show the amount up to two decimal places in fee defaulters PDF page.
  27. Style issue in add fine button.
  28. Swapped employee should have the permission to mark attendance of swapping dates for a particular swapped batch subject.
  29. Salary transaction report should be fetched from finance transactions.
  30. Attendance Report calculating end date for total working days of overall report as today’s date.
  31. Select a batch should come by default in timetable view page.
  32. Show flash message below the bread crumbs in all pages.
  33. Show the error message in same page of transcript report page.
  34. Flash message style issue in ranking level report page.
  35. Show the loader image in correct position in FA Scores page.
  36. Style issue in text area for news view page.
  37. Style issue in news in RTL.
  38. Show the loader image in correct position in create timetable page.
  39. Style issue in attendance report page.
  40. 500 in exam report page.
  41. Not be possible to apply the leave for a particular employee, showing some dates are already approved.
  42. Style issue in PDF of transcript report.
  43. Loader is showing in the same place while selecting the different options.
  44. Getting 500 in attendance register page.
  45. Remove full stop from heading in Reset employee leave page.
  46. Error message style in add payroll page.
  47. Style issue in Payment history option.
  48. Flash message is not hiding after refreshing the page in CCE Grade Sets page.
  49. Show the student ranking report in middle of the PDF page.
  50. If timetable exists then should not allow to edit start date and end date for a batch.
  51. After editing a subject exam page should redirect to the same page.
  52. Show the header in middle of Employee department attendance PDF page.
  53. Throwing 500 error in the income list PDF if the receipt number is nil.
  54. Style issue in PDF of expense report.
  55. No need to show the unpublished exam in calendar.
  56. Suppose we applied and approve the two half day leave for the same date, then the count showing 0.5.
  57. The employees have no option to cancel or delete the pending leaves.
  58. Showing Count in error messages only in RTL language.
  59. Event Management privileged employee should have the permission to view, edit and delete all events.
  60. IF no weekdays is created then it should take common weekdays by default.
  61. Edit Transaction resets the date of transaction back to the current date.
  62. Style issue in the employee salary report.
  63. Throwing 500 error while changing the date from the URL in the salary report.
  64. Deleted subject name showing in attendance report drop-down box for privileged employee login.
  65. Batch name is not showing in attendance register drop-down box for employee have the privilege of “Student Attendance Register”.
  66. It is possible to create the discount more than 100 percentage for the particular amount.
  67. After Clicking on cancel button please wait is showing in batch transfer page.
  68. Change the confirmation message in batch transfer page.
  69. Wrong error message showing in Batch transfer page.
  70. In Student View, if there is no current timetable then no timetable flash is shown even if student has future and past timetables.
  71. Add fine button is hiding while entering the tab button in the student wise fee submission form.
  72. Spelling mistake in batch transfer flash message.
  73. Style issue in calendar view page.
  74. Only show the available plugin name in the list of category name in the revert transaction advanced search page.
  75. There should be the option to remove the grade from the exam result enter page if the exam is created in grade wise.
  76. Should not show the blank table while searching the students in the student fee search page.
  77. Show character limitation message at the time of adding and editing an event.
  78. If there is no data to show then show a message in Donors page.
  79. 500 in scheduled jobs page.
  80. It is possible to create the discount more than the total payment.
  81. Not showing validation error in the name field if we change the due date before start date, and showing extra dot in the error message while editing the fee collection.
  82. Same name is creating twice in student category, here space is also accepting as characters.
  83. Back button is not needed in the particulars listing page.
  84. Going to dashboard while selecting the prompt option second time.
  85. Serial number showing wrong in the student fee receipt PDF.
  86. Wrong error message showing at the time of adding previous batch fees.
  87. Unable to create individual payslip category.
  88. Dashboard redirection when Payslip of archived Employee is viewed in reports or archived profile.
  89. Style issue in news.
  90. Search the reverted transaction using underscore, throwing 500 error if the instant fee plugin is not there.
  91. Throwing 500 error while entering the URL directly in finance report page.
  92. Should not reflect any changes made to the student category in the fee submission form of the existing fee collections.
  93. Getting 500 after adding and editing FA group.
  94. Privileged employee have no permission to view the leave status, while clicking the leave date going to dashboard with message ‘You are not allowed to view that information.’
  95. Login to hr privileged employee and go to leave management, and then select employees from the all record option, going to dashboard.
  96. Login to hr privileged employee and apply leave without select any leave, getting 500 error.
  97. Should not accept characters while editing the rejected payslip.
  98. Style issue in the edit additional details page.
  99. Should not be showing error message if we try to send to SMS to students, batch, employees and departments without select any option.
  100. Prevent illegal character entry in Payslip of employee.
  101. Getting 500 error while changing the date from the URL.
  102. Additional Reports CSV export optimization.
  103. Same name with space is also accepting while creating the category, if the name is already taken.
  104. Save button style issue in the employee admission form only when the language is in Spanish and some other languages.
  105. Correct the subtitle name in PDF report of advance student search.
  106. Change the error message showing while marking the employee attendance before the reset date.
  107. After editing a rejected payslip page should redirect to rejected payslip page.
  108. Hide inactive department name from drop-down box.
  109. Hide Flash message after refreshing the page in leave reset setting.
  110. Change the flash message after deleting and archiving an employee.
  111. After archiving a student show flash message as “Student – {admission number} archived successfully.
  112. Theme issue for the weekdays in the subject wise attendance register only in RTL language.
  113. Go to the student login and select a timetable date, going to dashboard only for some dates.
  114. Change flash message “Subject de assigned successfully” to “Subject unassigned successfully”
  115. Insert any characters between the id and date in the edit rejected payslip URL, getting 500 error.
  116. Getting 500 error while changing the URL of the employee payslip.
  117. Style issue in the additional details show page if the name is too large.
  118. Error message style issue in Employee Category page.
  119. Change “student Profile ” to “Profile ” in student profile page.
  120. Add Profile link in Leave page of employee login.
  121. Income list PDF styles are broken in RTL language.
  122. Password is resetting to default password while changing the batch from student profile edit.
  123. Should not show the batches which does not have any timetable entries in the timetable view.
  124. Employee leaves count showing wrong.
  125. Flash message showing in the unwanted places also.
  126. Show a flash message after updating fee in student page.
  127. Change the date from the view employee payslip page, getting 500 error.
  128. Show “Select a subject” in subject drop box at the time of adding subject amount.
  129. If all the student additional field are inactive or there is no additional field then don’t show “(Add additional Details)” in student profile.
  130. Add fine button is not seen in the student fee submission page only in Mozilla Firefox.
  131. If no fee category is imported during creating a batch then show a message there.
  132. Change the message style in student search, view all page.
  133. If there is no result found in employee search then show a message.
  134. Show Fee Discounts content in middle of the page.
  135. Before deleting a fee category check if fee collection is created for that fee category.
  136. Income list PDF style is disordered in RTL.
  137. Remove date from the salary date field and click go getting 500 error.
  138. Date field should be read-only in donation adding page.
  139. Employee HR privilege not sufficient to Delete Employee.
  140. After change the date and save the rejected payslip getting 500 error, make the date field read-only.
  141. Throwing 500 error while clicking forgot password link.
  142. Grade is not showing in employee and archived employee PDF report.
  143. Pin code is not showing in archived student profile, generate custom report, data export.
  144. Employee individual payslip throwing error while changing the salary date and employee id from the URL.
  145. Employee individual payslip PDF throwing 500.
  146. Student Birth Place is not visible in many areas.
  147. If the employee is a batch tutor of the two batch, but in the attendance report only showing the one batch, in attendance register showing both batch.
  148. Getting 500 error while selecting department in subject assigning page.
  149. Login to one batch tutor and go to the attendance reports then select a batch, going to dashboard while selecting a batch in daily wise attendance type.
  150. Batch tutor should have the permission to mark the attendance for the batch in daily wise attendance type.
  151. Fields are not marked mandatory in fee discount creation form.
  152. Login to one student and click the timetable, going to dashboard.
  153. Make Future Date Attendance prevention Time Zone Compatible.
  154. 500 in Attendance register (subject wise) when subject is selected.
  155. Exam type check box are not aligned in general settings page while the language is in RTL.
  156. Employee Leaves Discrepancies in various pages.
  157. Going to dashboard while selecting ‘Select Fees category’ prompt option in the view discount.
  158. Disable form after submit in Ajax.
  159. In student and parent view, if current batch having no timetable setting, then redirect to dashboard with notices ‘Timetable not set.’
  160. Theme colour issue in the attendance mark button if the attendance is in subject wise.
  161. Mandatory field is not checking at the time of creating a new user.
  162. Prevent user (employee) self deletion when logged in.
  163. SMS text encoding problem in SaaS dashboard account SMS log.
  164. Date can be changed once the online Exam is published.
  165. Spanish Translations to be added for second time.
  166. Spanish Translations to be added.
  167. Suppose we mark leave after reset, then delete that marked leave, then that count should not add to the total leave count, reduce it from already taken leave.
  168. Going to dashboard while deleting the marked attendance of the newly admitted employees.
  169. 500 in student admission while uploading file(except image file)
  170. If instant fee plugin is not there in the fedena, then getting 500 error while searching revert transaction using advanced search.
  171. Open PDF report in a separate tab in the employee payslip view page.
  172. One click payslip revert is not reverting the payslip of the particular month.
  173. Round the decimal value in exam report and the PDF report.
  174. Inactivate all the payroll category and update the payroll from the employee profile, going to dashboard.
  175. Search using question mark symbol in the search field, getting 500 error for all the search.
  176. Should not show the inactive batch in the batch wise fee submission form. Only show in the fee defaulter’s page.
  177. 500 in employee attendance create.
  178. 500 in employee attendance update.
  179. Bracket is broken in the tutor assigned page when the language is in RTL.
  180. Client name is creating several times while clicking the save button continuously.
  181. Page break issue in the student PDF report.
  182. PDF report is showing the full report of the student.
  183. Fees receipt print PDF page break not proper.
  184. Brackets are broken in general settings page if the language is in RTL.
  185. Not showing any error if we try to upload tar file in the admission page, but showing page is unavailable.
  186. Style issue in the grouped exam report if the batch contains more than 7 exams.
  187. Style issue in the subject wise exam report PDF.
  188. Style issue in the student transcript report; remove the unwanted gap between the combined percentage and course wise combined percentage.
  189. 500 in other users change password page.
  190. Should not hide the employee list while assigning employees to the subject.
  191. Group tutors are not showing in the student PDF report.
  192. Pagination missing in Formative Assessment Items page.
  193. If the exam result is not published then the link is not active for the full text ‘Resend SMS notification’, only resend have link.
  194. Theme colour issue for the value in the student transcript page.
  195. Bracket is broken in the subject association page if the language is in RTL.
  196. Style issue in employee individual reset page.
  197. No need to show the blank table and PDF report if there is no employee present in the selected department, instead of that show flash message.
  198. No need to show the save button if there is no descriptive indicators.
  199. Style issue in the exam report graph if the subject code is too large.
  200. Template error in batches/index.
  201. CCE reports visible to student without results being published.
  202. Finance transaction graph is showing incorrect if the start and end dates are equal.
  203. Delete “Network State” from general settings page.
  204. Empty the list of students and message box after an SMS is sent.
  205. Add Spanish Translations for changes made to Fees.
  206. Not showing the unpaid fees of student in the previous batch if the student is transferred to another batch.
  207. Newly created batch shown in Timetable list although no timetable is created for new batch without class timing set defined.
  208. Move all association sending inside dispatcher block from lib file as it causes initialization issue in development server.
  209. Style issue in the Student Ranking per Subject PDF report if the batch has many exams.
  210. Style issue in the income list PDF if the receipt number is large.
  211. Style issue in the expense list PDF report.
  212. Should not show the batches those have not created any timetables while viewing the timetables.
  213. Time view is not updating while changing the batch in timetable edit entries only if there is no timetable in the selected batch.
  214. Bracket is broken in student transcript report page and PDF if the language is in RTL.
  215. Sorting departments are un-sorting while assigning an employee to a subject in subject association page.
  216. Getting 500 error while selecting the batch if we create the timetable before creating the class timings.
  217. Total number of working days count in attendance report is not changing after changing the end date of a batch.
  218. Change the style used in timetable view page (student login)
  219. Style issue in timetable view page.
  220. The consolidated exam report PDF report should be larger enough to be readable.
  221. Decimal issue in Payslip.
  222. Showing wrong flash message while clicking save without selecting any weightages.
  223. In the fees submitting form fees does not show a number and showing unpaid in student profile while changing the student category.
  224. We can add discount more than the fee by giving amount and percentage discount at a time.
  225. Consolidated report is not visible, increase the font size.
  226. Logo style is PDF of grouped exam report.
  227. After changing immediate contact, user profile is not updating.
  228. Style issue in the finance PDF report.
  229. Delete corresponding events when the original record is getting deleted (soft delete/hard delete).
  230. Link colour is taking as theme colour while hovering.


New features in Fedena Plugins:

App Frame

  1. App Frame new Plugin

Data Palette

  1. Data Palette new Plugin


  1. Additional Reports for Hostel


  1. Additional Reports for Inventory
  2. New role for basic Inventory privileges


  1. Additional Reports for Library


  1. Added the Title of Placement and Company Name in the Placement Reports


  1. Additional Reports for Transport


Issues fixed in Fedena plugins

Applicant Registration

  1. Can’t read the status of a student in applicant registration.
  2. Add space in between Pin and Group in flash message of “Pin Group was successfully created”.
  3. Additional detail field showing twice in the application registration edit and create form only when the field is mandatory.
  4. Can’t view applicants in admin, gives 500 error.
  5. If the students are already paid the registered amount, after that whatever changes made in the subject amount should not reflect in the student profile and print receipt.
  6. Showing different status after adding the pin number.
  7. Style issue in the view applicant page after the transaction is done.
  8. If no result to show, then show a flash message in application registration page.



  1. Can’t edit assignment.
  2. Alignment issue in assignment answered list.
  3. First two letters of student name is not showing in assignment answers page.
  4. Attachment icon missing.
  5. RTL style issue in the assignment show page.
  6. Style issue in the assignment show page while clicking the answered if the assignment is accepted by the employee.
  7. Students are still showing in the pending status of the previous batch assignment if we transferred the student to another batch.



  1. Any user can edit online meeting by directly going to the link.
  2. Getting 500 error while clicking join in online meeting rooms.


  1. Deactivated Blog should not appear in the feed.
  2. Wrong flash message showing in blog page.
  3. Wrong flash message showing after saving as draft in blog page.
  4. If no result to show then show a flash message in blog posts page.
  5. Blog settings issue in Admin Login.

Custom Import

  1. Translation issue in the custom import log details page.
  2. Find by id issue in exam wise report PDF.
  3. Custom Import fails if there are blank rows in the CSV uploaded.
  4. RTL style issue in the pagination link of custom import show page.

Custom Report

  1. After getting any error the page should move upward and show the error in custom report.
  2. Add Spanish Translations for Custom Report Privileges.

Data Export

  1. Finance transaction data export is getting failed.
  2. Each page showing only one entry in the data export pagination.
  3. Missing Admission Number/Employee Number in Data Export.
  4. Data Export plugin creating files in the application root.

Data Management

  1. 500 in asset_entries#create


  1. Complaints are not showing for Parents (sibling cases).
  2. Throwing 500 error in the discipline complaint view page if we try to upload the file without an extension.


  1. If there is no recent Comments found then Show the message in correct style.
  2. Style issue in discussion group edit page if the name is too large, check style in RTL also.
  3. Style issue in Discussion index pagination.

Email Alert

  1. Style issue in Email page at the time of selecting employee department.
  2. 500 while sending email.
  3. There is no flash message showing after saving email alert settings.
  4. Email alert: Settings doesn’t have flash message and email creation doesn’t preserves selection list in case of any error.
  5. If the siblings are in the same batch having the same immediate contact, it only sends one mail to the parent upon publishing exam schedule and result.

Fee Import

  1. After updating the fee collection for a particular student in fee import, it loads all other fee collections in the batch.
  2. Text colour showing red in the gallery photo adding page if the language is in RTL.
  3. Spelling mistake in import fee page, change payed to paid.


  1. Goes to dashboard while clicking the photo create URL directly in gallery.
  2. Select Employee in Gallery Add Photo not adding employee or wrong employee.
  3. Not possible to delete the selected employees from the photo adding page.
  4. Remove “Add Photo” and “New” link in student profile-Gallery page.
  5. Select All option is not working at the time of uploading photos in gallery page.
  6. Full Name of Student/Employee in Gallery Plugin.
  7. Update button alignment issue in Gallery Category page.


  1. Style issue in the hostel reports page.
  2. Error message is not showing at the time of creating room.
  3. After editing a hostel fee collection, it redirects to the fees of that batch.
  4. Amount showing zero in the hostel fees report.
  5. Same student name showing 3 times in search student list of hostel fee page.

Instant Fee

  1. Going to dashboard while clicking the instant fee in the transaction report.
  2. Style issue in the select payee field in the new instant fee create page only when the language is in Spanish and some other languages.
  3. Show full name of batch instead of showing the batch name in instant fee student search.
  4. Style issue in instant fees report page in transactions.


  1. Style issue in required field of inventory page.
  2. 500 in GRN page after selecting PO number.
  3. Amount showing zero in the inventory GRN report.
  4. Change the error message style in store_categories,store_types and stores page.
  5. After selecting a store item, store item selection box shaking due to loader image.
  6. Show percentage symbol next to tax addition in inventory.
  7. The boxes are not fixed in the store item list page, while selecting the store item, the boxes are moving.
  8. Single Quote (‘) value creating error in Purchase Order.
  9. Single Quote (‘) value creating error in the inventory store item.
  10. Indent cannot be deleted even if purchase order has been deleted.
  11. Throwing 500 error while creating purchase order without unit price.
  12. Getting 500 error while editing the purchase order and update with blank unit price.
  13. Style issue in the inventory transaction report page.
  14. Show the loader image in correct position.
  15. Indent is not showing for the privileged employee and the manager.
  16. Should not delete the employee permanently who have raised indents.
  17. Translation issue for ‘inventory_basics_privilege’ page.


  1. Style issue in Student info-Library details page.
  2. Library renew date showing wrong in calendar.
  3. Amount showing zero in the library transaction report.
  4. Change error message style.
  5. Change warning message style in book issue page.
  6. Prevent issuing binding books.
  7. Reference/lost book no need to redirect to issue book page.
  8. Error message is not removing after refreshing the page in book return page.
  9. Change the message style in book search.
  10. Style issue in book return page.
  11. Style issue in error message of details book search page.
  12. Change the view page of Detail book search.
  13. Alignment issue in flash message of book search.
  14. Show “This book cannot be issued or reserved” message in lost book page.
  15. Default status to be “All” in filter books drop-down list.
  16. Change the user name font colour in library book reserve message.
  17. After archiving student/employee getting 500 in the following.
  18. Change the flash message showing in library index page.
  19. 500 in book return page.
  20. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the room details page URL.
  21. Style issue in book return page if the book holder name is too large.
  22. Currently the library card is not being used, so remove library card from student profile.
  23. 500 while creating or updating a book if custom tag name is greater than 255 characters.
  24. Time shown after book reserved is +05.30 hours ahead of UTC always.
  25. Time shown in Book View page is +05.30 hours ahead of UTC always.


  1. 500 in student mobile timetable.
  2. 500 in employee_attendance#mobile_leave if the language is other than English, Hindi.


  1. Unable to update existing school record.
  2. 500 throwing in multi-school admin panel.

Oauth2 Provider

  1. Finance transaction and payroll categories not accessible even if logged in.

Online Exam

  • 500 in pay page of student login.
  • Style issue in the online exam edit option page.
  • Prevent student deletion if Online Exam Record is present and show archived student in the reset exam list.
  • 500 while clicking Finish button in online exam answering page.
  • Style issue in the online exam reset page if the student name is too large.
  • RTL style issue in save exam page.
  • Shouldn’t allow students to attempt an unpublished online exam.
  • 500 in online exam question creation page.
  • 500 in online exam index page in student login without selecting any exam.


  1. Blank page showing in PDF page.
  2. Deleted placement events are still showing in the calendar.
  3. Show placement event in calendar page of parent login.
  4. Placement privileged employee should have the permission to view the placement details in calendar.
  5. Placement registered students link should be corrected for Deleted students.
  6. After inviting students to placement, it should show in calendar as event.
  7. Show “Announce new placement” in inner-tab-menu.
  8. After editing a placement it’s not updating the corresponding event.

Tally Export

  1. Tally bulk export is getting failed.
  2. Going to dashboard while paying the finance fees.
  3. Account name creating many times while continuously hitting the enter button.


  1. Theme issue in add field button.
  2. Theme issue in calendar.
  3. Theme issue in admission Previous Details adding page.
  4. Theme issue in email plugin.
  5. After moving the cursor on the link, there is no color change in Documents page.
  6. Theme color issue in the blog activities page.
  7. Theme issue in forgot password link if oauth plugin is activated.


  1. Message style in transport view details page.
  2. Amount showing zero in the transport fees report.
  3. Show transport fee due date in calendar for admin, student and employee login.
  4. Show error message after saving due date before start date in transport fee collection page.
  5. Style issue in transport details edit page.
  6. Style issue in transport edit page, if the username is too large.
  7. Style issue in transport fee collection edit page.
  8. Should not create the transport fee collection for the students included in the inactivated vehicle.

For more information, doubts and suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Fedena 2.3.5 is now Available for Pro Customers


Within 3 months of release of Fedena 2.3.4 our product team has released further enhancements to Fedena Pro. What is new and great in Fedena 2.3.5? Release notes given below. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions.

New features and enhancements

  1. Prevent marking of attendance for employees before reset date.
  2. Already approved leave application can be denied later.
  3. Add employee id column in employee attendance report and its pdf.
  4. Revert finance transactions.
  5. Added Dominican Spanish translation.
  6. Prevent absent marking for future dates.
  7. id_partition for attachments.
  8. Revert hostel fee, instant fee, library fines, transport fee

Issues solved in Fedena Core

  1. Not possible to delete the student permanently if there is no existence of dependency.
  2. Deleted elective groups are also showing up while editing the normal subjects.
  3. No translation is added to the  grouped batches page.
  4. Suppose, the employee has no examination privileges, no subjects assigned, not a tutor of any batch, then there is no need to show the examination link in the More menu. Currently, it is showing up,going to dashboard while clicking it.
  5. In CCE, if the FA groups are changed after marks are assigned, then the report shows the previously assigned wrong entries.
  6. Error in student/employee admission (Student’s date_of_birth and admission_date is blank, it shows error).
  7. Gender shows as Male in case of Custom Imported Employee data.
  8. Fees Particulars showing paginated results with no paginate links in the page.
  9. CCE report showing elective subjects that are not assigned to the student.
  10. Suppose the employee has taken the half day leave, then show (half day) in the pdf report also.
  11. CCE report shows FA1 and FA2 scores reversed in PDF report.
  12. Should not accept the negative values while editing the leave count from the employee profile.
  13. Should not show the fee collection for all students in the batch if the  particulars are created only for one student.
  14. Deleted Elective Subject is shown in CCE student wise report.
  15. Should not allow deletion of the elective subject if any student is assigned into it.
  16. Maximum mark (0.0) showing in Grade wise exam.
  17. Remove the class_timings page from timetable, currently it is not in use  in Fedena.
  18. Style issues in Teachers timetable.
  19. Style issues in Student Category.
  20. No message displayed if no search output is displayed in Search News.
  21. Style issues in Browse button (upload logo) in Firefox with Ubuntu as platform.
  22. Same message displayed in News module for Admin, student or parent login.
  23. Stored item cannot be deleted if no indent is created using that stored item.
  24. Hide assign button from elective subject assign page once clicked.
  25. Employee can apply leave for the same date many times if the leave for that date is already approved by the manager.
  26. It should be possible to apply the leave 2 times for the same date.
  27. Count showing negative if we delete the marked attendance that is marked before the resetting of the leaves.
  28. Biometric Id is deleted if we change immediate contact of student or manager for employee.
  29. Inactive leave types are also showing in the employee profile attendance report.
  30. Show error message while approving leave by employee manager if the leave limit is exceeded.
  31. Show the employee leave management link only if the employee has the employee attendance privilege.
  32. Future and current marked attendance status showing in the report after resetting the leaves.
  33. Fees status showing wrong in the student profile, if the fees is assigned through the fee import plugin.
  34. If the batch end date is exceeded then the batch should not show up inside the timetable time period after the batch end date.
  35. Grade showing wrong if we enter marks out of 10 in the marks field.
  36. Batch is not visible for batch tutor in the attendance register.
  37. CCE report shows wrong grade (lowest grade) if exam marks is nil for SA type.
  38. Show elective group name instead of showing the elective subject name in the student timetable view.
  39. Student timetable view not taking the class timing as per the timetable class timing setting.
  40. Missing template error in student#del_guardian.
  41. Calculation error in monthly attendance report.
  42. If Fees is zero then those students should not show in the fee defaulters list.
  43. SMS message sending fails if the mobile number has a space in it.
  44. SMS message text is broken from where & sign appears in the text.
  45. Going to dashboard if we select month and click ‘OK’ button without selecting any month and year in both subject wise and daily wise attendance type.
  46. Style issue in employee advance search pdf parameters.
  47. Footer style is broken in course edit page.
  48. Date of Birth is shown in case of Date of Joining in Employee Advanced search pdf.
  49. Fees Paid student are showing in defaulters.
  50. Rtl style issue in calender.
  51. While assigning a new batch to a class timing set, 500 error showing up.
  52. If there is no employee assigned in the elective subject then in the timetable, the two subjects are shown as one subject.
  53. While assigning students in the elective subjects, if we click the assign button continuously, students are assigned more than once for the same subject.
  54. Suppose we mark the attendance in future dates, that marked attendance count is effecting in the attendance reports only in the case of all subjects.
  55. Teacher’s timetable style is broken in employee login if the language is in rtl.
  56. Taking previous months in the attendance register form getting 500 error in subject wise.
  57. Date is not translated in the timetable view.
  58. Theme issue in the attendance register form.
  59. Attendance register form is not showing while selecting elective subjects if the subjects contain students.
  60. For the batch transferred students, the previous batch’s absent marked subjects are also showing while clicking current year reports.
  61. Check subject wise leave entry before student is permanently deleted.
  62. Going to dashboard, if we uncheck all the weekdays for the selected batch and save.
  63. If no timetable is present, opening the subject wise error raises ajax 500 error in backend.
  64. Calender is not translated in all the languages.
  65. Style issue add fine button in the fee submission form if the language is Mongolian.
  66. Rtl style issue in the fee submission form only in Mozilla FireFox.
  67. Arabic translation yml (ar.yml) is modified in core.
  68. Add model validations in Student and Employee.
  69. Incomplete days in the calendar while the language is in rtl.
  70. Response time is too heavy in fee collection.
  71. Getting error in the ranking level report if we change the exam type after the report is generated.
  72. Attendance Register Bug (Fetch only those timetable entry which belong to those class timings, timetable actually uses).
  73. Student attendance cannot be marked for a batch transferred student who has been marked future absent in the old batch.
  74. Should not accept the negative values for weekly classes while adding and editing the subjects.
  75. Redirect to user profile after changing the password of the user (employee,admin,student,parent).
  76. Optimization needed in Class timing sets.
  77. Report Graph not showing if marks not entered for a subject.
  78. Create a discount for the particular student and create the collection and then archive that student. But clicking the category name in fee collection is showing 500 error.
  79. Incorrect rounding off in Payslip.
  80. No need to show the blank tables if  there is no students in the selected batch.
  81. Style issue in Assign Elective subject when student name is long.
  82. Should not allow space as text in instant fee fields while paying the fee.
  83. Header line is missing in the class time adding and editing box only when the theme is default.
  84. Translation issue in the timetable weekdays.
  85. Fields are not aligned in the employee additional details adding and edit page.
  86. Add smtp exception handling for user/forgot_password.
  87. No need to show the mandatory symbol for email while creating user. Here, the emails are not mandatory.
  88. Multiple Sms sending failing in Fedena.
  89. If letter ‘q’ is typed while changing the password using first time enable, it is not possible to type the letters. Instead, it is going to searching bar in saas.
  90. Assign one or more employees as a tutor for one batch and then delete the assigned employee, while clicking the assigned tutor going to dashboard.
  91. Style issue in the student transcript pdf report.
  92. No need to show the save button if there is no weightages ,observation groups and FA groups to select.
  93. Pdf report showing incomplete in the grouped exam report pdf and archived batches exam report pdf while language is in rtl.
  94. Style issue in the consolidated exam report pdf. Check rtl style also.
  95. No need to show the blank table and the pdf report link if there is no attendance report for the selected batch.
  96. Translation missing for weekdays in the teachers timetable, student and employee timetable view.
  97. Translation missing in the weekdays of the timetable view.
  98. Deleted finance category is showing while editing the incomes.
  99. Deleted finance category is showing while editing the expenses.
  100. If we inactivate all the available leave types, then all the leave types is getting hidden.
  101. Employee with event management privilege cant view the created events, only admin have the permission.
  102. No rtl style in new class timing set page.
  103. Sorting issue in timetable view page from student login.
  104. In rtl language, the class timings are not visible properly. Same page are looking different in both languages.
  105. Fields are disordered in the class timing add page in rtl language.
  106. Class timings sets name creation many times while clicking enter continuously.
  107. Show class timing sets in alphabetical order.

Issues solved in Fedena Plugins

Application Registration

  1. Date of birth cannot be a future date while registering the student.
  2. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.

Online Exam

  1. Online_student_exam#save_exam : mysql lock error
  2. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue
  3. White Label not added for Online Exam Result Page
  4. Should show the view online exam result option in the privileged employee login if the employee has the view result privilege.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue
  2. Suppose the student have issued any library books, then it is not possible to archive or permanently delete that student. But we can renew that issued book and then it is possible to delete the student.
  3. The fine amount must be positive numbers while returning library books with due.
  4. Open the pdf report in another tab in the library transaction page.

Custom Import

  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.
  2. Book details are not uploading through custom import, not showing any error.


  1. Other users can also get the permission to  view the task assigned user list by changing the id in the url, even if that employee have not assigned that task.

Email Alert

  1. Going to dashboard while changing the immediate contact and while assigning sibling.
  2. Spelling mistake in the email alert show page.


  1. Store cannot be deleted even after an item present in it earlier was deleted.


  1. Style issue in Online Payment Setting page.
  2. No need to show the online transaction id if the transaction is not done through online in the print application.
  3. Show the archived student name in the online payment transaction details page.
  4. Online payment for transport is saving as hostel pay category payment.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue.
  2. Not possible to delete the student permanently if there is no existence of dependency.
  3. Hostel fees amount displaying incorrectly in transaction report.
  4. No need to show the blank table if there is no room details, hostel fee collections and fee defaulters.


  1. ActiveRecord::Base model initialization issue.
  2. Suppose there is no vehicles to assign to the users, then also  the flash showing ‘Bus edited successfully’, not showing any validation errors.
  3. Not possible to delete the employee and student permanently if there is no existing dependency.
  4. Transport total fee amount mismatch in the transaction report.
  5. No need to show the blank table if there are no users found in the vehicle and no transport fee collection for the selected batch.


  1. Wrong error message showing in gallery photo upload.
  2. In the student or employee login, the user get the permission to view other user photos, and the count of photos showing is wrong in gallery.


  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.

Data Export

  1. Data Export Plugin generating blank csv.


  1. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.
  2. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url of the assignment in student login.
  3. Getting 500 error while clicking update in the assignment edit page.

Fee Import

  1. Fee collection is not showing for all students of the batch in fee import.

Instant Fee

  1. Style issue in the instant fee transcription report and the print receipt if the payment note and payment mode name is large.
  2. Serial number is coming in irregular manner in the new instant fee create form while adding new particular.
  3. Suppose we select the guest pay option in instant fee, then there is no need to show the select payee field.
  4. Receipt number showing incomplete in instant fee pdf.
  5. Guest payee payment is throwing 500 in instant fee module.

Custom Reports

  1. If the additional details contain question mark,then the text won’t be showing up in the custom report.
  2. Student names coming twice while searching with input criteria in custom report.
  3. Add Address field in Custom Report generation.
  4. Arabic translation yml(ar.yml) is modified.


  1. 500 in employee_timetable mobile view.


  1. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url in online meeting rooms show page.
  2. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the url in online meeting server while editing.

Fedena 2.3.4 is now available for pro customers

It has been almost 4 years since the first beta release of Fedena 0.1 in our start up office at Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Today we have reached to the version 2.3.4. It was an exciting journey for us and we are sure that it was rewarding for all our early adopters and existing customers. If you have not read our story yet, check out the history page at fedena.com

What is new in Fedena 2.3.4? Release notes given below. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions

New features in Fedena Core modules

  1. Add sibling feature to fedena. Read more 
  2. Add course and batch name in Fee receipt 
  3. Subject wise and Assessment wise report for CCE 
  4. Disable duplicate entries using double click in Fedena Core 
  5. New Modifications in CCE 
  6. Change in text for fee collection and fee submission 
  7. Subject Name and Filters applied in the Attendance report PDF  Add Subject and Session field in Student attendance report 
  8. Local time needs to be shown when SMS is sent 
  9. Changes in Spanish Translation 
  10. API to return user details if Biometric ID is provided. 
  11. Introduce Biometric ID field for students and employees. 

    Read more

  12. Student and Employee Additional details have to consider Text Area as Input Method 
  13. UI Modification in student Fee Detail Page 
  14. Mode of payment while collecting fees 
  15. Introduction of Class Timing set. Read more 

Issues solved in Fedena Core

  1. Style issue in the finance fee receipt if the payment note words are too large. 
  2. Style issue in fee receipt if the fee collection name is too large. 
  3. Add missing time zones 
  4. Grading Level Minimum Score can be created above 100 
  5. FA report generation before SA score entered 
  6. Messages sent to employee’s manager by Privileged Employee is not being sent. 
  7. Translation missing in attendance report page 
  8. Translation missing for ‘less than’, greater than and equal to in employee advanced search. 
  9. Transcript PDF break issue 
  10. Forgot password reset words used 
  11. Change Assign old batch subjects to Assign Previous batch subjects 
  12. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in the event show page. 
  13. Sort the employee department names in the alphabetical order. 
  14. Should show all the parent users when batch is selected in user view all page. 
  15. Should not show the delete button in the archived student guardian profile. 
  16. State name is showing with country name in guardian profile. 
  17. Style issue in teacher timetable page 
  18. Style issue in the discussion group post page. 
  19. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in the tutor assigning page. 
  20. Discount showing not a number, if we delete the particulars of the particular category. 
  21. Style issue in the employee payroll. 
  22. Showing wrong flash message if there are no particulars included in the selected fee category while creating discount. Should not show the category if there are no particulars included. 
  23. Should show the flash message while changing the immediate contact of a student. 
  24. Style issue in flash message after saving the guardian 
  25. Sort the student names in alphabetical order in the fee defaulters page and the pdf report. 
  26. Top border and bottom border is missing in the employee profile pdf report. 
  27. Style issue in employee attendance report pdf. 
  28. Page break issue in pdf report   in employee attendance pdf 
  29. Privileged employee have no option to change the immediate contact of a student like admin. 
  30. Style issue in the change immediate contact page if the guardian name is too large. 
  31. Style issue in the submit button while rejecting the payslip. 
  32. Style issue in pdf of CCE report 
  33. IF admission privilege is given to an employee he should able to delete that student permanently 
  34. No need for  the option to add payroll category in normal employee login, only the admin and the privileged employee need the option. 
  35. Going to dashboard while clicking the exam wise pdf report using employee login. 
  36. Should not show the fee category if there are no particulars included while creating the fee discount using student wise. 
  37. Change “Select a course” to “select a batch” in all user view page 
  38. There should be the option to add the additional details of the admitted student if the step is skip in between the admission. 
  39. The title is overlapping with the company logo in the pdf header. 
  40. Should not show the category name while creating fee collection if particulars are blank in any of the selected batch. 
  41. Exam status is not showing in parent login calender , but it is showing in student login. 
  42. Should  not allow to mark the attendance if any of the option ‘Forenoon’ or ‘Afternoon’ is not selected while marking the attendance. 
  43. Style issue in the guardian profile if the name is too large. 
  44. Change the Arabic (ar.yml) translations in the below mentioned areas. 
  45. Should not possible to create the deleted finance category again. 
  46. Should not delete the elective subjects if any dependency is there,disable the delete button. 
  47. Should not redirect to other pages while saving the previous data for already admitted student. 
  48. Change the error message “Grade set not deleted, dependant data present” to “Unable to delete Grade Set due to dependent data” 
  49. Deleted courses displayed while assigning scholastic or co-scholastic items 
  50. Error message style issue in CCE weightages -Assigned courses page 
  51. Style issue in student attendance 
  52. SMS settings issue  (The system is not able to send the sms when the URL has “https”) 
  53. Style issue in the electives index page if the elective group name is too large. 
  54. Style issue in subject transfer show page if the subject code is large. 
  55. Sort the course name in alphabetical order in the create exam page. 
  56. Should not show student category name twice while editing student category. 
  57. Sort the members name in alphabetical order and show the full name instead of first name in create reminder page. 
  58. Delete Button style issue in calendar page 
  59. Add new student and employee columns in student and employee structure and profile API 
  60. Change the text in Spanish translation. 
  61. Unable to edit student additional details 
  62. Updated country list 
  63. Style issue in additional details adding page if the additional detail name is large 
  64. Add fine button style broken in Spanish language. 
  65. Style issue in fee receipt number if many receipts are there. 
  66. Alignment issue in timetable page 
  67. IF an error occurred during saving parents details all the Entered data disappearing 
  68. Style issue in fee defaulter’s submission form. 
  69. Bracket is broken in fee submission form and fees receipt while language is in rtl. 
  70. Disordered brackets in batch fees report while language is in rtl. 
  71. RTL style issue in finance fees report. 
  72. Incorrect experience years while editing a employee 
  73. Add exception handling in student email sending 
  74. Translation issue in student admission page 
  75. User created from the user page only have the permission to show the delete button but other users created from the hr should not need the option to delete. 
  76. Employee is created without user_id 
  77. Should not allow to  pay the zero amount in finance fee pay. 
  78. style issue in teacher timetable 
  79. Deleted course name showing at the time of assigning weightages to course 
  80. Align the check box to other fields in additional details page. 
  81. 500 coming in user search 
  82. No need to show the edit button and pdf report in the employee additional info page if there is no additional data added 
  83. Page is redirecting to edit privilege page while clicking add additional details link if there is no additional detail fields present. 
  84. Rtl style issue in archived student guardian profile. 
  85. Style issue in student advanced search pdf of former students. 
  86. In archived student profile the additional details order should be same as student additional details. 
  87. Show country label name in archived student guardian profile. 
  88. Style issue in search by name field in the remove subordinate employee page. 
  89. Style issue in employee edit while getting an error. 
  90. Student search is incomplete 
  91. Theme color issue in the remove subordinate employee page. 
  92. Theme color issue in the Co-Scholastic Scores page. 
  93. Theme is not working in student timetable view page 
  94. Sort the employee names in the alphabetical order in subject assignment page. 

New features in Fedena Plugins

  • Applicant Registration
1. Include receipt number in Registration printout 

2. Show course fee amount at the time of applying to a course
  • Custom Import 
1. Enable custom import guardian upload to set immediate contact for the corresponding ward
  • Hostel 
1. Fee Details in Student and Parent login 

2. All fees reciept pdf can be same as normal fee reciept pdf 

3. Show all fee details in student profile 

  • Instant Fee 
1. All fees receipt pdf can be same as normal fee receipt pdf
  • Fedena Transport 
1. Fee Details in Student and Parent login 

2. All fees receipt pdf can be same as normal fee receipt pdf 

Issues solved in Fedena Plugins

  • Applicant Registration 
1.  Style issue in the application form if more than 6 check boxes are added in the additional field section. 

2.  Style issue in the view applicants page, check rtl style also. 

3.  Going to dashboard if we make subject based registration is ‘active’ without select a course while adding course. 

4.  Pin active field is checking while clicking ‘All’ and ‘none’ option from the course check box field in the pin group edit and create page.. 

5.  Remove the blank table if no data’s entered in the applicant registration,show flash messages instead of blank tables. 

6.  Amount showing is not a number and all  the check box getting selected in the registration form while clicking ‘All’ option in the choose electives field. 

7.  Should not showing additional fields mandatory field error message if any other mandatory field error is shown. 

8.  Not showing the error message if we blank the mandatory field while editing the registered applicants. 

9.  Values are updating if we get any validation error while editing the registered applicants. 

10. None option is not working in registered applicants while editing the normal subjects. 

11. Cant delete the attachments in application form 

12. Should check the validation of maximum and minimum subjects in the application register while editing the registred applicants. 

13. For the calculation of subject amount in the registration form the ‘all’ and ‘none’ select option is not working. 

14. Should show error message if there is no subjects in the selected course while adding course in applicant registration. 

15. Not showing the validation error messages of the additional details fields. 

16. Wrong error message showing while allotting a student 

17. Should not show the filtering option and the blank table in the view applicants page if there are no registered students in the batch.Show flash message. 

18. In application(Register) form Show max and min number of elective subject 

19. Align the check box to other fields in new pin group adding and editing page 

20. Style issue in registration form and align the all the student additional fields in the same page 

21. Delete all assets and corresponding record after an applicant delete 

22. Try to add 3 attachments in application form now warning message showing as “Can’t add more than 4 additional attachments” 

23. Style issue in applicant page 

24. Change the style of Applicant Registration page 

25. Style issue in the application registration form if the pin is enabled. 

  • Library 
1.  Style issue in library issue book page if the employee number is large. 

2.  Should not show the filtering option and the table in the library index if no books added.show flash message. 

3.  No need to show the returned books status in employees and students profile. 

4.  Pagination is missing after filter in Library , manage book index page 

  • Custom Import 
1.  Delete Class Roll No column from Student Admission bulk import form of Custom Import Plugin 

2.  Change header column phone2 to mobile in student csv import in custom import plugin 

3.  Add biometric information support to custom import 

4.  Repeat in custom import export new page model entries after reload 

5.  Invalid email stops uploading employee and raises a 500 in delayed job 

  • Discipline 
1.  Style issue in discipline complaint page in spanish language. 

2.  Should not show the blank table if there are no complaints registered in discipline. 

  • Blog 
1.  Style issue in blog 

2.  Change flash “Fedena Administrator cannot participate in blogging” to “Administrator cannot participate in blogging” 

3.  Blog list sorting order is not same in normal users and privileged employees view. 

  • Hostel 
1.  Student name showing more than one time in hostel fee submission page for a fee collection 

2.  Should not accept characters while adding fine in hostel fee pay. 

3.  Flash message showing wrong while trying to reallocate the students into  the same room. 

4.  Should not assign the same employee many times in the same hostel as warden. 

5.  At the time of Re allocation we can allocate Female students to gents hostel 

  • Transport 
1.  Blank page coming between page of the transport details pdf report. 

2.  Style issue in transport defaulters view page using mozilla firefox. 

  • Placement 
1.  Style issue in the placement report pdf. 

  • Inventory 
1.  No need to set receipt no for inventory 

2.  Style issue in the bread crumb while getting an error. 

3.  Store item is not updating correctly if we edit the required item while accepting the indent. 

  • Oauth 
1.  Whitelabel and theme is not working for oauth list user page 

  • Assignment 
1.  Should not show  the assignment of the deleted subject in the student profile. 

  • Fee Import 
1.  Should not allow to assign the fees for other students in the batch if it is created based on the admission number. 

  • Instant Fee 
1.  Button style issue in instant fee if the language is in spanish. 

  • Custom Reports 
1.  Style issue in custom reports pdf page 

  • Mobile
    1. 500 in timetable view mobile


  • Discussion 
1.  Style issue in discussion show page. 

2.  Style broken in discussion group show page. 

3.  Style issue in discussion group edit page. 

4.  The employee and student name should be in alphabetical order in the members list,show fullname instead of first name. 

5.  All the selected members will redirect to the same page while getting a validation error in discussion create. 

  •  Custom Report 1.  The additional details of students and employees don’t support letters like “Á, é, í, ó, ú ,ñ ,Ñ ”, etc.
That is all for Fedena 2.3.4. More innovation including consolidated dashboard, analytic dashboard, improvised menu are on its way. Contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions

Fedena 2.3 is released to public on Teachers day of India

The latest version of Fedena – the opensource school management system is now available to public for free download.
Official Blog post – http://projectfedena.org/blog/17-fedena-2-3-released
Github – https://github.com/projectfedena/fedena
Download instructions – http://projectfedena.org/download

Fedena now powers more than 40,000 institutions around the world. It includes the most notable implementation in 15,000 Schools of Kerala – India, which is now a case study for successful implementation of big data e-gov projects across the world. http://projectfedena.org/pages/sampoorna
The same project is acclaimed by ruby on rails community and David Heinemeier Hansson – creator of Ruby on Rails.
Highlighted Features of Fedena 2.3

  • Support for CCE(CBSE), CWA & GPA grading standards
  • Supports 4 new languages – Japanese, Portuguese, German & Marathi. (Already supports Spanish, Arabic, Hindi & English)
  • Enhanced report centre for examinationSeperate dashboard for Parent (Previously parent & student view were same)
  • Enhanced timetable & attendance

Introduction of plugin marketplaceNow any company can develop plugins for fedena using the documentation and support available in projectfedena website. The developers can list their plugins in the marketplace for free or for a price. This is the first step towards building an ecosystem around Fedena. http://www.projectfedena.org/plugins

Fedena MobileFedena Pro is now available as a mobile web app using HTML5 technology. It supports the most used features of fedena through a mobile interface.

Google App IntegrationFedena Pro is integrated with Google Apps and available in Google Apps marketplace. http://www.fedena.com/google_apps
Big Blue Button Integration is now freeThe Big Blue Button plugin of Fedena is available for free download from plugin marketplace. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education. The goal of the project is to enable universities, colleges, and K12 to delivery a high-quality learning experience to remote students. BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of slides (including whiteboard), audio, video, chat, and desktops. It also record lectures for later playback. More info: http://www.bigbluebutton.org/
UzityForadian Technologies is also all set to release their online university – Uzity in next two months. Uzity will complement Fedena and will offer a better e-learning experience. Prelaunch page http://www.uzity.com/
Read “What is the new learning product Foradian is building?” http://www.quora.com/Foradian/What-is-the-new-learning-product-Foradian-is-bu…
Recent achievements
1) MIT TR35 India 2012 award – http://www.technologyreview.com/tr35/profile.aspx?TRID=1248
2) Edustars powered by Accel Partners and yourstory.in – http://yourstory.in/2012/08/startups-thatll-shape-the-education-industry-in-i…
Interesting articles about Fedena
1) A Tunisian professor writes how fedena is helping them reorganize and innovate after the Arab Spring revolution – http://opensource.com/education/12/6/learning-fedena
2) Foradian CEO interviewed in opensource.com, sharing the importance of opensource in education – http://opensource.com/education/12/8/foradian-ceo-explains-benefits-open-sour…
3) What problem does Fedena solve? http://www.quora.com/What-Problem-Does-X-Solve/What-problem-does-Fedena-solve
Notable recent press releases
1) The Economic Times – Small town education start-up offers ERP solution to schools across the globe – http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-05-08/news/31626776_1_erp-s…
2) The Indian Express – Big Ideas, Small Towns – http://www.indianexpress.com/news/big-ideas-small-towns/937088/0