Report on Former Students

Extract a Report on Former Students Using Fedena 3.0

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Last week, we talked about how easily you can generate a report on former employees. Today, we talk about how you can generate a report on the former students of your institution. Generating any report has become very easy with the new version of Fedena 3.0 which is loaded with exciting features.  Read on to find out how you can extract a report on the former students with all necessary details related to each of them.

1. You can find the ‘Former students details’ in ‘Reports’ as you navigate through ‘Data and Reports’ in the main menu.

2. Select ‘Former students details’ and go to the page of former student details to generate the report.

3. Choose the time limit for which you want to generate the report. It will generate the report of all students who have left the institution within the selected time period.

4. The report will show the details of all the students who had left the institution within the time period you have selected. You can see the ‘Batch name’ and ‘Course name’ of the students as well as the ‘Gender’, ‘Admission Date’ and ‘Leaving date’. If you want, you can go to the individual student’s profile by selecting the respective student’s name.

You can see the date of leaving for each of the students as well. Moreover, extract the report in CSV format if you need.


Report on Transport Module

Generate Report on Transport Module Using Fedena

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Award-winning student management software solution has recently come up with its latest version that is packed with all latest features. One of them is the generating of reports which helps you get hold of reports so easily. Today, we will talk about reports in the Transport Module in the article. The report in the Transport Module will help you get the details about any of routes, right from its route of traveling to the students who are availing the particular bus route.

Read the article and know how you can generate reports in the Transport Module.

How to generate a report on Transport Module?

1. Go to Fedena account and go to ‘Transport’ in ‘Administration’ in the main menu. You will find ‘ Transport Report’ in ‘Transport’. Click on ‘Transport Report’ and land on the page ‘Route wise allocation report’ page.

2. Here you can explore that who all have been allotted for the particular route.

3. If you select the academic year, route type, passenger and route, you will get the complete details of the passengers. If you need, you can get the report in the CSV format using the ‘Export as CSV’ option.

Explore the new features of the Transport module of school ERP software.

Fedena Student Search

Student Search made Easy with Fedena Student Information System


The award-winning student information system, Fedena is user-friendly and offers modules and features that are easy to deal with. Being the head of your school, you have to manage a lot of things, sometimes working out of the way to make things fall in place. Searching through the vast database of student information is indeed a tough task to do. But with Fedena, the task is a lot easy as it offers smarter and better ways to search for students. Read this article and know how the different ways available with Fedena facilitates your search for students.



Different ways to search a Student with Fedena Student Information System

With Fedena, you search for students very easily, with the help of the various ways that are available in the software.


1. Search students using their admission number: You can search about any particular student if you have his/her admission number with you. For this, you need to go to ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Students Details’, it will take you to the search page where you can type the admission number and search for the student.


2. Search students using the first name or the last name: If you have the first name or the last name of a particular student that you want to search for, you can use the ‘Search’ option to do so. Below are two screenshots for searching students with first name and last name respectively.



3. Search students using the action search option in top menu: The action search option is available in top right. Type the first name or the last name of the student and find the respective student. When you type the first or last name of the student, make sure you select the option ‘Search students’, when you are looking for student.


4. Advanced Search: This is a great option when you want to search for students on the basis of any particular information like blood group and country. You can go to ‘Advanced Search’ via ‘Students Details’ and clicking on ‘Advanced’ available on the top right.



5. Search Former Students: You can also search for former students using the ‘Student Details’ search option. ‘Advanced Search’ also offers you the chance to search for former students.



Effective Teachers

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teacher


Prominent management guru, Dr Stephen Covey in his highly acclaimed book, ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’ stresses some principles for personal growth, which are meant for life in general, a life that is beyond those monotonous office desks and business graphs. The seven habits mentioned in the book including being proactive, putting first things first, think win-win are some from the lot, are surely the standards to a complete, successful life. Now, this makes us wonder what can be the habits that make a great and effective teacher and after much research, we bring to you some habits that are surely the traits of an effective teacher.

Read on to find out what are those habits that can make you a good teacher:

1. Never stop learning:

A very important sign of a good teacher is the urge to learn. An effective teacher must never stop from gaining knowledge. Learning from time to time is a good idea not only to improve your knowledge base but also know a student’s perspective. Being on the other side will help you get a good understanding of the learning process of your students.

2. Bring some fun into the classroom:

A little fun added to the class acts as rejuvenation from tedious class work and this is like stress-reliever for students. Moreover, a lively teacher is always loved and admired by students. So, don’t miss the chance of being a favourite teacher to your students.

3. Sense of purpose:

Everyday routine might be mundane, not just for you, but for all. Whatever happens, don’t lose your sense of purpose that will make your road smoother in future. When you have that purpose right in front of you, those difficult boring days will be easily passed by.

4. Regular communication with parents:

A good and successful teacher will never duck from the idea of proper communication with parents. A parent has every right to get information about the ward and it is the duty of teachers to make communion with them and throw light on the student’s activities. So, regular communication with parents is a must-do.

5. Go beyond regular curriculum:

Go out from the regular routine of class work and homework. For an altogether good and completely new experience, let your students think and act differently. Like, after giving your class, some lectures about the World Wars, you can definitely let them go through some war-related movies or talk to ex-servicemen. These extra-curricular activities will engage more attention and excitement from students.

6. Be open to new technologies:

With the present environment where technology has completely influenced education in all possible ways, there may be new tools introduced in the school curriculum. Be open to changes as these new innovations such as Fedena which is a popular school management software is something that’s going to make roads smoother for young students in future.

7. Believe in students:

Believe in your students. Yes, you need to believe that they will succeed and just see the high motivation in them to do it. Create an environment where your students won’t be afraid to fail and set them a bar to let them work hard and achieve it.