school management system

Enhance parent’s engagement in digital age with school management system

If as a parent you are struggling to keep your head up with various academic issues related to your child the best thing that you would need school management system. These days, life has become really fast and speedy, and as such parents find it really hard to be on top of each and every school-related communications of their children. It is very important for schools to have parents that are responsive. This allows them to work in an effective and efficient manner.

However, families are caught in the crossfire between family life and the work that they need to do keep their fire burning.

The economic condition these days,

These days, the amount of families who have both parents working is on the rise and this is why everyone – the schools and the parents – would understand the true value of a school management system.

This system always informs parents about each and everything that their
children are doing in their school as well as the various events that they are supposed to take part in their school. A major example, in this case, would be the various reminders that the school management provides to the parents regarding anything that may be important to the children.

The problem with paper notifications

In general, the problem with paper notifications is that people keep receiving too many of them in any case. This is why even if they received an important notice from the school where their kids there is a good chance that they would just trash it without even looking at it. Even if your kid brought it home there is also a chance that she or he will mix it up with other belongings and lose it, or just simply forget to inform you. This is where a proper school management
system comes in so handy.

What do they need?

Ideally, parents need communication that is not long and is able to grab their attention within a short span of time. It is ideal if it comes to their mobile phones and this is where school management software or a similar app can serve the purpose to such an extent.

The ideal solution with which to engage with the parents

In case of most of the smaller schools out there the amount of resources and technology that they have is limited. This is why they are always on the lookout for solutions that enable them to engage the parents of their students.

This is where they are helped so much by ERP software. In any case, there has been a significant amount of decline in the web traffic as most of the people are used to receiving their content on the various mobile devices that they use.

The question that needs to be asked in this case is what can a school do – especially a small one that has limited access to resources?

This is where they can be helped by the enterprise resource planning software for schools that we are talking about over here.

Bringing about a revolution

The new software for schools has basically revolutionized the way the schools are being managed these days. They include facilities such as mass texting services that can be so useful for the schools. The parents also need not worry as the messages are rather easy to access and then read. This also helps the school administrators save significant amounts of money and plenty of time.

However, it would be wrong to assume that these services are only about mass texting. There is much more to them. They have a number of other parent notification and communication services as well.

A tool unlike any other

This is the reason why you can say justifiably that the present day software for school management is a unique one in every sense of the term. They provide services such as mass text communication, teacher and class updates, accident and incident reports, parent conference schedulers, and auto school reminders to name a few.

Maximizing involvement by the parents

It can be said that these tools go a long way in making sure that the parents are involved to a greater extent with the school activities of their children.

With the help of such online school management system, it is possible for the smaller schools to manage their resources that they struggle so much to manage. It helps them save money as well as paper. In fact, they can also use it to change their way of working to suit the mobile generation. In fact, you can always get in touch with other schools that use these systems and find out from them as to how they view them. You would invariably find it that they are rated highly by the ones who are using them. They would tell you how quick and convenient it has become to communicate with the parents, thanks to these systems.

What does the parents feel?

These schools would also tell you that ever since they have started using these systems they have seen perceptible changes in the way and extent to which parents are being involved with what their kids are doing at the school. They feel a lot better in terms of engagement and involvement. In fact, these systems help the staff working at the schools as well and this includes the teachers as well. It also helps that these systems are pretty easy to install.

Improving communication

More than anything else, these systems always help the schools improve their communication with the parents. This is perhaps what matters the most in exchanges such as these. In many ways, these systems can be called the kind of one-stop solutions that schools are looking for in order to stay relevant and improve their functioning in this day and age. They can be defined as student information systems and it is their integrated nature of functioning that makes it so easy to operate them. They basically have all a small school can need.

The one-stop shop

They can help the schools communicate with the parents and the students as well, in case the need arises. They can manage all the information related to the students. The fact that they come as mobile apps only endear them further to the parents, students, teachers, and just about anyone else.

Greater benefits of these systems

With the help of these systems, schools can also perform basic functions such as taking attendance of the students, as well as the teachers, put in the grades, and then send across the report cards to the students. These systems also make it possible for them to stay updated with various other statistics and information that are of high importance to them.

Tailored for the kind of school that you are

It is not that only the small schools would need such a system. Even a bigger school could need it as well. As such, you need to find the system that is perfect for the kind of school that you are– it should be tailored specifically to meet the kind of needs and requirements that you have as an educational institution.Normally, if you are a bigger school you would need a system that is full of features.

Dealing with these systems

In any case, you would have the means to hire a team of technology experts in order to deal with the system properly enough. As a smaller school, it is mainly your teachers and administrative staff who are dealing with the system. As such you would need a system that has fewer features and is thus easier to deal with. The best among all of them are ones that can be customized in order to meet the needs that you have as an educational institution. Normally, the smaller schools need systems that can be implemented easily and within a short span of time as well.

The matter of cost

Schools always have a budget to work with – no school is outside this purview – and as such, they need systems that help them operate in a financially rational manner. This is where these systems can come in and make such a major difference. One of the best features of these systems is the online grade book. With the help of these systems, teachers are able to straightway enter the scores in the computer and the students are able to access them quickly as well.

school management software

4 must have in school management software

Bring change using school management software in your institution

Day by day evolving technology is not only making our life easy but also changing the way of doing the work. Technology has become an integral part of various industries. In education sectors, it has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last few years and left an undeniable impact on it. For better growth, productivity and mitigating the human error, institutions have started adopting technology in their structure.

Previously in schools, all the activities were handled manually and it becomes a daunting task for the administrators and teachers. Before the widespread of new technology, the administrator was the only person who holds the safety of the staff records, students database, financial details and other confidential information on the paper. No doubt they are experts in their field but due to overwhelming work, sometimes the possibility of errors may arise. Similarly, teachers are considered as the primary medium of education in the child life but when it comes to managing attendance, most of their time got waste in the attendance session. Due to which they are not supposed to do for what they have hired i.e improving the students learning.

Addressing these issues, below highlighted the must-have features in any school management software to ease out the institution operations.

Fee print settings

Every institution has the specific format for the e-bills. There are several institutions where the amount will not be refunded once it is paid, but for others, a predefined statement indicates the signature of the cashier is not required as it e-bill. By considering these scenarios we have introduced a fee print settings which allow an institution to configure signature label, showing the amount in words, custom footer text etc. These settings can be used to configure the receipt as per the format followed by the institution.

Digital Signature in Gradebook

The head of an institution always performs several roles and tasks. Signing manually on the report card of all the student report is a troublesome process. To make work easier our team has introduced the digital signature feature where the head of an institution and other associated teachers can add the signature that will reflect on all the student report card.

Consolidated subject wise attendance report

In several institutions, teachers have to present the attendance report to their board members, to view the status of the students in all subject for a specific duration. Hence with school management software, you can easily manage a consolidated report that provides attendance on all subjects for a particular date range.

Custom Header for Transfer certificate

TC generator header settings now allow more space for custom header. Additional details like Certificate name, date of issue can be also configured when using a custom header. Here is the quick look of it.

Great saying “Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change”Tom Peters

The Team Fedena keeps door open for all the requests shared in our Forums or by contacting our Support Team.


advancement in your institute

Idea to bring advancement in your institute

Innovation isn’t just a word but an idea which brought changes to the world in very unexpected yet pleasant ways. The world knew the comfort of supermarkets, with giants like Walmart, but it was Jeff Bezos who brought in the brilliant and revolutionary idea of casual online shopping. Another famous contribution from Google who popularized the idea of digital marketing making the world approachable for even the smallest of businesses. Looking at recent innovative companies, we find a man behind several such innovative ideas in his fast growing eco-friendly companies; Elon Musk. The three major successes in Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX have promised to change the world for the better.

All these great thinkers have led the world towards a stream of innovative ideas by not only making the life of everyday user easier but also bringing the world closer. Looking at every one of them, it is easy to see they were radical thinkers and not belonging to any pack, making them capable to design an experience which is exclusive to their users. The concept of 0 to 1 targets such individual ideas and decisions which make your institution stand out. With the herald of online e-commerce platforms we have seen several new ones pop-up, eager to enjoy the success of its predecessor. This kind of thinking is not innovative and has been responsible for stagnating the market growth, as new inventive ideas are unable to pop up. This 1 to n thinking makes you seen as a competitor at best and not a bringer of future innovations.

Taking this analogy further, we can see a huge scope of improvement in both business and educational institutions which are waiting to happen. There have already been some exciting introduction in revolutionizing the learning experience like the concept of smart classrooms; this has been a vital change in educational innovation making the classrooms more interactive and practical instead of the mundane routine for both educators and learners. This advancement in learning has brought teachers and students closer assisting in an improved comprehension for both generations. Another such measure can be taken by adopting the use of Learning Management System (LMS) making the learning more intuitive and updated advancement in classroom education. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is another such improved platform to make the institute more manageable and the process to be cost effective. Using such platforms the institutes can focus on their primary task of educating and delegate the prosaic duties to the never-tiring and diligent softwares making the process automated.

These are still early days in educational advancements, there are further new platforms and ways of teaching adopted worldwide ensuring their alumni reach newer heights. Though these technological advancements are just a click away, there are still several schools who believe in following the “old ways” of tutoring. These archaic thoughts have been pulling them further away from the much needed digital learning.

Now it is time for you to decide, how would you want to be seen; one in a million or just another lamb and a part the herd.

result management system

Your​ ​Student​ ​Result​ ​Management​ ​System​ ​is​ ​Revolutionizing Education

3 systemic changes resulting from a robust student result management system

The tense anticipation, the highs and lows, and the all-round anxiety surrounding the announcement of examination results are familiar to us all. But with time, this unpleasant phenomenon does not seem to improving. While we continue in leaps and bounds in terms of educational techniques and tools, the culture surrounding teaching and testing only seems to

The negative effect of exam results is not limited to the emotional and mental toll it takes on stakeholders in the educational ecosystem, especially system. Exam results stress has, at best, pushed students to adopt unsavoury habits like cheating and bribery to assure a good mark and at worst, pushed them to make drastic, life-ending decisions. This is an unacceptable consequence of a system that is supposed to enrich the future of a country – especially one that
is advanced, or at least getting there, like India.

Ill effects are not limited to students – parents and educators are victims of this toxic culture too, Educators are forced to focus on exam results as the be all and end all goal of teaching. Parents are forced to take a practical stand, instead of a more holistic approach, toward education. The focus remains on producing good results rather than enriching student thinking through superlative teaching and a focus on building curiosity about the world.

A student result management system is certainly not the one-shot solution to all of these problems. However, a robust student result management system can certainly begin the revolution that our educational culture desperately needs.

1. Makes exam results a part of the process, not the goal

Currently, students are told to focus on testing as the objective of their learning, instead of building good information processing skills or igniting a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Practically speaking, examinations cannot be completely eliminated – at least not without a drastic overhaul of how we view education on the whole. This does not mean,
however, that students have to continue to suffer until decision makers are ready to consider testing in a new light. A student result management system allows examinations to be viewed through a lens in which they are just another step in learning – one that helps remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much of the journey is left.

2. Allows continual improvement by students

When we start viewing testing as another step in the learning journey, we begin using it to its fullest extent. Exam results are not just an assessment of the amount of material a student as learned. It is also a starting point for students who wish to more productively direct their learning. A student result management system that shares results for every piece of daily class
assignment, module project, pop quiz, semester test, or annual exam allows students to continually assess their progress, while also not allowing them to be overwhelmed by the idea of being defined by one score or letter grade. This allows students to also make more timely decisions, by letting them course-correct in real time when they fall back.

3. Builds a healthier testing culture

Overall, a student result management system allows educators to more continuously share personalised feedback with their students. While we would like for students to absorb a culture where their self-worth isn’t defined by their examination results, the world might take some time to catch up. Teachers can be the spark that ignites change in the ecosystem. When sharing personalised feedback, it gives teachers an opportunity to speak to parents and students more openly since a student result management system allows for complete confidentiality. This is the first step in building a path to better learning and a healthier attitude towards testing

college management software

Get Your Campus Accredited with College Management Software

What does your college management software signal to the world?

Modern colleges are increasingly using college management software in a variety of capacities – whether it is to better track potential students during the admission process, enable them to keep up with coursework and examinations during their time there, better manage tuition processing and fee receipt issual, or even helping professors implement new teaching methods in class and online, college management software is slowly becoming an indispensible part of the education ecosystem.

While the advantages of using college management software is apparent to those in this space, what does it mean to the common man? How does knowing whether a college uses college management software matter to a potential student or a parent weighing their options about which college to continue their educational career in? Using college management software like Fedena signals many things to the outside world. It works as a certification for the institution in question, signalling that this system is robust in nature, that it offers a certain standard of convenience and efficiency to its stakeholders, that it is acknowledged and accredited as an institution of worth.

For Students

Students graduating from a college accredited by college management software like Fedena emerge from their institutions knowing that they have experienced higher education in a systemic, community driven fashion. College management software allows students to track their coursework, manage submissions, sit for exams, assess their scores, and communicate with their professors and peers easily and directly. In the corporate world, this means an easier transition into a job since students have spent the last three to five years (or more!) of their lives training their brains to work in a efficient and organised fashion bolstered by their repeated interactions with college management software. It accredits a student as ready for the workplace.

For Educators

Educators experiencing college management software like Fedena for the first time might experience some regrets – that they didn’t transition to this system that allows them to empower their students and propel their teaching to the next level. Ask any teacher and they will tell you that the most frustrating part of their work is not students unable to grasp the material, testing, or the actual teaching. Instead, it is all the administrative tasks that accompany their core responsibilities. College management software helps alleviate this stress. How? From personalised communications with students, sharing coursework and setting up in-class and out-of-class projects and group discussions, and managing report cards, college management software helps professors more efficiently manage their classes – at scale! Professors can also use this to boost their own personal accomplishments. Fedena accreditation on your curriculum vitae or LinkedIn tells peers and potential employers that you are a power user of robust college management software that makes you a better professor for your students and a better employee for any modern day institution.

For Institutions

College management software is a technological tool that was essentially built for institutions. It is a no-brainer that using one provides the institution a level of accreditation that signals to the outside world that they are an educational hub that takes themselves seriously. From a robust system that can handle large volumes of applicants easily and efficiently during admissions to a tuition processing system that enables fee collection on the go, through payment processing across platforms and devices, college management system will make any college administrator infinitely more efficient at their workplace. It is also a great recruitment and marketing tool. An institution that displays its Fedena accreditation is telling the world that students, professors, and potential employees that this is not your dreary college bogged down by endless bureaucracy but an ambitious, well-oiled machine that is focused on producing the world’s future leaders.

online school management software

4​ ​Must​ ​Haves​ ​for​ ​a​ ​Robust​ ​Online​ ​School​ ​Management​ ​Software  

Online school management software that improves schools

Educational technology has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Its role in the education space is now undeniable. Largely, the news reports how it has empowered students and teachers. Whether it is a bright young scholar in a remote village who is able to top the IIT-JEE entrance thanks to online courses or the teacher who is able to connect with them remotely via systems that allow sharing of classroom materials, conducting examinations, and sharing of feedback easily, education technology is now an indispensible tool in the arsenal of educators and students alike.

But has it made much of an impact on an institutional level? Oftentimes, with the audience being primarily scholars and teachers, institutional needs are ignored, or are given second priority. Since most work performed by administrators or those in non-teaching roles is not public facing, the technology catering to them is often unintuitive, unsightly, or just plain unappealing. They are forced to work with what we have. So here’s a challenge for creators – present and future. Address the following processes in your product to truly revolutionise the day to day experience of an educational institution:

Admissions ​Processing

Admissions is one of the first times a student comes in contact with an educational institution – and as every former moral values student will remember, first impressions matter! Online school management software that hosts a robust admissions processing system will be invaluable to school administrators trying their best to efficiently manage a horde of stressed out, hopeful students in a competitive environment. At minimum, a dashboard, the ability to intuitively mimic an institution’s native admission procedure and varying levels of accessibility and security are necessary.

Fee​ ​Processing

Like admissions, tuition payment and processing is a stressful and taxing procedure that takes place on a regular basis. The good news is that this makes it easier to automate with the support of the right online school management software. The ideal system would allow for automation of school fee collection notices and reminders, easy payment processing across multiple platforms to allow parents to pay on the go, and immediate generation of fee receipts. Allowing for customization that includes different payment bands, enables levying of extra fees, or discounts is also necessary.

Employee​ ​Payroll​ ​Processing

It takes a village to raise a child, so raising a school takes a few more people. Seamless processing of salaries, perks and benefits for the staff that keeps a school running is mandatory. Knowing that they are financially secure allows them to focus on the important things – performing their job well to empower their students. Online school management software that allows for employee payroll processing must keep in mind varying salary scales, differentiating perks and benefits, and the different payment schedule various employee bands might have. A simple and secure dashboard that allows for this processing, connected with a robust payment interface is the basic feature that must be built into any online school management software.

Communications​ ​System

The advantages of a messaging system that enables personalised and confidential communication between teacher and student, or peer-to-peer communication between students for class discussions or group discussions has been discussed previously. But what about communication between the institution and its students, teachers, or parents? It is not time or cost effective to build a manual solution to this requirement. Instead an online school management software that allows for quick, cost-effective, and reliable SMS and email communication between all parties is a better solution, especially for school-wide alerts.

student information system

Building agile institutions with a student information system

How a student information system can revolutionize your school

With student populations in our schools growing in size and diversity, the processes that helped manage them have rapidly become outmoded. Expecting to know the details of every student in your school off the top of your head is no longer a feasible ask. Even well into the academic year when most teachers and administrators feel confident in their knowledge about their classrooms, mistakes can be made with an ever-expanding student body. Human memory is fallible, and relying on it to recall student details is unreliable at best and dangerous at worst.

A student information system help addresses these issues. But what are they, exactly? Simply put, student information systems are management information systems that are dedicated to managing student records for educational institutions. They are a one stop shop for students, teachers, administrators, and parents alike to store, maintain, and manage all sorts of student related data. Student information systems help not just with record maintenance but also decision making that affects day to day schooling.

Here are a few ways they do that:

Maintain vast quantities student related information

A robust student information system can really make an administrator’s day markedly less stressful. These platforms help organise all types of student information – from biographical, to classroom related, to financial and administrative records. Administrators are able to nimbly store and quickly access the information they require, which makes issues – such as issuing an attested marks card to sending tuition payment reminders – that much easier to address. Educational administration becomes much smoother with a properly managed student information system.

Improve student communications

A student information system can make schools more accessible. From managing the admissions process to a dashboard that securely and confidentially publishes grades and exam results for each student, a student information system helps improve communication between pupils and their schools. An educational institution can often feel like an overwhelmingly impersonal entity and a pain in the neck to deal with when it comes to accessing information. A good student information system helps mitigates these systemic issues.

Keep track of student life cycles

A student information system can often seem like a recording of the student’s lifetime at an institution. Right from admissions to beyond graduation, a student information system is maintaining an unobtrusive record of every student’s data in a secure platform. Potential students are on-boarded during the admissions process and are dovetailed into the system via online enrollment and class schedules once they are admitted. As a current student, class schedules, absentee records, and a record of student communications are maintained. Even after graduation, a student information system handles class grades and qualifying examinations records that they might mean when applying for higher education or a job. A student information system is a reflection of a student’s lifetime at their school.

Provide increased support to parents

A comprehensive student information system is not a mere maintainer of records for an educational institution. Parents of students have access to information that help them manage their child’s educational lives more easily, in addition to also providing them support in something as small as managing the logistics of ensuring they have a smooth schooling experience. From interfacing with accreditation boards to ensure all official certification comes through smoothly upon graduation to linking up with transport and canteen services that ensure that a student’s safety and health is being looked after, a student information system provides what parents need the most to reassure them that they are doing the best they can be their child – peace of mind.

Discipline module

Importance of discipline module in school management software

Discipline is the key to bring a standardised structure within an institution/organisation. It is not used to refer to just a limited set of people (students, employees etc), but for the institution as a whole. It is a necessary practice to be followed within every organisation to not only bring a structure to their daily working on but also to organise the thoughts and pave the way for the continued growth.
“Discipline must come through liberty … We do not consider an individual disciplined only when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined.”

Maria Montessori
As we have talked about the concept of discipline is so important for an organisation, implementing it is a completely different story. The school discipline addresses school-wide, classroom-wide, and individual needs through broad prevention, targeted intervention, and development of self-discipline. In Fedena, there is an enhanced discipline module specifically designed to file disciplinary complaints. This plugin lets the students discuss their problems with their teachers, along with providing the feature for filing a complaint against either a teacher or a student. Schools often respond to disruptive individuals with exclusionary and punitive approaches that have limited value; therefore using this plugin, actions like necessary counselling can also be taken against certain users.
As observed in various educational institutions, the teachers were held responsible for not handling student’s behaviour and discipline. But since the institutions were not well equipped to handle such sensitive cases of disciplinary complaints, teachers had a hard time doing their job properly. After analysing these situations, it was found necessary to include a module targeted specifically to undertake disciplinary actions.
Sometimes there are situations where there is a misuse of power. As we have observed these individuals can misuse the system to harass students. Therefore we decided, the disciplinary actions must not be restricted only to the students but needed to be extended to other individuals as well. The enhanced discipline module helps the users file a complaint against student and lecturers as well.
“Discipline may be considered as a force that prompts individuals or groups to observe the rules, regulations and procedures which are deemed to be necessary for the effective functioning of an organisation”

Richard D. Calhoon

Creating a disciplinary issue:

Open the discipline module under ‘Academics’.
To enter a new complaint, start with a title for the complaint.
The description of the incident reported can then be filled in.
Decide on a suitable date for the trial and select it in the date box.
Search for the student/employee who has registered or wants to register the complaint.
Assign it to the guilty student/employee.
A choice for Jury is also available as different incidents have different processes, some might be big enough for a full discussion.
In this step, you can assign the employees and students who will be responsible for solving the issue.
As a proof/evidence other attachments, like photos, documents etc can also be attached.
Once it has been submitted, the issue will show up on the dashboards of all the people involved, automatically notifying them of the incident and time for trial.

Dedication image

Celebrating Savitribai Phule’s 186th Birthday

January 3rd marks the birth date of one of the greatest Indian social reformers. Savitribai Phule. She played a pivotal role in improving women’s rights in India during the British rule. She founded the first women’s school in Pune, fought against discriminations towards women, untouchables and also founded a care center for pregnant rape victims during her times. Savitribai Phule is a standing beacon of light in the fight against discrimination.
Dedication image
Last year the Pune university was renamed to The Savitribai Phule Pune University in her honor, Namaka, Fedena 3.5.1 was a dedication to her. Let’s celebrate her life today by remembering her contributions to social reforms, thank her for her valiant efforts and contributions, and continue the fight she started for better schools and social reforms.

school is future ready blog image

5 Reasons Why Investing in School Management Software Will Make You Future Ready

Fedena Blog image for top 5 reasons
Why efficiently leveraging school management software is vital for success

Think back to a typical day when you were at school. Specifically, think back to the first five minutes of every class – when our teachers pulled out a massive tome to mark attendance. A time consuming, clunky, and laborious process, it often became an excuse for particularly cheeky students to pull a fast one over a naive teacher by having them mark a missing student as present, or an opportunity to cut into teaching time by dragging the process out for as long as they could.
This issue, along with many others that plague education management, is now obsolete thanks to school management software like Fedena. In an increasingly competitive environment, excellent school management translates directly to student success. It is no longer enough for a student to just have a dedicated teacher, or an involved parent, or a well-administered school. Effectively managing all stakeholders and resources available to parents, teachers, employees, and students leads to an educational experience that can define the next few generations of our country.
Here are 5 reasons using a school management software is no longer just an option, but a necessity:
1. Partnering with Parents to Enable Success: Parents are increasingly involved in the nitty gritty of their child’s schooling. Fedena allows parents to access their child’s grades, attendance, results, and more at any time, enabling them to make educational decisions more efficiently. This empowerment extends out of school too, with features like transport tracking, homework management, and custom reports for each student.
2. Personalising a Student’s Experience: Fedena enables teachers to share comments on specific student actions, communicate with them one on one via SMS or the in built messaging system, and share news and information relevant to students, resulting in the the kind of personalised attention to a student that is key to their success. It’s no longer a one size fits all education plan!
3. Efficient Course Management: Teachers, students, and parents alike are able to track progress for multiple courses and use their in-class and after-class time more efficiently with features like task assignment and library management. Fuss free examinations across levels and school boards are made possible using Fedena’s in built tools. This end to end tracking ensures that no child is left behind at any stage of the school year.
4. Seamless Fee Management: With Fedena the focus where it should be – the student, not inefficient and time-consuming paperwork. Eliminate the need for easily mismanaged and expensive school fee reminders. Instead use Fedena’s powerful engine that automates a cost effective fee collection process segmented according to fee classification. Parents also benefit since this school management software allows them to pay fees online and on the go.
5. Robust School Administration: From admission processes that power the creation of an incoming class that is the best fit for your school, to at a glance access to employee details, and their attendance and leave status, to having access to across the board student records at the click of a button, school administration is markedly more organised with Fedena. Experienced educators know that a strong administration results in a school that runs smoothly – creating an optimum learning environment for the student.
It isn’t enough for a school management software to merely provide the very basic of features needed for efficient functioning. Why stop there when you can go above and beyond? School management is a constantly evolving field, which is why the basic source code of Fedena is open source – customize the software to your school’s need with plugins and modules. Fedena is future ready enabling you to make the most of schooling.

Fedena school erp system payment gateway

Payment Gateways, White-labeling & Plugins in the Multi-School Fedena School ERP system

In our previous blog, we discussed how you can setup your group of institutions and institutions in Fedena. Today we will learn how to assign the various plugins you have purchased to each group, assign payment gateways to them and how to white-label Fedena to the name of your organization or group of institutions.

Assign multiple plugins to your multischool group

Plugins are basically the different modules of Fedena which handle various processes of your institutions, for example, the Library plugin will handle your library operations and processes, the Hostel plugin manages your hostel fees, room allocations etc. The institutions under the multischool group can have access to the plugins of your choosing or the admin you have assigned. These plugins can be assigned/removed under the option ‘Plugins’.
Fedena Multischool screenshot

Create and assign multiple payment gateways for smooth online transactions

Using the payment gateway, Fedena users, like parents, teachers and admins can perform secure online fee payments by methods such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and so on. These online transactions with Fedena are handled securely through encrypted channels. The payment gateways can be configured under the option ‘Payment Gateways’.
Fedena multischool screenshot 2
While creating a new gateway, you will need the configuration parameters from the payment gateway provider you have hired. These parameters must be entered in Fedena and will be used to map to your payment gateway provider. Multiple payment gateways can be configured and assigned to the multischool group.
Fedena multi school screenshot 3
To assign, see the ‘Multischool Groups’ option and click on the group title to check its details. Select the option ‘Gateways’ and select option ‘Assign Gateways’.
Fedena multi school part 4
This will allow you to assign the gateways for multiple institutions for this group.
Fedena multi school 5
Later, when you create institutions in this group, each institution will have the gateways which  have been assigned.
Whitelabel your group of institutions
This option allows you to do the following for the institutions under the group :

  1. Customize the “Powered by Fedena” statement at the bottom of the page
  2. Customize the word Fedena

Fedena multi school screenshot 6
This can be done when you login into the multi-school panel and check the company details. After saving the changes, the same will reflect in the organizations under this group.
Fedena multi school screenshot 7
This covers assigning plugins to your institutions and groups in Fedena school ERP system along with assigning multiple payment gateways and white-labeling Fedena with your custom institution names. Next week we will learn how to setup your SMS provider settings, assign multiple admins to your institutions and groups and understand all the analytics Fedena provides you at the Multi-school level.