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School ERP system to manage the library automation

There are several ways in which the top-notch school ERP (enterprise resource planning) software would be able to help the schools with library management automation such as it allows the users can browse the book through the availability of catalogue option and identify the books that would have to be issued. It helps in tracking the books in a real-time and enable to perform functions like editing, deleting, and adding names as and when it is necessary. Additionally, it allows adding the books with custom tag facilities and provide inbuilt filter option. At the same time, it provides a school detailed and normal search facilities.

Is it user-friendly?

One of the greatest features of a school ERP system that has library management capabilities is its user-friendly nature. These products are normally fully integrated ones and available in multi-user packages. This means that a lot of people would be able to use them at once and that too without any problem whatsoever. These systems are fully capable of computerizing all the library related operations of a school. Apart from the fact that they are easy to use these systems are pretty powerful as well.

This means that the school using such a product is in a very advantageous position. They come embedded with a number of multilingual fonts. They have plenty of QR (quick response) and barcode fonts that a school can choose from as well. These products are used by plenty of school libraries around the world, which is clear indication of how good they are. Normally they are developed in consultation with senior professionals who have worked in libraries all their lives. This is the reason they are able to fulfil all the demands of a school library in such a great way.

These products are capable of working with all the latest technological innovations, such as:

  • Cloud
  • smartphones
  • tablet phones
  • SMS (short message service)
  • email
  • UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID (radio frequency identification)
  • payment gateways

Some important features of library management software

The library management software for school’s management normally comes with a number of useful features. Some of them may be enumerated as below:

  • other library software data can be integrated into these systems without any problem at all
  • they can mark standard data for import as well as the export of books
  • they can fetch data regarding books from the official website of ISBN (international standard book number)
  • they are equipped with Google API (application program interface) that helps them save a whole lot of time in such operations
  • schools can upload ebooks on such software and users can read them without any problem whatsoever
  • these products adhere to Marc 21 and all the standards being followed in this domain – this includes Library Congress standards and AACR 2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) as well
  • these products are fully secure and schools do not need to spend extra money to maintain them
  • the onsite service and training support provided by such software products cannot be matched by the lower end ones
  • their user manual is fully documented
  • the recovery and backup systems of these software products are the best
  • schools can export data and reports from these products to a wide variety of formats such as Word, PDF (portable document format), Excel, and text 
  • there is no question of duplication of work over here
  • there are no restrictions or hidden costs whatsoever
  • there is no upper limit on the number of journals, documents, and entries that can be fed to these systems
  • the reports from these systems can be printed on inkjet as well as laser printers
  • the users can define the privileges that they want from the system
  • apart from books, these systems can also store data of other text materials in a library such as journals, magazines, and newspapers to name a few
  • they can store all the information related to a book such as the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the year when it was published, and its value to name a few
  • they can help with the automated calculation of fines in case of late submission and the like
  • they can classify the books on the basis of their subjects

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The research that goes into these systems

There is a good reason why such ERP software is able to integrate such tough technology such as RFID in itself. There is a lot of research that goes into creating such fusion – in fact at times it can take up to 3 years to make such things happen. Now, there are several ways in which RFID can help such software. With the help of RFID, schools may be able to identify people and books on a wireless basis. An RFID tag comprises integrated memory and antenna. In libraries, the school can attach these tags to books.

Afterwards, the accession number of the books would be stored in the RFID memory. The RFID reader would read this particular number and send it to the library software. There are several advantages of using RFID tags and they may be mentioned as below:

  • they do not need a line of sight such as in barcode
  • they can allow several books to be circulated at the same time
  • they can perform anti-theft operations and identification at the same time
  • they can scan and identify details of books within a rather short span of time

Keeping track of the books

More than anything else such software allows schools to keep a proper track of the books that they have in a proper and much more efficient way. Normally, schools that do not use such systems are going to use age-old methods such as registers. As many would know, this process takes quite a long amount of time and there is always chance that there could be a mistake in the entry of details. After all, to err is human. Such a system always creates a whole lot of problems in a library rather than solving them as they are supposed to.

It has also been seen that books have been lost because of such systems. This is why the schools prefer such software. They are easy to use and at the same time, this makes it quite easy to update them as well. The chances of a mistake are thus lesser.

Having all the information in one place

The benefit of using such modern technology is that the school has all the data in one place. This means that whenever the authorities need to check on the latest status of a book they can do so without any problem whatsoever.

Basically, these systems are capable of fulfilling all the requirements that a school may have from an automated system. The librarians and school administrators can thus breathe easy.

Importance of school ERP system

As a school, it is very important to have a proper idea of the materials contained in the library. These are school assets and this is where such library management systems can be of so much help. They can keep a tab on all details related to books and that too without any problem whatsoever. These products help the schools keep all the data in an accurate manner. These systems can and do automate all the functions performed by a librarian.

It is products such as these that help to bring about a sense of transparency and accountability in the functioning of a library. This in turn also helps to make the trust factor stronger between a school management and its students. These products can make a work that is otherwise time-consuming and labour-intensive a lot easier and bearable for one and all. This is the reason why these products are so much in demand all over. In fact, colleges and universities want products such as Fedena as well and this should tell one how good they are. 

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Decoding the Concept of Scalability in a School Management System

Scalability in the technical sense can best be described as the ability of software or a network to grow and keep pace with the increased growth and subsequent demands of the organisation. One of the biggest advances of investing in a scalable software is that you can be assured that the software you have invested in, is adaptable to the changing needs or demands of your organisation.

Today, scalability is not just a desired attribute for organisational success, but it is a critical business need, not only in the corporate offices and organisations but also in schools and educational institutes across the world. Scalability in a school management software is one of the most critical features for look for when looking to invest in a school management system.

Let us understand the concept of scalability in a school management system and the benefits it offers educational institutes:

Ability To Add New Learners

A school that invests in a scalable school management system, can add new learners to the program with the simple click of a mouse. As you school grows with more students –  the number of students, staff, and parents accessing the software will also keep on rising. It is therefore essential to invest in a scalable school management software that can keep pace with the growth of your school.

Financial Savings

Investing in a scalable school management software, that is unable to support and keep pace with the growth of a school can hinder your growth. Scalability in a school management software ensures that your software with easily handle the extra pressure that comes with growth with crashing and disrupting your daily working.

Investing in a school management system that does not scale according to your needs could wind up costing your institute a lot of money as you would be faced with the pressure of reinvesting your finances in a new school management software with every new milestone that your school achieves.

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Multiple Campus Management

Most schools start out with a single campus for the students. But over the years, many of these small school have grown into prestigious institutes with multiple campuses across the country. It is essential for the school ERP software to be able to support this increase in campuses without any technical snags or breakdowns.

Additional Functions

Using a scalable service, Schools will also have the option to add more complex workflows and tasks that entail complex data management over time. For instance, in the first few years the only task for the school management software would be parent communication, but over time, the school may want to assign grading, attendance records, brochure dissemination and other such tasks to the software. A scalable system for school management can easily handle these the pressure of the extra tasks and help the school administration function on their core task of teaching the students

Scalability in a school management software helps create a solid foundation for the success of any educational institute

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Is school management software a worthy investment to increase your ROI?

Effective Implementation of Digital transformation through school management software can have a positive impact on ROI

Return On Investment (ROI) is a financial term that measures and denotes profitability in percentage. It measures the amount of return on an investment, relative to the investment cost.  Return on Investment can be used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment and compare it’s the efficacy with other different investments and hence select the best option for financial success.

You can also use various ROI calculations to measure the understand and appreciate the ROI of the various investments made in a school.

This is especially important in today’s technology-driven era when schools are making numerous new investments in technology and digital classrooms. These new technologies have transformed the way the new-age schools function and the way a modern classroom looks.  The introduction of various school management software has made the management and administration of the school, easier than it has ever been, giving schools the upper edge that they have been looking for.

Today, schools across the world are interested in a digital transformation through the introduction of the various school management system. Understanding how this digital transformation will improve the ROI is a major determining factor in the process. 

Let us look at a few financial benefits of a school ERP software that will result in an increased ROI for your school

Simplifies Manual Tasks Saving Time and Effort

School teachers and administration team are often burdened with administrative work that eats up the productive hours of the day. Using a school ERP software, these manual tasks can be easily automated and delegated to the software. Some of these functions include brochure dissemination, attendance, collecting fees and generating fee receipts. A school ERP solution simplifies all these tasks and reduces the time that is spent on them. The only role of the management team is to oversee the operations and access the reports as and when needed.

For teachers in a classroom, attendance and student grading can be a labour-intensive task, that requires hours of calculating and counting – often done in the after-school hours.  However, using digitization tools and technology, this task can be completed in minutes.

Reduces Reliance On Manual Work

School staff typically spend lots of manual hours managing and recording student data in files, folders and then storing these folders in space-consuming cabinets for years to come. Managing all these student records often leads to a pile-up of papers that need to be recorded, sorted and stored. Schools also generate a lot of paperwork from reports, notices, results.  Storing pile so of this data can be an intimidating and expensive affair.

The use of software for school management helps the school to record all this information in the digital archives of the software, which can then be easily accessed at the click of the mouse.  This results in significant cost saving, as all student data from registration to graduation can now simply be stored in the software. Using a software for school management also reduces the need to print records and this can prove to be a major cost saving feature for school

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Seamless Synchronization of departments

With the help of a school ERP system, it becomes easy to connect various departments. This is essential to synchronize communication and ensure seamless flow of information related to the various records and processes. This helps in optimizing time and ensures that there are higher efficiency and better productivity and time consumption.

Creates Unique Profiles For The Users

Using a school management software, it is easy to set up profiles for the different users of the software. These unique profiles ensure that each stakeholder has access to all the information relevant to them. Thus, avoiding an overflow of information as well as ensuring that critical communication is not missed out as well by the user.

Each user profile created by the software is also embedded with specific functionalities that are relative to the unique user category. For instance, for parent profile, the various teacher notes, attendance records, grades are shared with on a regular basis. Whereas student users can be sent updates and reminders on homework and assessment details. This ensures improved operations in the school and promotes healthy collaboration with a consistent flow of communication in the school.

Minimal IT and infrastructure cost

Setting up a school management system entails a one-time payment and set up cost when you invest in the software. Besides this payment, there is not much of financial investment in the installation, IT infrastructure, IT maintenance or IT personnel cost as most of the school management software tools are on the web or the cloud. And in case, there are any technical snags that need immediate attention, most of the school management software companies offer schools 24×7 support services to ensure quick redressal of any problems.

In Conclusion

Using a school ERP solution is one of the most effective ways to create a positive ROI, not only for the school management authorities but also for the parent and the students. When selecting a technology for your school, it is key that authorities focus on selecting a strong plan that benefits the school, the teachers, the parents as well as the students.

To get the best out of your software, it is important that your selection process includes a focus on all aspects of the software from easy installation, networking, technical support. Schools need to invest time and effort to create a master plan that outlines the cost of a school ERP software against school expenses and income. Understanding this economic aspect will help you decide the best school management software that meets your needs and fits into the school budget.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Based School ERP Software

What is your school ERP software bringing to the table?

Cloud-Based school ERP software is slowly becoming a vital part of the educational ecosystem. It is not too long before one will open up the newspaper in the morning to find entire districts that boast of being run 100% on cloud-based school ERP software. In this blog post will look at what this ever-present piece of technology is, its users, its advantages and disadvantages. Use this as a primer or 101 introductions to cloud-based school ERP software to convince the as yet unconvinced!

What is school ERP software?

It is a management software that helps most optimally utilise resources and personnel at your school by more efficiently managing processes centred around administrative tasks.

But what is cloud-based school ERP software?

When this software is integrated with the cloud it ensures all-around accessibility and reduction in storage costs. It’s a system which centralizes all the information on a single platform which can be accessed by administrators, students and parents from anywhere at any time.

How does it do this?

Cloud-based school ERP software focuses on automating processes that are predictable and repetitive on a large scale so as to eliminate wastage of time, resources, and the work of human personnel. All information is stored in the cloud, so people with the right permissions can access this information or initiate tasks from anywhere. Useful!

Who will use it?

While it might seem like school ERP software is a boon for administrators, it has a use for every stakeholder in the system. Students learn more effectively thanks to highly personalised learning and one on one interactions with the teacher. Parents are able to track their children and process payments online. Teachers have better control of their classrooms since they can use the school ERP software as a management tool for each of their classrooms and students. Cloud-based school ERP software is an all-rounder that will be used by everyone to their benefit.

What are the advantages of cloud-based school ERP software?

The advantages of cloud-based school ERP software have been discussed extensively on this blog before. But here’s a quick overview of what the right school ERP software can do for you:

Accurate record maintenance

Cloud school ERP software is a star player when it comes to record maintenance. Merely channel all your administrative tasks through the system and see accurate records being maintained automatically. What’s more, since this is a cloud-based system, these records are now available from anywhere making managing on the fly simple.

Improved communication

Regardless of stakeholder, communication is much improved by the use of a school ERP software. Whether it’s a parent communicating with a teacher about a homework issue or students clarifying last minute doubts, the communication module is secure and reliable – a must have to maintain student privacy. Plus, records of the communications are maintained in the cloud making it easy to refer to when queries arise again.

Remote teaching

In our globalised world, remote teaching helps in building the bridges between the haves and have-nots like never before. Imagine a child in a remote mountain town having the same access to education that an upper-class student in Stanford would? This is made possible by virtual classrooms, one on one communication and a full library of classroom material available online to any student.

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Peer learning through student groups

Speaking of student classrooms, research shows the positive impact peer learning can have on students. Data shows us that students learn especially well from their teachers in addition to classroom instruction. Virtual classrooms or student groups created by a teacher via their school ERP software can make this possible even in the most dynamic situations.

Quicker processing of administrative tasks

A big boon school ERP software has bestowed upon schools is the automation of administrative tasks. A majority of these are inherently process driven making them easy to integrate into your school ERP software. Cloud systems help maintain accurate records – a must where precision is required – and stakeholders not in your finance department appreciate the ease with these formerly odious tasks are completed. Parents can pay for the go and accounts can issue a fee receipt within minutes – a real win-win.

What are the disadvantages of cloud-based school ERP software?

Unreliable infrastructure

One thing school ERP software relies on is the access to internet and electricity. When these are unavailable, pen and paper is still king. While we see rapidly growing internet access in India and increased electrification, the reality of load-shedding and power cuts in some areas is undeniable. These are factors to keep in mind when investing in school ERP software – do you have secondary sources of these infrastructural needs to ensure that everything does not collapse around your ears when you need it the most? Ensuring things are in place for your school ERP software will ensure things function at their best.

Onboarding personnel

Every office has is luddite and your school is no different. For legacy employees, switching from the familiar to the modern may be an uphill task – it requires a willingness to learn. Introducing new technology like school ERP software is key to ensuring employee buy-in. Emphasising its usability and efficiency is the way to go here in order to ensure your school has the best school ERP software experience possible.

Workforce restructuring

A predictable consequence of school ERP software is the automation of certain tasks – this might mean that certain roles are now obsolete. However, this does not mean an automatic mass reduction of the workforce but encouraging employees to adapt to a new system where their roles have evolved to have higher integration with this new piece of technology. Skills are better distributed and employees can focus on more strategic endeavours and problem solve faster since they are no longer bogged down by mundane, repetitive tasks that are much better handled by school ERP software.

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Automate exam paper management with school management system

When an institution has a great school management system it becomes really easy for them to automate and manage the whole examination process. These systems are capable of performing a wide range of functions related to examinations. For example, if a school wants to analyse the examinations based on the grades and marks achieved by the students in tests and assessments such type of tasks can be performed easily.  The best part of these systems is that they can make the entire system go online.

Making the teachers’ jobs easier

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the teachers to perform various duties related to examinations and one of them is calculating the marks scored by the students in the exams. However, if a school uses the smart school management software then it need not worry in that respect as well. These systems are capable of automatically computing the marks scored by students in the examinations without any problem whatsoever. It does not matter what kind of test it is – it could be a descriptive one or an objective one. These systems would compute the marks without any problem and in a jiffy as well.

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Detailed report centres

These online school management system products come with detailed report centers too. Here schools can score all the results of the different examinations that they conducted throughout the year. Since there is sufficient storage space as they can store a lot of data over here without a threat that it may get lost later on. They can also go back and view the reports as many times as they want. Apart from that, there are provisions for sorting these results on the basis of different categories as well.

Report generation

This system works on an automated basis and this means that schools can create reports for various examinations in a very short span of time.

This software is extremely necessary for a school. First of all, it helps a school save a lot of time that would otherwise have to be spent in order to create reports manually. This helps the people working in the school focus their energies on other important work as well. It is also beneficial for the students as well as they do not have to wait for ages in order to know how they performed in the last examination. Such system provides teacher’s the breathing space that they need so badly. Since the examination process takes a less time to get completed they get more time to teach the students the courses.

It capable of generating various kinds of reports such as Exam wise report, subject wise report, consolidated report, combined report and reports based on student rankings per class, batch, subject and attendance. Using this, an institution can always create individualized reports for students and check how well they are progressing. In case of children with special needs as well as ones who are academically not at par with their peers, this is an important facility to have. These systems can also generate reports that contain detailed statistics and charts of students’ performance.   

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School management software to manage the chaos during peak admission season

School Management Software to ease the admission process for schools and parents

School admission season is just around the corner and for schools and educational institutes, this is one of the busiest seasons of the year. During this season all departments in the school find themselves burdened with by cumbersome processes and manual paperwork as they try to maintain a record of applicants, conversions, admissions, fees, transport etc.

To manage this mammoth task can be very overwhelming for the school administration team, especially during the peak admission season. The ensuing chaos can often lead to human errors – many of which can mar the image of the school.

Today, schools across the world have started relying on technology to help them function more effectively and to teach more engagingly. Using a school management system allows schools to surmount their admission time challenges and helps to automate the entire process making it faster, more accurate and most importantly saving the time and effort of all involved in the process

How does a software for school management ease the admission process?

Online creation and distribution of school prospectus

To start with, using a software for school management is one of the best ways to create and distribute the school prospectus to interested parents. Parents looking for information about the school and its facilities, need not wait for the administration team to mail them a prospectus, but they can simply download the same at their convenience.

Maintaining Digital Copies of Student Data

With the help of a school ERP system, the admission authorities can maintain a record of all the school applicants over the years, their educational records, contact details etc. These records can be easily saved and accessed when needed, thus saving the school authorities hours that would have been lost copying the data manually from the application form into the books.

Maintaining Acceptance and Rejection records

The school ERP software enables the school to maintain easy records of accepted and rejected students. The software also allows for automatic sending of emails to the parents informing them of the same, and easy printing of lists if needed. Additionally, if a student is rejected, the school ERP software has the facility to analyse the individual application of the student individually if needed or in an enquiry from the parent arises.

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Storing Student Data in a secure manner

Once the students have been accepted into the school, you can use the school management software to assign a registration number to the students to avoid duplicity of information.  Additionally, all the student information related to class, subject, birth certificate, transfer certificate, medical history, photographs can be stored securely in the system.  This software system can then be kept safe by allowing access to only a limited people

Simplified Fee Management

The school management software would also help with fee management for students. During the admission peak season, there is an overflow of parents making various payments.  A school management software would help the administration team to keep a record of the various payments, generate automatic receipts, and payment reminders if needed.

Additionally, in case there were any cancellations, the school ERP would generate refunds, and payment slips according to the procedures followed by the educational institute.

Class timetable generation

Using a school management system, the teachers in the school will be able to generate classroom timetable at the easy click of the mouse. These timetables would save the teacher’s time and could be customised according to the teacher’s preference. Modifications to the online timetable would be simple and students could be notified of changes in the real-time

Easy communication with parents

The admission season and the start of the academic year is a time when the parents have a lot of questions and enquires that they need to make to be addressed immediately. A school management software that uses a discussion board or a chat forum allows for such queries to be handled and addressed immediately, leaving no room for doubts or false impressions.

Automatic Report Generation

Another essential task that is central to the admission process is the generation of internal reports – related to the admission process, payment updates, student information. The use of a school ERP ensures that all these reports are easily accessible and can be generated without any hassles.

Trend Analysis

The use of a school management software enables the school authorities to understand trends and act on the same. For instance, if there is a fall in the enquiries or a rise in admissions from a certain location, then the school can understand these trends and act on them accordingly.24 Hours Access

One of the best advantages of working with a school ERP system is that it allows schools administration, interested parents and prospective students access to information like school notices, timetables, parent testimonies, FAQs etc. at any time and place without having to wait for the school office hours to open. Access to this important information is often the deciding factor when parents have to select a school for their children

In Conclusion:

The admission reason is one of the most critical seasons for schools and it determines the performance of the school for the entire academic year. Schools that are able to work efficiently during the peak admission season, bear the fruits of it through good admission rate and monetary success.

The admission period is also of the first times that the parents interact with the school and it is critical for the schools to create a favourable impression of administrative efficiency and confidence before the parents.

However, with the constant enquiries and walk-ins, it is often impossible for the school the collect all the data and keeps the communication constant with parents. Using a school management system at this point keeps the admission process organised and chaos free, thus allowing schools to ensure that all their resources are concentrated on the student and offering him the best.

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Tips to Hire the Right Administration for your Institution

Finding the perfect fit is winning half the battle

In a school, the non educational staff is truly the cogs that keep the wheels turning. These invisible soldiers are only noticed when things go terribly wrong. And when things are running smoothly, they are almost invisible. Perhaps this is why thinking around educational hiring is largely focused on management and educators. But this is a grave oversight that schools pay for through the nose, without even realising it. Non educational staff, or administrators, are the people every stakeholder in your institution will invariably come into contact with. Whether it is students seeking the exam schedule or parents approaching them to find out the whereabouts of a missing child or management wanting assurance that everything is running smoothly, administrators are usually the first point of contact for anyone approaching the school. Hiring them, thus, becomes a key factor in how the school is externally represented.

Schools often hire for administrative roles with their primary concern being budget, above anything else. While finances are important, making it king in hiring decisions is a recipe for disaster. How do you know you are getting the best possible talent (within your budget even) for the job? Instead, because no other metrics are used to assess candidates, one is stuck with disinterested, uninspired personnel who are, plainly put, bad fits for the job. This spells disaster for an institution – no one wants to engage in learning at an institution where the first point of contact is inept and unpleasant.

So what should you look for to avoid this? Here are some points to keep in mind when hiring an administrator for your institution:

Don’t undermine person-culture fit

An administrator that does not fit the overall culture of your school will stick out like a sore thumb. It will result in an inability to understand the vision behind their work and a lack of person-culture fit. This dissonance is likely to trickle down to various aspects of the school’s running, so seek someone who instinctively gets your school’s workplace culture.

It’s all about organisation

The administrator’s daily task are largely routine, so look for someone who is naturally driven by process. This person finds pleasure in organisation and the smooth functioning of established process and thus performs well at them. Creatives might be more fun, but someone who finds peace in the smooth running of things or is calmed by a well-balanced spreadsheet is the person you want at the front desk or in the finance department. It is far harder to get a disorganised person to function efficiently, so choose talent wisely.

Seek the tech savvy

In an increasingly technology led educational ecosystem, you cannot afford to hire Luddites to man the administrative desk. Your school ERP might keep processes running automatically, but their efficient functioning is dependent on a human administrator who isn’t afraid of technology. Hire people who have worked with school ERPs before and are comfortable on-boarding onto new technology. People who view computers are threats are not going to help drive your school forward, so keep an eye out for early adopters and natural learners for the role.

Attitude Matters

Administrative work can be stressful, relentless, and painstaking. This is a customer facing role that requires immense patience and a can-do attitude. A grumpy, mean-spirited pessimist is of no use in times of a crisis or when work needs to just get done. Instead, hire the positive, team-player who will keep spirits up while also efficiently getting work done – it might make or break your administrative team.

Artificial Intelligence in education

Artificial Intelligence in education – How it improves the learning experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a part of our lives whether we know it or not, and whether we accept it or not. It has risen to such a status over the years in a slow but steady manner. Everything that we do like buying clothes and shoes on the internet as well as watching shows on TV is influenced to various extents by AI.  However, the question that needs to be asked in this context is what effect would this have on education?

The fact of the matter is that AI does not take away, in way, shape, or form, from the classroom. Rather it makes the classroom experience a lot better than before.

Here are some benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education which improves the learning experience:


This is one of the benefits that AI is expected to have as far as education is concerned. In a class, it can get really difficult for a teacher to meet the expectations of each and every student out there. After all, there are so many different kinds of students that teachers have to deal with!

There are remedial students, ESL students, advanced students, and students with special needs, to name a few. In this day and age, it is very important that all of them have the same kind of access to education and learning. The beauty of AI systems is that they are able to adapt quite easily to the individual learning related requirements of a student. As such it can also target instructions that are based on their relative strengths and weaknesses. It also reduces the meaningless work that teachers have to do every now and then. This also means that the learning experience is a lot more meaningful for the students.


In fact, this is one effect that is already being seen evidently. AI is already being used in order to teach students. There are so many ways in which machines are starting to play the same role that was once being played by humans and this includes tutors as well. Just like human tutors can do, intelligent tutoring systems are able to understand the style of learning preferred by students. They are also able to gauge the amount of knowledge that a student already has. All this data and analysis is being used to deliver instructions and support that is created specifically for that student.


This has got to be the best benefit that AI can have in this particular domain. As far as tasks that teachers are supposed to do this is supposed to be the most boring. At the same time, this is the one task that takes the maximum away from them. It is because of work like grading that teachers are unable to devote more time to more purposeful and meaningful work such as professional development and lesson planning.

These days, machines have become a lot more advanced than what they were earlier. They are now capable of performing a lot more than just grading an examination by using an answer key. They are capable of compiling data regarding how students have been performing. In fact, they can also grade on assignments that are as subjective as essays.

Constructive feedback on course quality

Nowadays, AI has the capacity to find out gaps in course content on the basis of how students are performing in the assessments.  Let us say that most of the students in a class have failed to answer a question the right way.

Now AI can actually look into that pattern and see if certain information or concepts are missing from the program’s curriculum or not. This, in turn, can help teachers provide better materials or use better methods of learning so that students can improve in those areas.

Providing meaningful feedback to students

This is the age when most of the people around the world are communicating by way of text messages. These days, students are also growing increasingly insecure about asking questions or clearing doubts with their teachers in front of their peers. For them, it is a risk better not taken.

They are also worried about receiving critical feedback on a public forum. By using AI students would be more comfortable when it comes to making mistakes that are necessary for them to learn well. As a bonus, they would also get the suggestions that they need in order to improve.

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Creating a global classroom

With AI it would be possible for schools to create global classrooms, as it were. From now on it would no longer matter as to where a student is. If she or he is unable to attend a class due to some reason or the other all she or he would need to do is visit a link, click on it, and the student can join the live classroom. Similarly, thanks to this technology it would also be possible for them to interact with their peers even if they were a thousand miles apart from each other.

There can be no doubt about the fact that technology such as AI is making education a lot more efficient and easier than what it was. In fact, as Hadley Ferguson – the executive director of the Edcamp Foundation – says, students can actually use such technology in order to interact with their teachers as well as famous authors, experts, and scientists, whose books they may be reading in class. It is expected that in the days ahead some of these kids, so adept at technology, will grow up and become teachers themselves. They can push this change along even further.

The role of skilled teachers

No matter what one may think skilled teachers would always have a role to play even in the AI age and beyond.

Experts such as Shannon May, who has founded the Bridge International Academies, say that technology would never drive teachers completely out of the fray. Rather it would be teachers, skilled in the ways of using technology, driving the usage of AI based on the needs of their students. Education technology such as AI would be used more to supplement the best ways of teaching and learning that exist already.

Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO (chief executive officer) of General Assembly, feels that with the advancement of technology there would be better ideas regarding what its limits are. He says that there is no way that going online completely is going to solve all the problems with education now. However, at the same time, he does acknowledge that it could make access to education a lot easier. According to him, when combined with school curricula and programs AI could become a powerful tool. He signs off by saying that the human factor would always be important.

Making education a lot more interesting than before

There are many ways in which AI can make education a lot more interesting. It can create the sort of immersive experience that you need in order to get students hooked on to their class and understand all that is being said. Things such as game technology and simulation are expected to play major roles in this regard. It can actually make education a lot more adaptive and intuitive. In fact, such technology can actually be used in order to encourage students to come together and develop knowledge themselves. This is something that you need so badly in this day and age of short attention span.

Monitoring performance

AI makes it a lot easy for teachers and school management to keep track of how well or poorly the students are performing. Such systems can be used to deal effectively with the vast volume of data and statistics that these schools and colleges normally have. They can use these to create definite reports that help them understand the progress being made by various students. The best part of all this is that such reports can be created as many times as needed. The quality of data can be enhanced as well.


It is not uncommon for educators has to fear how their role would be diminished by the use of technology such as leading school enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

It is true that when systems are changed en masse there are always some bad things that can happen. In some instances, there are actually logically justifiable reasons for such fears. However, at the same time, it would be absolutely foolish to ignore the improvements and possibilities that AI can offer in the domain of education. It is actually supposed to bring about a dramatic improvement in the overall educational experience with AI. In fact, as has been said already, when you have the right teacher using it AI can actually do wonders that traditional methods of education may not be able to do.

school management software

Manage online registration using school management software

There is a good reason why school management software is so important nowadays. One of the reasons is surely the whole gamut of features it comes with. These features of course not only make life easy for the students but also for the school administrations. While talking about the various benefits of the school management system it is important for us to discuss the importance of the convenience of the online registration process. When new registration starts,  it becomes imperative to provide online registration platform for the students to enrol. As everything on the single platform not only speeds up the whole process but also for administrators become easy to track all details in real time.

So here are a few features and benefits of online registration using the school management software.

Unique ID for all students

The beauty of online school software is that it provides the student with a unique ID. Once the student starts the online registration process he will need to fill in the required details. After he has completed this step successfully, the school management system will generate a unique ID for the student which will be required for all other communications with the school further down the line. The unique ID establishes the fact that there can be no duplication of student’s data. The unique ID also helps in identifying a student’s academic data very easily.  The eLearning platforms are making it easier and simpler both for the students and the school.

Admission management using school management software

It is needless to say that the process of admission is exceedingly pivotal. The data management at different steps becomes quite unmanageable. However with the introduction of eLearning and the online enrolment system it has become unbelievably easy. Whether it is managing the registrations or following up of the process, school management software does it all. the software has been designed to provide facilities of the admission manager to streamline the registration process.

With this software the students can inquire about an admission process, fill-in the online form, pay registration fees online and also track the current status of the application. The school management software can configure the different levels of the registration process as per their requirement. The software also enables the school administration to set up the auto allotment of interview schedules.

More features

The online school management software comes with more interesting features. Apart from the registration, the school administration will have the authority to track and check the number of admission enquiries and registrations done. This helps in the decision-making process where the applications are compared, accepted or rejected as per the norms of the admission criterion. The date also helps them to analyze and prepare statistical reports on the schools online application process. The number of enquires made, registrations are done and withdrawals made will help in the analysis.

Some of the quick features of the school management software include:

  • Online application form
  • Capturing application data
  • Tracking application status
  • Allocation of seats
  • Managing documents
  • Managing offers given out to students
  • Configuring admission rules
  • Seamless communication
  • Automated notifications to applicants
  • Payment of fees
  • Registration and enrolment
  • Scheduling of interview

Mobile apps for schools

A lot of schools nowadays are developing mobile apps for the students. This is making the process of payment of fees even easier. Smartphones are quite common these days and with a mobile application, the parents/guardian or the students can pay their fees anytime and anywhere. The mobile apps are also helping the schools to deliver important notifications regarding session beginnings, exams, interviews and other processes involved. With the help of these mobile applications, the students can get information regarding the admission criterion.

It is a completely secured system

The school management system software is designed and developed using the latest technology. The eLearning platforms use the best and most advanced package to develop a highly secure system that will help keep the students secured. Student’s data is crucial for any school and thus keeping it safe is imperative for any school. It is not only passwords that protect the system, but biometric locks are used too. Only the authorised personnel of the school will have access to the vital data. The technicalities of the software make it robust and free from any malware.

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The benefits of the school management software

The three most important benefits of this software are:

  • Simplified admission and registration process – the online school software helps in streamlining the process of admission for each school. The total system can be customized as per the school’s requirements. The total system is automated and thus no one needs to calculate, arrange or sort data. The authorized person of the school can view the students’ profiles to know registration history. The system is capable of processing multiple student profiles at once.
  • Real-time tracking of applications – Since this system of school’s software is totally online it does not require the use of paper at all. The admission process can be tracked online in real time without printing any document. The system helps the school to customize the form designs, it’s input fields so that the admission process is done as per the criterion of the school. The authority can track the applications and its count real time as the admission is going on.
  • It is a better experience for all – The user will surely have a better and fulfilling experience while using the online application process. Even the payment methods are easy, robust and quick that uses the latest e-commerce technology. The school management software provides the flexibility of using multilingual forms for admissions. Thus this system can be used in schools where regional language is used for communicating with the students. This system definitely reduces cost both for the schools as well as for the students. It also optimizes the use of resources and speeds up the process of registration. The software can also analytics and thus can help in the decision of accepting and rejecting proposals.

It can be fully customized

No two schools in the world are exactly alike when it comes to the way they operate and the processes and systems that they follow. A lot depends on the size of the school and that is why their needs and requirements would be different as well. No matter what it is, with good school management software, the school authority can shape the system as per your requirements.

With the help of systems such as these, it is possible to change and modify all the various stages of the admission process of the school. The requirements from each stage could be different and with a good school software, it is quite possible to design the stages to meet those requirements in the best possible way. The school authority can also publish important details such as seats and criteria for admission in case of various courses. At the same time, grades – especially in the admission tests – can be brought out as well so that students can know whether they have any chance of being admitted to your school or not.

Facility to record previous educational details of a student

When a school has a high-class school management system they become more confident in areas like maintaining previous academic records of students that are new to the institution. It could be that a student has enrolled at your school from the 11th standard – in that case, the school can keep all the records of that student, especially ones of the 10th standards, in their database. Similarly, if a student has been there with the school right from the beginning then the institute can have all the records whenever they require them.


One of the major benefits of systems like school management software is that they make integration of various departments in the schools really easy. This means all the departments in the school have access to data being maintained by others and can access it as and when they wish to. It is this seamless integration of all the different arms of the school that can be called the true hallmark of these systems. With so many features that are not only helpful but also simple, it becomes imperative for all schools to install this software.

High-quality reports

A system like a school management software can generate the very best reports out there in terms of quality. They come with features such as charts that help the school management in getting necessary insights into the students that they want in their school and the ones they do not. The school can also take a look at the number of seats that have been allocated to each section and how well the entire system is being utilized.

Thus, if you wish to manage your admission with a school management software then the best way is to go for Fedena which is simple, easy and very flexible to match up to your expectations.

Run Your Educational Institution Like a Fortune 500 CEO

Run Your Educational Institution Like a Fortune 500 CEO

Have you begun working smart yet?

Being a part of the education ecosystem can often feel like you’re living in a bubble. It isn’t just constantly being reminded about the potential this world contains thanks to the eager hopefulness your students demonstrate but also having your focus be more about empowering these scholars, rather than being part of the regular rat race. But this does not mean we have nothing to learn from the corporate world. An efficiently run school has trickle-down effects that benefit a lot more than your happy accounts guy – teachers are able to run classes more smoothly, students focus better, and your non-education staff works more competently.

So how does one run their school like the latest startup maverick? Or even his predecessor, the much-lauded Fortune 500 CEO? Here are some maxims to keep in mind when running your own school or college:

Have Clarity of Mission

A journey without a destination is just aimless wandering. Adventurous asides are all well and good, but the captain of the ship (that’s you!) must know where he’s taking his charges. What is the aim of your school? What do you want to excel at? Are your educators and non-educational staff aware of your goals? Have they bought into the vision you have for the school? Do they identify with your collective mission?

These are all questions you must have answers to before you open your doors to future change makers and world leaders. Maps are not just another app Google blesses us with, but a handy reference for you to return to time and again, especially when you are feeling lost.

Get Your Basics Right

You have your vision and mission now…great! The next step is getting the bare bones in place to ensure your school is built on a strong foundation. We aren’t just talking about the infrastructure your school has to offer, but also the people that occupy key positions. Ensure that you aren’t cutting corners at this stage – hire educators and administrators who identify with your mission and have demonstrated excellence in their previous positions, seek out guidance that will move you towards your end goal, and ensure that you publicise your mission to parents and scholars appropriately. The students you will be educating should be ones who will flourish under your tutelage.

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Build Agile Attitudes

Mission buy-in and deliberate hires are step one to building a successful team. You will reap the rewards of their contributions only if you instil a collective attitude that leans towards agile or lean working and empowers them to do their best in this environment. Embracing tech is the most low-hanging fruit you have to make this possible. Using open source, robust school management systems like Fedena ensure that a lot of the chaff is discarded at the outset, leaving your stakeholders to focus on what they do best – enable students to excel!

Challenges are Opportunities

You and your team have hit the ground running and things seem to be chugging along just fine. But challenges are inevitable, so do not fear them. When encountering an issue, see how you can lean into the systems you have set up, the attitude you have inculcated, and the skill set you have acquired to turn them into opportunities. Problems are signals to you that something might not be running as efficiently as possible – so here is your chance to improve things around you! When you view challenges as an opportunity to do better, you teach students to do the same. An important mindset to take into the world, so inculcate it early.

school ERP system

School ERP System to manage and enhance Parent-Teacher Communication

Technology has changed the way that schools communicate with parents. While a few years ago – the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities. However, today the web-based school management software has created an array of tools to enable teachers to interact with parents and create an advantageous learning environment.

In any given school, the teachers and the administrative departments are busy with numerous activities such as management of school timetable, school fee collection, management of school cleaning teams etc. Often keeping parents updated and parent communication slips under the school teachers radar and gets relegated to only the essential must-know details. But most parents like to stay aware of all the day-to-day activities of their children. In this scenario, an online school ERP system is the best solution that will help schools efficiently manage the parent and teacher communication.

Below is a list of ways a school ERP can help parents stay connected with schools
  • Schedule PTA meetings using the school ERP software

Using the school ERP software, you can alert parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting dates so that parents can block these dates for school. Any changes in the time or date of the meetings can also be quickly shared with the parents, thus avoiding any miscommunication

  • Access to progress reports

Parents, today like to stay updated about their child’s school performance. Instead of waiting for the annual report card day, an education ERP software can help parents get real-time access to the child’s in-class performance. This ensures that any gap in student’s learning and understanding can be identified immediately and parents can help with the required tutoring before the gap becomes a critical problem.

  • Stay updated on your child attendance reports

Using the web-based school management software, parents can stay updated on their child’s attendance report. The education ERP software can send automated text messages and emails so that parents can be immediately alerted if their child were to miss a day of school or college.

  • Stay updated important announcements

Instead of relying on the age of system of communication through a paper, the school ERP software can send messages to the parents about all important school updates. The school can even schedule automated reminders, closer to the date to prompt parents to complete essential actions such as payment reminders, permission reminders.

  • Live bus tracking

We live in uncertain times and many parents want to constantly stay updated on the whereabouts of their child – including the times they travel to school or travel for school trips and picnics. An online school ERP system shares a detailed route map with parents and alerts them when the child boards and gets off the bus. It also sends alerts to parents when the vehicle is speeding or meets with an accident.

Today there is plenty of research-driven evidence that has proven that family involvement in a child’s academic life is a key predictor of a student’s success. Various experts believe that a positive relationship between the parent and the teacher has a resultant positive influence on a child’s future success and growth both in and outside of the classroom

Building this bond can challenging as schools as well as parents are often juggling with a shortage of time and resources and committing to that extra effort of establishing consistent communication is often a burden for both parties. However,

Using an education ERP software is one of the best ways to incorporate the latest technology and keep parents updated about home assignments, school events, educational strategies and children’s academic as well as non-academic performance.

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This constant communication with the parents is also beneficial to the school and the teaching staff in a number of ways
  • Parents feel connected to the school

When the parents know what is happening in the school through the online school ERP system, they feel more connected to the school. This connection and trust goes a long way in ensuring that the parents do not change the school of the child in the latter years

  • Parents can contribute creative ideas

Communicating with the parents is a great way to encourage them to share their ideas on what will work for their child and help the school function more efficiently. This parental feedback is one of the best ways to create a school that helps bring out the best potential of the students

  • Parents can volunteer in the schools

When parents are updated on the needs and volunteer opportunities in the school, they are more likely to participate and be active volunteers to help meet the needs of the school.

  • Address and resolve parental anxiety

Watching their kids step into new schools often fills some parents with anxiety and they may be overwhelmed then with various questions and concerns about the well-being and safety of their child. Creating and sustaining open communication with your child’s parents using the school ERP software can diminish this anxiety and help the parents as they see their kids settle in the school environment

Parent-teacher relationships are not built overnight. To create strong parent-school relationships, one needs to invest the time and effort. Using a web-based school management software schools can create an environment of consistent communication, meaningful conversations, productive collaborations, creative problem solving, most importantly, trust.

While schools and class teacher are experts in teaching, parents in expert in their children. They have an innate understanding of what stimulates their child, what motivates them and what bores them in the learning and schooling process. Through effective communication using the online school ERP system, parents and teachers can together shape the academic future of their children as well as impact the values and educational philosophies that will aid in the better education of their children.s

online school management system

What is Online School Management System? Some key features you must know

Some online school management system features and functions you must know

You wake up to the buzz of the alarm from your phone, check for news, before figuring out the best route to your destination using Google Maps. You stay connected with friends and family through messaging services and when you get home, you wind down by watching your favorite show thanks to your chosen streaming video service provider. It’s undeniable that technology is now seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our lives.

The target market for most technologies is younger people. These are early adopters who intuitively understand and use technology in new and imaginative ways every day. So why should it be any different at school?

The use of email and messaging groups are par for the course and we have alumni events being organized on Facebook – the connectivity promises we’ll always stay in touch. So why do so many high tech schools with high tech students still seem to rely on an archaic way of doing things? Isn’t there a solution that would replace these outmoded processes?

What is online school management system?

Simply answered – yes. Online school management software is the solution to a lot the issues arising from outdated processes and functions that plague today’s educational institutions. But what is online school management software? Simply put, it is a piece of educational technology that helps you automate everything in your college or school. Think of it is an all-in-one administrative assistant, finance department, record keeper, data analyst and report writer for all your needs. It is your most capable companion in running your educational needs and a handy resource in your day to day decision making.

These might seem like a tall order, but the robust nature of a flexible online school management software, like Fedena, will be able to do all this and more. It will soon become an inextricable part of your educational journey.

Who is online school management system built for?

It might seem like online school management system is a boon for school management and administration. But its uses are not limited to an audience of one! Teachers, students, and parents are all stakeholders that benefit from this piece of education technology. The effects of a well-run school are bound to extend to the very people who keep it going. Online school management software is not just a tool handy for non-education staff but has features that directly benefit those more directly involved with the teaching side of things.

How? Read on to learn more about some key features of the online school management system software and how they make everyone’s life easier.

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What are some online school management system software features to watch out for?

Will every online school management software brings its own strengths and challenges to the table, there are some key features your pick should have? At the very basic level, your online school management software must offer an easy-to-use interface, robust system to take on the challenge of running an educational system, and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Some other key features to look out for are elaborated on below:

School management features:

At the very outset, your online school management software must be able to comprehensively handle your educational institution’s processes. This involves everything, from admissions to transfer or leaving certificates issues to students graduating from the school. An online school management software like Fedena will be able to automate processes like timetables,
transport, admissions processing, onboarding of new students, scheduling of classes, attendance, school events, calendaring, and so on. This is the very basic thing you must expect from your online school management software.

Parent-teacher collaboration:

It takes a village to raise a child, the maxim goes, and the case is no different in school. It is not the sole responsibility of a teacher to educate a child – parental support plays a huge role. So how do we make sure these two important stakeholders are on the same page? Through easy and consistent collaboration. And how do we make this possible? Through your online school
management software, that allows for one on one communication, remote monitoring of the child, easily accessed logins for parents to monitor teacher feedback on class assignments and exams, dashboards that announce school alerts, etc.

Fee management and online payments:

One of the most time consuming and headache inducing factors of running an educational institution are fee management. But your online school management software can reduce this burden on staff! With highly robust, yet flexible backends, fee management systems can be easily set up to suit every student’s needs. Build custom fee bands that take into account individual deductions, fees, fines, and scholarships awarded to students. Help parents pay swiftly and easily with online payment processing from any device. Finally, generate a fee receipt of the records swiftly within the same online school management software.

Gradebooks and reports:

Goal oriented and personalized teaching has increasingly been found to more effective for students than anything else. A huge factor in this is a continual assessment to keep track of student progress. With online gradebooks and one-on-one feedback made possible by your online school management software, parents and teachers can easily keep track of their scholars’ progress at school. This helps course-correct in real time, watch out for budding problems, and address issues in a timely fashion – all to help students achieve their educational goals!

Timetable, attendance, and scheduling:

Good results arise from good preparation. Keeping track of student attendance, scheduling classes and having an easily accessed timetable is key to ensuring students remain well-organized and on track. Your online school management software will help with all these tasks, allowing your student to keep their eye on the prize.

Online examinations and assignments:

Exams are a necessary metric that helps students evaluate how well they have realized their learning goals at regular goals. But why add to the stress of an already tension inducing event? Easily accessed from any device, timely grading, and private communication of feedback through your online school management software is key to encouraging students to see exams as a tool to help them improve.