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How school management system helps institutes in 2018?

2018 is a new year for the world of education not just in the literal sense of the term but from the point of view of trends that are going to be a prominent part of the industry this year as well. It is true that you have to mandatorily mark the fact that a new year has started again. There is nothing really that can be done in this regard. However, you may also need to interpret it as a fresh opportunity that allows you to consider what happened in the year that just ended and then takes the lessons from it to get ready for the year to come.

Is education any different?

It is not as if education is any different. The way people learn has always been changing and thanks to the introduction and greater usage of software such as school management system this is only going to happen at a heightened rate in the year ahead. A lot of credit in this case also needs to be given to the way that the world around us is changing – a lot of new research is happening as well in the domain of education and this is the reason why each day people are learning something new or the other.

These changes are also having an effect on the way that the world around us is being perceived by us and this, in turn, is affecting the way we are dealing with the same.

Being updated in the proper sense of it

It is highly possible that your school is using technology and that too the latest tools and devices in this regard. However, that may not be enough. It is very important that systems such as online school management software are used and that too in the proper sense of it.

It may be that your school is operating within certain financial constraints. In that case, you need to be able to maximize the best of the systems that are already in place and this is where these systems can play such an important role by making it all very easy for you. Even if you are using a school management system care needs to be taken that it does not become outdated even as 2018 wades into 2019. Trends are always changing and it is imperative that the systems are able to keep up with them.

Being smart

It is just that schools need to come up with ways that represent a smarter usage of school data management software. This is why it would be unproductive to deal with just what happened in 2017 – the issues that they faced. Apart from coming up with viable solutions, it is also important to have a clear idea of what might happen in 2018. You need to have a clear idea of
the trends that you can expect in the domain of education and idea of whether your school management system would be equipped to deal with said challenges or not.

You need to have a clear idea of the items that should be on watch-list come 2018. This would make sure that you are ready for this year. It is common knowledge that when you are informed you are in a better position with regards to preparation.

The role to be played by augmented reality

As far as management software for schools is concerned augmented reality is going to play a major role in 2018. It is a mistake to assume that virtual reality can only be applied to horror flicks and games.

This has real-world applications as well. There is a great likelihood that in 2018 this immersive technology would become a tool for learning and would be used quite often as well. The major reason for such a statement is the fact that virtual reality is capable of providing you a feel of the real world, as the name would suggest. It also helps that this can be done at a pittance compared to expenses such as an air ticket. With the help of this software, you would be able to walk through ruins of ancient civilizations, visit new countries or parts of the world, or get to another planet and spend a day over there.

The applications are just endless. If you can use virtual reality as part of the school management system that you are using already then it would only help all the stakeholders and the experience would be a lot better for one and all as well. This way, you would also be able to get in touch with a bigger classroom than what would have been possible otherwise. In fact, this way you could jolly well teach students from various parts of the world at the same time.

Dealing with costs of education

It is not as if each and every new trend in education in 2018 would be a good one. Just like every other thing in life, education is going to be a costlier affair in the new year as well. A big slice of this is going to be for expenses in areas such as land, operations on a daily basis, and various assets owned by the school. This is where a proper online school system can play such a major role. One also needs to take into account the immense amount of competition
between students.

These days, parents are rather particular about one thing – they want their children to do well in academics. They want to give their children the best education that their money can buy. Schools need to be able to deal effectively with such situations and still make sure that they are able to offer the highest possible quality of education. The beauty of school management
systems is that they are greatly able to reduce the financial burden placed on your school.

They can reduce a wide range of costs such as repetitive costs, labor costs, and administrative costs to name a few. This means that your school is able to run with similar or greater efficiency and reduce the stress being faced by the parents.

Learning wherever possible

A good school management system in 2018 would make it possible for students to learn any and everywhere they wish to. This would make education a lot more enjoyable – and thus fruitful – process for one and all connected to it. These days, social media is the greatest proof of the fact that one can learn anywhere and everywhere she or he chooses to. It is highly
possible that in the days ahead sites such as Facebook are used to live stream lectures by school teachers.

Already, YouTube has become a virtual goldmine of educational material on the internet. You may be asking what role your school management system can play in such a context. Well, if it can be equipped with the right kind of plug-ins it would be able to become the kind of secure website that students need to learn and learn always. They will be able to log on to their classrooms no matter where they are in the world. This will help them in so many ways.

This way, they would never need to miss out any lesson and they would be able to clarify their doubts instantly with the teachers as well. They may also watch a class as many times as they want to so that they can learn better. It is expected that in 2018 learning would become a social phenomenon and peer learning will be right there at the forefront of it all. Social learning has many advantages – it is perhaps the future as well – and as a school, you need to be able to make the most of these benefits.

A concluding note

Now how would you be able to achieve this? It is quite simple if you think of it. All you would need to do is to make sure that your systems are in readiness to flow with the ways that students are expected to learn in this day and age. It is also expected that in 2018 such software would be able to help you in some other ways such as tracking and analyzing the behavior of students, mobile applications, and database management by way of Cloud support and other similar tools. The possibilities are endless and the times ahead are exciting indeed.

technology benefits education

How Technology Benefits Early Years Education

Generation Z children are being born into a world where relationships with technology are immediate and inevitable. For better or for worse, we are all exposed to technology every single day of our lives – whether in the home, at work, or in the classroom – and, on the whole, our lives are more convenient and better connected, so long as we respect the limits of the digital world.

As adults, the way we work, play, and learn has been directly impacted by the rapid evolution of technology, so why should our children’s lives be any different? Technology guidelines for children under the age of 5 make digital learning seem controversial, as something that should be minimized rather than optimized. However, with the online world becoming increasingly available to them, modern day youngsters are thinking differently, learning faster, and developing a keener understanding of global issues – so should technology in the classroom really be discouraged?

With workplaces becoming digitalized and the Internet playing a crucial role in social development, the time has come to consider how using technology in early years education could help to better the future of this generation.

Become a Child’s Best Teacher

The best way to teach your children about the benefits of technology is to educate yourself first. If you want your youngsters to enter the digital workforce when they’re older, start by maximizing your own career prospects using technology.

For instance, if the school you work for doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter presence, learn the intricacies of social media and use this understanding to educate your kids. If your school’s web page isn’t collating enough traffic and interest, learn about increasing conversion rates for your website and how analytics can drive revenue. By grasping technology with both hands in both your personal and professional life, you will encourage the children of today to have an active, mindful, and responsible relationship
with the digital world during their early years and beyond.

Technology Helps Children to Read

The most important stage of a child’s development is between the ages of 2 and 5, and this is when almost all children start to grasp the basics of the language and understand a story arch. Online reading materials, E-books, and audiobooks provide an alternative route to reading for children who aren’t interested in board books or traditional stories, and an additional resource for keen readers.

What’s more, the claim that technology aids reading in young children is backed up by science. Researchers have found that devices such as smartphones and tablets can help children to connect what is concrete with what is abstract. For example, by using educational apps and games, a child will grasp a better understanding of how the physical appearance of a letter correlates with the phonetic sound than if it were taught to them in class.

Technology Helps Children Understand the World Around Them

From the earliest stages of development when babies begin to recognize their parents’ faces, visuals help children learn about the world around them. By taking digital photos, creating online photo galleries, and allowing your child to view appropriate images online, you are helping to further their knowledge and understanding. There are also a number of apps and games for visually impaired children that teach communication, demonstrate cause and effect, tell stories, and encourage relaxation.

For any college and school to prosper, they need to educate themselves on technology and how to properly implement it into their business processes. The children of today are tech-savvy, and so teachers and a school’s management staff need to keep up; to do so, learn how technology can help your school as if it were a business and the benefits of digitalizing your educational sector.

republic day speeches

Republic Day speeches for school students

Our great republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here, the people rule”

To start with, team Fedena would like to wish you a very happy 69th Republic Day. Also known as “Gantantra Divas”, this day is very special for every Indian citizen. It is often celebrated with colorfully organized culture events held across the country. The streets hum with patriotic songs, and a brotherly spirit is found in every heart as they share in the celebrations with sweets and music. To pay tribute to our freedom fighters, Prime Minister lays a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate, which is then followed by the main function at Red Fort in New Delhi. The PM unfurls the national flag and gives a motivational speech, which is immediately succeeded by the national anthem sung by millions of people both present at the parades and at their homes. The parades are often performed by the army, navy, and airforce where they display the latest technologies and advancements. The schools and various states show their cultural diversity by displaying various tableaus.

In schools and colleges, students celebrate this day with teachers and their classmates. Even though this day is a gazetted holiday, the schools remain open in celebration. Students celebrate this by singing the national anthem and performing various cultural events. To enlighten the students about our nation’s history, school conduct various competitions such as debates, essay writing, patriotic poetry, songs and dance competitions focused on Republic Day.

To be a part of the celebrations, we wanted to add our take on the speeches about this momentous day. The speeches are a reflection of our nation’s history and the diversity which identifies our country as a unique republic.

Speech 1: Republic day history

“First of all, I would like to greet our respected Principal, our respected teachers, and my fellow classmates with a very good morning. We are gathered here to celebrate an auspicious occasion of our nation, the 69th Republic Day. I’d like to take this opportunity to greet all of you a very Happy Republic Day. I’m delighted to have the privilege to share a glimpse on the history of the Republic day of our glorious nation.

After achieving the independence from the British rule on 15 August 1947, India though didn’t have a permanent constitution, all the law were based on modified colonial Government of India Act 1935.  But on 28 August 1947, the Drafting Committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution, with the help of Dr. B R Ambedkar. After many modifications to the constitution, the final draft was signed by 308 members of assembly on 24 January 1950. Two days later, it came into effect throughout the nation.

On 26 January 1950, the new Constitution Of India came into effect and India became a republic nation. A democratic republic nation, which was not ruled by any hereditary King or Queen, and the government elected by the common people of the country. The constitution also encouraged all the citizens to have equal social and economic rights.

So let’s gather together on this joyous and momentous day, and take an oath to always maintain the sovereignty, which our country has achieved with priceless sacrifices and promise ourselves to make our nation celebrated through the world. With these humble words, I bow my head to the flag, and to every one of you I say Jai Hind, Jai Bharat”.

Speech 2: Why it is important to be republic

“A very good morning to our respected Principal Sir/Madam, respected teachers, and all of my classmates. First of all, I would like to thanks my class-teacher who gave me this opportunity to recite some of my thoughts on the 69th Republic Day of India. The Republic day is one of the most patriotic days for all the Indian citizens since on this day India was declared secular, sovereign and a democratic country. But what does republic actually mean?

It means that all the decisions are made by the representatives who were elected by the citizens of the nation, instead of elected by a hereditary monarchy. The decisions are in accordance with the laws of the constitution, declared on the day when the country became republic. 

But why it is important that a country should be a republic? It matters because it impacts the political culture, helps in balancing the power among government, parliament and the ordinary people. Ordinary citizens would be able to participate in the process of choosing the head of states and the country.

Along with that, all citizens enjoy the fundamental rights such as right to equality, right to freedom, right to freedom of religion, cultural and education right, right to privacy, right to constitutional remedies and right against exploitation.

All these rights not only render protection to common people but also prevent the human rights and make the life of the people peaceful and harmonious.

I hope this information was enlightening and empowers you to be proud of being an Indian. Finally, i would like to wish you all very Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind Jai Bharat”

school management software

Why institutes considered underrated if they won’t use school management software?

Institutes such as schools form an important part of our society. It is the schools upon whom the onus of helping the next generation rests. It is the schools that create and develop the students in such a way that they are able to contribute better to the society. They help the students grow in the truest sense of the word by helping them develop various new skills, nurturing them in such a way that they grow up to be confident individuals, and by imparting knowledge. This is the reason why it is highly vital that an institution has all the tools it needs to fulfill its role properly enough.

Manual management of routine

A school can always manage its routine in a manual way but that is always going to throw up more issues than solutions. As such, it can be a really arduous task for the management of a school. If a school does not use the latest technology of the day then there is every chance and more than the administrators of a school, as well as others related to a school, are going to face a real tough time of it. For starters, they would never be able to achieve their goals in the time that they want to.

This way, they would start to fall behind others of their ilk and this way they would start losing out on the better students as well. It would also hurt the students that are being taught by them and significantly at that! These days, the education system has become such that you need to be successful each and every day in order to be able to stay in the hunt at all times. This is why you need a school management software system that is good enough to get the job done for you.

It should be detailed and strong enough to perform each and every task that you entrust it with and that too with at least a modicum of competence. Technology such as this would automate the ways in which your school works and this would be highly beneficial to you. As far as your operations – daily and otherwise – are concerned such a system would make them a lot more effective and efficient, to say the very least. There are certain situations where you would feel the need for an online school management software system in your school.

Communication gap

It is said that when your connections are healthy it lays the foundation for a relationship that satisfies you in so many ways. Without proper school data management software, you can be sure that there would be plenty of communication gap in your school and everyone connected in some way or the other to the school would be poorer for it. Till date, it has been seen that
plain student-teacher meetings, without being backed up by sound technology, is nothing more than mere hype. Instead of being objective as they are intended to be they become exercises into subjectivity.

This is the reason why it is seen so often that parents have no idea whatsoever as to how well or poorly their kids are doing at school. They do not have a proper grasp on the school career of their kids, something that is so integral in this day and age! With the help of management software for schools, it is possible for schools to remove and reduce this gap. Apart from the school and the parents it also helps the teachers and the students of a school. These systems use instant notification facilities and this can really help the students achieve a remarkable level of progress.

Problems in conducting examinations

In the context of education, it can be said with some justification that examinations are the best way to measure the progress of a student. As it is, conducting an examination could be quite a tough task. There is a lot of paperwork to take care of and a lot of effort goes into planning it
and making sure that the whole affair passes smoothly, without any incident whatsoever. It is because of the time taken as well as the huge amount of paperwork that they have to deal with that the teachers, find examinations to be so annoying in the first place.

In fact, one can be sure that the administrators think the same of examinations as well. Apart from the fact that so many answer sheets have to be checked, there is also the small matter of maintaining the records as well. The records also need to be maintained safely and properly, and for a long period of time as well. Apart from the fact that it is an extremely tough thing to do it can lead to wastage of time as well.

This is where a good online school system can be so helpful. With the help of such ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, you would be able to manage these tedious and arduous tasks a lot easier.

Problems in submission of fees

There is an old saying that states that anything, which is worth learning, should not be taught for free. There is perhaps no guardian or parent in the world who does not dread the process of submitting fees – this is especially applicable for schools where the latest technology is not being used.

Even if we discount the fact that parents are being poorer by a few dollars, albeit for a good cause, the very process itself can induce the highest levels of tedium and tiredness. Just because you are submitting your child’s fee it could mean that you have to miss out on some other work. At times, it could affect students as well – they too may have to miss valuable hours of a day. Then there is also the process of keeping the receipts safe – this has been
known to cause a lot more grief to both students and schools. However, if schools were to adopt the latest technology then such processes could be over and done within the matter of a few minutes.

Problems in managing lot of data at once

There is hardly any amount of paper that is good enough to hold all the data without any issues of safety. When as a school you put all the huge amount of data related to your school on paper not only are you being wasteful, you are being impractical as well. The records are always going to increase with the passage of time and much of this data is related to enrollment of students.

At the same time, schools are also hiring people to work for them and perform other activities related to the organization as well. This is why it is extremely hard to keep track of all this data and making sure that it stays safe from all types of threat. In case there are natural disasters and other such issues then data could get lost and irrevocably so if it is put in the paper. This is the reason why you need school management software to keep all that data safe and sound, come what may.

Problems in maintaining attendance

It is said that the first step in learning is being present at the time when the knowledge is being imparted. For any school regular attendance is an integral part of discipline and cannot be compromised at all. It also shows that the students are keen to learn. Apart from that, it depicts how much the students respect the code of the school as well as its discipline and rules. More
often than not it is the teachers who are supposed to perform this rather important task.

However, since it takes a lot of time, it also eats into the main thing that a teacher is supposed to do – teach. It can also affect the focus of the teachers and, by extension, the students in a negative manner.

A school that does not use the latest educational management technology is also going to face issues with managing the grade-books of its students. A school takes different kinds of examinations and there are various records that have to be maintained. Maintaining it on paper can hamper areas as key as the quality of teaching and increase the pressure on them. This, in turn, affects the students as well. However, with proper school management software, a school can manage these things a lot better.

GCC VAT 2018

GCC VAT 2018: Impacts of VAT on educational sector in GCC countries

VAT will roll out in GCC countries from 1st January 2018. Is your institution ready for it?

This blog has been prepared to provide a general overview of why the VAT has been introduced in GCC countries and how the VAT will affect the education sector in different countries. Along with that in end, you will get to know that how the Fedena can help your institution with VAT related operations.  

Why VAT is introduced in GCC countries

Gulf countries are well known for their abundant stores of crude oil, which is the reason their economy has always been largely dependent on the energy sector. Evidently, the hydrocarbon sector constitutes around 40% of their total GDP. During the span 2011- 2014, oil revenue accounted between 70-80% of government revenue. The recent decline in oil price has resulted in the fiscal deficit, which has had a large impact on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries’ budget. The existing tax system is comprised of low tax rates and narrow tax base, which isn’t to par for reducing the budget deficit gap. To balance the economic condition and to reform their income source, the government of GCC countries decided to introduce the VAT (Value Added Tax), which will be a substantial source for government’s income to bridge the budget gap.

Overview of VAT in GCC

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax on consumption of goods and services that is borne by the final consumer. This would result in a robust source of government income.

VAT registered businesses that supply goods and services are subject to either standard rate of 5% across the GCC or zero-rated charge to the customer, but the businesses can claim a credit for VAT paid on their purchase (also termed as input tax). On exempt goods and services, VAT cannot be reclaimed and the businesses have to pay standard rates.

Countries like UAE (United States Emirates) and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is going to implement VAT from 1 January 2018 at a rate of 5%. Other countries have yet to make an announcement of the implementation date.

VAT treatment on education in individual countries

For most of the businesses, the VAT would be charged at 5%, but some sectors like healthcare, education, food and financial service are treated differently in each country.

Let’s have a look at the scenario in various GCC countries:


The UAE government states that for nurseries, pre-school, elementary schools and higher educational institutes, owned or funded by the federal or local government, the supplies of education services and good and services will fall under zero-rated VAT. But for other educational institutes which are not mentioned in the aforementioned list, they have to pay a standard rate of 5% VAT.


The KSA government GAZT (General Authority of Zakat and Tax) outlined that the educational services are not exempt from the VAT and aren’t zero-rated. The education sector has to pay a standard rate.

How it impacts the education sector

In most of the countries across the world, the educational services are exempted from the VAT. With the context of GCC countries, not all the educational services fall under the zero-rated VAT.

  • Educational supplies are subject to zero rate
  • Course material,
  • Course fee (fees directly related to course),
  • Administrative services,
  • Field trips,
  • Food and accommodation to students.

While there are some educational services which are subject to the standard rate (5%) such as

  • If qualified institution supplies good and services to the person who is not enrolled
  • Uniforms and clothing
  • Any goods apart from educational materials
  • Foods and beverages supplies from vending machine
  • Field trips which are not directly related to curriculum of education service
  • Provision of school transportation
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Sales of goods from canteen shop

But these rates on educational services varies from country to country. According to VAT framework agreement in GCC, individual nations have an ability to choose which VAT rate they would like to impose on the education sector. They can choose from either zero rates, standard rate or are fully exempted from the VAT. Each type has their side effect on the education sector.

Let’s see the scenarios when educational services fall under zero-rated VAT vs when they are exempted from the VAT.

If education is zero-rated:

Zero-rated tax directly affects the education provider, let’s take a scenario where their invoices, refund claims are not managed properly then they might face the cash flow issue.

If educational services are exempt from VAT:

In such scenarios the education provider and education receiver both will get affected. As the provider will not be able to recover the VAT that is incurred on their expenses on the exempt supplies. In these cases, to cover the expenditure and maintain the profit level the provider might raise the educational fee which will directly affect the learners.

How can Fedena help?

In coming days a new version of Fedena is going to be released which would include range of services to address the various elements of VAT.

Additional features available in this version:

Fedena can easily differentiate, which type of fee falls under zero rate VAT and which doesn’t.

Fedena has evolving day by day to simplify the complex operations of an institution. It is a modern ERP software which automates your institution processes and grows your institution productivity to the next level. Various modules available in Fedena are an admission, batch and classes, finance, fee structure, communication, transport, bulk data management, examinations and many more. The new GCC VAT ready version of Fedena will release next month so that our GCC region institutes, hassle-free manage the VAT rates evaluation in their finance structure.

Quickly connect with Fedena to modernize and digitize your institution structure. To find out more you can connect with our sales team: https://fedena.com/contact

school management software

School management software to improve online enrollment

School management software for simplifying the registration process and proliferating the student’s enrolments.

One of the most stressful periods of the year for an educational institute is when the students enroll for a new academic year. In fact, this processes is not even easier for the students and their parents. Many times the process of enrollment feels like that there is no end to it. After all, there are so many forms that have to be filled, so much of verification and authorization that needs to be done. This not only emerges the hassling situation for administrators but also parents and students.

In this festive season, if you want to simplify your institution registration process, then gift your administrator school management software, which will not only amplify the productivity of admin but also provides a hassle-free experience to students and parents and make this time taking process more manageable.

Let’s see in detail why school management system is considered as the best solution to simplifying the registration process:

Syncing enrolment with technology

Normally, the process of enrollment necessitates plenty of hours and an equal amount of hard work to be put in by people, working at the institutions. One must also take into account the costs that so many hours and so much hard work are going to entail.

After the families provide information to institute regarding their child, the administrators need to take certain steps to make sure that the data has been stored and that too in a secure manner. As this registration process comprised of multiple steps. This is why the educational institutions need to learn the ways to use software and integrate it with their own functions.

In the end, this helps them save a significant amount of money and time, and reduces a lot of stress associated with this particular process enrollment.

Saving time and money – becoming more accurate and doing things easily

At the very least, when an educational institution automates its admission and enrollment system it can help in saving plenty of money and time as well. When such an entity sets up platforms for admission and enrollment on the internet as well as the various mobile devices it can easily save a lot of money that was being spent for purposes such as paper, mailing, and printing, and use it for investments that are perhaps even more crucial to its overall existence.

In fact, such expenditure can have even better results as far as outcomes for students are concerned. Apart from these, when an educational institution automates these processes it gains a lot by way of accuracy as far as enrollment data is concerned. With such correct information at their disposal, the staff of these entities no longer faces any issues with regards to interpreting registration documents that have key information related to students.

On top of this, when a school management system works well it is possible for an educational institute to check for students that are either transferring or returning and were earlier registered in that particular school district. This is why, when it is time for re-enrollment the system already has that data ready. This includes data such as grades, schools or colleges, and contact information to be used in case of emergencies. Thankfully enough, the online registration systems have become a lot easier to use nowadays. It is easier for parents to now complete and then submits the school forms.

They can also upload various important documents. The best thing of all this is that they can do it as and when is convenient for them – they can also upload this data on their mobile phones as well, or for that matter any other mobile or immobile device that they wish to use. Since the educational institute already has such data in a digital format it is easier for the staff members to conduct analyses a lot more easily than how they did earlier. They are also able to get insights into this data. This means that it becomes easier for them to plan and then make decisions.

More data accuracy

The total budget for a school is basically defined by the volume of students it is able to enroll in a successful manner. There is always a definite budget earmarked for these purposes in various educational institutions. This also means that when an educational entity loses such data it can have an adverse impact on jobs as well as the money being used for such purposes. This is one major reason why it is so important to have this data in a correct form.

The second major reason, in this case, is that data of students happen to be private and as such, it needs extra by way of security protection. Schools have a legal, as well as moral, responsibility to make sure that such data stays that way. They need to prove that all students are being treated in an equal manner – it does not really matter what information they may have or may not have with respect to that student. The same thing is also applicable to the data related to their parents. When such data is stored properly it is possible for all the entities related to an educational institution to get access to this information within a short span of time and without much problem whatsoever.

When an educational institution introduces school management software the margin of error mitigates in these cases to a significant extent. Apart from the fact that such software provides data more accurate, it helps with streamlining of operations and thus brings down the expenses as well. When such an institution has issues with data it can have major effects on a school. There are plenty of people who are dependent on the data in the information systems of these educational entities.

This is why when such data is directly integrated with technology it proves to be a lot more accurate than entering data time and again.

Data taken during registration and re-enrollment processes

As far as such information is concerned there is plenty of important and essential data to contend with. Normally the information needed at these stages tends to differ with respect to the schools. It can include information related to the guardians, media release forms, contact information in case of emergencies, and technology policies to name a few.

Educational institutions may also have to monitor important health-related information of their students. This could include data such as results of physical examinations as well as compliance with schedules of vaccination and the like. For that matter, such an entity may also have data related to dental and optical checkups of students. In fact, such an entity may also have to collect data after the registration period is over. Examples of such data would include release forms and results of athletic programs. They need to be authorized as well. Special attention also needs to be provided to students who face challenges in learning due to some reason or the other.

This is why in such situations if the information with an educational institution goes missing or is outdated it could pose such serious problems for one and all. There could be security risks in such cases and the threat of legal exposure cannot be ruled out altogether as such. Thus, as you can see, there is plenty of data that has to be handled by the educational entities and other stakeholders connected to the entire educational process as such. This also means that there is a greater chance that such data could get lost.

This is where using such systems can prove to be so effective as they are capable of making the entire system a lot simpler than what would have been possible otherwise. No longer would parents need to look for documents that an educational entity may have lost. They will also be able to upload all the important documents in an instant and update records and data as and when they wish to. All these mean that the data stays up to date at all times. In the end, it can only be beneficial for one and all.

This festive season, step into the future and invest in a school management system for your school so that you can enter 2018 armed with the best opportunities for your school.

school management software

How Your School Management Software Can Help Students

School management, when done right, is something that can help administrators, teachers, and students have a successful and enjoyable day, week, month, semester at school. Having the right school management software is what enables this all to happen. How can it have a positive impact on your students?

Student Information

There is a lot of information about students that need to be collated. Attendance records, health information, homework grades, any discipline issues, any kind of achievement in or out of school, and, of course, whether there are any issues with their home life that could have an impact on their school work. Having all of this information in one, easy to manage, easy to access program means that, when anyone needs to find out more information on a particular student to help them in some way, everything they need to know is in one place. This can save time which is often limited during school hours. It can also limit frustrations.

Parental Access

If your school management system allows parents to log in and find out what their child is doing, how they are getting on, whether there is anything they should know about, what their grades are, and even what their homework is for that night, it will help those parents to engage better with their kids. Staying connected with a child’s academic progress can be difficult, particularly if the parents are at work, so this system is a great way to give them that information. They can then help their children, ask relevant questions, and be engaged, which will boost the child’s confidence, knowing that their parents are interested and proud of them.

Online Payments

School management software can make paying for trips, lunches, or anything else that is required much easier. It is possible to set up secure online payments, allowing students – or their parents – to pay directly, rather than having to bring cash into school and ensuring that it gets to the right place before the deadline. This can help the finances of the school hugely. By using companies like Ticket Sales for a field trip, for example, it makes organization and payments a lot easier, ensuring that the administrators and teachers know who has paid – and who hasn’t. It might even be possible to set up automatic billing on a credit card with the parents’ permission, meaning that the student’s account will always be paid up to date.

Teacher Information

Just as teachers need to know about their students in order to teach them effectively, it can be useful for students to know about their teachers too. With a good school management software system, all the information they might need will be online, easily accessed. It might include information about the teacher’s activities within the school so that students know who to contact should they need details about a specific class or club. It will have the teacher’s class schedule updated too, so if a student needs a specific teacher, they will be able to find them.

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How to Safely Use School Management Software

School Management Software onboarding is an avenue to teach cyber-security

With the rapid growth in educational technology, this sector becomes increasingly vulnerable to data and security breaches. This includes school management software. From scam e-mails sent to entire classes from their “teacher” to the leaking of sensitive student information to malicious elements, school management software is not immune to cyber attacks.

This is why, when making the choice to purchase educational software, institutions must ensure that security and safety is a legitimate concern for manufacturers. Fedena, for example, promises top-grade security and privacy features for all information being stored or communicated through the school management software.

But the buck doesn’t stop here. While your school management software can contain a multitude of preventative features or even data-protection safety nets in case of attack, most breaches occur due to human error. Teaching school management software users how to safely use this tool is as important as teaching students dangers of the offline world around him. Teaching students online safety must go hand in hand with teaching them things like road safety or making them aware of stranger danger.

The easiest time to accomplish this is when onboarding users onto the school management software. A class, a tutorial (online or offline), or even a mandatory instructional video will save students and institutions heartache and money alike. While the number of security measures that can be taught are vast, here are a few lessons to start your student off in the right direction in his online journey:

Lesson One: Private information must remain private

In an increasingly connected world, barriers seem to collapse without a ripple in the ecosystem. While this results in greater collaboration, which is an important life skill all students must master, it also means that they often do not realise when boundaries are crossed. Teaching students how to differentiate between sharing of benign and more sensitive information is a key piece of knowledge to securing their online safety. A good analogy is to think of whether you would share the information in question with a friendly stranger you just met on the bus – perhaps talking about current events is alright, but sharing your home address or mother’s maiden name isn’t.

Lesson Two: Being diligent about security updates

It is not just enough having a password for the more sensitive portions of your information. Installing accredited security software, changing your password regularly (google how to create a strong password – the more random the sequence of letters, numbers, and characters, the better), using different passwords across platforms, and ensuring that you don’t share your passwords or write them down ever all go towards ensuring your information is protected. This is step one. Step two, is about ensuring that you stay secure – from updating software regularly to also changing your password on a regular basis to turning on extra security features like two factor authentication. These slightly arduous steps will help keep you secure. And finally, it should go without saying, but just in case – your password cannot be your name, your bestie’s or just “password”.

Lesson Three: If in Doubt, Find Out

Learning how to look things up is a skill that is not just necessary for the future academicians in the student body. With grown adults regularly forwarding Whatsapp hoaxes as real information and the virality of fake news, being able to distinguish between a phishing scam and the facts is a necessary life skill all humans need to acquire. To this end, encourage your students to develop a healthy suspicion for unusual activity during their online journeys. Whether this is an unsolicited e-mail from a dethroned prince offering untold riches or a seemingly benign security alert that seems to be asking for a lot of information, encouraging students to take a minute to google and check whether they are about to fall for a malicious information grab will save them trouble later.

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How School Management Software Help With Task Management?

Increase efficiency in schools with your school management software

At some point a human looked up from their social media feed, in the middle of their workday, and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I could have some kind of tool that would motivate me to actually do the things I need to do today?” And thus task management applications were born.

There are a variety of task management applications fulfilling different functions. From apps that help keep you focused by restricting access to social media to ones that will help you keep tracking hitting milestones in a large, collaborative project – there’s something for everyone.

There’s even task management systems that help you bundle incoming messages so that you can clear your inbox without getting sucked into an endless email cycle. What all of these boil down to is systems that allow you to manage your work more efficiently.

So how does your school management software come into play? Good ones, like Fedena, are capable of doing more than just maintain student records or send out emails. The right school management system will also improve work efficiency.

How does it do this?

Through innovative use of all of its nifty little features. Below are some creative ways to use some of the features.

Fedena offers to its users:

On-The-Go Accessibility

We live in a 24/7 world. We are available across cell phones, email, snail mail, telephone, in person and over video conferencing. We coordinate with teams across the globe. We get the job done. So why should your school management system be any different? Fedena is web-based, multi-platform, and provides 24/7 customer service support. This school management system works when you work – so it is built for you. What does this mean? It
means that if you are a night owl who works more efficiently at 3 a.m. rather than 8 a.m.,

Fedena is still accessible to you. Grade school reports in the peace and quiet of your own home, process payroll during your commute, respond quickly to student queries through the in-built messenger or quickly set up a video call to explain a more visual concept. The possibilities of any-time accessibility are endless.

Cross-School Capabilities

A big portion of efficient task management is efficient delegation and division of work. In large multi-school institutions, sharing of resources is not just a smart thing to do, but necessary, especially for a perennially under-financed industry like education. For instance, imagine allocating all responsibility for payroll to one school’s administration – central management would increase efficiency and reduce processing time. But this would not mean that they aren’t accessible – Fedena ensures that schools work seamlessly with each other in this school management system. Expand this to helping students at one school access classes offered at another, or consultations with educational staff across schools for parents and the possibilities are endless.

API and Plugin Friendly

This might feel like a cheat, but hear us out. Fedena has a philosophical commitment to open source for a reason. We want our school management system to be accessible to everyone. But this goes both ways – we also feel like Fedena is a perfect building block or foundation to creating a school management system that contains everything you need, by being easy to use
with third party plugins or APIs that might be filling in a gap we have not yet covered. APIs also ensure that this collaboration remains secure. Built with the latest technology with security and privacy kept in mind, Fedena protects data protected and ensures sensitive information remains secure while removing boundaries.

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Using School Management Software To Build Safer Schools

School Management Software is making mere watchmen obsolete

Remember the days of yore with your friendly watchman at the one school gate that you knew by name and seemed to have a radar for mischief anywhere on campus? Throw in a formidable principal, an eagle-eyed librarian, and a physical education teacher who looked like he could uproot trees one-handed and that pretty much constituted a crack security team for any school.

With the influx of newer technologies, students born without a fear gene, and an increasingly chaotic world, however, and this team just isn’t enough. Expectations have also changed – parents now expect to be able to track every moment of their child’s routine from anywhere in the world.

How is a modern school to cope?

Beat technology with technology. Your school management software was not just built to share coursework and update gradebooks. It has tools and features that are helpful in times of crisis – big and small. Your school management software is useful for everyone, from the principal to gain easy access to student information to know how to address disciplinary issues to the security guard at the school gate so he knows he is releasing a student into the safe custody of an approved guardian. Being safe is all about being prepared. Arm yourself with information and processes that kick in automatically – before disasters occur.

Ultimately, it is up to how a school uses their school management software. Security might not seem like a priority for an educational institution, but considering the vulnerable charges they have to manage, it is a responsibility that cannot be shirked.

How would this work in real time?

Check out the three scenarios that could occur in any school below:

Seamlessly Managing Student Half Days

Sanctioned or caused by a funny tummy, a change in the usual school routine is often the most vulnerable moment when malicious elements can cause the most damage. You no longer have to rely on your trusting child’s familiarity with his regular bus conductor. School management software like Fedena helps you track your children until they are home safe and sound. Parents and teachers are able to access this feature on the go, ensuring that no matter where they are, their little ones are where they should be.

Student Information At Your Fingertips

With classroom sizes growing at a rapid rate and schools expanding to multiple branches to serve as many communities as they can, it is no surprise that administrators may be hard-pressed to remember every student they encounter. But to effectively address disciplinary issues, one must understand the student. These are children, not the enemy combatant, and spotting a pattern of repeat offences might indicate an issue that is easily resolved without punishing the child. School management software helps maintain comprehensive records that can be accessed by various stakeholders at varying levels of security. This ensures a complete picture while also maintaining appropriate levels of privacy.

Preventative Data Security

Security isn’t just about maintaining a log of school entry and exit or tracking children as they go about their day. A big part of it also respecting data privacy and security for sensitive information that is useful in a crisis or in cases of a security breach. Security, as a culture, must start with this. School management software must be robust about this to be considered trustworthy by their users. Vulnerable information like student information, private communications between stakeholders like parents and teachers, or even gradebook or report card information must be protected. This information is an insight into the student mind and can provide valuable clues in times of trouble.

​Online ​School ​Management ​Software

Grow Easily Using Online School Management Software

Online School Management Software enables managed expansion

Over the last few weeks, we have had extensive discussions on the Fedena blog how online school management software can be a boon to schools seeking to better manage themselves to the benefit of a comprehensive set of stakeholders.

Specifically, we have considered the types of problems online school management software can address, what features to look for when making a choice of which one to use, and how they will benefit students and teachers in the future.

But what about the more institutional desire to expand?

Good schools are rare and access to them continues to be highly prized. And is the case with any resource that is scarce, the ones with more social privileges tend to have greater access to it. Education, unlike a lot of other scarce resources, however, is not just a resource, but a vital institution that imparts the necessary skills required to enable social mobility. We cannot wait for it to naturally scale up but must push for it do so.

Scaling doesn’t come cheap, however. Finances are often a barrier that perpetuates these societal inequalities. Even though they have altruistic missions, schools need to be financially viable in order to be able to truly serve the communities they wish to empower. To ignore this reality would only result in their ultimate collapse.

Scaling does not always have to be prohibitively expensive, however. This is where online school management software can be of help. Institutions looking to expand can use this as a tool to mitigate costs while still serving a large user base. Online school management software is not just a classroom tool or a disciplinary tool, but an institutional mechanism that propels it
towards serving in bigger and better ways.

How does it do this?

Here are three features that will indicate that the right online school management software will help you grow faster than ever before:

Crossing Geographies

Whether it is across localities, cities, states or countries, an online school management software meets the needs of multiple branches of an educational institution quickly. Whether it
is replicating tried and tested processes in new locations, or just bringing acquisitions under the mothership’s umbrella, a robust online school management software being used across various branches of the school is the online equivalent of opening up a new location. It lends a sense of familiarity no matter where in the world we are

Managing Ever-Growing and Ever-Changing Stakeholders

An institution is made up of its people – schools, teachers, non-education staff, and parents. A simple, intuitive, and robust system is needed to manage all these entities, 24/7. And this is where an online school management system comes in. The right one will not balk at taking on more stakeholders and will function smoothly, leading to your school running like a well-oiled machine, leaving everyone to just focus on what they are here to do – learn and educate.

Scaling Quickly To Meet Your Needs

There is no end in sight for the demand for quality education. In an increasingly globalised world especially, people are demanding the best for their children in the most remote parts of the world – as they should! As soon as your institution expands to meet the demands of a community, the population explodes, and supply falls short. This race to catch-up can be mitigated through the use of an online school management system that is simple, light, easy to onboard stakeholders onto and can be scaled on demand. The right online school management system doesn’t just meet the needs of today but anticipates and prepares for those of tomorrow

ERP for school

ERP for school: One step forward in education technologies

Thanks to the online software tools available these days such as ERP for school the process of school management has reached the 21st century, so to speak. The biggest benefit of this system is that it makes administrative works of a school really easy and it is possible for the schools to run the system in an efficient manner. These systems are also blessed with a number of core modules that benefit each and every person connected to a school including the administrative staff, parents, students, and teachers.

What are the benefits for the management?

As far as ERP for school there are several benefits that the school management can have.

First of all, it lets them automate all the work done by the various departments of the school. These systems can automatically generate stuff like timetables as well as online boards from where the management people can get updates and notifications. With the help of such a system, they would be able to manage many systems as well. It is also a good interface for purposes related to communication. With the help of school management ERP software, the management can also gather huge databases and maintain them easily enough.

The best part of it is that it helps you save money.

What are the benefits for the students?

As far as the students are concerned, they also stand to gain from web school ERP. They will be able to get better access to schedules as well as information on crucial aspects of their academic career such as examinations, grades, and attendance. They will be able to better interact with their fellow students, teachers, and the various administrative departments. They will be able to participate in the discussion forums in their school and publish reviews and articles written by themselves.

They will also get electronic access to their school library. At the same time, this system allows them to submit homework online as well.

What are the benefits for the teachers?

As far as the teachers are concerned the biggest benefit that they can get from school management system software is that they have to deal with less amount of paperwork. They are also able to manage data like marks, attendance sheets, and grades on their computers, which is a lot more convenient when you come to think of it. They get their schedules online and this helps them plan their work and life in general in a much better way.

They also get more time that they are able to devote to their students. They are also able to communicate much better with the students and their parents. They can assign homework online and since the students can submit them online as well they can check them online as well.

What are the benefits for the parents?

With the help of school information management system parents stand to gain significantly as well. They are able to add to their levels of involvement in the various activities of the school especially ones that concern their children.

They get trustworthy information on how well or poorly their children are doing at school. It is easier for them to pay the fees as well. There is not much paperwork as such and this means that they are able to complete their work in a shorter span of time. This reduces the wastage of time. They also get updates on the upcoming events in their school.

Things to be kept in mind while implementing these systems

When you are trying to implement online school management software in your school there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

The first thing that you should remember in these cases is that these aren’t foolproof at all. They are always improving and as such if you are not satisfied with a particular system you can always dismiss it and choose a new one. It is very important that you choose a system that can be customized according to the system of your school. The system should match your system perfectly. You should keep in mind the fact that a readymade solution may not exactly be what you are looking for.

These systems are difficult to choose as such. It is also important that you are not completely dependent on this system as far as support service and maintenance are concerned. If you do not have a proper system for backup there is always a chance that data could get lost and that could be really problematic for all including the students. It is also important to train your staff members to use these systems. The same thing goes for parents and students as well. They should be taught how to use the various functions in an ERP for school. You would need to provide such training on a regular basis to all the new students that enroll at your school.

Similarly, if you use a new system such training will have to be provided as well. The biggest benefit of these systems is that they always make a positive difference to the way a school is managed. All the various stakeholders in a school – parents, teachers, students, and administrative staff get the benefits of the different educational routines and the superior quality of work that they are able to do thanks to the new system. With high-quality software tools, it is possible to improve both learning and management.

Why are these systems necessary?

This is the era of internet and as such systems such as these have become very important. As a scholastic institution, it is very important to become a digitized one so that you are able to keep pace with the time when you are working. It also helps that these systems provide you a whole range of benefits for all as have been mentioned above.

Better experience for the users

There is a definite ideology behind the creation of these systems and that is to provide an absolutely new culture of education across the schools. The makers of these systems are aware of the practical challenges that schools face with regarding operation, and they try and make sure that they provide you the best working experience possible.

Responsive systems

These products are designed in such a way that they can operate on just about any smartphone. This is why you – the administrators – are able to view all the data related to your school and change it at the time and place of your choosing. These systems have been proven to be extremely responsive to iOS, Android, and Windows. These days, people prefer to be more on their tablets and phones and as such these advanced features help you run the school properly enough.

Simplification of education

Yet another major benefit of these systems is that the process of education becomes a lot simpler than before. These systems can guarantee you consistent and uninterrupted streaming on just about any platform. This is how you would be to see data and modify it with such ease as well. It also does not matter which browser you are using – Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox – you should be able to get the best possible quality.

The involvement of the finest brains

The best part of such software is that it is able to do just about any work that you wish it to do. The long-term capabilities of these software products endear them highly to one and all. The team of experts who build such products is able to offer you the finest product that you are expecting from them. Since the features of these systems are user-friendly you have complete control over the system.

Complete value for money

The makers of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems created for the schools are available in a wide range of packages and varieties. This means there is always going to be something or the other that you are going to find useful – exactly what you need. It would be with the money that you have earmarked for this purpose and also suit the technical specifications that you have. The makers of these systems make sure that you get the best backup in the money that you can spare in terms of security and usability. It can be said for sure that this is exactly the kind of academic backup that you need.