Get Free Online Demo

Get Free Online Demo

Today’s schools have a lot more duties. Due to the exponential rise in competitiveness, schools must ensure that students are fully prepared to take on challenges. For this, schools must work more harder and more intelligently.

Schools must utilize technology in order to operate more effectively. They must switch from a manual system of operation to a digital one. It takes a lot of time and effort to manually complete office jobs. Furthermore, manual execution generates a lot of errors.

On top of teaching, teachers have a lot of time-consuming administrative duties. Daily attendance must be taken, timetables must be created, grades must be entered, report cards must be created, and the list goes on. All of this prevents them from being able to spend enough time with kids and track their development.

Every one of these issues is handled by the school management system. The teachers benefit from time savings. makes it considerably quicker, simpler, and more accurate to carry out office jobs. It limits the potential for computation errors. It fixes issues like data duplication and improper manipulation.

To learn more about the features and amenities of the school administration software FEDENA, you can take a free online demo. You can learn more about the advantages by participating in a free online demonstration of this school ERP.

To View a free online demo of FEDENA-school ERP, follow these steps:

1. Access the website at by clicking on this link.

2. There is a tab there for seeking a Try for free or visit the contact page and complete the form.

3. Fill out the tab with your information and press SUBMIT.

4. Shortly after receiving the mail, a member of our sales staff will get in touch with you and ask you to choose a time and day for the Fedena School ERP free online demonstration.

5. The demo is conducted according to your schedule and is completely free.

6. You can ask questions and get information about the product during the demo.

You can access the free demo of the FEDENA-school software from anywhere in and outside of India.

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The ideal school software for your budget and the one that will work best for your school can be chosen with the aid of a school management software demo.

You can quickly and easily sign up for a free FEDENA School Management Software sample.

You can ring us at : +91-8095-6716-02 or write an email with your requirements at

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