What is Online Exam?

What is Online Exam?

Understanding How Fedena Can Simplify Online Exam and Exam Grade Management For Your Institute

Students and educational institutes benefit from exams not only because exams accurately measure a student’s progress, but because it promotes competition among students and motivates them to work harder. However, most importantly because examinations enable schools to understand the gaps in teaching, find flaws in pedagogy, and help modify the methods.

Technology has transformed the education sector in recent years. Fedena has contributed significantly to the transformation of the education sector. One of the biggest changes in recent years was the replacement of traditional exams with online tests. We define online testing or digital exams as virtual exams undertaken on a smart device–smartphone, tab, laptop, computing using the internet. The student can give an online examination from any location across the world. 

With increasing advances in technology, online exams have been accessible and increasingly preferred in many educational institutes across the world. Online testing has proven to be more convenient, more efficient, and more reliable. Additionally, it is time-saving for both the students and the teachers.  

The following are some Advantages of Online Exams:

1)      Cost-Effectiveness

Online exams offer one of the biggest advantages because schools no longer have to spend time managing the entire process of creating, printing, delivering, and storing exams.

2)      Flexibility to Take Exams Anywhere

A key advantage to online exams is that students can give their exams from the comfort of their own homes, a café, or any corner of the world. Students not only save time and money by not going to a test center, but it is also less stressful and easier on their mental health.

3)      Reduced Administrative Burden.

Conducting exams online reduces the administrative burden greatly. Printing the papers, distributing the question papers, and collecting the completed answer scripts are time-consuming, stressful, and costly tasks. On the other hand, using online assessment software eliminates these tasks, and streamlines the examination process, making it time and cost-efficient. 

4)      Quicker to Mark and Create Report Cards

Online tests are much quicker to moderate and mark and students can attain immediate feedback as well as ongoing feedback from their test results. This enables them to take immediate action and correct their learning curve as needed.

5)      Environmentally Friendly.

Online exams are environmentally friendly since they use less paper, printing, and transportation. This method of examination also eliminates the stress of storing examination records

6)    Scalable with Worldwide Reach

Schools can offer exams to candidates across locations as they are not restricted to offering exams in physical test centers. As a result, they are able to expand their student pool across geographies and provide further education development and new knowledge to students around the world.

7)   Increased Security

Online tests are also more secure since all test papers, results, and grade books are stored electronically and can only be accessed by authorized staff members.

Fedena Online Exam’s pioneering features have revolutionized online assessment.  Administrators and teachers can create and manage online examinations with Fedena’s full-featured online examination module, while students can view and participate in online exams using their devices.

Few additional Fedena features that make it the Best Online Exam tool in the market:

  1. Create MCQ Or Descriptive Question Paper

Teachers can create multiple choice question papers (MCQs) or detailed descriptive questions using Fedena’s online examination module. With multiple-choice question papers, the results are published instantly, while with descriptive type answers, teachers must take their time to evaluate them. Teachers can also randomize the questions for the students by selecting the randomize option while configuring the examination. Furthermore, teachers also have an option to import questions from previously created online exams.

  1. Automate Marks Calculation

 When all answers have been evaluated, the teachers can move on to the next step of recording and evaluating student responses. Student responses will then be classified as either passed or failed. Before publishing the evaluation to students, teachers can recheck the results for errors.

  1. Exam Grade And Grade Book Management

The marks for each subject can be entered once the examinations are complete. Teacher observations can be added along with each student’s marks. The process and steps for entering marks will vary depending on the grading system. As soon as the marks are entered, Fedena provides several reports that combine data from other modules, such as attendance.

According to the grading system selected, there are many preconfigured reports available in Fedena. There is also the option to export as CSV reports. Fedena has a dedicated section to configure and generate grade books.

A grade book also referred to as a report card or mark sheet or scorecard, is any system used to record a student’s progress during the academic year via marks or grades. The grade book, which is also known as the report card, mark sheet, or scorecard, is a system for recording students’ progress throughout the academic year through their marks or grades. Fedena provides many pre-configured reports based on the grading system selected. Reports can also be exported as CSV files. There is a separate section in Fedena for configuring and generating grade books.

In conclusion, it can be summarized that online exams are an integral part of the future of digital education. Innovations in technology, globalization, and data-driven insights into teaching and learning methodologies all contribute to the idea that an online examination system might help illuminate a student’s scholarly journey.  

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