Exciting News: Practically acquired Foradian Technologies

Practically acquired Foradian

Today is a big day for Foradian Technologies. We are thrilled to announce that Foradian Technologies is now officially a part of Practically.

Since 2009, when Foradian Technologies was established, we have helped 40,000+ schools and colleges worldwide, simplifying the life of the administrators and teachers by providing innovative educational software.

One of the renowned Ed-Tech solutions which Foradian Technologies offers is an all-in-one school ERP platform termed Fedena, which helps institutions in automating day-to-day academic and administrative operations.

It is indeed a humbling experience to see a wide range of our customers across the countries using Fedena to digitize their institute’s daily operations.

On becoming a part of Practically

Practically is India’s first experiential learning app that was recently recognized as a Minicorn by Tracxn. It is designed to make learning immersive and increase retention in STEM subjects for students of classes 6th to 12th. It is the only self-learning app that enables STEM learning through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations. They have also recently launched the industry’s first, revolutionary ‘Scan Anything’ feature.

The hands-on learning app bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application with:

  • Life-like video content
  • Experiential learning
  • Augmented reality learning
  • Interactive learning
  • Live classes online
  • Coding classes for children
  • AI-assisted learning
  • Study plan
  • Scan anything

Practically and Fedena have a lot in common in terms of customers, employees, and mission.

This move will focus on bridging the digital divide in education and by integrating the expertise of Fedena and Practically under one roof, institutes can develop an ecosystem that promotes an interactive online learning environment beyond classroom boundaries and provides better operative controls to the administrators while using a single platform.

What does it mean for Fedena’s customers?

Fedena and Practically will work in an integrated manner and will continue to support all our customers with the same passion that we are known for. We will continue to enhance the product to delight our customers and help fulfill their needs.

What about the partnerships?

Fedena’s partners are an integral part of our success, as they’ve helped us in growing our business across various regions. We are determined to nurture our existing relationships with our partners, and eagerly looking to build new ones.

Fedena is a multipurpose school management system that aids in automating the school’s daily operations, providing insightful reports and a 360-degree tracking of the whole administrative process, to help the stakeholders make better and quicker decisions to add to the productivity of their institutions.

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