Top EdTech Market Trends That Will Continue In 2022

Top EdTech Market Trends That Will Continue In 2022

Technology has disrupted our everyday lives in ways that are beyond comprehension. From the way we shop to the way we look at education – technology has caused a seismic shift is in our society and the way we conduct our lives.

As we prepare to step into 2022 and also the third year of a global pandemic there are several innovations that we have seen in the classroom that will continue to trend in the year 2022. 

In the past few years, various EdTech product interventions, combined with the latest technology-led solutions have transformed education and redefined the concept of classroom learning. This includes not only the application of new learning technologies but also classroom management solutions that will enhance and simplify day-to-day operations in schools. This is especially important because education is expected to change and develop rapidly over the next few years. 

In fact, according to the RBSA Advisors in their report, ‘Unleashing EdTech Potential in India’, India’s Edtech industry is poised to become $30 billion in size in the next ten years. Another report titled “Online Education Market in India 2021-2025” concludes that the online education market in India is poised to grow by $ 2.28 bn during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of 20% during the forecast period.

The increased penetration of the Internet and smartphones combined with the increased digitization in education is driving this growth in India.

Here are the top 7 education technologies that all progressive schools consider adopting for 2022:

1. The Use of School ERP Systems

Many schools are opting for a school ERP that will help them to ensure efficiency in daily school operations. A school ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is an especially designed software that not just helps to manage daily operations but it also helps to create reports, predict trends and make strategic plans for the smooth operation of the school. Using the School ERP Solution schools have been able to simplify the way they function so that the resources are then channeled towards providing students with an enriched learning experience.

2. Digital Data Management In Schools

Earlier schools managed daily operations tasks such as attendance management, timetable management, school admission, fee records, alumni data, and other tasks with the school administration team. However, today there is a rising surge in student data in schools and the need for instant access to the data. Digital data management and Student Information Management tools solution that will continue in 2022. This not only automates this complex data management but also helps to improve the efficiency of planning, designing various classroom operations. 

3. Increasing Use of Technology To Stream Live Classes

The year 2020 and 2021 have taught us that learning can also happen beyond that traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. Progressive classrooms are increasingly opting for Edtech solutions that help students watch live classes or recorded versions later. 

Online Classes and Live Lessons ensure that learning continues even when students are forced to stay home. Technologies that allow for live classes have also opened doors to students to access courses from across the world. 

For schools, can now have access to a global data pool of students, offer these courses at competitive prices, and build their reputation and credibility as a global institution that is ready for the future of education.

4. The Rise Of Online Examinations And Assessment

One of the other major shifts that are anticipated in 2022 is the increased penetration of software and digital solutions for Online Exams and Assessments. This software ensured that even during periods of social isolation and lockdowns, all exams were held as per schedule. And their success has heralded an era where an increasing number of classroom assessments will be shifted online. These not only reduce the paper trail and related costs but also marking these assessments and generating reports is a lot easier for the teachers. 

In the current scenario, there are a lot of national entrance level exams that students need to sit for as they make important career choices, and with the ongoing pandemic, the global education system is preparing for a transition to online testing. This is not just because of the pandemic and the resultant need for social distancing, but also due to the automation, ease of operations, and instant results. 

5. Innovative Online Learning Platform

Online learning has been steadily growing over the years. The growth has been accelerated in the past year and it is expected to grow more in the coming year. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for Online Learning Platforms that offer teachers innovative tools that include visuals as well as other interactive simulations that keep the students engaged and interested in classroom activities. 

6. Immersive Learning With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Online reports have estimated that the use of AR and VR in education may surpass $5.3 billion by 2023. When compared to the traditional form of textbook-driven education, which is mostly passive, using AR and VR makes the classroom experience more engaging for the students.  It helps bring challenging concepts to life, such as ushering human anatomy or complex engineering diagrams. Additionally, the use of smartphones and the easy availability of VR headgears are making it easier for teachers to bring this technology into the classroom. 

In conclusion, 

These are just a glimpse of the market trends that will take over schools in the year 2022. Experts believe that the coming year will also see the rise of many other classroom tools that will change the face of education. From the use of gamification in the classroom, artificial learning, analytical learning–there is a lot that educators can look forward to in 2022. These new tools and trends will give educators an opportunity to focus on new classrooms skills, equip students with wider learning goals.

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