Titania: Fedena 4.0 Release Note

Titania: Fedena 4.0 Release Note

About this document

This document contains information about the new and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena. We strongly recommend that you read the entire document.

What’s New in Fedena

New Features & Funtionalities

  • GPA & Transcripts
  • Programs & Program Batches
  • Online Exam Reset Log Details
  • Admin Reports in Mobile App
  • Attendance Features in Mobile App
  • Cumulative Fine Calculation

Feature in Module

1. Gradebook >> GPA & Transcripts

User Role

Admin, Privileged Employees


You can now use Gradebook to calculate GPA for GPA courses. GPA can be calculated at the term level and planner level of the planner.

Transcripts: Link the transcript templates with published GPA reports and generate transcripts with just a click.

Note: In case you need to add subjects and scores of some of the missing batches/ inactive batches, you can do so using the Back data import option in Gradebook.

Feature in Module

2. Configuration >> Programs & Program Batches

User Role

Admin, Privileged Employees


Before while creating a transcript system doesn’t know how many semesters are available for a particular batch. To overcome this issue we have introduced a new Program module in Configuration Settings.

What are Programs?

Programs are like new groups where you can link the courses as semester or session-wise.


Higher-eds offer multiple programs such as Mechanical Engg, Computer Science Engg, and more. Now with the Programs Module, these courses can be easily created.

What are Program Batches?

When programs get divided into batches based on program duration that is known as Program Batches.


Programs like Mechanical Engg have multiple batches such as the 2014-2018 batch or 2016-2020 batch. Within the Program Batch Module such batches can be created.   

Feature in Module

3. Online Exam >> Online Exam Reset Log Details

User Role

Admin, Privileged Employees


All new online exam reset logs feature shows when an online exam was reset, by whom it was reset, and for whom it was done. You can search the reset logs details for a specific duration as well.

Feature in Module

4. Analytics & Reports >> Admin Reports in Mobile App

User Role



All the important reports related to attendance, admission, fees, and income have been brought together under a single tab called ‘Analytics and Reports’ in Fedena mobile app. You get an overview and detailed report in each category.

Feature in Module

5. Attendance >> Attendance Features in Mobile App

User Role

Admin, Privileged Employees


The attendance module in the mobile app has been updated with all the features as that of the web app. Features like the open/Lock mode, bell icon for notifying, and notification status page. You can see some significant changes in the UI as well. Attendance settings can only be configured from the web app.

Feature in Module

6. Finance >> Cumulative Fine Calculation

User Role

Admin, Privileged Employees


With this new feature, the fine will be calculated based on the pending amount, the fine calculated on each day after the due date will be stored separately. Fine will be deducted only after the principal amount is paid completely.

Feature Enhancements:

FeatureDescriptionUser RoleModule
Applicant Registration enhancementsPayment mode
You can now mention the payment mode details for an application in Applicant Registration. The fields appear when you check the Payment status as ‘Paid’. Once saved, the payment mode details will then be available on the view application page and the downloaded PDF.
The option is available in the individual application view, the index page of Applicant registration, and Applicants view in Registration courses/classes

Revert Applicant fees
You can now revert the paid fees in the applicant registration. The report of reverted application fees can be viewed on the Reverted Transactions page in Finance Transactions.
Admin, Privileged employeeApplicants
Online exam enhancementsOnline Exam start & end time logic modifications– the start date field now has two date/time pickers to specify the window within which the students will be able to attend the exam.
The new ‘End time’ field allows you to choose between two options: ‘Variable’ or ‘Fixed’. ‘Variable’ means that the end time for each student will depend on the time they started their exam at. ‘Fixed’ on the other hand, allows you to mention a fixed time at which the exam will end automatically.
Question edit page enhancement
The Question edit page for imported and manually added questions has now been standardized. The UI will be similar to that of the question creation page.
Admin, Privileged employeeOnline exam
Finance Transactions Report with settlement dataYou can now tally your reports from the payment gateways as well as offline payments in a single report. This would help in getting a holistic view of the transactions.Admin, Privileged employeeFinance
Teacher filter in message selectionYou can now filter the internal messages by the user name along with the user type. The field will appear beneath the User Type dropdown.Admin, Privileged employeeMessages
Student documents viewed in the archived student profileDocuments of the archived students will now be available in the student’s profile. Except ‘Generate TC’ and ‘Revert Archived Student’ buttons, all the other options have been moved to the ‘More’ button in the former student’s profile. Admin, Privileged employeeStudent Profile
Academic Year wise attendance reporting and discountWith the new Academic year filter in the attendance report and discount report page, you can now view the reports for a selected academic year.Admin, Privileged employeeAttendance,

Issues Fixed:

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 4.0


  • Error while clicking the view option in notifications from applicant registration, fixed
  • Error validating as “Enquiry URL Expired”, fixed
  • Issue getting Print form option in preview page, resolved
  • Amount mismatch in Applicant Registration, fixed
  • Custom words given for courses not displaying in applicant registration, issue fixed
  • Issue in Applicant registration where users able to submit more than one registration forms using same unique URL, fixed
  • Archived applicants page displays incorrect applicant names, resolved
  • Error 404 while submitting an applicant registration form if Registration Notification is enabled, fixed
  • 500 error in Applicant profile, fixed


  • 500 error for archived students in Assignment, fixed
  • Students able to resubmit rejected assignments towards the completed assignment resolved
  • The issue in assignments due date selection through mobile app resolved


  • Style issue in Attendance module, fixed
  • Hint text for Rapid attendance missing, issue fixed


  • Style issue in audit module, fixed


  • The issue in the bulk generation of certificate templates fixed
  • 504 Error in bulk certificate generation, fixed


  • Inactive department show while assigning Tutors, issue fixed

Data Palette

  • Duplicate events in the data palettes, fixed


  • The timestamps on the decision page in the discipline module taking UTC time, issue fixed


  • Unable to upload pptx file in Discussion module, fixed


  • Error while accessing transcript report of former students, fixed
  • Previous Term Marks not showing in the ICSE report, issue fixed
  • Not able to see the previous batch cce report, issue fixed
  • 500 Error while running archived student report in the examination, fixed


  • Payment mode filter made available for Advance fee receipts in Fee Receipt report.
  • Error in the fee detail page of former students fixed.
  • Issue where ‘Amount to pay’ shows zero, fixed
  • Wrong filtration of students shown in the Pay all fee page, fixed
  • The issue in the Pay Instant fee page search option for some languages, resolved
  • The due amount shows even after paying the full fees, issue fixed
  • Fee submission by batch page shows fees paid even if due amount isn’t paid, issue fixed
  • ‘is invalid name’ error in master particular when the name was given is in Arabic, fixed
  • Pagination missing issue in batch fee defaulters page resolved
  • Advance fee applied on the fee collection doesn’t show in the fee receipts, issue fixed
  • Duplicate records with same transaction_reference field causing problems in payment date while reconciliation, fixed
  • The issue in fee receipt report generation for old data before 2017, fixed
  • The issue in Instant fee payment fixed


  • Fixed wrong percentage issue in Consolidated Report when the subject is scheduled for different marks than exam Group.
  • Derived exams will be included in total marks calculation in consolidated planner report when its component exams are not included in planner exam
  • Style issue in Gradebook Marks Entry page resolved
  • All subjects codes not showing in gradebook report graph labels, issue fixed
  • Unable to open Gradebook report Pdf downloaded on the Mobile app: Both android and iOS, issue fixed
  • Grades for activity exams not displaying in Report cards, issue fixed
  • Attendance status column shown in Planner report card even for the terms which are not included in planner exam, issue fixed


  • The issue where payment date selection in the Hostel fee payment page works only when an action(pay fees) is performed and reverted, fixed
  • 500 error in Archived Student fees when hostel fees created with zero rent, fixed
  • Batches not listing under courses in hostel report, issue fixed
  • Hostel fees reports doesn’t show for no financial year, issue fixed

Human Resource

  • Prevent attendance marking from duplicate register pages for the same employee and date
  • Error in employees leave applications filter, resolved
  • Leave duration showing instead of leave type under ‘Employees on leave palette’, issue fixed
  • Auto-update of payroll not working when LOP is applied, issue resolved
  • Not able to delete new Department, issue resolved
  • The issue with Credit Leaves Button in Manual Leave credit fixed

ID Card Generator

  • Issue in ID card Back Background Image resolved.


  • Incorrect status shown in Book movement log CSV, corrected
  • The issue in reserving library books when admin changes status from Reserved to Available, fixed 
  • Issue in Library reports where all the additional fields show ‘-‘, resolved
  • The issue in exporting book details as CSV resolved


  • Issue where message box doesn’t auto resize when keyboard loads to show the ‘action’ buttons, fixed

Online Exam

  • The issue where results show as published when published objective exam is switched to hybrid exam.
  • Corrected wrong status in the answer sheet for hybrid type exams
  • Evaluator not able to evaluate online exam, fixed
  • The issue, where table inserted in online exam while creating the question, doesn’t display, resolved
  • An issue where online exam results are published to non-participating students, fixed
  • Publish button not working, issue fixed


  • The issue with Teacher Timetable where floating elective subjects names don’t display when a subject tutor has the same subject at the same time in different batches fixed


  • Overlapping issue of table header, resolved


  • Unable to delete alternate admin user, issue fixed
  • Issue switching between 4 siblings in Mobile App, resolved
  • Deleted ‘Student category’ getting displayed in student profile, issue resolved
  • The issue where student records are not getting deleted when removing the student records, fixed


  • Issue, where Student details don’t appear in Uzity after batch transfer to different academic year, resolved
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