Fedena 4.0 with 6 New Features and 8 Enhancements

Fedena 4.0 with 6 New Features and 8 Enhancements

With 2022 is officially underway, we are super excited to kickstart this year with our latest release i.e Fedena 4.0. Fedena 4.0 is now live and this time we have named our release Titania, after the moon of Uranus.

In this release, we are featuring GPA & Transcripts, Programs & Program Batches, Online Exam Reset Log Details, Admin Reports in Mobile App, Cumulative Fine Calculation, and Missing Attendance features in Mobile App in Fedena.  Besides this, there are 8 feature enhancements and 70+ bugs fixed.  

We are dedicating this release to “John Holt” who was an American author, educator and, one of the most prominent advocates of homeschooling.

After a six-year stint teaching elementary school in the 1950s, Holt wrote the book How Children Fail (1964), which cataloged the problems he saw with the American school system. He followed it up with How Children Learn (1967). Both books were popular and started Holt’s career as a consultant to American schools.

By the 1970s he decided he would try reforming the school system and began to advocate homeschooling, and later the form of homeschooling known as unschooling.

He wrote a total of 11 books on the subject of schooling, as well as starting the newsletter Growing Without Schooling (GWS)

What is new in Fedena 4.0 Release?

New Features:

1. GPA & Transcripts:

You can now use Gradebook to calculate GPA for GPA courses. GPA can be calculated at the term level and planner level of the planner.

Transcripts: Link the transcript templates with published GPA reports and generate transcripts with just a click.

Note: In case you need to add subjects and scores of some of the missing batches/ inactive batches, you can do so using the Back data import option in Gradebook.

2. Programs & Programs Batches:

Before in Fedena while creating a transcript, the system doesn’t know how many semesters are available for a particular batch. To overcome this issue we have introduced a new Program module in Configuration Settings.

What are Programs?

Programs are like new groups where you can link the courses as semester or session-wise.


Higher-eds offer multiple programs such as Mechanical Engg, Computer Science Engg, and more. Now with the Programs Module, these courses can be easily created.

What are Program Batches?

When programs get divided into batches based on program duration that is known as Program Batches.


Programs like Mechanical Engg have multiple batches such as the 2014-2018 batch or 2016-2020 batch. Within the Program Batch Module such batches can be created.   

3. Online Exam Reset Log Details:

All new online exam reset logs feature shows when an online exam was reset, by whom it was reset, and for whom it was done. You can search the reset logs details for a specific duration as well.

Read the complete support article here – http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/253163-online-exam-reset-log-details

4. Admin Reports in Mobile App:

All the important reports related to attendance, admission, fees, and income have been brought together under a single tab called ‘Analytics and Reports’ in Fedena mobile app. You get an overview and detailed report in each category.

Read the complete support article here – http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/253146-admin-reports-analytics-and-reports-

5. Attendance Features in Mobile App:

The attendance module in the mobile app has been updated with all the features as that of the web app. Features like the open/Lock mode, bell icon for notifying, and notification status page. You can see some significant changes in the UI as well. Attendance settings can only be configured from the web app.

6. Cumulative Fine Calculation:

With this new feature, the fine will be calculated based on the pending amount, the fine calculated on each day after the due date will be stored separately. Fine will be deducted only after the principal amount is paid completely. Read the complete support article here – http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/253157-cumulative-fine-calculation

Enhancements in Fedena 4.0 Release :

  • Add payment mode details for an application in Applicant Registration
  • Revert paid fees in the Applicant Registration
  • Filter internal messages by the user name along with the user type
  • Online Exam start & end time logic modification
  • Finance Transactions Report with settlement data
  • Filter attendance report and discount report Academic Year Wise  

We’re continuously adding new features to Fedena, fixing issues we learn about, and making changes based on your feedback. Kindly share what would you like us to improve next and for a better Fedena experience try our free demo. Also, check the complete release note here – https://fedena.com/blog/2022/01/titania-fedena-4-0-release-note.htmlhttps://fedena.com/blog/2022/01/titania-fedena-4-0-release-note.html

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