Essential Tips To Conduct Online Class Effectively

Essential Tips To Conduct Online Class Effectively

The year 2020 completed changed the way schools had been functioning and the concept of education. As a result schools across the world made monumental changes to adapt to this new model of education. Schools and educational institutions across the world began to completely integrate online classes into their systems this past, and these changes were further consolidated in 2021.

The transition to digital learning has been especially challenging to schools because they had to change their entire learning system – almost overnight. Almost all aspects of learning – from school management, attendance, assignments, teaching to even exams and assessments can now be done online. 

The decisive action to move instruction online has enabled flexibility in teaching and learning anytime, anywhere, but the pace at which it has happened is has been staggering. This has also caused inevitable teething problems. But there have also been effective tips and solutions to help schools overcome these.

In this article, we will explore essential tips to conduct online classes effectively.

  1. Invest in digital tools to keep your students engaged

One of the most important considerations for schools to conduct online classes effectively is to invest in technologies and school ERP systems that will help keep the students engaged in the online session. Using technology such as Fedena Learn schools can change their teaching system from obsolete textbooks to more digital-friendly content that will include videos, audio, images, podcasts, and more.  

Investing in technology and upgrading the classroom to be more digital will enable schools to record lectures, stream recorded lectures, conduct assessments, check student progress, and even stay connected with parents with ease. 

  1. Integrate technology to help students collaborate

Online classes may be isolating and mechanical for many students. This environment may not be conducive to effective teaching. For a complete learning experience, students need to interact with each other so that they can learn from each other’s mistakes, doubts, questions. Working and learning together in a group not only adds to the fun but through collaborative experiences such as group assignments, group discussions, brainstorm sessions, group presentations, peer reviews – there is deeper and more enhanced learning that takes place. 

Using online tools such as collaborative breakout rooms, group slides are an effective solution to breaking the isolation barrier. It helps the students connect with each other and helps the online class be more effective.

  1. Set Clear Instructions and Ground Rules For the Student and Teachers

Online learning is a paradigm shift for teachers and students – both of whom have been accustomed to face-to-face learning. This new ground, therefore, needs a clear set of instructions to help the learning process happen seamlessly. These rules could include instructions on staying muted, keeping cameras on, limiting the use of unnecessary distractions like background screens, and strict restrictions on using the chat functionality. Setting these clear instructions are the foundation of an effective and distraction-free online class. 

These instructions can be easily communicated to the parents, teachers, and the students using email, SMS, and other communication tools on Fedena. 

  1. Explore Online Tools and Gamification to Make Learning More Effective

One of the key challenges with online learning is disengaged students who may not interact much in class. To help all students engage better, educators can look for online tools that help implement game mechanics in the classroom. Research has proven the benefits of gamification as a useful tool in online learning. Using online tools such as leaderboards, virtual badges can help students stay motivated to interact in the classroom. Using quizzes, polls and learning games not only captures the student’s attention but also enhances the learning experience.

  1. Incorporate Student Feedback

In a traditional classroom, it is often easy to gauge the student learning from their body language, their level of interaction in the classroom. However, to conduct an online class effectively, it is important to take student feedback into consideration. This helps to ensure that your teaching plan and online class strategy is working effectively.  For instance, incorporating heavy videos in the classroom, which the student may not be able to stream, or even tips on improving teacher audio and video quality. While these may seem small, these minute pointers and suggestions go a long way in helping to conduct online classes effectively. 

One of the best ways to invite feedback from online students is by conducting regular polls and surveys. The Fedena polling feature allows teachers to create polls and helps the students share their honest opinions. 

In conclusion,

Adapting to the digital revolution and making the switch to online classes can be a bit daunting. Students and teachers may find that the move from face-to-face classrooms to online video conferences is challenging. In this new scenario, teachers must make extra effort to engage students, which means using new teaching methods and techniques that will appeal to students. Making online classes more effective is a challenge.

As we step into the new year of 2022, schools have become aware that online classes are the way forward in this world of constant pandemic-driven uncertainty. However, with Fedena there are easy answers to the many obstacles that schools need to overcome.

Fedena Learn is an integrated online learning solution that will help you create a better online learning experience for your students by transforming your institute’s traditional academic experience into digital learning that will engage your students and help you conduct online classes with ease and effectiveness. From enrolling the students online to conducting live classes with the Zoom Integration, from online collaboration to easy parent, student, teacher communication, from online exams to online attendance – Fedena makes the transition from offline teaching to online education easier than ever before.

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