Fedena Rewind 2021: A Year in Review

Fedena Rewind 2021: A Year in Review

Wait, 2021 is gone and it’s rewind time again. We’re back to round out the year 2021.

There’s no denying that it’s been a difficult year – for economies, businesses, communities, and families. COVID-19 has impacted all of us in some way or the other. Despite all the ups and downs, we did our best not just to stay afloat but to support educational institutes so that they can easily manage online learning & daily operations remotely.

Now we’re much closer to knocking on 2022’s door. But before we proceed, we would like to thank all of our customers for trusting us with the School ERP platform and being a part of the Fedena family during this critical time. Also a big thank you to all our readers, followers, and anyone who engages with us on different channels.

There were some pretty fantastic highlights and awesome achievements we made in 2021.

So let’s see really cool stats about Fedena in the year 2021.

Ready? Let’s jump in!

New Features and Functionalities:

We released various features and functionalities to simplify the day to day operations of institutes:

Fedena Learn

Fedena Learn – A combination of School ERP & Online Learning Platform, to simplify online learning and daily operations management from a single platform.

Assignment revamp

Assignment Revamp In this module, we have introduced a lot of new features such as Assignment logs, Graphical reports, and other additional settings.

Gate Management

Gate Management Introduced new mobile-first features i.e Gate Management, to record the entry and exit of different users from various locations of the institution.


Integration with Quickbook, Paybooks Fedena introduced integration with various platforms to simplify institute daily operations. 

Fedena 2021 Statistics:

New Fedena Users – 423,319

Total Happy Interaction with Customers – 17,561

New Parents Introduced to Fedena – 148,595

New Students Admitted to Schools Running Fedena – 253,972

New Teachers Introduced to Fedena – 20,759

Fedena Server recorded the Highest Visibility – 99.99%

Total Countries from where we On-boarded our Paid Customers  – 17

Trending Resources

2021 Most Viewed Resources

In April, Foradian turned 12:

Foradian celebrated 12 years of innovation, success & growth in education technology

New Member Joined Foradian Team:

New badges earned in 2021:

With this, we bid adieu to 2021 and welcome 2022, a year with unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and growth. Here’s wishing everybody a very Happy New Year!

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