Importance of Student Attendance Management System

Importance of Student Attendance Management System

It is a common sight in schools, colleges and educational institutions all over the world to see the teacher take students’ attendance at the beginning of each school day, and sometimes even multiple times during the course of the day.

Even in virtual classrooms, taking attendance is a mandatory routine at the start of every class. 

Tracking student attendance helps the teachers to keep track of student absenteeism and punctuality. It helps schools understand the average percentage of students attending school each day in the given year and helps them find ways to avoid dropouts. This information, when shared with the government authorities, also helps them work on policies to reduce truancy and keeps kids in school.

However, there are also many disadvantages of manual attendance system – 

  • It is a time-consuming process
  • Huge amount of paperwork involved
  • Reduces the classroom teaching time and productivity of the teacher
  • High scope for human error when tabulating attendance
  • Students can manipulate the system in many ways

The process of manually tracking attendance has always been a complicated and cumbersome task. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to record student attendance. The most popular of these is a Student Attendance Management System. 

What is Student Attendance Management System?

Student Attendance Management System eliminates the pen and paper attendance marking process and promotes online attendance recording just in a click. With this module, teachers can manage and track student attendance information from both mobile and desktop devices. With RFID device integration, the whole process becomes automated as students can scan their digital card in front of an RFID device, and attendance gets automatically recorded in the attendance management module. It minimizes the teacher’s workload as teachers don’t have to spend their valuable time marking attendance.

Attendance management module as help in tracking late-comers and early dismissals. Parents can monitor their child’s leave requests and track complete attendance reports from their mobile device. The system makes daily attendance hassle-free and frees up the teacher’s classroom time so that the only focus is on teaching and imparting knowledge to the students.

They help keep accurate records faster and have become vital to the operation of schools over the years.

Purpose of Student Attendance Management system in School

The key purpose of using a student attendance management system in schools is to automate the attendance process. However, besides this, there are a few more important reasons to invest in a student attendance management system in schools.

  1. Attendance Tracking In Real-Time

A student attendance management system helps to track and store the attendance data in real-time. Besides student and staff attendance, the system also helps school admins in maintaining and tracking leaves applications, arrival & departure times, lunch breaks, and vacations of staff members & students.

  1. Automate The Payroll Process

If the Payroll management software is coupled with the attendance management system, then the payroll process becomes automated and more efficient. The school HR can easily track absences and leaves of staff members at one glance, and adjust salaries as necessary based on that information.

Using the system also reduces the chances of errors in the payroll system. Since the biometric system calculates the exact working hours, holidays, the HR team is less susceptible to make errors in tabulating the payroll.

  1. Absence of Proxy Attendance

In many schools, especially the higher grades, students manipulate the daily attendance with proxies, buddy punching or tampering of records in a matter of concern. Using a biometric/RFID system with an attendance module makes it virtually impossible to fake attendance, as each individual’s biometric information is unique.

This ensures that the attendance is accurate with no opportunity for student manipulation. It also improves the punctuality and the discipline of the students. 

  1. Instant Notification To Parents

The integration of the student attendance management system allows schools to track attendance and absenteeism using biometric data. This data is in real-time and the software can send automated emails and messages to the parents to notify them immediately if their child fails to make it to class. 

  1. Improved School Security

Using a student attendance management system with biometric software ensures that only students and employees with valid biometric credentials can access the school. Moreover, the institution can alert the parents about visitors during school hours and keep track of them.

Key features of Attendance Management Module in Fedena

Fedena’s offers an RFID card or Biometric device integration with an attendance module, that the school students and staff can use to record their attendance. Using an RFID Card or their biometrics like the fingerprint, they can log in to their daily attendance. This vital data is saved in the device and then synced with Fedena using the Fedena SIS Access app.

Below are the key features of the attendance management module in Fedena

  • Biometric Integration

The key feature of the Fedena student attendance management system is that it integrates with Biometric & RFID device so that daily attendance is automated, thus saving precious classroom time.

  • Track Attendance In Different Formats

Fedena student attendance management system gives the school the flexibility to track staff and students in different formats–full-day, half-day, weekly, monthly, or even subject-wise.

  • Track Latecomer & Monitor Leave Request

The student attendance management system tracks latecomers. It also allows for emergency leave approvals. As an example, an employee can request leave through their Fedena accounts in an emergency, and their reporting manager will be notified and can approve or reject the request instantly.

  • Track Attendance via Mobile App

Traditionally, attendance is recorded by the teacher in front of the class. However, Fedena Mobile App enables faculty to manage attendance from any location. 

  • Employee Attendance & Leave Management

An attendance management system can also manage the attendance of teachers and other school staff using the software. It simplifies the management of employee attendance, punctuality, 6leave requests, and automates employee salary calculation at the end of each month.

  • Comprehensive Report Generation

All attendance data in Fedena is stored in digital format, which makes it easy for the school admin team to generate student and staff attendance reports in the format they desire.

In conclusion,

Today, student attendance management systems like Fedena are becoming a mandatory part of the digital revolution, taking over schools all over the world. They are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutes because of the many benefits to the school.

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