How Fedena Is A Perfect Amalgam Of School ERP And LMS?

How Fedena Is A Perfect Amalgam Of School ERP And LMS?

Go beyond school software with a perfectly balanced integrated solution of School ERP and LMS.

Nowadays, School ERP has become a vital part of all kinds of educational institutes. It automates the daily functioning of school operations and provides a 360-degree view of everyday tasks from a single platform. But implementing just School ERP is not sufficient for institute growth, as it doesn’t provide a holistic learning environment for students.

To fill this void, Fedena has recently launch Fedena Learn which is an integrated solution of School ERP and LMS. With Fedena Learn institute can automate all backend processes while delivering quality education beyond classroom boundaries.

When school becomes Fedena Learn enabled, it allows teachers to create customized courses in any type of media format and let them share this with students. Thus, provide a wholesome learning experience to students and let the teaching-learning practices remain to continue uninterruptedly.     

What is a School ERP?

A school ERP software, sometimes referred to simply as ERP, is software that handles a school’s critical administrative tasks. This includes fee management, admission management, timetable management, attendance management, among many others.

There are many benefits for schools investing in a school ERP software.

  • Saves Classroom Time By Automating Daily Tasks

The teacher is always faced with mundane tasks that occupy unnecessarily their time. With the school ERP system, teachers do not have to worry about managing tasks such as attendance, timetables, grading tests, and summarising report cards.

  • Eases The Load Of The School Administration Team

The school administration team has to deal with large amounts of paper data, including admissions, alumni records, and student records. However, the use of a school ERP allows for this data to be captured and managed electronically.

  • Improves Parent-Teacher Communication

With the help of the school’s ERP software’s inbuilt messaging system, parents are kept informed of all essential updates relating to their child. This ongoing and transparent communication is essential for improving parent-teacher communication.

  • Improves Student Performance

In order for students to learn effectively, a well-structured and highly organized environment is necessary, and an ERP system can help schools to achieve this goal.

  • Helps Increase School Admissions

A school ERP system helps to streamline and automate the admissions process for the school and the students. With the prospectus and the admission process available online, it allows a greater number of parents to apply. Online data management also reduces the burden on the school administration, since parents will receive updates via emails, classes will be tracked, and fee receipts will be automatically generated.

What Is An LMS?

LMS stands for learning management system. Like the name denotes, this software documents automates, delivers, and tracks online courses, training programs, and classes. There are many advantages of using an LMS to deliver lessons in schools.

  • Creates An Engaging Classroom Experience

An LMS brings new Digital materials, devices, and internet tools into the classroom. With these new digital learning toys, students learn in an engaging and interactive way. For instance, tools such as video engage students much better than a black-and-white textbook.

  • Improves Student Collaboration

In addition to sharing, collaborating, and communicating with other students, the LMS facilitates students from across the globe that are a part of the course. The LMS connects students with all their peers and improves collaboration among students by removing the limitations of the physical classroom.

  • Customizes The Learning Experiences

With an LMS system, students can consume lessons according to their learning style and speed. Fast learners can move ahead to explore new topics and subjects while slower learners do not have to worry about keeping up with their class. Flexibility in pedagogical approaches

  • Flexibility In Pedagogical Approaches

Teachers have access to a wide range of tools in the LMS, including videos, podcasts, ebooks – the LMS systems allow the students to choose the best learning tools. In addition, the digital class can be attended from any location of the students’ choice. Improves student learning

Bringing The Fedena Advantage Into The Classroom

Considering the benefits that a School ERP and LMS Learning Management System can bring, Fedena has launched Fedena Learn, a single platform that enables teachers to deliver media-rich, customized courses, promote an interactive learning environment beyond the classroom, and provide better operational controls for admins. 

Features Of Fedena That Bring You The Best Of a School ERP and LMS

  • Offer 50+ features to manage academic and administrative activities

Fedena offers various features such as admission, online fees, assignment, exam, course and batch, bulk data management, HR management, and many other which help in streamlining and automating school daily operation from a single platform.

  • Allows Teachers To Create Engaging Courses

Plain textbooks can be boring for many students, causing them to lose interest in the content being taught. On the other hand, Fedena Learn uses videos, audio, images, text, presentations, and documents to create engaging courses.

  • Allows Teachers To Stream Recorded Classes

Location and time are two limitations of the traditional classroom. The Fedena Learn platform allows teachers to record their classes for later viewing at any time and from any location. Students can even watch the recorded sessions in an offline mode.

  • Allows Teachers To Access The Students Progress Through The Course

Teachers can also use Fedena Learn to track their students’ progress and stay updated on their progress

  • Allows Students To Access The Course At Any Location

With Fedena Learn, It is no longer necessary for students to learn within the classroom; they can learn from a cafĂ©, from home, even on a holiday – as long as they have a smart device with an internet connection.

  • Enhances Collaboration

This app allows students to collaborate on assignments, receive answers to questions, and continue learning even after classes are over.

  • Simplifies The Student Enrollment Process

Fedena Learn allows institutes to automatically enroll a large number of students in the course using a set of rules instead of the traditional enrollment process, which is time and effort-consuming.

Stepping Into The Future Of Education With Fedena 

As technology advances and smart adoption of current technology drives education into the future, it is transforming education. The use of sophisticated classroom solutions like Fedena Learn, such as Fedena Learn classroom solutions, has made the classroom more than dusty chalkboard rooms. Instead, it has become a smart space where students are engaged and have fun learning.

Furthermore, students are seeking innovative methods of learning that combine adaptive technologies, personalized learning, and gamification to challenge them.

Fedena Learn offers a smart classroom experience away from the classroom.

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