Decoding Visitor Management System For Schools

Decoding Visitor Management System For Schools

What Is Visitor Management System? 

Visitor management system for school streamline the check-in and check out of visitors within school premises. Additionally, institutes can collect visitors’ data such as visitor photos, a reason to visit, visit duration, contact details, and a lot more just in a click.

A few years ago, the aesthetic design for most schools included large gates and fences to keep out strangers and ensure the safety of the students in the school. The gates to this school were manned by a security guard and visitors to the school had to use the visitor logbook and sign in at the entrance gate. While this system worked at the basic level, it could not track where the visitors went nor could it control the length of their stay or even screen them against background details.

However, this changed with the introduction of technology in schools. Educational institutes opting for visitor management software use a digitized school security system that replaced traditional visitor log books with advanced software systems that can be integrated with surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, and lists of unwelcome guests.

Why Does School Need Visitor Management? 

  • Importance of visitor tracking in schools

Schools are responsible for the security and safety of their students and staff during working hours. With such a big responsibility, the school cannot rely on just a manual logbook and a security guard to keep a track of visitors entering and exiting the school building. It is a school’s job to screen and the visitor management system helps keep logs of the people who visit, the visit’s duration, frequency, and other meeting details.

  • Limitations of a school security logbook

In schools, often, it is hard to tell if a visitor is a vendor or a parent, or an enquirer. These diverse visitors cannot be treated the same when approving them, especially if the gate management system is a manual logbook. In this case, it is also difficult to verify the information given and keep a record of the same. On the other hand, a digital system can quickly authenticate each visitor, recognize visitors according to their categories and give them privileges according to their category.  Additionally, a school security logbook is prone to theft, damage, or loss. 

  • Need for instant updates and alarms system

The visitor management system is crucial to send instant updates and alarms in case of emergencies like natural disasters, fires, gunfire, etc. The system can instantly update the school authorities to take immediate action, thus helping save lives.

What Are The Major Features Of Fedena Visitor Management Module 

Recently Fedena has launched the visitor or gate management module so that institutes can keep a track of people entering and visiting children during school hours and also maintain records of people visit in digital format. Below we have highlighted the features of Fedena Visitors Management Module, so let’s have a look:

  • Mobile-Friendly Check-in and Checkout process

Using the visitor management module, the school can easily record the entry and exit of visitors directly through the mobile app with easy steps.

  • Various Gate Pass for all types of Visitors 

Create a gate pass for all the types of visitors to the school. The gatekeeper can record the details of the user when they enter the institution’s premises. If the user belongs to the institution and has an ID card with a barcode, then the barcode can be scanned to retrieve the minimum information easily. Additionally, if a student has to exit the institutions, the visitor management module ensures exit with appropriate approvals, including permission given by authorities, reason of exit, etc. 

  • Visitor Management, User Entry Management and Gate Pass Management

Fedena visitor management module offers 3 types of gate pass – Visitor Management, User Entry Management, and Gate Pass Management which work together to keep our record of entries, create gate passes for student exits, and captures all the data of the visitors such as contact details, the reason for the visit, etc.

  • Know your Visitor

Visitors to the school can be outside users, parents or a guardian to an existing student The visitor management module captures basic details in the visitor entry form and a request notification will be sent to the visitee where they can approve/deny the request. Some of the basic information sent to the visitee include visitor name, contact details, the reason for visit, photograph, and vehicle details.

  • Accurate Visitors Records Graphical Reports 

The digital visitor management system keeps online records of the entries and exits to the institution. This data can then be viewed as graphical records or in a tabular format by privileged employees. 

  • Instant alerts and OTP verification 

Visitee can get instant alerts for visitors that they may have. As security, the visitors will need an OTP for visitor authentication. This ensures that only authorized guests will be allowed on the premises of the institute.

What Are Key Advantages Of School Visitor Management System 

  • Student Safety

Using digital visitor management software, you can keep track of every visitor to the school and keep your students safe from unauthorized visitors.

  • Safe working environment

In a school, large or small, there is an endless number of visitors who need to visit the campus every day. Since the visitor management system captures the details of every visitor–it helps create a safe and secure working environment.

  • Visitor authentication

The visitor management software helps to authenticate the identity of every visitor by collating basic data such as name, contact, and reason for the visit, etc. This ensures that every visitor has a proper check-in and a security screening.

  • Restrict visiting time

Visitor passes can be issued for a limited period of time by the visitor management system. For instance, friends and family can stay longer, while delivery persons will be allowed to stay 15 minutes or longer. 

  • Instant notification for violations

Whenever someone violates their time or location permits, the system shows their details. Afterward, authorities can take action based on the reports, such as adding them to a blacklist.       

  • Instant alerts for unauthorized visitors

The visitor management software instantly recognizes authorized and unauthorized visitors. If there is any unauthorized visitor on the campus, the system instantly sends alerts to the visitee and the school administration team. 

The Bottom Line,

Visitor management software offers a seamless provision to the schools and educational institutes to bolster the security of their students. It helps reduce incidents of truancy, mitigate campus incidents, and promote student security in the school.

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