Top 25 Advantages of School ERP Software

Top 25 Advantages of School ERP Software

2020 was the year that schools across the world were forced to adapt to online schooling. 

This year, after months of reluctance, new challenges, and lots of online learning, 2021 has seen schools successfully adopted online schooling and technological interventions.  This was mostly due to the use of School ERP software.

A school ERP software is a comprehensive school management solution. This software helps to automate all school processes, such as attendance management, new admission, school transport, timetable creation and lots more from one place. While school ERP software was growing in popularity these past few years,  the industry gained a significant boost in the past year

If you have been mulling over the decision to adopt a school ERP software for your institute – here are the A to Z of Benefits of using a School ERP Software.

1. Attendance Management

Manual tabulation of attendance is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, a school ERP software offers an online attendance management feature with an integration biometric device to automate the attendance, punctuality of the students, teachers, and the staff. This digital system ensures that all the classroom time of the teachers is diverted towards the education of the students. 

2. Blogs By Teachers

The use of school ERP software allows teachers to create online blogs where they can post information & resources for students for classroom tasks. This blog is a platform for the discuss classroom learnings, see the comments by the teachers, and create a healthy online learning environment. 

3. Communication With Parents

Mitigate communication gap among teacher, staff, parents and students by enabling internal messaging feature in School ERP system. This system can be integrated with external communication tools like email and texting for the parents. This ensures that the parents receive timely updates about their children – from academic information, updates on events to even disciplinary actions if needed.

4. Data Management

Manages the entire data of a student life-cycle starting from the pre-admission to graduation and even alumni data within the school ERP platform. This acts as a repository where institutes can store all data such as attendance, grades, health records, scholarship data, financial data, and hundreds of other information associated with the student in a digital format.

5. Exam Management System

Using School ERP, schools can conduct online tests, assignments, and exams even outside the classroom boundaries. The students can attend scheduled examinations from any location, on any device and the results can be tabulated and sent to the students almost immediately. 

6. Fees Management

Fees management module in school ERP, helps in digitizing the entire fees management process. the biggest advantage of this feature is, parents don’t have to stand in long queues to submit their child’s fees, they can pay fees online and receive timely reminders of due and upcoming fees.

7. Grade book and Report card Creation

From creating customized report cards to generating paperless report cards which can be accessed anytime from anywhere, there are many advantages of grade book management with a school ERP software. 

8. Hostel Management

The hostel management module takes care of several hostel administrative tasks such as managing hostel applications, registration forms, allotment of rooms, fees management, mess payment management, and communication with students and parents. 

9. ID Card Generation

Design professional ID card using School ERP software, the administrative team can design an ID card for students, staff members, and visitors with minimal time and effort. These ID cards can be easily customized to the needs of the school

10. Join From Any Location

A school ERP software allows the students and teachers to participate in the virtual classroom from any location. All they need is a smart device with an internet connection

11. Knowledge of Data In The Real-Time

With a school ERP software, the administrative team and the parents have access to data in real-time. This can include real-time tracking of a school bus, getting attendance updates, and assignment results. For teachers too, the knowledge of real-time data helps them make strategic decisions about their upcoming lesson plan. 

12. Library Management

Simplify and automate the library management tasks with the school ERP platform. The software helps the staff organize their inventory, track the books in the library cycle, identify defaulters, tabulate fines, and generate insightful reports to improve the efficiency of the librarian.

13. Multi-School Management

Manage a group of institutions’ daily operations from a single platform. With multi-school ERP feature, institute can easily handle sheer volume of academic and administrative running processes swiftly and seamlessly without glitches.

14. New Enquiry Management

Applicants admission enquiry management feature is a new module in the Fedena school ERP system. This feature allows admin to monitor the status of applicants’ admission enquiry from a single view. Filter enquiry New, Qualified, Processed & Rejected enquiries based on various parameters like date, course, academic year. Also, track which source is generating a maximum number of admission enquiries.

15. Paperless Admission

School admission is a paper-intensive task with applications to be filled, forms to be submitted, receipts to be generated. A school ERP software takes this entire process online so that the new admissions can be done in a hassle-free manner with minimal use of paper.

16. Quicker Turnaround For Mundane Jobs

While running a school, numerous tasks need to be done regularly. This can include attendance, receipt generation, reminders to parents, tabulating marks for report card etc. With a school ERP software – these tasks can be easily automated to reduce the burden of the teams.

17. Reminders

With the help of the school ERP software, the admin can set reminders to be sent through email or SMS about the various type of upcoming activities or evenings in the school. This can also include reminders for fee payments, parent-teacher meetings, and lots more. 

18. Student Assignment Management

Assess student’s academic growth by providing daily online assignment. Once the assignment get uploaded on school ERP platform, student’s can access assignment from their account and submit the assignment in digital format.

19. Timetable Creation

Many schools use the school ERP software to help them schedule and manage their timetables flawlessly. The software helps in the efficient organization of all operational activities in the school. 

20. User Privileges

A school ERP system offers user privileges so that the administrators have the power to create multiple users who can easily take care of the different modules of the software. This can be done without compromising on data privacy and security of the students or the school.

21. Vast Improvement in Academic Performance

Stores and analyses student data related to grades, assessments, homework, attendance, etc within School ERP. These analyzed data can be accessed by the teachers through graphs and reports. It helps the teacher to understand the learning curve of the classroom, identify students who need assistance, and well as any other learning gaps. This intelligence can be used by the teachers to create learning plans that will help improve the academic performance of the students. 

22. Workload Reduction

Another advantage of a school ERP system as it helps the school administration staff reduce their workload. This is done through the automation of manual tasks such as attendance, grade and report card management, timetables, exam schedules, fees records, hostels, and library details.

 23. eXport Of Data

Easily export data of students, employees, subjects, attendance, etc. in XML or CSV formats for various functional and strategic purposes in an ERP platform. This exported data helps in backing up and securing the data of the school. 

24. Your Institute, Your Customization

Customize school ERP app according to your institution’s needs. Additionally, schools also have the option of customizing their admission forms, report cards, ID cards, and other vital online documents. 

25. Zoom Integration and Other Video conferencing

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, BBB, Goole Meet, and more can be easily integrated with school ERP software so that the institute can conduct online classes and web meetings with ease.

In conclusion, 

Today, technology has transformed the way schools function making them more efficient. It has changed the role of teachers and students within the classroom – equipping them with digital tools for a better teaching and learning experience. While we have listed the A to Z features of school ERP software, the benefits can be endless for your school.

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