Factors must consider while choosing LMS for School

Factors must consider while choosing LMS for School

Five Essential Features To Help You to Choose The Best LMS for Your Schools?

An LMS or a Learning Management System for School is an online learning platform that allows institutes to deliver engaging educational material to students & make the course material accessible online. This includes classroom content, assignments, and grade books.

The system is used to help streamline the delivery of online learning for educational institutions, making education a more connected and accessible experience for students.

The year 2020 was characterized by the ongoing pandemic, which caused the sudden and necessary migration of many schools to online platforms.

The use of LMS in Schools made the transformation a lot easier. As students were able to access the teaching material just in a click and teacher can easily upload course content from anywhere at any time.

With these noticeable benefits, it can be concluded that LMS is a strategic investment for the educational institutes. 

However, it can be daunting and confusing to pick the best LMS for schools for yourself. 

In this article, we bring you the top five must-have features to look for when choosing an LMS for your school:

1. Create Customised Courses

Customized courses, also known as personalized learning, are deemed to be one of the best forms of learning. It focuses on a group of students, their learning styles, their proficiency level, and allows the schools to create courses and training material that suits and meets all the needs of the learning. 

Teachers are can create subject or course-wise learning material for the students and to make it more engaging include various types of content, such as lectures, multimedia files, videos, readings, presentations, documents and more.

Using the LMS schools can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and create customized courses that will help students to improve their learning experience.

The use of an LMS not only allows schools to customize the courses based on the needs of their students, but it also allows them to create, change and assign specific courses for their students.

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2. Integrate With Existing School ERP System

Another key feature to look at when selecting an LMS for your school is that it should integrate with your existing school management system with ease. 

A school management system is a paperless system that allows the school to manage registration, admissions, fees, academic calendar, attendance effortlessly.

Using an LMS that integrates with the school ERP system, benefits all the stakeholders, also makes the adoption of the technology easier across the school. It also ensures that the school functions in a more efficient manner. This integration automates all the tedious and manual tasks related to the school and the students, thus ensuring that all resources and attention are only diverted to bringing the learning the best resources and experience.  

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3. Assess & Evaluate Students Performance

An LMS must also have features that allow the teachers and educators to track student learning and evaluate student progress across various subjects and parameters. This can be easily done by an LMS by uploading assessments, assignments and them grading the scores on a digital report card. 

The use of an LMS gives teachers and educators a single platform to create, distribute, and grade assessments for their courses. Most LMS platforms also allow for automatic grading functions. This system that allows instructors to mark student work and input the scores directly into a grade book reduces the workload on the teachers and provides students with instant feedback on their work. 

4. Support Integration with Video Conferencing Platform, 

With schools and classes going online across the world, experts predict that online video classes will gain popularity and trend in the coming years. It is therefore essential that the LMS have plugins so that the teachers can easily conduct online classes and online teaching sessions in real-time. 

This essentially means that instead of pre-recorded classes where only the students can see the teacher, real-time sessions allow for both the teacher and the students to see and interact with each other over a digital screen. 

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Video integration gives online learning a classroom feeling where the educators and students stay connected and learn without any disruption.

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5. Quiz Management And Exam Management

Since learning takes place online, it is also important therefore that the LMS have an online assessment functionality for quizzes, tests and exams.

Tradition manual exams require efforts and time to plan out the questions, print the exam answer sheets, manage the invigilators, manage the records of students allocating rooms, and lots more. Online quizzes and exams simplify the process of authoring, scheduling, administering and grading the test by eliminating the unnecessary steps.

Digitising exams makes it easier for students and teachers. Teachers can therefore plan regular classroom quizzes for the students. This test-enhanced learning improves the long-term retention of concepts for the students. 

In conclusion, 

In most schools and institutions, investing in an LMS is often the most expensive purchase school’s tech ecosystem. This pressure can make the buying process can feel stressful and complicated. It is important for schools investing in an LMS to consider all the five mentioned features and factors so that they get returns on their investments. 

The Fedena LMS system is equipped with all the above features as well as other world-class that allow your students to experience learning in the best possible manner.

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