Integrated eLearning Module in School ERP

Integrated eLearning Module in School ERP

Reasons To Invest In A School ERP Solution Which Integrates With An eLearning Platform

In recent times, schools across the world have jumped on the education technology bandwagon with ERP solutions and eLearning platforms. Today schools and educational institutes are opting for school ERP solutions with an integrated eLearning platform.  

However, before understanding the benefits of an integrated system, it is essential to first strengthen our understanding of school ERP solutions and eLearning platforms.

What Is A School ERP Solution?

In its simplest definition, a School ERP solution is software that is specifically built to manage and automate all the administrative tasks of a school. The software uses cloud storage to streamline the day to day administrative processes and make them hassle-free. It helps to save time, effort and help manage massive data and information with ease and efficiency. 

What Is An eLearning Platform?

An eLearning Platform for school colleges helps in delivering the online interactive learning experience to students outside the classroom boundaries. When eLearning platform integrates with School ERP platform then institutes can digitize the entire institute operations from admissions to e-learning from a single platform. The aim of an eLearning platform is to provide the teachers and the students with the information, tools and resources to support the education process. By simplifying and enhances the delivery of education, an eLearning platform introduces new and innovative teaching methodologies. It not only digitizes the delivery of education, but an eLearning platform also enhances the teaching process while maintaining a student-centric approach. 

With these two offerings, it makes perfect sense for schools and educational institutes to choose a school ERP software that integrates all the essential features of an eLearning platform. 

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What are the benefits of investing in ERP Platform which integrates with eLearning module?

1. Monitors The Learning Progress Of Your School 📊

For every school, the key aim is to enhance the learning of the students and the most proven way to achieve learning goals is through constant monitoring. Using a school ERP software with an e-Learning module empowers the teachers to provide the best pedagogical methods to the students. From live video teaching to customized course creation gives teachers access to an array of teaching technologies. 

This system enables regular assessments and this let institutes deliver a rich online learning experience to students & manage their day to day activities from a single platform. Additionally, the results of the regular assessments can be accessed instantaneously by the teachers, students, and even the parents. 

By staying updated and monitoring the performance of the students, the students can be motivated towards constant improvement. This is only possible through the integration of the eLearning platform and school ERP software.

2. Keeps Students, Parents, and Teachers Updated At All Times 👩‍🎓

The school ERP system that has an integrated eLearning platform helps to keep the parents, teachers, and students updated about all essential events and activities at all times. From sending emails about student attendance, student report cards, transport, and school bus updates to reminders about school events, activities, and special celebrations – the system ensures that all timely mails and reminders are sent off. 

While the eLearning platform has all the student and classroom-related data, the ERP software contains can be programmed to send out regular communication with all parents, students, and teachers. 

This seamless connection is the backbone of a high-functioning school with productive parent and teacher relationships.

3. High Returns On Investment 💰

A school ERP solution may seem like an unworthy investment at first but when it is combined with an eLearning platform it is most certainly the best investment. From marking attendance, enrolling new admission, creating timetables to preparing manual report cards, all these administrative tasks can all be automated. This helps to save precious time and efforts of school staff so that their major goal of teaching can be achieved. Reduced human efforts mean lesser spending of staff salary and increased savings.

For schools to function effectively, it is imperative that they be managed more efficiently. This will not improve the education process but it will create an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates all the processes for the functioning of the school. 

The integration of the school ERP solution with the eLearning platform will help schools nourish the minds of the students with effective teaching methods while helping the school complete all its administrative tasks with ease and simplicity.

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