Surprising Benefits Of Online Schooling Over Traditional Schooling

Surprising Benefits Of Online Schooling Over Traditional Schooling

Is managing a School becoming a headache? But not with the right Online School ERP Software. Learn the advantages Online Schooling Over Traditional Schooling.

Across the world, the typical education and schooling model follows a traditional physical format. 

In this format, lessons and classes are conducted in a lecture mode, with the teacher or the trainer at the helm of the class.  Students are required to attend these physical classes on a daily basis where the learning happens in a one-to-many format along with homework, tests, and assignments. Typically, in traditional schooling, classes are often large in size which can be an obstacle to the students in their learning or getting their queries clarified.

However, in recent times online schooling is gaining preference across the world. 

With the current Covid-19 pandemic serving as a catalyst, education institutions have been forced to either go online or temporarily shut down. 

For years, online schooling was seen as a low priority experiment for most institutions. Online learning was mostly restricted to correspondence courses. However today, almost all institutions across countries are providing their students with online schooling. They have seen an array of benefits for their students – most of which have been unexpected and rather surprising. 

Here are a few unexpected benefits of online schooling over traditional schooling:

  • Increased Collaboration Between Students

While most believe that learning online would lead to a sense of isolation and amplify any feeling on loneliness for students. But in fact, is not true. Online learning has prompted an increase in collaborations and peer-to-peer learning among students. 

Most online school ERP systems allow students to work with team members through email, chats, group discussions, and other easy-to-use methods. This allows for students to reach out to each other at all times. Student-to-student communication is not limited by school hours. This boosts the students’ ability to collaborate, connect and learn from each other. 

  • Improved Learning Outcomes For Students

In a traditional classroom, the students are confined to the table and chair. The learning pace was decided by the instructor in accordance with the majority of the students. 

On the other hand, online classes allow students to study anywhere. They can complete the coursework at home, in a coffee shop, or at a library close to them. Additionally, besides selecting an environment that best suits them, online learners can also move at their pace, slowing down for more difficult concepts or speeding up when they feel like. They also have access to an array of reference materials ranging from videos, podcasts, online forums – all of which work together to improve the learning outcome for the students.  

To simplify the online learning experience and courses accessibility outside classroom boundaries Fedena has recently launched Fedena Learn an online learning platform for schools and colleges, which allow institute in delivering the interactive online courses to students and digitize the entire institute operations from admissions to e-learning from a single platform. Watch the below-mentioned video to learn more.

  • Better Classroom Management For The Teachers

When learning in a physical classroom, student management and maintaining discipline is a key task for the teachers. This is because many students tend to be disruptive and disturb their peers. 

However, an online environment is deemed to be a more productive environment as the students are not contained in a single room. Thus, they remain unaffected by the other students. 

Furthermore, the teachers have access to a wide variety of tools, quizzes, polls, games, videos, and other teaching tools. This goes a long way in helping to manage student behavior and keeping them engaged in an online setting. 

  • Improved Technical Skills For the Students

When learning in a traditional environment, the students get limited access to a computer or a smart device. 

However, when learning online, students use a variety of devices from laptops to smartphones. They can hone their technical skills by learning new software suites. Online schooling gives students the opportunity to perform in-depth research online. They learn the essential digital literacy skills to communicate effectively and safely in various formats such as discussion boards. These skills are essential for the 21st-century workplace. 

  • Diversity In Students And Teaching Staff

In a physical school, the students and the teaching staff often limited due to geography. 

On the other hand, when a school offers online courses, they expand their reach to students and teachers from across the world. Thus, they not only attract students from a larger base, but they can offer those students access to some of the best teachers located in any part of the world. This goes a long way in enhancing the reputation and appeal of the school.

  • Enhanced Networking Opportunities For The Students

During the sessions of a traditional classroom, most students are only able to network with their peers in the same class or a higher/lower section.

Comparatively, online schooling provides students with the chance to network with fellow students across nations. This collaboration can lead to other opportunities in terms of new projects, new learning and even new job opportunities. 

Also, these collaborations opportunities not only make the students culturally sensitive to fit into other environments but it also makes them more confident individuals. 

  • Easier Documentation For The Schools

In a traditional system, most schools save their records and documents in physical files. 

However, one of the biggest benefits of an online schooling system is that schools can go paperless. This essentially means that all the school-related documents, training manuals, alumni records and other details will be safely stored in an online database. Online storage means that the documents are secure, with user-specific access when needed. 

In conclusion,

Today the online school has evolved from mere distance correspondence courses to highly intensive courses with content-rich curriculum. In order to be able to offer their students the best of virtual learning, schools need to invest in a comprehensive college and school management software. This multipurpose online school management system allows the school to automate tasks for easy functioning. By integrating video conferencing platforms into the software, school management systems now make online schooling easy for any school to incorporate.

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