Six Reasons Why Hostel Attendance Monitoring System is Important

Hostel Attendance Monitoring System

Today, the functions of schools, colleges, and other educational institutes have extended beyond the core task of providing education. 

As we need of the students and the expectations of the parents have expanded, it is important for schools to evolve and transform themselves. In this hyper-competitive era, it is essential that this transformation not only meets all the needs but also exceeds the expectations of the parents.

One such expectation that parents and students have is a well-managed hostel that offers students accommodation and manages their day to day needs effectively. 

However, managing a hostel is not simple – especially when the core focus of the institute is education. For these institutes, staying on top of room allocation, daily maintenance, cash flow is a tedious task that is labor and paper-work intensive task

Poor hostel management can hamper the efficiency, quality, and most importantly the reputation of the academic institutions.  On the other hand, we well-managed hostel accommodation for the students can be one of the key features that attract students from all over the world to the institute.

For institutes looking for effective ways to manage their hostels, technology has come to their rescue with the hostel management system that looks after the administering of the hostel, managing administration, mess, and other facilities in institutions in an efficient manner.

One such task that is pivotal to hostel management is attendance monitoring. Attendance monitoring in a hostel management system allows you to keep a track of all the students. It also helps to anticipate, manage, and meet their needs and expectations in a seamless manner. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of the top six important reasons why hostel attendance monitoring is a must:

  • Attendance Monitoring Helps You Manage Admissions And Room Inventory

At the start of every year, one of the key tasks of the hostel warden is to manage the admissions of the students – keeping into account the maximum students the hostel can accommodate. Wardens can easily record details about the hostel such as new admissions into the hostel, analyzing and appraising these applications, and marking them as qualified or disqualified. Besides this, the attendance management module of the hostel management system also helps to allocate rooms to the students based on the availability and any specific requests that they may have.

  • Attendance Monitoring Helps To Manage And Allocate Rooms And Resources

Once the rooms have been allocated, the hostel staff will be responsible for managing the various resources of the hostel. This includes essential hostel details like the number of rooms in each hostel and the number of students each room can accommodate. Manual allocation of rooms can be very difficult. Using an online system makes this task hassle-free and error-free.  It will help to manage and keep a track of the students who use the resources such as library, Wi-Fi, canteen, TV rooms, gym etc. 

The attendance management and monitoring will also help allocate resources to clean and maintain the hostel rooms on a regular basis.

  • Attendance Monitoring Helps To Keep The Students Disciplined

Regular monitoring of the attendance of the students, along with keeping a tab of the entry and exit times every day will also help the students stay disciplined as they know they are under supervision.

The warden of the hostel can also set up an automated system to send an email to the parents of the students in case they are absent or returned late at night at the hostel. Thus an attendance monitoring system that keeps a tab on the students is essential for maintaining discipline.

  • Attendance Monitoring Is Essential To The Safety Of The Students

Often when the students are living away from home, in a hostel, there is no person to keep a watch on the students. An attendance management module in the hostel app keeps a close watch on the daily attendance of the students. And in the case of any unforeseen incident with any students either going missing or not logging into the hostel – the parents and school staff can be notified immediately. 

  • Attendance Monitoring Reduces The Manual Work Of The Administrative Staff

Managing the daily attendance of the students in a hostel – their incoming and outgoing times can be a tedious task especially for medium and large-sized hostels. In this case, using a biometric hostel attendance management system helps to manage the attendance in an easier manner. It also reduces the chances of human error. 

  • Attendance Monitoring Enhances The Reputation Of The Institute

An attendance management system goes a long way in keeping the students disciplined and safe. This is a very valuable feature for parents. When the students live away from the parents, every mother and father want to be assured about the safety of the students. The attendance management system sends automatic notifications to the parents and this feature of the hostel can go a long way in building the reputation of the hostel and the institute.

The bottom line, 

A hostel needs to run like well-oiled machinery without any scope for mismanagement. This is only possible with the use of an online hostel management app. We have evolved beyond the era of dusty and badly written hostel ledgers. In this technological world, the need of the hour is a robust hostel management system that can inexpensively and urgently take care of hostel management, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency.

This is the reason that schools and institutes are today opting for an online hostel app that goes a long way in providing comfort to the students while keeping them safe. 

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