Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Online Result Management System

online result management system

Academic results or more specifically an academic report card communicates and tracks a student’s academic growth during the specific period. 

For decades, the results that were communicated to the parents were always a quantitative assessment and not a qualitative assessment of the learning and the knowledge that the students would have assimilated during the learning period. 

But today, following a result-based pattern of learning is not always beneficial to the students. 

Besides creating a stressful situation for the learners, the pressure also gives rise to a negative learning attitude among the students. It can lead to practices such as rote learning, copying during examinations – both of which are counter-intuitive to a healthy learning experience for the student. 

In extreme situations, unfavorable results have also led to students indulging in self-harm and suicide.

Therefore the need of the hour of the schools and educational institutes to move from a result-based approach into a more comprehensive system that offers the students feedback on the student’s personal learning journey. It should be able to guide them towards ways to improve their learning – without the pressure of classroom performance.

This has given rise to a demand for an online result management system that not only ensures that students receive accurate and error free results – but they also receive feedback on all classroom activities includes assessments, daily homework, and extracurricular activities

Today, a result management system needs to incorporate detailed accounts of each student’s progress across various parameters. This can include the student’s social behavior, discipline, work habits, learning skills, extracurricular skills, and lots more.

By enabling a 360 degree complete and continuous assessment of the student throughout the academic year, it will help the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It widens their perspective towards the learning process, help them to take responsibility for their education, and motivate them to score better in future exams through real-time course correction. 

Below we bring you a more in-depth look into the advantages and disadvantages of an online student result management system: 


  • Faster Results

This is the most obvious advantage of an online student result management system. Generally, the traditional paper-based result management system takes time as the teachers need to collate the results, manually calculate, input it into the system and wait until the reports are them printed. 

This system can take up weeks – during which times the students have forgotten the context and the content of the exam questions. 

However, with an online system, the test results are calculated automatically and then results are ready to view or email within minutes.

  • Error Free Results

For many teachers, the examination period also is a time of stress and anxiety. This is because of the tiresome process of manually collecting the results, marking them, converting the marks into grades, and keeping them safe until the day the parents (or students) get to see them. 

One of the biggest downsides of the traditional form of result management, it that this entire system is prone to human errors and miscalculations. While handling the manual exam papers, there is also a high chance of losing them, or damaging them due to unforeseen environmental situations. 

However, the online result management system eliminates all these problems. The automatic calculation and storage of the exam results reduces the burden on the educators and saves the results from any human errors or damages. 

  • It Motivates Students And Gives Them An Accurate Indication Of Their Academic Performance. 

The immediate results not only help to reduce the stress of the students waiting for their results. When they do receive their marks and scores, the faster results also help the students to realize their errors, work on relearning their concepts, and seek improvement before their next text.

The online system is able to generate an analytical report of the student’s performance. This report can give the teachers and the parents an accurate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the child, their academic interests, and the topics on which they might need additional tutoring. 

  • Bias-Free Checking Of Marks

The lack of human intervention in the online result management system ensures that the student results are free from personal biases and prejudices. Most often, these biases can creep in unknowingly, but they affect the marks and the morale of the student. 

On the other hand, the online result management system is free from any such biases towards any student. 


  • Minor Technical Glitches In The System

Just like any other technical system, there may be occasional glitches in the online result management system. These may vary from small server problems to a larger lack of internet connection. However, these are challenges that can be easily managed to ensure that the online result management system is not affected by these challenges.

  • Open Text Questions Cannot Be Graded

One of the biggest disadvantages of the online security management system is that the open text questions which need to be answered in long sentences or paragraphs cannot be automatically graded. They need to be manually read by the teacher and graded accordingly. In these situations, an online result management system can be rather ineffective. 

The traditional method of result management has always been considered to be tedious, especially when carried out for a large number of students or for larger schools with a single teacher attending too many classes. It can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. 

However, with advances in technology, schools these days can shift their complete result management system online. The system designed is to ease out the result generation process. It offers many advantages and disadvantages to the school. But the advantages are far more overwhelming compared to a traditional result management system. 

Thus, making it the best way for schools, colleges, and educational institutes to manage their result management system in a way that offers benefits and advantages to all the stakeholders.

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