Infographic – Tech trends that will transform Education in 2021

Infographic – Tech trends that will transform Education in 2021

There are real benefits to education from integrating advanced technology tools in the process of education. Here are some latest technology advancements from AI to Big Data to Robotics which are going to transform the educational system and process in 2021. These are

  1. Gamification – The integration of gamification concepts like simulations, incentive-based learning, badges, likes etc. is going to be a critical part of most of the learning process in education.
  2. Internet of Things(IoT) – IoT will provide better connected classrooms and more collaboration between classrooms and educational institutions. We are going to see more hardware tools on school campuses.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence technology is already being used in automating examinations and grading. Very soon it will be undertaking all administrative activities currently performed by teachers.
  4. Virtual Labs – Augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR) can bring real-life experience to virtual labs. This is going to give laboratories like access to more learners across the world.
  5. Learning Analytics – Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts. The reports generated can guide teachers and leaders for taking right decisions.
  6. Blockchain – Any database record can be stored as blockchain. With the case of education and student records, the possibilities are endless starting from attendance to gradebook and fees management.
  7. Big Data – Similar to blockchain big data can be applied to any of the many student records data. Ultimately its goal is to measure and predict the academic performance of students which is linked to many other factors.
  8. Robotics – Integrating robotics to the classroom and curriculum improves the skills of the learners by participating in the design, creation, assembly and operation of robots.
  9. 3D Printing – Just like robotics, 3D printing is also an activity that creates excitement for students and improves their overall skills especially problem solving skills. It can open new possibilities in learning and application of skills.
Education in 2021

Among these 9 technology trends some are going to impact education and transform the way it was done in 2020.

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