Infographic – Key Difference between Online & Remote Learning

Infographic – Key Difference between Online & Remote Learning

Online and Remote learning can confuse people as most of them consider both to be the same. There are considerable differences between online and remote learning.

Online Learning happens at the preferred pace of learners. The course content will be available at any time for students to learn from any location. So the contents will be formatted to match this requirement. Learning management systems(LMS) will be set in place to provide online learning content in an easy to access method.

Remote Learning are conducted like regular classroom learning. The only difference is that classes happen remotely. The teachings happen face 2 face but remotely. So all the required contents will not be available in the format of learning management systems for remote learning. Also in online learning courses are structured to fit the flow of a learning management system. All course content will be created and stored in the learning management system well before the start of the academic year. But in remote learning teachers will change the course structure and content taught according to the feedback received after each remote class. Course structure can change monthly or even weekly to fit the unique requirements of each batch.

When it comes to learning from home, at your own pace – online learning is the right method to follow. Online learning is very flexible and learners can follow their own preferred learning pace and timings. Remote learning is less flexible as there will be teachers actively involved in daily classes and one can expect a lot of face-to-face interactions even if virtually. Here learners will have to follow the instructions of teachers every day.

There will always be differences in online learning vs. remote learning. Whether it’s online learning or remote learning, at the end of the day, teachers want their students to be productive and engaged in learning in order to produce their best work.

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Check this Infographic to know more differences between Online Learning & Remote Learning:

Online & Remote Learning
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