Influence Of School ERP Software In 2020 – A Recap

Influence Of School ERP Software In 2020 – A Recap

COVID-19 has changed education and the way students are schooling themselves. The pandemic has resulted in schools shut all across the world and over 1.2 billion children from across the world have been forced to move the concept of education from the classroom to homes.

Today, e-learning, remote schooling, online classes – these words are the buzzwords of 2020 that define the schooling experience of the year 2020. The year has brought about an unprecedented and unexpected shift away from the classroom and many experts believe that this easy acceptance and adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic. 

There is a new shift in the global education scenario and this can be largely attributed to the school ERP software.

If you have not heard of an ERP Software this is the definition according to Wikipedia –

“Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology”

In simple words, ERP software is an online tool that helps to manage the various business processes or in this case a school or college. A school ERP software is designed for schools with the aim of improving the students, teachers, and school’s productivity, efficiency, and streamline various administrative processes across the institute.

Here are the top reasons that schools are adopting a school ERP software:

  1. Collaborate beyond the classroom
  2. Access learning content at any place and time
  3. Increase the daily productivity of student and teacher 
  4. Reduced teacher workload
  5. Save paper
  6. Automation for efficiency in decision making
  7. High performance of school staff
  8. Deepen student learning using technology
  9. Improved student engagement
  10. Connect multiple departments and campuses

What Has Been The Influence Of School ERP Software In 2020?

When the WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic in March 2020, schools immediately had to shift their classrooms into an online teaching and learning approach. For schools that already used a school ERP software, this transition became seamless and easy. 

1. Uninterrupted Learning

Although the classroom intervention has been interrupted in 2020, the use of the classroom ERP software has allowed for the teaching and learning process to continue. By uploading the learning materials on the cloud. This allowed for the learning process to continue all thought 2020.

2. Digital Literacy Fostered In The Student 

The kids of this current generation are comfortable using a computer, laptop and smartphone. However, the use of the school ERP software where the students have to upload assignments, mails teachers etc. digital literacy and attributes that were previously difficult to address, are being fostered in students.

3. New Forms Of Learning

While the traditional classroom learning is limited to the textbook, a school ERP software allows for the introduction in new material. Thus, in the year 2020 learning was enhanced with the use of videos, audios, podcasts and even documentaries. These new forms of learning have been one of the biggest influences of school ERP software in the year 2020.

4. Increased Student Collaboration 

While the pandemic may have sent students all across the world into isolation, the school ERP software has given the students an opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other. Through the online medium of chats, email and forum discussion–the students do not have to learn alone. They can learn together and encourage each other through group projects and collaborations. 

5. Easier Assessments And Tests

In the year 2020, the school ERP software has transformed the concept of exams. The online system has allowed the teachers to keep a tab of the learning curve of the students through regular tests and assessments. 

These online exams are digitally corrected, and the results for the same are available instantly. This also reduces the pressure on the teaching staff.

6. Reduced Burden On Teachers

Another key characteristic of a school ERP software is that it reduces the burden on the teachers. From grading examinations and creating report cards to enabling easy distribution of homework, the software acts as a tool that helps the teachers perform their duties in a better manner. 

7. Hassle-Free Communication Between Parents And Teachers

The school ERP software uses an online notification system to seamlessly connect students, teachers, and staff. Using this system, all the notifications are broadcast immediately through emails and messages. This ensures that the parents and teachers are connected with each other – thus helping to support the student in their learning journey. Additionally, this communication is simple, hassle-free and time-efficient. 

8. Smooth Administration Of The School

The school ERP software allows for the smooth functioning of the school. With the help of a school ERP system, the administration team can manage functions like fee collection, school admission, invoice generation, staff salary transactions and many more. With all the data saved on the cloud, the school ERP software allows the school team to continue working from any disruption in the functioning of the school. This is a key requirement for the year 2020.

In conclusion,

With the aid of cloud computing and cloud collaborations, a school ERP software facilitates the daily teaching and administrative processes in schools. It ensures easier, faster and efficient working of the institute under a centralized platform.

The year 2020 has required all of us to stay indoors to protect ourselves and our family. In this situation, the school ERP software has bridged the gap that allows the students to continue learning while staying safe within their home. 

Fedena School ERP is an all-in-one school management software for all types of institutions. It offers seamless integration with various video conferencing apps. This additional feature helps schools to easily conduct online classes during these critical times of the year 2020.

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