Hello 2021, Rewind Fedena 2020: Year in Review

Hello 2021, Rewind Fedena 2020: Year in Review

As this year is near to an end, we wanted to say thank you to be a part of the Fedena family in this tough year. Pandemic and global lockdowns have changed the way we live, learn, and work. Despite all the constraints, we’ve worked hard to make it easier for you to remotely manage the daily operations of your institution.

Now we’re much closer to knocking on 2021’s door. But before we do that, here are the important news, content, and resources which we would like to share with you that came out of Fedena in the year 2020.

In June 2020,  Mr. Balachandran Alathoor has joined our team as COO.

Bala comes with 30+ years of huge experience in the IT Industry. Before joining Foradian, he worked with Flextronics, TechMahindra, and various MNCs. 

Newly Added Feature & Functionalities in 2020

1. New Integration: Zoom & Google Meet- With Zoom & Google Meet Integration in Fedena, institutes can conduct online classes and web meetings from a single platform.  It helps educators and students stay connected and let the learning continue without any disruption. Learn More about Video Conference App Integration 

2. Assignment Module in Mobile App- With Assignment Module in Fedena Mobile App, teachers can create online assignments at a click of a button. Efficiently distribute the tasks or homework to students share necessary digital documents, resources, study material, and much more. Learn more about Assignment Module in Mobile App 

3. Enquiry Module with Analytic Dashboard- With the new Enquiry Module of Fedena, all activities around admission enquiry can be automated. Admin can check open and close enquiries for a year, also generate detailed reports & view New, Qualified, Processed & Rejected enquiries in a single view. Learn more about Enquiry Module

Upcoming Feature & Functionalities in 2021

Web Focused

1. Syllabus & Lesson Plan: With this new feature, teachers will be able to create & manage the syllabus & lesson plan efficiently within Fedena.The following features will be introduced in Fedena: Logbook to track Academic Session Progress with the help of daily status update by the teachers, Teachers associated with subjects will have the privilege to create lesson plans, alerting system every time a lesson plan gets approved or rejected and history of the alerts can be checked. Also, immediate contact accounts will have access to the syllabus-lesson plan.

2. Assignment Revamp: Assignment Revamp comes with UI changes to improve user experience. This feature will also offer assignment submission type: online and offline mode, enable grades using grading profiles created in Gradebook, Rich Text Editor for content, comment section where students can drop their queries, and dedicated reports page for assignments.

3. GPA System and Transcripts for Gradebook: The GPA system will be introduced to Gradebook. Transcript for gradebook will be a combined report of each batch where the GPA was calculated. It will have a generation page similar to the Generate Planner Report link. When it is generated, it will generate a report for all the previous years of the student also.

4. Improved Automated Attendance Recording System: Integrate RFID, QRcode, Biometric & other 3rd party devices with Fedena to automate the student attendance and make the attendance marking process faster & more efficient

Mobile App Focused

1. Visitor Management: A visitor management system will be introduced in Fedena mobile app in order to track visitors in a formal way. 

2. Reporting features for the admin user: Reports that are not available in the mobile app now will be added.

3. Online Exam in Mobile App: Allow students to attend Online Exams within the mobile app via a WebUI that renders the Fedena Web interface.

Fedena 2020 Statistics

👨‍💻 New Fedena Users – 4,49,203

😊 Total Happy Interaction with Customers – 19,000

👨‍👩‍👦 New Parents Introduced to Fedena – 3,31,368

👩‍🎓 New Students Admitted to Schools Running Fedena – 2,58,123

👨‍🏫 New Teachers Introduced to Fedena – 18,055

🌟 Fedena Server recorded the Highest Visibility – 99.99%

🌎 Total Countries from where we On-boarded our Paid Customers – 70

2020 Most Viewed Article

In April, Foradian turned 11

Foradian celebrated 11 years of innovation, success & growth in education technology

New Members to Foradian Team

In 2020, we beefed up our team with both fresh & experienced talent.

With this, we bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021, a year with unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and growth. Here’s wishing everybody a very Happy New Year!

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