14 Things You Must Know About School Management Software Pricing

14 Things You Must Know About School Management Software Pricing

This infographic will serve as a primer to anyone considering to purchase a new school management software or to replace the existing software in their institution. It is applicable not only to schools but also to colleges and other training centers. Below are 14 practical aspects involved in pricing and decision making during the purchase of school management software.

There are free as well as paid software tools available in the market. Free software itself can be of different types. It can be freemium or open source. In a freemium product, you can start using the product and service for free but will have to start paying after your usage reaches a certain threshold. Some software is available as open-source. Here you can download or purchase(open source does not always mean free of cost) the software and can host the software on your server. 

In paid software tools, the pricing can be based on total user licenses or it can be a flat price per institution. One of the most widely implemented methods is pay per user. But nowadays there are vendors who charge flat prices to the institution and give unlimited licenses. Some vendors provide the school management software packaged in different plans separated by features. So small schools can choose the minimum plan to start with and large institutions can purchase the higher-level plans. Most of the software vendors in the market will have a combo pricing which combines all the three pricing strategies from above.

This infographic lists other important aspects to look for while buying school management software like costs of AMC, SMS, email, hosting, online fee transactions, GPS & RFID devices, backups, technical support, and mobile app.

Infographic School Management Software Pricing
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