Manage Online Examination during Covid Crisis

Manage Online Examination during Covid Crisis

The COVID pandemic crisis is challenging the various organisations and businesses, operating around the world and the educational institutions are also equally affected. But educational institutions were smart to move to online teaching methodologies and made sure the academic year started in many parts of the world with a complete online strategy.

Yet the COVID challenged the way examinations are conducted in educational institutions. This has forced all educational institutions to either postpone the examinations or move to an online examination model.

In this article, we will see how online examinations can help educational institutions during the COVID crisis and how the online examination module of Fedena works.

What is Online Examination System?

The online examination system software tools provide a secure and safe way to conduct examinations for multiple students at the same time. The questions will be created and uploaded days or hours before the examination and the question paper will be available to students only during the prescribed time slots. There can be multiple choice question papers as well as detailed question paper sets. In the case of multiple-choice question papers, the result can be published instantly. 

The students require access to a quality computer and high-speed internet connection. Some platform provide online examination features in the mobile app also.

If the computer and high-speed internet connection are available, then thousands of students can participate in the examination at the same time. This makes it easy for educational institutions to conduct online examinations as the students can log in from their house to participate in the exam.

How does the Online Examination Management System works in Fedena?

Fedena has a feature-rich online examination module that can be used by admins and teachers with privileges to create and manage online examinations and students to view and participate in the online examinations from their devices.

The online examination can be accessed by logging in to Fedena and selecting the “Examination” menu from “Academics” in the top start menu. You can see “Online Exam” as a sub-menu under “Examination”.

  • Creating a New Online Exam
  1. After logging in as an employee with privilege, select “new online exam” from the online exam menu.
  2. Then provide the exam name, start date, end date, maximum time, pass percentage, etc.
  3. Next, select the batch and exam format. You can also further select or deselect the students under the selected batch.

There are two kinds of online exams – general and subject-specific. Once this is done, it will navigate to the next page, where you can enter the questions and options in detail. You also have option to import questions from other previously created online examinations. You can choose the option to randomise the questions to make the questions appear in random order for students.

  • Editing Online Exam

You can edit the questions, answers as well as the configuration of an already created online exam by navigating to the “view online exams” menu. You can also delete an existing online exam that is no more required. Easily reset examinations that need to be conducted again for the whole batch or specific students by selecting reset exam option from the menu of online exams. Resetting an examination for a specific student will delete all the answers previously submitted by the student.

  • Attending Online Exam

Students can access the online examination from their dashboard. The “start exam” option will be visible only during the pre-configured date and time of the examination. Once the student clicks on the start exam, it takes them to the next step. The exam will begin in a new window. Once the exam begins, the counter also starts running. The student can not pause the examination. When the counter stops, the exam is submitted automatically with whatever the answers the student has filled in. Each page will have five questions. Students can navigate the different pages, using the pagination given below. This allows the students to skip certain questions and come back to attend it later using the pagination links.

  • Evaluating Online Exam

If it is a hybrid exam instead of all multiple-choice questions, a teacher or employee set as evaluator can evaluate the exam. In the case of hybrid exam, there will be descriptive type answers also, which will take teachers’ time to evaluate. While evaluating the exam, the teacher can give the marks for each answer. Once all answers are evaluated, press the save button to proceed to the next step. The status will be updated as either Passed or Failed. Teachers can recheck their evaluation for errors, before publishing the results to students.

  • Publishing Results and Reports

Once the evaluations are complete and any necessary rechecking is done, you can click the publish result button on the online exam list. Only after publishing the result, students can view the results from their profile. When the result is published, a notification is sent to students so that they can log in and see the result. Teachers can also generate a pdf report of the result.

Benefits of Online Examination

  • Ideal during COVID and other similar emergency times due to the inherent benefits.
  • Provides huge flexibility with location and time of conducting exams.
  • The reusability of previous questions papers saves time and effort of teachers.
  • Easy evaluation by technology saves time for teachers.
  • No storage and transport required for examination papers.
  • The reduced administrative burden for teachers and administrators.
  • Ability to conduct secure examinations.
  • Usage technology for the fast conduct of exams.
  • Environment-friendly examinations.
  • Easy and quick generation of reports immediately once the exams are over.
  • Economical and saves money for the institute.
  • A technologically advanced solution to help students and parents.

FAQs in Online Examination Module

Q. Can I randomize the questions appearing for students?

A. Yes. By selecting the randomise option while configuring the examination.

Q. Can I import questions from previously created online exams?

A. Yes. By selecting the import questions from the top menu.

Here is a video on how to create and manage online examinations in Fedena.


If you have understood the multiple benefits of online examination module and the step by step process in managing online examinations, you can contact the Fedena team today for a free demo.

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