Boon Or Bane? Promoting Students Without Examinations

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way the world functions. As the world grapples with lockdown restrictions, the ‘new normal’ includes:

  • Work from home instead of the 9-5 workday, 
  • Videoconferencing instead of office meetings and 
  • Webinars instead of conferences. 

For students studying in school and colleges, this pandemic induced digital transformation includes online classes and learning from home. 

Most schools and students have adapted to this digital transformation with surprising ease. But there is one topic that has led to a lot of confusion and online debates for schools and colleges. 

This Is The Question – Should Students Be Promoted Without Exams?

Examinations, tests, assignments are words that are probably dreaded by almost every student across the world. The best way to define an examination is that it is an official test of a student’s knowledge, skill and intelligence. 

Examinations can be of varied types – written, practical or oral examinations. With the advent of the online school ERP systems – schools also have the option of conducting online exams for the students. Irrespective of the type, structure, length or difficulty level of the exams, there are many advantages of examinations for the students and the school alike. 

1. Examinations help students to strengthen their grasp of a subject or a concept.

While a student may say that he understands a concept, it is only during the process of testing and exams, when the students diligently study that they get a true understanding of the topic.  Exams serve as a reflective process where the students can see how much real learning has happened in the term. It also allows the students to understand where they stand as compared to their peers in the classroom, or the district.

2. Examinations build the personality and confidence of the students 

Examinations reflect the pressures of adult life where the children learn to work hard, push the limits and do their best. Examinations also create a sense of competition for the students. This sense of competition goes a long way in building the confidence of the students. 

 3. Examinations serve as the gateway to scholarships and further studies

For students interested in pursuing further studies, competitive exams and entrance exams are a gateway to esteemed institutes across the word. Scholarship exams also give students who are unable to afford fees, an opportunity to learn without stressing about their finances.

4. Examinations allow the teachers to assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods

Periodic tests and examinations allow the instructors to measure the effectiveness of their teaching methods. This can be done by linking the students’ performance to specific learning goals. This enables the teachers to change their teaching methods – institutionalising effective teaching choices and removing the teaching tools that do not work.

5. Examinations give the school a glimpse into the interest and the aptitude of the students 

Examinations are important because they provide feedback to the schools and the teachers about the interest and aptitude of the students.  The schools also get an in depth understanding of the strengths and the weaknesses of the students. This valuable information will help the school to create programs and courses that help bring out the best in their students. 

To give you a quick glimpse, here is a chart with the benefits that examinations offer.   

Target Benefits of Examination
StudentsReinforces understanding of a subject
Builds confidence & per severance
Gateway to scholarships & further studies
TeachersHelps assess teaching tools in the classroom
SchoolsUnderstand the interest, strength & weakness of students

The Downside of Exams

Examinations also bring plenty of stress for the students. This can lead to various health problems such as headaches, nausea etc. Often failure in exams can lead to a loss of confidence for students with do not perform well. In the worst-case scenario, this loss of self-esteem can also cause suicidal tendencies.

The Conflict

In the current scenario, governments across the world are deciding to cancel the exams. Examination halls with multiple students from different parts of a city have the potential to transmit the virus at a very rapid rate. Conducting exams involves handling of papers by several human beings which is also extremely dangerous. 

Currently, institutes have also realized that the spread novel coronavirus is unpredictable. In this situation, planning out an exam schedule for the year can be extremely difficult. 

Considering all these concerns, many institutes have decided to promote their students without any exams. While the decision makes sense in the current scenario, but without exams, there is no way to assess the learning of the students. The school also looses out on all the other advantages of exams.

The Solution

Online exams and tests are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. 

Today, we live in the digital age, where students are more comfortable with technology and have access to devices that enable them to learn from the comfort of their homes. Online exams take advantage of this comfort and are the perfect solution to traditional exams during the global pandemic. 

Instead of risking the health of the students and their families with exams, an online examination system is not only safer, but it offers numerous advantages to the students. From easier setup to remote access, to faster evaluations, an online exam system allows schools to promote the students in keeping with their academic performance.

Fedena’s online examination module is the perfect solution for schools looking to offer online exams for their students. To know more about Fedena school software visit

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