College Online Admission Management System

College Online Admission Management System

How to manage college online admissions successfully?

Online admission software tools are used widely by colleges and universities for automating the online admission process. Even though the online application forms look very simple and easy to navigate, setting up, but manually managing the whole admission procedure for higher-eds is complicated when compared to schools. This complexity in the administrative part of the college can be simplified by implementing the right online admission software.

Online admission system is a platform using which colleges can manage course or batch related admission enquiries to applicants form registration to fees submission to students’ final admission data in a single place. The complete admission and selection process become paperless and easy.

The process of a digital admission system and its benefits are explained below.

Process of digital admission of students:

The entire digital admission process can be divided into three steps

  1. Pre-admission
  2. Admission
  3. Post-admission

Pre-admission process

Even though the admission process is limited to the admission season in a college, the enquiry for the admissions happens all through the year. These enquiries are stored digitally using the enquiry module in Fedena.

The enquiry module works as an online CRM tool which can be used to actively collect new leads for admissions.  From enquiry dashboard, admin can keep a count on applicants and track the application status.

The first step is configuring the three basic settings. Enquiry settings, Form settings, and Active Year & Course settings.

The Enquiry setting is used to set up the stage of the funnel, adding and managing counselors and setting up the sources of the leads. All these data will be useful in generating future reports.

The Form setting help you configure the different fields in the form. After finalizing the form it can be embedded on the website, so that admission enquiries can be collected from various online sources.

The Courses and Academic years for which the enquiry campaigns are active is setup using the active year & course settings.

After these, you can start managing the enquiries in the funnel by qualifying or rejecting to the next phase. During the enquiry process, three types of reports can be generated which will be highly useful in making decisions. They are counselor report, source report, course-wise report.

Admission process

The first part of the online admission process starts with the applicant registration module. Here the students can fill and submit the applicant registration form. Using the settings, the administrator can configure the different fields in the applicant registration form. You can also set up the status for the application form while in selection like pending, allotted, rejected, etc.

Also the optional settings like notifications settings and magic pins. Notification settings configure the notifications alerts, while the magic pins are helpful for colleges where PIN(unique code) system is while accepting applications.

The applicants can be invited to fill-up the application forms and once the online application is submitted, the administrator can qualify or reject the applications to the admission stage. The administrators in charge of the admission can follow the criteria selected for new admissions while short-listing the applications.

All personal details including parent details, documents, etc. will be stored in the system and there is no need to collect this information again from the students. The online admission system can be also configured to collect fees along with applications either online or offline. The administrator can also take reports specific to each of the courses for which applications are invited.

Post admission process

Once the admission process is over, all the admitted students will be allocated to the proper batches and the students and parents can receive notifications about the same. This data is further used other modules like the timetable for creating timetables, the mobile app for parent-teacher student-teacher communication, finance module for creating and collecting fees, etc.

Benefits of College Online Admission System

1. Automation

The online software brings all the admission activities under a single umbrella and with this, the usual manual process of consolidating and selecting application forms can be done in a single digital space. Most of the recurring activities like sending notifications, collecting documents, collecting admission fees, etc. can be done with the software resulting in automation.

2. Simplification

The online admission system provides a simplified experience for parents, students as well as administrators. The simplicity in experience is achieved by the correct planning of the system before the development and proper configuration of the system before usage.

3. Saves time

With the automation and simplification in place, the software can save of administrators and students which were earlier spent on tasks like collecting and distributing application forms, collecting, correcting, and shortlisting filled up application forms.

4. Reduces paper-waste

By converting all documentations to digital, the total paper waste produced and stored is significantly reduced. This includes the usual extra documents like multiple photocopies which are completely unnecessary with digital tools.

5. Improves collaboration

Operating the single system by multiple users with different privileges improves collaboration and communication.

6. Reduces mistakes

As all the documents are processed, there is less chance for mistakes especially the mistakes which are repeated often in the offline process. 

7. Increases Security

Most of the online software available today is hosted in secure servers which is ideal to store the digital data of applicants.

8. Generates Reports

Since all these data are available in digital forms, the software can generate reports to help the decision-makers regarding the online admission process in progress to different courses of the academic year.

College Admission FAQs

Can students apply directly from the website of the institution?

Yes. The application form can be made available for public access for filling-up and submitting. This URL can be pointed from the website of the institution. The enquiry form can be embedded in HTML pages to accept enquiries directly from the website.

Can the application form be sent to all the shortlisted leads in the enquiry module?

Yes. This is possible from the enquiry module and applicant registration module integration.

If you have more questions and are looking for a robust online admission software system for your college, check the features available in Fedena.

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